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  Dr. Lilian Alexander    

One of the first women graduates of the Melbourne University, Dr. Lilian Helen Alexander, died at her home in Murphy street, South Yarra, on Thursday. Her

body was cremated at the Fawkner Crema-   torium yesterday. She graduated bachelor of arts in 1880, and then planned to study for a medical degree. In face of general apathy toward the idea of women doctors, she, with a friend, Helen M. Sexton, de-

cided to send a letter to the University   Council asking to be admltted to the  

medical school. The two young women

canvassed every member of the council, and received great help from the late Dr.

Leeper, then warden of Trinity College.   They inserted an advertisement in "The Argus" asking that any woman desiring to enter for the medical course at the

University should communicate with them.  

They received replies from five women. After some discussion the council, with

two dissentients, granted their request about a week before lectures began. Miss Alexander became a master of arts, a     bachelor of medicine, and a bachelor of surgery, qualifying as a medical prac- titioner in 1893. She was a resident   medical officer for some time at the     Women's Hospital, Carlton. In September, 1896, she attended a meeting convened by   Dr. Constance Stone for the formation of the Queen Victoria Hospital, and became an original staff member of the hospital. She concentrated on surgical work until

her resignation in 1917, when she visited Europe. On her return she became honorary consultant to the hospital and a member of the advisory board. In 1931 she was elected president of the Victoria

Medical Women's Society, of which she had been the first secretary in 1896. She was always interested in social work, art, literature, and the stage.  

After a short illness, the death occured at the Police hospital yesterday of Senior-

constableD.F. Howe, aged43yea«.««« wireless patrol at Russell street. He w»| recently admitted to the Police hosp»J| His condition gradually became worse, *?*_ he died yesterday morning, leaTI»«!h

widow and children. A police I"0«T'« will leave his home in Hambleton swan, a Middle Park, for the Fawkner Cemetery h at 2 p.m. to-day. 'I

Former Geelong and Essendon «S« ballers have learned with regret o."IB death, which occurred at Beech Forest, «« Mr. Alfrod Samuel ("Freddie") O*« Mr. Goddard was employed in the *jr^» try department at Beech Forest,.«id »J collapsed and died in his office. He*">?

leading player for Geelong, M* ££}?

his best football as a member of t»e *¥T. M don team when that club was at '« «"».» Tho funeral took place at Colac. *^P

There was a large attendanceJ* "M funeral at the Boroondara Ç"»ff^B teiday of the Rev. Charl« m« gear, of the Methodist Church. «¡H Sled on Thursday. The "rvlcej« the graveside was conducted by »./^¿A dent of the Methodist Conference_^W Rev. J. E. Warren), ^^yJZtaadWW dent-General of the Methodist¿«g^gH (the Rev. A. T. «olden), the Bf <« Dugan, and the Rev. J. W. Orovo. ^m Masonic service was conduJ"° ,t W'__R Rev. A. T. Bladen. In an «"«""£"?

graveside, the Rev. .>. "'cf .A«

the great service rendered to theon « by Mr. Tregear for more than wy»" «H