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Perth Observatory

To Be On New Site

PERTH. — On the recommendation of the Chief Secretary, Mr. Hutchinson, State Cabinet has decided to rebuild the Perth Observatory on a site about a mile south of Mount Gunjin, in the Darling Range.

Mount Gunjin is 1,308 ft. above sea level and is 4i miles south-east of Kala munda.

The overall cost of the move is expected to amount to £125,000 and will be spread over the next two financial years. Steps are to be taken immediately to acquire the land.

The Observatory is being moved to make way for new multi - storey Government offices.

A one and three-quarter acre block of land in Kings

JParK Koad, West i'ertn. Has been sold for £65,000.

The property, which is in two parts, will be used for a multi-storey block of flats and a multi-storey business block.

Formerly the old De Pledge home, it covers the entire frontage from Outram Street to Ventnor Avenue.

Two Perth businessmen. Mr. P. W. Markham and Mr. H. H. Knnedy, who sold the land, had bought it to build flats on but found the project too costly.