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Five Generals included

The Governor-General has received advice that the King

has approved appointments and awards to members of the Australian Military Forces for services rendered in the Papua-New Guinea area of the South-West Pacific Area up to March 31, 1944.

The names of five generals are included. The late Major-General G. A.

Vasey is mentioned in despatches for gallant and distinguished services. Meritorious service by several Army nurses has also gained recognition.

The appointments and awards are:

To be Companions of the Military

Division of the Most Honourable Order of the Bath (CB) :

Brigadier (Temp Lieut-General) Frank Horton BERRYMAN, CBE, DSO, Melbourne.

Lieut-General Berryman was largely re- sponsible for the successful culmination of operations against the Japanese forces at Finschhafen and their subsequent pur- suit to Sio. His outstanding skill dis- played in planning and organising, and the vigour and enterprise which charac- terised the implementing of his plans, contributed considerably to the final


Colonel (Temp Major-General) George Frederick WOOTTEN, CBE, DSO and Bar, Mosman (NSW).

Major-General Wootten commanded the 9th Australian Division with skill and success in the landing east of Lae and in subsequent actions which resulted in the capture of Lae. He was responsible for transporting reinforcements to Finschhafen by using small landing craft. This operation proved a big factor in defeating strong enemy counterattacks. The successful attacks on Satelberg, Bouga-Wareo track, and the continuous offensive which drove the enemy back 50 miles, culminating in the destruction of the enemy forces, were largely due to his able leadership.

To be Commanders of the Military

Division of the Most Excellent Order of the British Empire (CBE) :

Colonel (Temp Major-General) Edward James MILFORD, DSO,

South Yarra.

Major-General Milford's work at General Staff HQ, New Guinea force,

has been of a very high order.

Prior to his present ap- pointment he com m a n d e d the 3th Aus- tralian Division for 19 months. At Milne Bay his organisa- tion of de- fences was ex- cellent and his efforts were successful in ap- preciatively re- ducing malaria.   After effectively  

commanding     the 5th Divl- sion in the Salamana - Lae

operations in August and September,   1943, he was responslble for the mopping up of the Markham River-Lae area and for the defence and development of Lae.

Colonel (Temp Brigadier) David Adie WHITEHEAD, DSO and Bar, MC, ED, Cremorne (NSW).

Brigadier Whitehead commanded his

brigade with distinction throughout the

highly successful divisional operations which resulted in the early capture of Lae. He was then ordered to attack and capture the Satelberg positions, and ex- ploit towards Wareo, and later to cap- ture Wareo. He had field artillery and Matilda tanks as supporting arms. The detailed brigade plans for this series of operations were prepared by Brigadier Whitehead, and hls conduct of the opera- tions was forceful and masterly, showing excellent judgment and command, all of which contributed to the complete defeat of the enemy.

Colonel (Temp Brigadier) William John Victor WINDEYER, DSO and Bar, ED, Turramurra (NSW).

Brigadier Windeyer commanded the in- fantry brigade which comprised the as- sault troops in the initial landing at Red and Yellow beaches east of Lae. tho EEoraVotl2 lnv°lved the seizing of the beachhead. The success of this amphibious landing was due to the high standard of training and organisation which had been achieved under Brigadier Windeyer's command and direction. On   September 21,1943, the brigade, with   supporting troops, carried out a landing   onScarlet Beach, north of Finschhafen.   then advanced and captured captured Finschhafen. Throughout all these operations Brlga- dier Windeyer's planning, command, and

direction of his brigade group were largely responsible for the success achieved.

Colonel Frank Howard BEARE, ED, Walkerville (SA).

o?E0anIiR0àt)n«aÎ for the servios í.°fnfandnírainln? oí the medical The h?"i?f ihe 7th Australian Division, was dPmLÍe8?e5 i*1 . efflclency reached It oSSated,dllrln? the Ramu Val raendnu^H0T8' ,.where!. *n fiP!te of tre UauÄ nd faculties of terrain and ex health gnfcll^atl? conditions, the general and GVPP»",ílle tr,00ps was maintained, treatment?^work wa? achieved In the "reatment and evacuation of casualties.

Colonel John Colquhoun BELI- SARIO,OBE, NX35034 Los Angeles,USA  

tFnÄ1 ^p11^i0.5,0,mmBnded with dis «^? A#^OH .¿"i** trying and wdAn&?culV,Çiïntutlons- His tact spons^bfp nf"lnB*unbllltv YL«re largely re the hl»h «?L}he* «mooth working and inthnTn«iandar,d«°i efficiency attained

SthMiaSrti' Pe, untiring energy and

in & Ph=-h9 ,dlsPlayed were reflected operàtUF^W ^»J* wholehearted co TP.rin "»dvod from his staff.

Temp Colonel Arthur Hamill GREEN, Moonee Ponds.

Dure to Colonel Green's leadership and example, the 2/9th Australian General Hospital has given splendid service, and

has been more than equal to all emer- gencies. Hehas always set a magnificent   example of completely willing and cheer- ful acceptance of whatever unexpected difficulties arise in the course of his duty. This spirit he has imbued through- out his unit, making it an outstanding


Lieut-Colonel (Temp Colonel) John LEAH, Merewether (NSW).

Colonel Leah, as CO of an Australian hospital, displayed outstanding zeal and efficiency In the face of great difficulties. The exigencies of operations In New Guinea placed abnormal strain on the working of the hospital, but Colonel Leah maintained .a very high standard.

Bar to Distinguished Service Order:

Lieut - Colonel (Temp Brigadier) Frederick Oliver CHILTON, DSO,

Warrawee (NSW).

Brigadier Chilton's brigade took over the Dumpu area In the Ramu Valley, and he was then directed to capture the Kanklryo Saddle. This naturally strong position had been held by the Japanese for the previous three months. By his careful reconnaissances, skilful tactical plan, and careful attention to the many administrative problems involved, the attack was a complete and rapid success. Such an outstanding success" not only reflected on his actual conduct of the operations, but also on the organisation and training of his brigade.

Distinguished Service Order:

Colonel (Temp Brigadier) Raymond Frederic MONAGHAN, Cremorne


Lieut-Colonel Raymond James BARHAM, OBE, Hobart.

Lieut-Colonel Charles Cecil Francis BOURNE, Garton (Q).

Lieut-Colonel Thomas Richard Morgan COTTON, MC, Toorak.

Temp Colonel Clement James CUM- MINGS, OBE, Coolangatta (Q).

Lieut-Colonel Ewan Murray ROB- SON, Sydney.

Lieut-Colonel Thomas Henry   SCOTT, Glenelg (SA).

Lieut-Colonel Frederick Alfred George TUCKER. Fullarton Estate


Lieut-Colonel Alan John BLYTH, Woollahra (NSW).

Lieut-Colonel Desmond Otto MULLER, MC. Docker (V).

To be Officers of the Military Division

of the Most Excellent Order of the British Empire (OBE):

Lieut-Colonel Charles William DAVIDSON, Carmila (Q).

Lieut-Colonel Roderick Hector MACDONALD, Killara (NSW).

Lieut-Colonel Keith Hamilton MONTGOMERY, Rockdale (NSW).

Temp Colonel Angus Johnston MURRAY, Pymble (NSW).

Major (Temp Lieut-Colonel) Andrew Thomson McLEAN, Middle Brighton. Lieut-Colonel Philip Edington RHODEN, Essendon.

Lieut-Colonel Arnold William ROBERTSON, Cleveland (Q).

Major (Temp Lieut-Colonel) Paul Angus TOMLINSON, Epping (NSW). Major Samuel HORDERN, Toorak.

Lieut-Colonel George Edwin PARKER, Earlwood (NSW).

Major (Temp Lieut-Colonel) George Wilfred Lambert TOWNSEND, Koo-


To be Members of the Military

Division of the Most Excellent Order of the British Empire (MBE) :

Chaplain William Paul HOHEN- HOUSE, Cairns (Q).

Captain Horace Lionel Richmond NIALL, Double Bay (NSW).

Chaplain Donald Llewellyn RED- DING, Largs North (SA).

Major Peter Stewart SMITH, Ned- lands (WA).

Temp Lieut-Colonel Bruce Hender- son BUDDLE, Roseville (NSW).

Major Donald Sinclair ESPLIN, North Sydney.

Captain (Temp Major) Kenneth MACKAY. Hobart.

Major William Jestyn MOULDS, Manly (Q).  

Major John Ernest PAGAN, Hay (NSW).

Captain (Temp Major) Thomas Gregory TRAINOR, Ascotvale.

Captain Peter Henry Giles GEDDES, Port Pirie (SA).

Major Jack Alexander ISAACS, Caulfield.

Captain Edmund Crawford LECKY, Coolah (NSW).

Major Clarence Arthur Campbell LEGGETT, Singleton (NSW).

Temp Major Robert William LONIE, Wooloowin (Q).

Captain Cornelius John RYAN, Warwick (Q).

Lieut (Temp Major) Douglas Graham BOARD, Lismore (NSW).

Captain Willoughby Malcolm ENGLISH, Elsternwick.

Captain Hugh Chetwynd GUN- THER, Melbourne.

Lieutenant (Temp Captain) Chris- topher William SLATTERY. East


Lieutenant George Vardon HELM, Moss Vale (NSW).

Lieutenant Charles Philip JACOBS, Box Hill.

Lieutenant William Seaton RYMILL, Lockleys (SA).

Royal Red Cross:

Major Olive Ada KESTEL, Rudall (SA).

Military Cross:

Captain Stanley Young BISSET. Surrey Hills.

Captain Hugh GLYNN-CON NOLLY, Ascot (Q).

Captain Harold John MURRAY,     VX81160, Ryde (NSW).

Temp Major Peter Ernest FIGGIS,

St Kilda.

Captain Eric James BLUNDELL,

Roseville (NSW).

Lieutenant Francis Norman BOISEN, Hornsby (NSW).

Lieut-General F.H.  


Maj-General G. F.


Maj-Gen E.J. Milford