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  • cndyh1 5 Jul 2015 at 12:31
    In memorium section refers to John (Jack) Westbrook Paulden. He and Eric Ainslie Morris were killed at Belmont on 27 January 1931 when the De Havilland Mark II. Moth aeroplane they were flying in crashed.

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D«Ui, Mid In Memorlem Notices muet be luthentlcoted by nome reputablo person

«¡nure their Insertion. To guard against error, frite sil ornes clearly In block letters.]

tittil, Marriage, Death, Benin ement, In Metno

rUn, und Funeral Notices, up to 0 lines, 3/; «tra lines at ed.


EGAN (nee Kelly).-On the 23nd January,  

it Sister Hughes'» private hospital, Wodonga, to Mr. and Mrs. Bernard Sun, of Barnawartha

| ^daughter (Judith Mary).

ELLIS.-On the 36th January, at St. Aldan's £ rítate hospital, to the wife of J. A. Ellis,

[oonee Ponds-a son.


ELLEMOR-WEBSTER.—On the 8th Janu- ary, at Laver's Hill, by the Rev. W. C. Duffy, Harold Ellemore, of Buchan, to Maud Webster,

of Laver's Hill.

EVANS-ABRAHAM.—On the 1st December,  

1934, at St. George's, Wonthaggi, by the Rev. George Bunn, Clarice R., only daughter of Mr.  

and Mrs. S. Abraham, 79 Watt street, to Cyril H., elder son of Mr. and Mrs. H. J. Evans, 17 Broome orescent. (Present address, 183 Graham street, Wonthaggi.)

TONKS—SUFFERN.—On the 14th March, 1934, at St. James's Old Cathedral, West Mel- bourne, by the Rev. R. Mansfield Hudson. Stanley R. H., third son of Mr. and Mrs. W. B. Tonks, of Gowangardie, Caniambo, to Kathleen B., elder daughter of Captain and Mrs. H. Surfern, of Makatea, Into Bayswater. (Present address, Gowangardie, Caniambo.)


AMSDEN.-On the 30th January (suddenly), Thomas, second beloved son of the late Thomas and Mary Amsden, and loved brother of George, Lillie, Maie, Sadie (deceased), Marg., Daisy, Millie, Will (deceased), and Myrtle, late of 212 Rathmines street, Fairfield Park,   and Queenstown, St. Andrews. - By love serve   one another. (Private interment.)  

ANGUS.- On the 22nd January, in Adelaide,     Kathleen Adelaide, beloved wife of J. V.    

Angus, and third daughter of the late Hon J, ina Caroline Rotterill of Mount Gambler.

CHANDLER.- On the 26th January, 1935, at

her residence, 10 Duke street, St. Kilda, Ann, dearly beloved wife of Frederick, loving mother of Frank and Jack Chandler, aged 84 years.

COMPTON. - On the 26th January, at Mitcham (suddenly), Alfred, relict of the late Amy Compton, formerly of Box Hill, loving father of Evelyn (Mrs. Robertson), Arthur, John, and Alys, aged 47 years.

CUNNINGHAM. - On the 26 January, at his residence, Barnton, Bunding, John Bilton, dearly beloved husband of Isabella, aged 72


CUNNINGHAM. - On the 26th January, at his residence, Barnton, Bunding, John Bilton, beloved brother of Neal (deceased), Mary de ceased, Andrew (deceased), Euphemia (de- ceased), and Thomas,

DREWETT.-On the 23rd January, at 4 Hen- derson street. Northcote, Lucy Drewctt. widow of the late Rev. A. J. Drowctt, nnd beloved mother of Stanley, Stella, Ernest, and Bessie (liri, L, Lewis). (Interred 24th January.) -They shall seo Ills face and lils name shall bl In their foreheads.

FAWKES.-On the 17th January, at Sydney, Henry Edward, husband of Ida, and father of Marjorie and Gwen, of Preston.

FAWKES.-On the 17th January (passed peacefully away), at Sydney, Harry, the  

beloved son of E. and M. Fawkes, of Auburn.

FOSTER.-On the 27th January, 1935, at her letldence, 9 Summer street. East Geelong, Frances, the loved wife of Charles Foster, Mid dear mother of Amy, Eda (Mrs. C. A. Bye), lally (Mrs. E. J. Ptttock, of Warrnambool), Wear, Arthur, and Frank, In her 70th year. -Our wonderful mother at rest.

GOURLAY.- On the 27th January, at his Itildence, ISO Hudson's road, Spotswood, John thomas Gourlay (late (¡0th Battalion, A.I F.), beloved husband of Alice Moy Gourlaj, late of Weet Melbourne, dearly loved father of Prank, Jitt, Percy, Fred, Doris (Mrs. R. Greenwood, Bnerold) and Mary, beloved brother of Charles Kensington), aged 63 years. -Rest In peace. GREEN.- On the 26th January, at 81 Spens ley street, Clifton Hill, Catherina, beloved tile of Thomas Oreen, and loving mother of Xttthew, Thomas, Kathleen, and Mollie (Mrs. a. Williams), aged 07 year». -RIP.

HODGES.- On the 25th January, at her   itildence Gurrnnngooynng. Chum road, Htiltnllle, Î.Inry Loulflu, bclntcd wlfo of Hurd Frederick Goodall Hodges, aged 0J turi. (Private funeiol at Fawkner Creinu


JENSEN (nee Jespensen).- On the 27th   Jwiry, Erna, dearly beloved wife of William tan, of 71 Roso Btreet, Brunswick WOBt, brui mother of Kail, Elrle (Mrs. Robinson), it<Billie, and sister of Caroline (Mrs. Kenny), dttiued), Ellen (Mrs Kelly), Alice (Mrs. Thornburn). -At rest.          

KEIR.- On the 26th January, at his resi

, te», Bokhara, View stroet, Alphington, and Í i«f» Smith utrcet, Collingwood, Daniel Wnl ' MEtlr (tobacco merchant), beloved hus

Ifil of Margaret J., and loving father of, Nut H. (deceased, late A.I.F.), Harry, and Slij, aged 74 years.

LEONARD.- On the 26th January, at Artar Ma, New South Walei, Con, dearly beloved brother of Thomas Leonard (Woodend).

LOWE. - On the 20th January, at North- cott, loved wife of the late Frederick Lowe, and loving mother of May, Fred, Lillie, Lionel, Beatrice, Daphne, and Willie, aged 78 years.

McCALLUM. On the 26th January, at the   tuldence of his daughtor (Mrs. C. E. Turn beM,/ The, Manse, Canberra, Major James Mccallum., V.D., loved father of John C. VeCkUuityV (Sydney). Mrs. H. B. Westcott tapis}(in, V.), Mrs. C. E. Turnbull (Can- berra), and J, Gordon Mccallum (Caulfield, V.).    

NOONAN.- On tho 27th January (suddenly), in the residence, 11 McGregor street, Canter bury, Patrick Thomas, beloved husband of   - tote Noonan, loved brother of John, Bridget Wfl. O'Donnell), Mary (Mrs. Shanahan, de- ceased, James (deceased), and Daniel (de- ceased. -Rest in peace.

O'BRIEN.- On the 27th January, at Prince   ?Ely's Hospital, Alfred James, loved son BU» late Jeremiah and Hannah O'Brien, and ¡Stlai brother of Margaret (Mrs. Kelly), aged 4 yura, -Requlescat In pace.

O'HARA.- On the 26th January, 1935, at   Want, Arthur Beaumont O'Hara, of Romsey [(SÛ of Education Department), loved husband of Ada C. O'Hara, loving father of Eileen, Arthur (deceased), Alice (Mrs. McRae), Bob, ,<ut7 Bon, and Alan, aged 68 years.

O'HARA.- On the 26th January, 1935, at   ,t*!tera, Arthur Beaumont O'Hara, of Rom- .», loved brother of Annie (Mrs. Chard, Bal- am), Alice (Mrs. R. Bolster, East Malvern, Melbourne), aged 68 years.

O'NEILL.- On the 26th January (result of accident), John James, dearly beloved young- est son of Thomas and Agnes O'Neill (Rock- ley), loved brother of George, aged 23

years. -R.I.P.

PARRY (nee Lilian Kemmis).- On the 27th /Hoary, ins, at Melbourne, Lilian Emily, bo- wed «Hilts of George Parry, Swansea road, Chelsea, and loving mother of Ernie, Isa, Killie, and Bertie, loving daughter of Neta »c4 the late George Ernest Kemmis, of 14 iwolt« street, Coburg,

PENDLEBURY. —On the 25th January (sud- denly), at 830 Drummond street, North Carlton, Jessie, loved wife of Thomas, beloved mother of Thelma (Mrs. McCormack). Kathleen, (Mrs. Slyth), Leila (Mrs, Healy), Tom, and Lorrle. —Our mother. (Privately interred January 26.) PHILLIPS.- On the 27th January, at her Mince, 10 Howitt street, South Yarra, Jane weinnle), loving daughter of tho late Fredo tlt« and Margaret Phillips, and lister of *pej (deceased), George, liltrabeth. Mabel flin. Wallis), Alice (Mrs. Stokes), olid Alina, «? of Echuca. -Loved by nil.

PHILLIPS.- On the 27th January, at her teildence, io Howitt street, South Yarra, Jnno Ueinnio), dearly loved auntie of Fred, Eric, Ud Destna, late . of Echuca.

PHILLIPS.- On the 27th January, at her Mlmee, io Howitt street. South Yarra, Jane (Jeannie), lo\ed auntie and pal of Doslna.

«-aw after weariness.

PLEYDELL.- On the 27th January, at his itildence, Old Treasury Buildings, Spring Weet, Melbourne, Leslie Frederick, dearly bo- we! husband of Eltta (Cloa) ploydell, loving ¡«Mr of Roma, Leslie, and Paula. -Dearly »ted and deeply mourned.

PLEYDELL.- On the 27th January, Leslie   roderick, the only loved brother of Mrs. and jlr.'M. Archdeacon. -May his dear «jul rest

fc peace.

POWLING. –On the 27th January, at private hospital, Kew, Jane, dearly beloved wife of T. M. Powling, of Weerite, and loving mother of Hilda (Mrs. Goodridge), Wilfred, and Flor- ???? (deceased), Garnet, and Owen.

RIPPER.- On the 27th January, at Strat

ford, Doris Margaret, beloved wife of Mr. N. Ripper, youngest daughter of Mr. N. H. Gibson, 4 Bond street, Caulfield, - Deeply regretted.

SHERIDAN.- On the 24th January, at 61 ¡WUuick street, Windsor, Thomas John Bell, wed husband of Emily Sheridan, und loving ¡¡'Mr of Thomas, Irene, John, and Nell, aged J Win. -R.i.p. (Privately Interred Fowk «r Cemetery on Sith January.)

SHERIDAN.- On the 24th January, at 61 «»«rick itreet, Windsor, Thomas John Bell, S"?.0"«0»««! eldest son of Klltnueth and ¡5'J."? Thomas P. Sherldon, loved brother S Chile (Mn, Gahan), May (Mrs. Fodcr), «tnleen (Mrs, Moylan), Charles (deceased), JM Prederlck, all late of St. Kilda, aged 46 Jiflf' .-TB«''p. Our loved one resting. (Prl T>t Interred, Fawkner Cemetery, 30th Janti

UPSTON.- On the 27th January, at his resi dence, Union street, Brighton East, William Charles Upston, dearly beloved husband of Lucy and loving father of Vera, Elsie. Edith, Arthur, George, Jean, Leslie, Helena, Florence, And Ethel. —At rest.

WEIBGEN.- On the 23rd January, at Mel ¡¡WM, Amlnda, dearly beloved second daugh eMfLi1" î"-* Mr' .>nd M«- H- C- Welbgen, ."JW'.togjUter of Helena, Edmund, and Hilda.

-A patient sufferer at reat.

WOOTTON.- On the 24th January, at Lindis private hospital. Mordialloc, Sophia,   2in:.. of the late Charles Wootton, loving mother of Charles (deceased). John, May (Mrs. SÄfoe«), Violet (deceased), Daisy (de ceased), Ann (Mrs. McDonald), Evelyn (Mrs. ¿i1S"!ritt', Beatrice (Mrs. Stevens), loving grandmother of James (deceased), George, .., Betty, Allan, Felix, Francis, Murray, Margaret and Mark. In her 73rd year. (Private Interred.) (Birmingham and London   please copy.)  


ALLISON.- In memory of Robert (Rob)   S»«, belortd tether of Rob, who died ot)

.TJEtiAhUerr. III«, at Northcote South.

ANDREWS.- In loving memory of my dear

husband and our dear father, James Fenton

S' $¡5 PMMd away at Cobram 38th - aeeseuiV. I?*?*» -Te», II»« in heart« we leave

'?'.»« UIBÍT f ,W«»«rt»d.bjr hi» loving


BENNETT.- In memory of my beloved   "î,Çn?Xr, J,ohn Sonett, died on the 38th Janu- ary, ieJ4 (result of accident), at Airlie prlvnto

°".plJtlli- "7Son'e time we'll understand. (In-

serted hy Aunt Carrie,)

BOWMAN.- In loving memory of our little friend, lillcon, who passed away suddenly on

fiÄ1',,21!' 19,3,4' -Mnyher soul rest In pcMe (Inserted by Mrs. Mulcahy and family.)

DAVIS.- A tribute to the memory of my loving sister, Millie, who passed away at Bendigo on Janunry 27, 1934: also my loving M¿1"¡ who went home February io, 1920. "i'JS« setting of the sun and In the morning

Koran") m- ,M' ond v> Ml>»»£ DUNN.- In memory of our dear friend, John Xomffy) A^arat. (Inserted by tho Allison ELMSLIE.- In loving memory of Miss I. J. 7ií¡lvi?"^w¿'° S^fsed.. »WBy January 28. 1931. (Inserted by Bella, Westward Ho.)

FORD.- In loving memory of our dear father, on 7?nnȕvd'i/1w5l?"PBMtf ' own5' al. Mordialloc

on January 30, 1933. -Ever remembered <Tn

sortod by Lilybank. Katandra.) ' l

FOYSTER.- In loving memory of my friend, arv af %/. W Vo PM«*d,?way at Perth, Janu- ary 28, 1934. (Inserted by M\ McA., Camber

FRICKER.- In loving memory of Leslie, »rKîï.1("nd «,<"»»«» «on of Mr. and Mrs. J. a irlckor, Beach road, B ack Rock, who died

fi« 28 1928, at 09 Trevellyn., "trcot, mcmbcrV - -A1WRy« lovingly «:

LEWIS.- In loving memory of little Anita, who passed awny on January 28, 1034. -Evoi

remembered. (Joan.)

McDONALD.- In loving memory of our dear »Tndson and nephew, who passed away Janu

Timo heals the edge of grief. .

But memory turns back every leaf.

wm("n?írAtf.d.,by"his,1.ovmK ïrandmn. Uncle

Will, and Auntie Mabel.)

McKELVIE (nee House).-In loving memory of my darling daughter, Alma, who passed away on 28th January, 1033. '

Thero's « shrine in my heart when In silence


I cherish sweet memories that are only my

own; ' I miss you, I mourn you, dear Alma, unseen,

And my memories go back to the days that

have been.

- (Mother.)

McKELVIE (nee House). - In loving memory of our darling daughter, Alma, who passed

away on 28th January, 1933.

Not a day do we forget you,

In our hearts you are always near ; We who loved you sadly miss you

As it dawns another year.

- (Inserted by her loving father and brother.) McKELVIE (nee House).-In loving memory of my dear sister, Alma, who passed away on the 38th January, 1933.

Just a loving tribute,

As it dawns another year; We cherish all tho memories

Of the days when you were here.

- (Inserted by her loving sister, Violet.)

PAULDEN. - In loving memory of our dear brother, Jack, who was killed at Belmont on January 27, 1931. - One of the best. Sadly missed. (Inserted by his loving sister, brother in-law, and niece, Greta, Dick, and Mar-


PAULDEN.-In loving memory of John Paul den, killed January 27, 1931.

Just a memory fond and true,

To show, dear John, I think of you.

-(Inserted by a lifelong friend of family.)

REED. - In loving memory of my dear mother, who passed away January 28, 1033, at Ascotvttle; also dear dad, August 2, 1023. -Jlemembcr. (Inserted by their loving


ltlLKV.-In fond memory of Prank, who died (by accident) on the 29th January, 1034. (Inserted by Comrades' Club, Surrey Hills.)

ROBERTSON.- In affectionate remembrance of our dear mother, Ellza Robertson, who Sassed away at Oreylelgh, De Carlo street,

[oreland, January 27, 1013. -rond memories, not now, but always. (Inserted by IICT

loving family.)

SALTER.- In loving memory of my dear husband and loving daddy, Arthur Leonard, who passed away 28th January, 1034.

Not lust to-day, but every day, In silence wo remember.

-(Inserted by his loving wife and daughter,


SLEIGH.- In loving memory of my dear mother, who passed away on January 38, 1834.

Time heals tho edge of griot

But memory turns back every leaf.

- (Insertod by her daughter, son-in-law, and granddaughter, Carola, Prank, and Lola.)

SPROAL.- In loving memory of my dear   father, who passed away at Macarthur, on 20th January, 1034. (Sadie.)

STRANKS.-In loving memory of our dearly loved son and brother, Thomas, who died at Brunswick January 28, 1034. -For ever in our thoughts. (Inserted by his father, sisters, and


VINECOMBE. - In fond memory of Mr. H.G. Vinecombe, of Talbot, who was taken   from us on January 28, 1934. -Ever remem- bered. (Inserted by his loving little friends, Mavis, Tom, and Audrey Fenner, Dunach.)

WILLIAMS. - In memory of our beloved mother, who departed thts life on the 38th

Janunry. 1031.

Not Just to-day, but every day. In silence we remember,

-(Inserted by her loving family, Bthel, Llly,»T«s, and-Heg.1 .. .Jy.

WILLIAMS.-In lovlng memory of our de- voted mother, who fell asleep January 38, 1931. -Fond memories. (Inserted by nor loving daughter, Lilly; son-in-law, Chris; and grand sons, Ian and Noel Humphreys.)




CHANDLER are informed that the remains ol his beloved wife, Ann, will be Interred In the New Melbourne Cemetery, Fawkner,

Tho funeral is appointed to move from his resi- dence, 10 Duke street, St. Kilda, THIS DAY (Mon- day, 28th January, 1035), at 10.30 o'clock.

COMPTON.-The Friends of the late ALFRED

COMPTON are informed that his funeral will     leave the residence of his daughter (Mrs. F.

Robertson), 3 Thomas street, Mitcham, THIS DAY (Monday), at 8.45, for the place of interment, Box Hill Cemetery, arriving at 9.15. HUGH CAMPBELL, Funeral Director, 150 Burwood road, Hawthorn. 'Phone Haw. 4661.

CUNNINGHAM.-The Friends of the late Mr.

JOHN CUNNINGHAM are respectfully in- formed that his remains will be Interred In the Ballan New Cemetery, THIS DAY (Monday), at 3 p.m.  

T"VAY.-The Members of the Loyal Sunshine .jLP Lodge, M.U.I.O.O.F., and tho Order In general are requested to follow the remains of our de- parted Brother A, G. Day to the tootwroy Ccme

_J. L. WESTCOTT, Secretory.

Gi OURLA Y.-The Friends of the late Mr. JOHN

T THOMAS OOURLAY (late 58th BattallO'i A.I.F.) are respectfully informed that his re-

mains will be Interred In the Melbourne Oenoral Cemetery, Carlton.

The funeral is appointed to move from his resi- dence, ISO Hudson's road, Spotswood, THIS DAY (Monday, January 28), at 0.45 a.m., arriving ceme-

tery 10.30 a.m.

ERNEST W. JACKSON. Funeral Director, Fer- guson street, Williamstown." and Melbourne toad, Newport. 'Phone 3» Williamstown._


are informed that the remains ot his dearly loved wile will be Interred In the Fawkner Ceme-


Tin funeral will leave the residence of her daugh- ter (Mrs. A. Williams), 81 Spensley street, Clifton Hill, To-morrow (Tuesday. January 20), at 11


., _.- Informed that the remains ot his dearly beloved wile, Em«, will be interred in the Fawkner


The funeral will leave his residence 71 Rose street, Brunswick West, THIS DAY (Monday. Janu- ary 28), at halt-past 1 o'clock.

B, MATTHEWS PTY. LTD., Funeral Directors,

Toorak road, South Yarra.


E1R.-The Prlends of the late Mr. DANIEL ».». WALLACE KEIR, managing director of D. w. Kolr Pty. Ltd., are Informed that his funeral will leave his residence. Bokhara, View street. Al- phington, To-morrow (Tuesday, January 20), ot 10.30 a m. for the Boroondara Cemetery, Kow.

W. O. APPS AND SONS PTY. LTD , Held. 60.


OONAN.-Requiem Mass for the repose of the j.. Voul of the late Mr. PATRICK THOMAS NOONAN will be celebrated In St. Dominic's Church, Holyrood street, East Camber« eil, To- morrow (Tuesday) Morning, at 10 o'clock. The funeral will leave the church at the conclusion of Mass tor tho Burwood Cemetery, arriving at 11

HUGH CAMPBELL, Funeral Director, 150 Bur Hood road, Hawthorn, Thone Haw. 4001.

O'BRIEN.-Tho Friends of the late Mr. ALFRED

JAMES O'BRIEN are respectfully luformed that his remains will be intorred in the Melbourne General Cemetery, Carlton.

Tho funeral Is appointed to move from the residence of his niece (Mrs. W. Pattison). 3S5 Princes street, Port Melbourne, To-morrow (Tues- day, 29lh January, 1035), at 2 p.m.

It. MCKENZIE, Funeral Director (all suburbs). Head oBlce, lo» Clarendon street, South Mel bourne. 'Phone M3107 (3 lines)._

O'HARA.-The Friends of the late Mr. ARTHUR

BEAUMONT O'HARA, of Romsey (lato of Education Department), are Informed that his re- mains will be orematcd at the Crematorium, Fawk- ner Cemetery. Melbourne, Tins DAY (Monday. 28th January), at 11 a.m. ... ." .. ,

II. EVANS and SON, Funeral Directors, 10 Main street, Ballarat East. Tel. 583._

O'NEILL. - The Friends of the late JOHN

JAMES O'NEILL are respectfully notified that his funeral will leave his late residence, Sprlngleo, Rockbank, Tins DAY (Monday), at 0.15 o'clock,

and proceed to St. Dominic's Church, Melton I (Requiem Mass at 10 o'clock), en route to the Melton Cemetery. >

ALFRED ALLISON, Funeral Director (estab. 1884), 321 Victoria street, West Melbourne. 'Phone; F10I0._

PHILLIPS.-The Friends of the tale Miss JEAN

PHILLIPS are Informed that her remains will be Interred lu Necropolis, Sprinkle.

The funeral will leave her residence, 10 Howitt street, South Yarra, To-morrow (Tuesday, Janu- ary 20), at half-past 10 o'clock.

B. MATTHEWS PTY. LTD.. Funeral Director«. Toorak road. South Yarra; and Oakleigh,


PLEYDELL - The Friends ot the late LESLIE

FREDERICK PLC\DELL aro respectfully In ^ited to follow his remains to the pince oí Inter meat la tho Melbourne Cemetery Carlton

The funeral is appointed to move front his late residence Old Treasury Uutldlngs Sprint? street Melbourne THIS DAY (Monday) nt 11 o clock

ALFRED ALLISON Tuneral Director (estab

JB54) Clifton Hill Phono JW1708_

1JOWLJNO -The Friends of Mr THOMAS M

FOWL1NO are informed that the remains of his dearly beloved wife Jane will be Interred lu the Camperdown Cemetery

The funeral will movo from the prUate mortuarj of Herbert King and Sons Lennox street Rich mond To morrow (Tuesday 29th January) nt 10 a m and will arrive at the cemetery at 3 p ni

HERBERT KINO and SONS Funeral Directors

Lennox street Richmond Phone J3402_


9d a Uno Saturday 1/ a line

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