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    James William Ariell death and funeral

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Family Notices

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CARR--On the 3rd December. at Avonhurst, Queen's road, to Mr. nnd Mrs. Eric Carr - a


PLOWMAN. - On the 13th December, at Windermere, to Dr. and Mrs. Sidney Plowman,

of Frankston -a son.

ROBB (nee Elsie Hall). - On the 5th Novem- ber, at Ouyen Hospital, Ouyen, to Mr. and Mrs Arthur J. Robb, of Birchip- a daughter



WINTER-GOUNDRY. - On the 14th Decem ber, 1874. by the Rev. W. Walker, James Winter, son of George and Isabella winter, to Alice Goundry, only daughter of William and Eliza- beth Goundry, both of Lumley, County of Dur- ham England (Present address, 50 Windella Avenue, East Kew, late of Cassilis.)


ARIELL. —On the 13th December, at a pri vate hospital, Camberwell, James William, be loved husband of Susan, and loving father of Dorothy and Eric. —(No flowers, by request.)

BADAMS. —On the 8th December, 1934, at Casterton, Mary, relict of the late John James Badams, aged 80 years.

BURGESS. —On 13th December, passed away at the residence of her daughter (Mrs. Kennon), Hollydene, Cowes, Elizabeth, beloved wife of the late Albert Burgess, late of Mackie road,

Bentleigh, loved and loving mother of Lucy   (Mrs. Cochrane Koo-wee-rup), Maud (Mrs.

Prior, Cowes), Albert (deceased), Frederick (de ceased), Amelia (Mrs. Cahill, Cowes), Walter (deceased), Amy (Mrs. Kennon, Cowes), aged 81 years. —Sweet rest at last.

CASEY. —On the 12th December, at the Mel bourne Hospital, May, dearly beloved daughter of Edith Casey, and loved sister of Royce, niece of E. Claskett. (Remains at Apps and Sons' Chapel, 61 Moor street Fitzroy.)

FERNANDEZ. —On the 12th December (sud- denly), in the city, Ramon Clot Fernandez, the dearest and best-loved friend of Georgina Mantell and her daughter, Charis Brown —The noblest heart.

FINNING. —On the 12th December (suddenly), at Hillview, Elphinstone, John Finning, be loved husband of Ellen, loving father of Ollie (deceased), Pearl, Jack, Eileen, Irene, Tom, Dorothy, Nellie, Allan, Marjorie, Elvie, aged 60 years. —R.I.P.

FOREN. —On the 11th December, at Heyfield, James Gallienne, dearly loved father of Jim, father-in-law of Babe, and dear grandad of Kenneth, aged 76 years, late of Seymour, and Victorian Railways. —At rest.

HALE. —On the 12th December, at 27 Tivoli

place, South Yarra, Margaret. —Our dearly

loved mother.

KEYSTONE. —On the 13th December, at the Children's Hospital, Ronald Graeme, youngest son of George and Ada Keystone, of 1 Watson Street, Armadale, aged 1 year and 9 months. —Safe in the Arms of Jesus.

KOOP. —On the 11th December, at his resi dance, Dimboola, Frederick William, the dearly beloved husband of Clara Olecia Koop, loving father of Sylvia, Reginald. Clarice, William, and Peter. —Peace, perfect peace.

KRIEGER. —Passed away on the 13th Decem ber, at his residence, 4 Arthur street, Pres ton, Emil Gustave, dearly beloved husband of Ethel Krieger, and loving father of Violet, Tilly, and Herbert, son of the late E. and M. Krieger, of Thomastown, late Inspector of M.B.W.

—Sweet rest.

NIVISON. — On the 12th December, 1934, Robert, the dearly loved husband of Louisa Maud Nivison, of 78 Empress road, Surrey   Hills, loving father of Robert and Maud (Mrs. A. J.Anderson), aged 83 years. (For 33 years employee at the Australian Paper Mills.)

POLSON. — On the 13th December (sud denly, at Caulfield racecourse John (Jack), loving husband of the late Eveline, loving father of Eric, Marjorie, Jack, Geoffrey, and Shirley, of 18 Byron street, Brighton, aged 36 years. (Remains at J. Monkhouse and Son's parlours.)

POLSON (Trenby). —Suddenly, at Caulfield. Jack Polson, one of Nature's gentlemen. (B.P.)

PYE. —On the 12th December, at her resi dence, 1 Hampden road, Armadale, Jane Men lin, the dearly beloved wife of Hugh Pye, and loving mother of Freda and Moira and Doro thy (deceased). (Privately cremated on the 13th.)  

TIOltfF.—-On the 10th December (sud-   denly, William Charles, husband of Jessie, 10 George street, East Melbourne, father of Edmond, Norman, Madge (Mrs. Fisher), Nell Mrs. Massey), Isabel (deceased), and Grace, aged 70 years. —At rest.

WATSON.—On the 12th December, at Clarke- field, John, dearly loved husband of Agnes, and loving father of Isabel (Mrs. P. Hall) and Myrtle, late of Riddell. (Privately interred Sunbury on 13th December.)

WATSON.—Passed away on the 12th Decem- ber, at Clarkefield, John, dearly loved grand- dad of Bruce and Ian Hall, and father-in-law

of Fred Hall.

WILTON. — On the 13th December, at his residence, St. Ronans, 33 Oswald street, Gar- denvale, Selwyn D., dearly beloved husband of Louise M., and loving father of Ewart and Stephanie Wilton.

WILTON. — On the 13th December, at his residence, St. Ronans, 33 Oswald street, Gar- denvale, Selwyn D, loved son-ln-law of O. Wag-   ner, and brother-ln-law of Ann and Les, Fal- lí», Olga and Carl Schulz, Irene Wagner, and Adelaide and Bert Herman,

WOODYEAR.—On the 13th December, 1934 (suddenly), at Melbourne Hospital, May Angela Barton, loved sister of Harry, Vi, Alf, and Laurie (deceased), loving aunt of Briddie (Mrs. Ward). (Remains at Apps and Sons Chapel, 61 Moor street, Fitzroy.) -Perfect


WOOLF.—On the 13th December, at 184 Punt road, Prahran, Nathan, the dearly beloved hus- band of Leah Woolf, and loving father of Godfey and Louis, aged 53 years. (Service at the Synagogue, Toorak road, Sunday evening. at 4.30p.m.). -May his dear soul rest In


WOOLF.—On the 13th December, at 184 Punt road, Prahran. Nathan, the beloved eldest son of the late Godfrey and Sarah Woolf, and loving brother of Isaac (Dick), Rachel, Celia. M*ue, and Connie (deceased). -May his dear

soul rest In peace.


On Active Service.

KCK.-In loving memory of my dear son. gul«, killed in notion on 141 li Dooember. »II. it Flers, Frnnce, Into Both Battalion. no remembered (Mother.)

víSP"'""1" loving remembrance of my deni »finer, Binn. (Ornoo Clow.)

ARNOTT. —In fond remembrance of John D. Arnott, loved husband of Lillie, and dear Tl«r or Arllne, who died lit Vlvn, Albert street, rnltcnr, on 14th December, 1004.

BILLS. —In ever loving memory of George

' "ii tho J»««d to the higher life, 14tli Dc

S,T'. im. -Fond memories «re the only mindi that grief can cull It» own.

CORNWELL. —In loving memory of our dear

:.T »'Bertlin, who unused nwny on December ».HU. -(Lalla, Bill, nnd John.)

CORNWELL. —In loving memory of our dear Sb li'i wl'°ims5uc' Rw"y °"thc Htl>

He«rts that lovo you never forgut, in memory you ure with us yet.

biî.'ÎW.'l ">'llcr loving brother Fiod, slslor "".l«w, »ntl family, Alfred, Betty, nnd Jock.)

CORNWELL. —In loving momory of our dear Th.ABe,tha. w!>° passed nwny lit Knllninn. TO Otovt, Moreland, on 14th December, 1033.

DUNLOP. —In lovl"B momory of William    

u i«fi "J10 depnrted tills Ufo mi Deccmbei I ». HU, «t Mooroopna.

1 }n memory u constant thought,

in heart n silent sorrow, -dwelled by Myrtle.)

GRANT. —In loving memory of my denr ft'., «i« pnuccf nwny tit 10 Uellwue "',". O«1?11«. on tho 14th December. 11)30. -ilntetted by Roy cirant.)

GRANT. —In loving memory of Nellie, who

II» 'ïf "' Oeolong on the 14th December, & 73 n'i- <fm.ortcd by her sister, A. »M4,»ni nephew. B. Wood.)

GRANT. —In Iovl"g memory of grandma,   ill .in?.,0" Ulr m" December, 1030, from ,u«D«tlnyn, casterton.

GUNN. —In loving memory of our dear son

»"Cmb'eí'io'So' W"° vnM"1 ttWay "" tlle

6»eett»t memories llngor.

~(InJSf>J'le."rl>: lovcll l0 "ver forgot.

.M«tater») y lovlnB l>nru"u> ur°"">r.

LYONS. —In loving memory of our denr li Bil i!1'.11". wh" passed away Dooember «t hi 5'. B8 ''"îk i'"01. SI. Kilda, -dod «Äi£rfi.B.r "ï1' H'»erted by her loving iMa!) . mi Kfinddnughter, Sol, Miriam,

PAVEY. —In loving memory of mothor, who

-*tr y£!,nt MurchlMin, December 14, 1033. wïï,C. ,1 »"d. remembered. (Insortcd by ''Wnj husband mid family.)

PETTIT. —In lovlng memory of our dear «»beril °,ÇaBs«"d uwny at Trnrnlgon on De- hn ) (inserted by her sons and diuigli

WELLS. —In loving memory of my dear l18, ' î1*T'. who imssed nwny December 14,

9fdi,*"), mend the broken chain

-IÄMÄE1,10 WO'" n,ect amtn

WELLS. —In loving memory of our dear H, lill it ". whn Passed away, Dorrmbcr " vT«tcd l>y her loving tlitughtor. Ile.) '"'' Brnndson, Clin, Mill, Dick Mnrkll

WELLS. —In loving memory of dear Aunty «»«ile "S ¿¡i1"*,'1 ,»w»y Deoombcr 14, 1033


^ttoH.",11 »AT^Ä¥ wiTlVnilli. ofoîrn"

^TtTBBr%lI'.,Cl,,llfl"M- dl"T l° «.presa their "i Urtu, ,.<?' u,e "'"") «pressions ot symiialliy. t* thateï, (K?,r",n,> »"ii «oral tributes received nj°»» «M occasion of their recent sod bereave


ABIELL-The nrliate f merni of the late Mr

JAMI-S WILIIAM ARIELL »111 lca\o Sleight s Chapel 13B rllndcrs street Melbourne THIS DAY Urldn) the 14th December) at 11 o clock for the Boroolldar i Cemetery Kew


BURGFSs - The Friends of the Into Mrs

El IZABETII BDnOFSS (Into of Bentleigh) are respectfully Informed that her remnlns will

Interred In the Cheltenham Cemetery Charmnn


The funeral will leave Stony Point on arrival of lont from Cones THIS DAY (Friday 14th Deccm ber) nt li o clock arriving at the cemetery about

1 o clock

W I) ROSE nnd SON mncrnl Directors Chur

mnn rond Cheltenham phone 43 Chelt_ BURGESS -A OI Court Pride of St George

I odge No 351B -The Omccrs and Members of the aboie Lodge aro respectfully Informed thnt the remnlns of Mrs ELIZABETH BURGESS widow of the late Bro Albert Burgess will be interred1 In the Cheltenham Cemetery Chnrmnn rood

The funeral will nrrlio nt the cemetery THIS DAY (Frlduy 14th December) at 1 o clock

F ANDnrws o n li WALTON Sec W D nOHE and BON Funeral Directors

CASEY-The Friends of Mrs EDITH CASEY

nro Informed thnt the remains of her dcarl) beloved daughter May will bo interred In the Coburi. Ccmctcr)

Tho funeral will leave Apps and Sons Chapel 01 Moor street ritrroy THIS DAY (Friday 14th December) nt 3 45 n m



]^INNINa - The funeral of tho Into JOHN

1 FINNINO will lemo his Into residence Elphin stone nt 3 p m THIS DAY (rrldny 14th Deccm ber) Private funeral Intlmato friends onl)

niEOLIl-Hie rrlends ôï tïïë iñté EMIL OUSTAVE KRILOER nro respectfully Invited to follow his remilns to the placo of interment Preston Qcneral Cemetery

The funeral Is uppolnted to move from his rcsl dence 4 Arthur street I reston THIS DAY (Friday 14th Deccmtir) nt 4 p m

EKN JiNSTN Undertaker 311 High strcot Prfiton aid 3 Melville rond West lliilliswlck

lhone 3WI310_ NIVISON-The Friends of the Into ROBERT

NIVISON are imltcd to follow his remnlns to the Box Hill Cemetery

Hie fmural »111 li-uvo hi» residence 78 Empress road faurrey Hills THIS DAY (1 rlday the 14th

Decembel) nt 3 p m


POLSON- Tho Friends of tho late Mr JOHN

(Jock) POLSON nro most respectfully Informed that his tuner ii »ill leuve lils residence IB Byron street Brighton Tomorrow (Sntirdn}) nt 2 30 p in for the Brighton Cemetery

"WILTON TI p rrlends of tho Into Mr SEI WIN

II D WILTON aro Informed that hi» remains »III be Interred lil the Smdrlngh nil Cemctorj Hollo» ny road

the funeral Is m pointed to mole from Ills rest dence St Honnn s 33 Oswald street Onrdcnvnlc THIS DA-\ (Frldaj 14th Dtccmber) nt 3 o clock

APPS AND SONS PT\ LTD r mcral Directors

High streu SI Kilda Phone »la 70_

WOODYEAR - The Friends of the late Miss   > » MAY ANOf I A BARTON WOODYEAR

Informed thnt her funeral will orrlvi ut tho Cobuig Ci.mi.tcry THIS DAY Urldoy 14th December) at 3 30 p ni


WOOLF - The Friends of the late Mr NATHAN WOOLF are informed that his remains will be       interred in the Melbourne General Gemetery, Carl  


the funeral is appointed to move from his resi dence, 184 Punt road, Prahran, THIS DAY (Friday, 14th December) at 2.30 o'clock.    

APPS AND SONS PTY LTD. Undertakers,   High street, St Kilda. Tel. Win 70.


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