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| NEW YORK. Monday (A.A.P.). — Ken Rosewall beat former amateur tennis champion  

Rod Laver 6-4, 6-2, 6-2 yesterday to win the all-     Australian final of the United States professional   grass-courts championship at Forest Hills.  

Rosewall gave the crowd   of 5,000 a brilliant demon- stration of the strokes which   have made him the world's  

top professional.  

His performance left little doubt that he stands alone at   the head of professional  


The champion completely

demoralised the red-headed left-hander, whose game fell apart under Rosewall's con- tinued pressure.

Rosewall's faultless return

of service, decisive volleying, and well-placed service kept Laver off balance.

Laver's flashing backhand, so evident in his amateur days, let him down and he fell into a stream of errors. The match took only 70 minutes.

Rosewall's victory netted him a prize of £A6,240. and he went through the three rounds of the championship matches without losing a set.  

The promoters of the tour-   nament apparently took a   substantial loss on" their total:   estimate of outlay of £17.850  

as crowds were small on the   first three days and yester-   day's turnout "hardly made up the deficit.  

The Australian profes- sionals leave for Europe next week, where they have a long schedule of appearances, cul- minating in a 16-man cham-  

pionship tournament at   Wembley. London, in Sep-

tember. 1