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Football Scout Ordered Off


Sel Murray. North Melbourne and interstate full forward, is almost cer- tain to play at Richmond this year, and Ray Quinn, brilliant wing half forward, who has played some good games at Richmond, may transfer to North. Quinn played at North on Saturday, but Murray was not seen at Richmond, although he was at that ground earlier in the week. It has been a closely guarded secret.

There was some excitement afc one League ground on Saturday when a man was ordered out of the dress- ing-room. He asked to see a certain young player, who he said was his nephew, but when the two met it was obvious that they were strangers. It was then found that he was a scout from another League club. When the player was being inter- viewed in the secretary's office with the object of signing him up the man endeavoured to force his way into the office. He was promptly ordered out of the room, and strong comments were made about the tac- tics employed.

Ron Durham, champion full back, broke down in the last quarter at Richmond arid had to be taken off on a stretcher. Ron hurt lus knee in a practice game last season and did not play. Tests showed that his knee was strong again, and he was his old self in the first three quar- ters. The masseur could find no dis- placement, but he will be given special treatment. There is still a chance that he will be fit, but it is not hopeful.

The game was excellent, and at the finish Jack Dyer was complimented by officials on the condition of the players. One of the best things in the match was the great play of Keith Cook, one of twins who played last year. At centre half-back his dash and punch kept him in the picture all day. Burge and Bower (in a new position In a back pocket) had their first trials, and showed form. Dyer and Edwards were among the best of the others. Bryant Barry (Foster) shaped so well that he was signed up. Benson (Yal- lourn). Ross (Poster), Roach and Hill (district), and Cartwright (seconds) were other recruits of note. The improvement of Potter (19 years, 6ft 4in, forward) was a fea-



Bert Clay was in full command of the ruck at Fitzroy, and he helped Price to rove brilliantly. O'Bryan, back at full forward, kicked eight goals in great style. Sier at the other end was almost as brilliant, but may be used In the ruck. Bruce Cal verley's wing play was a classic. On the other wing Horan just won against Jarvis. Hoskins. Denning, Hughson, Wright, Linney, and John- ston were all iu the picture. Cox (RAAF), a former player, was a great success and may play in the first game. He brought a star re- cruit with him-Dalwood (Norwood, SA), who is 6ft 4in and moved splen- didly. Reidy was again the best newcomer. Bristowe, returned from service, did well. _

No fewer than 105 players were tried at Essendon, the recruits being the best seen for years. Pearson was again No 1, He was opposed to Lane in the centre, and. although Lane won in the air, Pearson was on top in every other way, and should walk into the side for the first game as Griggs' successor. Bourke (Moe) is 6ft 3in and is a good proposition. Tankard (local) measured up to the high standard, and Phillips (Chelsea) was another of note. Best of the regulars were Hutchison. Tonkes, Lane. Abbott, Betson. Ruddell. and Bushby. Bob Annersley (WA and seconds) stood out as the best rover of the day. Gardiner is back again and was the best defender in the first half.

Hawthorn newcomers showed great form. Barwick (Tas) is a possibility for the first game. He was in the ruck and forward, and kicked seven goals. Pearson (Brighton District) may rove in the first game. Prit- chard, Mcvilly. McLeod, and Jack Shea (brother of the coach) showed ability. Ken Slater, the champion

tennis player, has now decided to play football again, and may be the regular centre half-forward. Black- man, in that position at the othei end, again did well. Shea is showing better form each week. Burke (six goals) looks like being the regular full forward. Bragg. Rogers, Camp- bell. Brannan, and Wilks also shone. Barker (rib injury) did not play,

but will be fit.


The best point about Carlton'* game was the fine form of Jim Baird at centre half-back. His old place at full forward may go to Clinton Wines (RAAF), who shaped splendidly. Cyril Mann, back again. was as spectacular as ever, but his kicking is still weak. Bob Green, who captained one side, played in a back pocket and may remain there in Atkinson's place. Clarke, Sanger, Brown, and Hines all did well. Best, of the new men were Rose, Trewin. Brew. Hansen, Green, and Hopper. A surprise appearance was that of Kev Brown (RAAF), who is in the running for centre half-back "McLean will not play for Preston.

Interest In the doings of St Kilda is so great that already a new mark in membership is expected. There were four new men of note in the game-Max Rippon, the possible opening rover; Corrigan, of Heather- ton; Keating, of Maryborough; and Litchfield (Port Pirie). The regulars are heading for top form, best being Geddes, Garvin, Bray, Walker, Snell

Bibby, Rowell. Wilson, Mcintyre, and Wilkie. Lowry is ill and may miss the opening game. Williamson was playing in a cricket final, but Ar- mour appeared for the first time.

FOTHERGILL-PANNAM COMBINE The Fothergill-Pannam combina- tion will be a source of annoyance to opponents, and their exhibition was worthy of Collingwood's best Best in support were Naismith, Mann, Brown (seconds), Twomey (seconds), who may be the régulai centre, although Mac Holten was bril- liant in the same position; Wade Murphy, Phil and Ted Ryan. Utting. Carruthers, Newman, Synon, and Nelson. Richards and Mears were star rovers. Of the new men Wad- dell (Northcote Stars), Fitzgeni , (who shaped like a veteran ai times), and Headen and Roberts (seconds) caught the eye.

Tried at full forward. Reg Even den was surprisingly successful al Footscray, kicking five goals. Al- though Hickey (centre) was best on the ground, Cain (Cavendish) shaped really well against him. Raphael was a good pocket forward, and others were Laffey, Rawlinson, Coul- ton, and Broadway. Moncrieff, back from service, did so well agalns! McCankie that he almost picks him- self for centre half-forward. Best of the regulars were Chalmers, T Tribe, McTaggart (2), McLaren Jacobsen, Gingell. and- Hillis. G Tribe and Benison will play ne\i Saturday; Ryan is fit again, and it is likely that Thoms will be back for the first game.

Stars among Melbourne newcomers were Bickford (Wesley), a greai player both at centre half-back and full back, and Bowman, a fine full forward. Others were Grigg, Wilson Thomas, O'Rourke, Green, and Ro warth. Porter and Taylor look like being the senior rovers, and the Smith-Fanning combination was al- most 100% effective. Cordner, Ken- nedy, Kramer, and Stock made up a strong ruck battery. Deans, Con- roy, Dowsing, and Newman all showed form, while Molloy (back from service) played so well at centre half-back that he may play there regularly. L. Taylor, Younger, Evans, Daly. Vincent, and Brede did so well in the junior game that they may be tried in the senior game this week.


There was joy in South quarters al the fine display of Laurie Nash who, at centre half-forward, was the top player. He reached his peak in the second quarter when he kicked six goals from about six kicks, one being from a left-foot angle shot after a blind turn. In the second half he fed Evans, who kicked four. It is evident that the Matthews-Castles Nash route to goal will bring results In that plan Whitfield also took a part. Glass, Clegg, and Kerr were among the best of the new men.

The best thing at North Melbourne was the outstanding form of Moran at centre half-back, and Roulent at full back, and among the juniors Matlock, Sullivan, Green, McLeod, Doherty (2). The Ballarat Doherty looks a ready-made player. Pilot Officer Sharp, a former player, i rom St Kilda, gained a cheer as he went out, and another cheer for his fine play in the centre. Dyer, Findlay. O'Brien, Morcom, and McKenzie

were also in form.

New names will be seen on Gee long's final list, as badly needed tall youngsters are shaping well. Finn. Hunt, Renfrey, Venning, Hammer, Rose, and Tompkins stood out above the others. Southern, White, Fitz- gerald, Munday, Sing, Marsham, and Glenister were stars among the re- gulars.