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Darling Club Dispute

Accuracy of Scores

A permit to transfer from Fitzroy to   Carlton was granted to J Cashman last night yj the League permit com mittee. Cashman recently resigned from   the position of captain and coach at Flitz roy. Only the usual questions were asked of Cashman by the chairman of the com mittee Mr S.W.RAMSAY. "Character

excellent" Mr Ransay remarked, reading

from Cahman's clearance from Fitzroy.

"The committee considered a report re garding the Darling club which trans  

ferred from the Sub district League to the ira League. The report stated that |5?» ling "lub had failed to co.nplj with

sub district League s rule which pro K ,|,nt am club vvilhdravvlng from

f¿ague should toward a written appli

"iffli se« king permission to leave It ,«ccommcnd¿d in the report that in ,w ¿st interests of football the Darling fib should be Instructed to make appll «tlon to the Sub district League for a Sw and that the Sub district League Sd Brant formal pel mission to the ut to do so The conference disclosed friicDort slated the urgent necessity foi Mae the aetlvliles of Junioi oiganisa

mi »nd creating machinery to make It «ftss&ry for clubs afllliated with the S desiring to transfci fiom one 01 Slon to another to obtain the con 7 lue bodj to which thej wee at 5,W and also the endoisement of the Victorian Tootball League

»os decided to foi ward the leport h the League as a recommendation

Alter a long discussion on the accuracj /«cores on sroiing-boards It was decided recommend to the League that the goal -nlres should confer on the ground at hil time and at the end of matches and at If the scores were correct they should mc Uo digs If the scores weie not i mit tlicv should adjust them w 1th the coring attendant

Revising Peí mit Rules

I « »port «us submitted bj Mr J Meero Loir-Melbourne!from a sub-committee which r deren proposals to re«lse the permit riilcs £ iii hit It hud been found that there Iii ample room tor amendments but ns por 1 , îoiild clo«e In a month It »as re

"mtnW thal action should be deferred Te«! season Ti« sub-committee lind , Ji.ío the nerrsrilv (or slinpWj tait the s«s ,a of transferring second eighteen plajers to


-h» ritiort ««nfl Adopted

»"tie W Braid «ondit a permit to trans l, from Broken Hill iNSVV! lo Essendon Mr 1 «hw «North Melbourne) said that Lssçn 'm hld promised to pas North Melbourne lie

'.«"ti had Incurred In connection ««1th f,d II North Melbourne nifrecd lo let nrald .piJïwndon He had no1 ticen ad«lsed that 'SAucïlonT as deferred temporarll« but

,in it »is rrlntroriured Inter In the c«enlnu

oblitllon »r.s raised, and the permit ««as

lr null to i question asked b« Mr W li

SiSi Kilda) It was ruled that imv -míate lilis er ««ho desired to pla« in the fcSrhn vvidnesduv Leanne competition must lil .«"ire "clearance from the State from *TÍ« B.n?í!" of a permit to enahle 7 / me«To rsnsicr from South Bendigo to M «end through Yarramie, «as deferred>r «tas unable to attend and his papers

'VrtlrmÄr S W Jamsa,. « cleaned

Ilk Mr W Crlrhton (Essendon), who has been

Transfers Appioved

he following icrmlts «vete granted-C D Eiüness Poonong lo Hanthorn 1 Lee South li! bourne seconds to South Melbourne J li Fit Caillemalne to VV illlnmstoui! W Wilson !i eldon to Ssndrlngham O Fvans rraral

ratoBrlühlon O Thomas South St Kilda to turaillle N J Fisher Colac to Fltzro« p li lion Wedderburn lo Footscras L vines

Niror lo Carlton J J Cashman ritrroj to O-Iton W Laurence South Melbourne Sub utrlela to Northcote V\ 1, Turner Lnunccs

m to E«sendon C W nrnlil BroWcn lilli !£W1 to Fsaendon 13 Muir rootscrav to Ölnju'ood a O Bnrtlett South Bendito to JeMheote second A J Faton Lakes Entrance jWllllamstoM J Manson Tootsoras to Mel

«rae J A Clenents Onsen Imperials to 'jTttwrn C Robinson Glenhuntly to Ha«i im N Dobinson Berri«« illock to Port Mel »me P «.»mum Footscras to Prahran W I MacDomld Fltrros seconds to Coburg L inaft Richmond seconds to ntzroy W A Milburn Wllllamsto«n and Ivanhoe to St Ii» 1 Toohey Sandhurst to FlUros seconds llatwn Coburg to rootscrns Iloirrs

Te follo««inç permits ««ere Granted pio| n-J L lijan Hawthorn to Ms «tie Park CBlor Hitettorn to Sc«mour C Recle ninia to Shepparton N I Mcclean ta_a to Wnlclupga II Hall Mildura to fciliolinj nd T Vlccarthy St Kilda to «.uio II Ale« mder Melbourne Districts jfcjirntln R n James Unlierslls to feston r Claiton Public Ser« ice Io te"J V vi Parson West Bruns«lek .an to Apollo B»s I H Welsh Ne«« South titi I» Bordcrto« n W Clarke Richmond to íuitook S Ponier Claston to ned Cliffs SUT Tritt Moe to Auburn E V Johnson fcjrm to Frankston W I Dal« In Ne«« te» Wiles to Naval Depot W A Lawson Irr Suth Wales to Naval Depot W II M,Vt> South Wales to Na«ni Dipot 1 C Illii Sen South Wales to Na«al Depot C titlhrtr South Wales to Narrandera F Un Old Xaslerlan« to Ne«« South VA iles I rum Ci MS to Castlemaine S O Lt-U Kew lo Fcliuca Imperials r J K, South Districts to Arimala H C S« filrfleld to Girral S S Limb Cim ¡cfcp to Colling««ood S Boiler Lang Lang kd («Sod W VV Kiels WonthigRl to triMeroourne C Simpson Camberwell to Srifj J Hodges Milla Junction to Rich r I Patton De« on to Richmond L jos Stawell lo Richmond A Neeson Can In » fltzros E J Quest Camber» clt lo