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Family Notices

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[To guard against imposition, Birth, Marriage,

Death, and In Memoriam Notices must be authenticated by some reputable person to       ensure their insertion. To guard against error, write all names clearly in block letters.]  

Birth, Marriage, Death, Bereavement, In Memo-

riam, and Funeral Notices, up to 6 lines, 3/; extra lines at 6d.


ADAMSON.— On the 7th May, at Fernleigh, 13 Olver street, Preston, to the wife of the late Clifford L. Adamson, of Kilmore— a son.

ANDERSON.— On the 9th May, at Berklea private hospital, 476 Kooyong road, Caulfield,   to Mr. and Mrs. Russel Anderson, of 21 Whit- muir road, Bentleigh— a son (Keith).

ANSTEE (nee Nellie McLennan).— On the 3rd May, at Berklea private hospital, 476 Kooyong road, Caulfield, to Mr. and Mrs. David Anstee, 26 Olinda street, Caulfield— a son (Dun-

can David).  

BENJAMIN.— On the 10th May, at St.   George's Hospital, Kew, to Mr. and Mrs. J. A.   Benjamin, 6 Claremont crescent, Canterbury—

a daughter.

BIDENCOPE.— On the 23rd April, 1934, to Mr.   and Mrs. C. O. Bidencope, Uliwah, Coonambe—

a daughter.

CAMERON.— On the 10th May, at Ballara   private hospital, Castlemain, to Mr. and  

Mrs. J. H. Cameron— a son.

ELMORE (nee Irene Beatrice Kay).— On the 5th May, to Mr. and mrs. H. S. Elmore, Surrey Hills — a daughter. (Both wel.)

EWING.— On the 9th May, at St. George's Hospital, Kew, to Mr. and Mrs. John Henry Ewing, Grey street, Deepdene — a son. (Ceylon papers please copy.)  

FARRELL (nee Maisie Marsham).— On the 29th April, at St. Monan's private hospital,  

Mosman, to Mr. and Mrs. W. H. Farrell, of 16 Shell Cove road, Neutral Bay, Sydney— a daugh-


FERGUS (nee Grace Wildenburg).— On the 26th April, at 59 Elwood street, Brighton to Mr. and Mrs. Austin Fergus — a son (Barry


FREEMAN (nee Mavis Duke-Yonge). — On the   28th April, at Rosslyn private hospital, to Mr.   and Mrs. J. H. Freeman, of Commercial Bank   of Australia Ltd Bexley — a son (Kenneth


GERRAND (nee Em McGowan).— On the 8?th Mayy, to Mr. and Mrs. T. J. Gerrand, of Jacana, Barham, N.S.W.— a daughter (Mar-

garet Fae).

HALL (Noela Scales). —On the 11th April, at   the Jessie McPherson Hospital, to Mr. and Mrs. Arthur L. Hall —a daughter (Aileen Wini-


JONES (nee Glawdys Harrod). —On the 30th   April, at 135 Gaffney street, Coburg, to Mr. and Mrs. H. Morrison Jones —a son (Murray


KENNEDY. —On the 11th May, at Berklea private hospital, Kooyong road, Caulfield, to Mr. and Mrs. R. J. Kennedy, 11 Enfield road. North Brighton —a son.

LEETE. — On the 9th May, at Devon, Booran road, Glenhuntly, to Mr. and Mrs. E. G. Leete — a daughter (Heather Isabel).

LEWIS.— On the 15th March, 1934, at Beech- mont private hospital, The Grange, East Mal-

vern, to Mr. and Mrs. J. H. Lewis, of Narre Warren— a son (Gordon David).

LUXFORD.— On the 27th April at Trinafour, Moonee Ponds to Mr and Mrs H A Lux ford, Currawong, Edna Street, East Malvern— a daughter (Miriel Lylie).

MACKEY.— On the 8th May, at Epworth pri- nt« hospital to Mr and Mrs A D Mackey

a son.

McLEAN.— On the 10th May, at Myoora, Inlng road Toorak to Rcttn sslfc of Allan McLean, Maffra— a daughter.

MOBBS (nee Negri).— On 3rd May, at   Karinga private hospital, Ascotvale, to the wife of Alfred Charles Mobbs— a daughter (Bever-

ley Joy).  

MORRIS (nee Mary Hennessy).— On the 17th April, at Abbotsleigh private hospital, Hor    

sham, to Mr. and Mrs. Stanley Morris, of Riversdale road, Hawthorn— a son (Peter


O'DONNELL (nee Irene Munro).— On 7th     May, to Mr. and Mrs. I. J. O'Donnell, of Fins-   bury Way, Camberwell — a son.

ROBERTSON -On the 10th Mny to Mr and Mrs A T Robertson Ensenada Wickham terrace Brisbane Queensland-a son

SCHOFIELD -On the 7th May 1034 at New-   haven Hopetoun to Mr and Mrs E J B Schofield-a son (Eric John)

SEARLS -On the 8th April to Dr and Mrs Searls of Orbost - a daughter (Margaret


SMITH-On the 28th April at Corinella prlvate hospital Williamstown to Mr and Mrs Nelson J Smith of 21 Woods street New- port-a daughter (Dorothy Merle) (Both


STICKLAND (nee Edna Cromack) -On the   6th May, to Mr and Mrs A C Stickland of  

E.S. and A. Bank Trayning W A -a daugh-    

ter (both well)  

I 8IUBIAKEB -On the 10th May, at Sister

W0B1 ortsite hospital Plnchlca 17 Manning toni last Malvern to Mr and Mrs Bert . Slunaktr, of Federated Malay States-a son

/ IMBf-On the 6th May at Berklea pri

«t« Jiospltal 476 Kooiong road Caulfield to i Mr ud Mr« John W Swain of Morrlco

?turi, Caulfield-a daughter

WEIR (nee Grace Grffiths).- On the 7th May, at the Jessie McPherson Hospital, to Mr. and Mrs. Norman Weir, Elmhurst, road Bays-

water - a son.

WOOD -On the 28th April nt the Tongala I Memorial Hospital to Mr mid Mrs D E

Barry Wood-a son (Allan Edssnrd Barr})

WOODSIDE -On the 10th May at Miles Queensland to Mr and Mrs James Woodside of Wallace Brae Guluguba inlanda daughter


AJANI–CHARTER. –On the 13th April, at Sacred Heart Church Preston by the Rev

Father Murtagh Aldo V foui th son of Luciano and Marla AJanl Mont Rosa Kilsyth to Mar- garet E eldest daughter of Alfred and Annie Charter Baynor Adeline street Preston

BRIDGES-<}UINN -On the 5th April nt chirch of Immaculate Conception Hass thorn Francis li inn of the lato Mr and Mrs H Bridges of Hass thorn and Ulta Anne joungest daughter of Mr and Mrs M Quinn o[ Klscrsdalc road H m thorn

CALDER–MOLLER. –On the 14th April, at St. John's, Camberwell, by the Rev. Roscoe Wilson, Stanley H. Calder, of Lisson grove, Hawthorn, younger son of the late Mr. and Mrs. J. T. Calder, late of Parkville, to Violet H. Moller, twin daughter of Mr. C. Moller and the late Mrs. Moller, of Clive Road, Upper Haw-


CLEGGETT–FAIRWEATHER. – On the 14th     April 1934 at St John's Church Langhorne's     Creek (S A ) Roy, second son of Mr and Mrs G. Cleggett, to Bettie Wilson, youngest daugh- ter of Mr W and the late Mrs Fairweather

(late of Windsor) (Present address Lang horne's Creek S A )  

CRONK–WALKER. –On the 24th March at

the Mentone Methodist Church by the Rev J Long William Alexander (Alex) elder son of Mr and Mrs W Cronk of Orr street Shep- parton to Myrtle Eva younger daughter of the late Mr. H. G.Walker of Mount Dandenong     and of Mrs E F Walker, Collins street Men tone(Present address Sutherland avenue   Shepparton. )


March at St Andrew's Box Hill by the Rev  

W. R. Cunningham, Andrew Keith, son of Rev. W. R. and Mrs Cunningham of Black- burn to Jessie Urquhart elder daughter of Mr and Mrs J. R. Nichol of Box Hill.

DERHAM-BAiiTOH -On tile 4th April

lill at Scotch College by the Rev A Irslng Dnnson Charles Waller second son of Mr and Mrs Harry A Derham 323 Auburn road, Haw inoro to Mary youngest daughter of Major and _M Austin Bnstow 2 Kooyongkoot toad «iwtlyrn (Present address 2 Turner street Oltnlris SEO)

FAIRCHILD-IITMAN -On the 10th April vi ll 6t Jolins E"5t Malvern by the Res ¿HDcunurst James E II only son of Mrs filraiw of Glenferrie rood Toorak and the I g« Ut Samuel Tarrar rnlrchlld to Adeline

i.í'I,.on!ü daughter of Mrs Pitman mid the ¡ile sir George Pltninn of rincli street East

¡«'b'!" (Present address Vaucluse Tin

BIDSON-TURNLB - on thr 31st March nt gi Lukes Church North ritzroi bs the lies * « Hudson (brother of the bridegroom) Arnold Gilbert lounger son of Mr and Mrs E.i.i dSP .133 Fulham road Alphington to 83."t»wla"re» only daughter of Mr and cou Turner 145 Charles street North hSK"^01"11" -On the 3rd April at St ÍÍ]re1« OW Cathedral West Melbourne by

nn.i.f V Hudson George Hector youngest _i.»(lhî V« Mr nnd Mis A H Leech of »iii if' t0. M clnr" second dnuthtcr of Mr

.«níer5SuVHUIsUrle5 ThC Cr°ft :BalrtCB

IImÎP'A*00^ -°" the 24th March Rev kii Tho2>as s Church Drs sdalc b} the ïounirï T.?, ,PltzH"trick Shelln Kathleen «dXlÄtl!r£fMr J Con"c> of Geelong ion of Mr ,,,Mr,s. Co"on" t0 ' lornas the third

«ï"î.*ndMrs ! McGovnn ofGccloiiB

St SS5>~-,,!AIM -°» lh<= "-tu Mai at J Ä"fJcilllrc1' Glenroy bs the Res

lo Emllv aT ,? . Morrison (late of 3}due}) M»«.."T Ilnl"e "utc oi K'n8 Island»

ROBERTS—KENYON.—On the 31st March,   at Woodcote Park, Stratford, by the Rev.

Maher, Oswald Roberts, Shrewsbury, England, to M. Gwenneth, only daughter of Mr. and

Mrs. E. J. Kenyon, Woodcote, Stratford.

hit roiiii«0ÄDJrPn "10 2nd APrl1 "l «??. the Rtv n !eAhodlJ51 Church, South Yarra by »'Mr and Mr. îid,?'S1": E'ton younkcr son «WHiaÄ' w, J Rodda Bnllarat to nor ¡j »"a0E,tll" only daughter of Mr and Mrs

loin"»3 Moffatt ttr«ct So""' Yn"»

«rf 1M4 N.rï.IL,,AMS-O" the JOth Juiiu blthe»"J l,? 'Augustine s Church Auburn »le Mrw ° TnPP Nclllc daughter or the lo John A.,*"" «T " Williams Auburn «nd Mr« m is "50n of the late Mr L, W

klnav LA ^«don Leongatha

« JamerlEAnn\-°n the nth Aurll al the Rev nj?iuri!£ of England Ivanhoe bs »on of M?0a,r_)r Bmltli John Clltton second »orlnnîr»H"'",,d M,rs A B Sloan of Ken» ter of m7 S?,^?"'1.00 to Muriel Dolls dnugh

KTrvt_?lberR rond Ivanhoe

«t theMnTKLEllNAN - °n 'ho 1rd March Ike Rev ¿ruKbceJna Presbyterian Church by «I Mrs anrt i!í,'"íd?n"d Alf led youngest son 'oSlniPrï.,. lntc Mr J Stesons Ncssbury Hil? vffCM 50"»l.est daughter of Mr and 'etna Klcrn»n of Perth street Murrum

naowK?^11 WEDDINGS.

S»«h,nnS.KIN,?;-Mr. ",,U Mrfl- 3- R Mttrurjli"ffi »lth Pie*"»« tho 25th »n

12111 Mav iom 1 '¿"?rrlago celebrated on the Church «",;?' "A Brougham street Methodist ««Kay ffil1,,"0'0»»«"'. I»' the Rev. A. ttr vii.1"1' 12 Werc slr"t. Brighton.)

.I »orih ni??11*^-011 u,o 12th May. 1009. r-, letón» ÍÍ5ond. Methodist Church, Ernest .MMrs pi.0"."8?.',1 so" of the late Mr. W. .kUteMr .i04!?innle- youngest daughter of ?lui'41 wi"5n<t M/5- Nicholls. (Present ad i «»IrÄ""" strccl' Thornbury.)

m «t P.D,uÄY0R'-<2" the nth May. 'P»itl, bv M,»Chu.rch' 3l- Agnes. Cornwall, ^uj_..ïiilate Rov- A- Rudall, M.A.. .S« «ta jrf,nAI!Sn' on'y E°n of the late Mr. *«tl» eÄn.B(!»nolclB. of st. Agnes, to ,h< «ti rhH..daUBht<!r oi J' H. Pryor, and S**A «dd« '."îS11 ^Pryor, of Abbotsford,

«rm, BeVen,'}11' cl«»dor House, King William


ti ARK-MOORI. - Mr and Mrs J D Claik Raglan street Creswick desire to express lo their many friends nnd relatives their heartfelt Appreciation for the numerous içloRioms letters gifts floss crs and personal s lslto of congratulation on the occasion of their golden ssedding

liynnocil-GURNti - Mr and Mrs J E Murdoch Cralgnair 242 Melbourne road New- port desire to express to their many friends and rclitiscs their heartfelt Appreciation for the numerous telegrams letters floss crs tele phone messapes gifts and personal congra till lions on the occasion of their golden sscd


SIMON-Mr mid Mrb M Sexton 54 Power trcct Hiss thorn desire to expreso their heart felt Appreciation for the numerous telegrams pilone calls Hosiers gifts and pcisonal visits of congritiilatlons on the occasion of their golden ssedd ng


ABBOTT-On the Illh Mai at his rcsl

dence u Chandlers road, Mais ern George Thomns the dearly beloved husband of Dalsv Sarah Abbott also losing son of the late Joseph and Isabella Abbott of Tarnagulla -A patient sufTcrcr at rest

ABBOT! -On the 11th Mb} at his rcsl

dence 1. Chandler road Mähern George the second son of the late Joseph nnd Isabelle Abbott Tarnagulla bcloscd brother of Joe (Sjdnc}) Bessie (Mrs S Rosenberg) Isabelle Will Harr} Robert and Charlie -At rest

ABRAHAM - On the 11th May, at 228 Wil

liams road, Toorak, Godfrey, dearly beloved husabnd of Elizabeth, and brother of Ray (Mrs Joseph), Isaac (Ballarat), Esther (Mrs J M Cohen), Alice (Mrs A Coppel), Joseph Ade (Mrs J H Cohen), Samuel, Leon, Alfred (deceased), Michael, Ernest, Julia and Sara,   aged 71 years. - May his soul rest in peace. (Minyan at above address, Sunday evening only, at 7.30.)  

AONLH -On the nth May at hci residence 06 Walpole street Kess Jano relict of the late Andrew Agness aged 92 }cars

AITKEN.—On the 10th May, at her residence,   High street, Rutherglen, Beatrice Gertrude loving and beloved wife of Archibald Gordan   Aitken, mother of Fern (Mrs. Fullerton), Thistle (Fid) and loving grandma of Bunty

aged 66 years.

AMBROSE.—On the 10th Ma} at Mel    

and Maurice -RIP ( Inter i ed prlsatcl} )

AUSTIN-On the Oth May passed assay at Bloome Hospital Pilot Austin West Australian Alrssays late Point Cooke dearly beloved son of Murgnrcl greatest pal and brother of

Florrie and Rita

BARTLETT - On the 11th May, at prlvate hospital, Kerang (after short illness), Walter Reginald, beloved husband of Annie Mathieson Bartlett (nee Rattray) loving father of Mar- garet and loved brother-in-law of Janet and         Bert McFarlane.

Bl 11 -On the 3rd Ma} 1934 at Alma Station Booligal (NSW) Alan \ lctor loving husband of Janet Bell

BLAKI -on the 10th May (suddenly) at the Childi en s Hospital Richard Maurice youngest son of Cyril and Agnes loving brother of Murray grandson of E M and the late M J Dixon of Clayton aged tv, o years -Safe In the arms of Jesus

IIOSSI -On the nth Ma] 1034 at her rcsl

dence 410 High street Kess Jane the beloved wife of the late Frederick Bosse and loving mother of Frederick and Lucy (Mrs White) aged 87 } ears -Loved by all who knew her

BROOKS. - On the 10th May, 1934, at his residence, 8 Edmund street, Clifton Hill, N. 8, Edward, the dearly loved husband of Annie L., and loving father of Bert, Ted, Linda (Mrs Ford, Sandringham), Lindsay , and Eric, aged 64 years (Privately interred Coburg Ceme-

tery. )

BROOKS. - In loving memory of our thought- ful and esteemed choirmaster, Mr. E. Brooks,   who passed away on 10th May.

Swift to its close ebbs out life's little day, Earth's joys gross dim, its glories pass away;   Change and decay in all around I see;

O Thou, who changest not, abide with me

- (Inserted by members of the choir.)

BROOKS. -A tribute of loving and affection- ate remembrance to our late class leader, who passed to his reward on l0th May. (Inserted by the young ladies' class at Spensley street Methodist Sunday school. )

BROOKS. -A sincere appreciation of the life and work of our late Brother E. Brooks, who was called to higher service on 10th May. For   many years an earnest worker and trustee and treasurer ol the Spensley street Methodist Church, Clifton Hill. - For ever with the Lord. (Inserted on behalf of the Church Trust. )

BROOKS. - A tribute to the memory of Ed- ward Brooks, senior teacher and esteemed and faithful worker of the Spensley street (Clifton Hill) Methodist Sunday School (Inserted by   the officers, teachers, and scholars. )

CAÍ IAGHAN -On the 30th April at Der sscut Home Nindoo Sarah E Callaghan (nee Williams) relict of the late John Callatthan fond mother of Joseph Mar} (deceased) John Charles (deceased) Thomas Idcccased) Ed ssard mid Augustus In her Both year (Tas maulan papers please copy )

CAM I'M Ii -On the 8th Ma} at Irymple William Henry }oungest son of the late J H Campbell Chaston Portland

CASSim -On the 11th Ma) at prlvato hos- pital Elsternwick Andrew Boucher beloscd husband of Mary Frances and losing father or George Max Elizabeth and Andrew (Privately

cremated )

rclIBLRO -On the 7th May at Frankston John Wolters beloved son of Blanche tchberg Bal jtrcet Frankston losing brother of Ruby (Mis Hunton) Norm nnd Gcof loved grand- son of Mrs Lchberg late of Rosney street

Hawthorn -At rest

ti COCK-On tho 11th Mo} al his residence 48 Brunswick street Fltrroy John A dearly lovod husband of Mary Elcock loving father of Vernon and John Francis (deceased) aged 68 years -RI P

FANNING -On the 3rd May at Bairnsdale   John Henry Fanning eldest son of the late Peter and Mary Fanning of Heidlelberg aged 75   years (See Missing Friends column )

FORBES-On the 11th May passed peace   fully away at Melrose 43 Blenheim street Bala cla\ a Elira relict of the Into George Alex ander and losing mother of May (Mrs Potter Bendigo) George (Northcote) Louisa (Mrs Taggart St Kilda) Lily, Alice (Mrs Edney Northcote) Athcnln Hilda (Mrs Woodstock, Preston) Jessie (Mrs Greig Prcstoiil and Alfred (Brighton) aged 80 years -Safe In

the arms of Jesus

GI ANOHrin- On the Slh Mu} at hi lesl

dence 109 Highfield road East Cunbcrsell Frederick Thomas the dearly los ed husbi nd of Louisa and loving father of Edgni Ide ceased) Winifred Doris nnd Muriel (ins H Gin} Edithvale) and losing guuidpo of Robert Gordon and Ian aged 72 j cars

GORDON-On the 7th Ma) nt 44 Edgcsale road Kew John A Oordon beloscd husband of Lena and loving father of Lily (Mrs Gorringc Queensland) Violet (Mrs Lock Hor sham) Will (Horsham) Lena (Tot deceased)

and Irene (Mrs Cm ter Malvern) aged 68 ¡cars late of Clunes and Horsham -At rest

GREEN—MACDOWELL.—On the 7th May,     at her late residence, Reno, St. John's parade,   Kew, Katherine, daughter of the late Colonel W. T. N. Champ, and loved mother of Kath-   leen Green, Florence and Hay Macdowell, in

her 90th year.

Greenwood>- On the 1oth May George   Frederick Greenwood of Berrileigh Canterbury Rd Forest Hill ,the beloved husband of the     late Evangeline St Clair and loved father or Jim aged 78 years

HIM-On the 7th Mn) al her tcsldcncc Burdoch Vean Kallista Mabel Constance loscd daughter of Hottlc \s and the late Hon

C J Hnm

HAI L -On the Oth May at n pris ato hospital

Stella dearly los ed wife of George and mother of Blanche Vnlric nnd Geoffrc) los cd sister of Douglas and sister In law of Doris Jones 10 Elster avenue Gardenvale -Sadly missed

HARMER. -- On the 11th May, 1934 (sud denly) at Wattle Valley road, Canterbury, William Stapley Harmer, late of Leicester, England, the beloved husband of Florence, and fond brother-in-law of Emily and Elizabeth,     aged 61 years. (English papers please copy.)  

HARMER. —On the 11th May, 1934 at, Can- terbury, William S. Harmer, managing direc- tor of the Boston Blacking Company of Aus-

tralia Pty. Ltd., Abbotsford. (Inserted by the

staff and employees.)  

HARRIS. —On the 6th May, Stephen, loved     husband of Anette Lititia, and father of Locke and Dorothy, aged 70 years.

HARRIS-on the 0th May at Merbein Stephen losing father of Locke and Mnie und grandfather of Clem and Graeme late of Mt Cuthbert Queensland (Brisbane papers

please copy )

HATTON-On the 10th May at his resi-    

dence, 25 Rose street Brunswick, Welsby loved   husband of the late Ethel and father of Eric and Doris aged 43 years. -At rest.

HATTON -On the 10th May at his resi- dence, 25 Rose street Brunswick, Welsby, eld- est son of the late T.W. and E.M. Hatton     late of Flemington, brother of Ruby (Mrs Hosking), Herbert (Dick) and Reita (Mrs     Larsen, aged 43 years. -At rest    

HA". 1 s -On the 3rd Ma) nt Melbourne Maurice dearly beloved biothci of Cnthciliic Donald of Tarwin Leongatha also beloved brother of William of Broadford (deceased) Nicholas of Leongatha (deceased) (Prl vatcly interred at Kilmore 5th May) -RIP

I1EAGNM -On the 10th May at Sister Pat tons pris ato hospital East Malvern Annie Agnes relict of the late Patrick Hengney loved mol her of Muriel (88 Collins street Melbourne)

Bert (deceased) Essie (deceased) and Reg l Mentone) and loving grandmother of Bertie Batrlc and Graham nkcd 74 ¡cars -RIP (Prlsatel) Interred on Ma) 11 )

HI I II RN \N -On the 12th Ma} Thomas Mark of Cremorne Cal rum dcarl) loved husband of the late Edith Violet Heffernan i nd losing father of Elsie and Norman aged

74 years

ULI 11 UNAN -On the 12th Mas Thomas Mirk loscd giandpn of Barr) k.en Crnemo and Hazel -one of the best

lirNRl -On the 8th May (rcult of nccl

dent) at the Hay Hospital Jeannie widow of the late Alcxrndcr (Hal) Henry (Inserted by

M Fi lcko )

HOLMLh -On tho loth May at Albert Park Mary Jane (late of Stawell and Hamilton)

loving mother of Emily (Mrs Walton) Dickens street St Kilda grandma of Rub) (Mrs Webster) Fred Hilda (Mrs "lb) Mona (Mrs Dunn) Robert mid Lillian loving great gi andina of Glad) s Sylsla Albert Dorothy and Arthur Webster Sybil Walton Ken and Pam Edis little rranklc (dcccascdl and Bab) Patsy Dunn Marie and Valerie Walton and lillie Jim Mnniilx aged 80 years -Peacefully


IIUMIIIRMS- On the 2nd Mu) 1014 Sarah (lite of Mell»ric! street Windsor) soundest d lighter of the late Alexander mid Sarah lliiinplircis of I intuí! lrclnnd aged 87 ¡cars colonist of 66 ¡car -At rest (Interred nt Bendito ou 4th M ii I

KENT -On the 11th May at his residence   Dalyston John Stark JP dearly loved hus band of Frances, loving father of Frances   (Mrs Fraser), Phillip, Harold (deceased)

Florence (Mrs Thompson), Reginald, Edgar     (deceased AIFl) Frederick, Phoebe,Mary     (Mrs Hollins), John,Elsie, Olive (Mrs Not   ley) aged 73 years -At rest

KING-On the 8th Ma) at Ayton prlsate hospital Camberwell William Kenn late of Brunswick beloved biother of Elua (dccciscdl «S im Einest Ethel (deceased) Lizzie 1 ¡,bc t I mill ami Linda (Interred 11 th May)

I Al OH-On the nth Ma) 1034 Michael Joseph Lalor 20 Ii eland street West Mci

bonnie belosed husband of Ginee lalor lose I father of Mid loved brother of Sarah (Mis Mulklu) Tdssurd John Mar> (dcccascdl and James aged 4r ¡cars Rest In pence

II ACH- On the Ulli Ma) at lar residence 42 Hemmings street Dandenong Isabella the dearlv beloved sslfc of Alfred Ernest Lench mid losing mother of Alfred and Pearl nged

II sears -Blessed arc the} that die lu the I


LENNOX.-An expression of love for our dear     dad, grandfather, and great-grandfather, who   passed away 10th May at Gembrook. (L. and

E. Lennox and families.)  

MARSHALL-In fond mcnioiy of our dear friend Miss A Marshall who passed away j May 9 1934 -Loved by all (Inserted by i

her stair at Ball (nd Welch )


McLean -On the 27th April, at Mildura Hospital,   John, Eldest son of the late Margaret   and Peter McLean late of Bonnie Doon  

Brother of Ross (Balliang East) Mabel (Irwell Street St Kilda) and George (Tallarook)

McPherson -On the 4th May at Kia Ora private hospital Donald beloved husband of   Emily Florence and fond father of Margery aged 55 years late of Mirranatwa Dunkeld -R I P (Interred ot Hamilton Cemetery} 5th May )

MITC1I1II -On the 7th Mas at Strathfield Sidnci (Ted) sounrest son of the late David and Mnrgirct Mitchell loving brother of Isabel (dcccascdl Jmncs Idccenscd) Das Id (de censedl Mnigaret (Mrs Wlppcll) Elizabeth (Mrs Howard) and Marion (Mrs Miller)

Rl A -On the 5th Mo) nt her residence Raglan street Daylesford Isabella relict of the lato Joseph Trumblc Rea and loved mother of Annie (Mrs Crawfordl Elizabeth IMrs Dawson! Margaret (Mrs Woodford) Isabella John George (deceased) Joseph and Lilian (Mrs Hampton) In her 85th year

REfcD -On the 11th May at Williamstown Hospital Alice the dearly beloved wife of the late James Henry Reed and loving mother of Myrtle (Mrs A Longmore) nnd Henry {deceased) mid bcloscd grandma or John and Peter nged 55 ¡cars -RIP

RIDLE1 -On the 3rd April 1934 at his residence Heysham Bairnsdale Thomas Yatee the douri) beloscd father of Adn (Mrs T M Page Moonga road Toorak) loving grandpa of Jim Mena Marjorie mid Ra) -DeepI)


ROBINSON- On the 11th May 1934 at his residence 198 Wattletree road Malvern Wil  

iam dearly loved husband of Agnes and   father of William. Henry Thomas Martin and Mary aged 68 years (Remains at Sleight's chapel )

ROSE-On the 8th May at 20 Cambridge stieet Armadale Georglunn relict of the

late Thomas Rose mother of Li¿¿ic (Mrs A E Bcamslc)) Annie (Mrs E J Budds do

ceased) Carrie (deceased) aged 76 years -A patient sufferer at rest

ROSS -On the 4th Moy at Warracknabeal District Hospital Frank beloved husband of Stella and losing fnthcr of Thomas aged 42 yenrs -At rest (Interred at Wnrrackna beal May 6 1934 )

SA\AGI -On the 11th May 1934 at his residence Olencoc Inscrlclgh Henry the be los ed husband of the late Annie Savage, and losing father of Cathailnc (Mrs F Stout)

Duncan Lesly (Mrs C Muhlcbach) Mary Ellen (Mrs M Delahunty) and loving grand

father of Alan Charles Leslie and Jim in lila 85th ¡ear

TRAVAGLIA-On the 8th May at his resi- dence High street Charlton Vincenzo the dearly beloved husband of Caterina loving father of Thomas, Frank and Annie (Mrs Pannettire) aged 67 years -Rest in peace (Interred at Charlton 9th May )

WIIKINSON - On the 11th Moy 1934 nt his daughter s residence 27 Booran road Coul

field Trcdrlck dale of Port Melbourne) the beloVLd husband of Hie Into Eliza Jane W11 klnson and loving f ither of Alice (Mrs Lough hoad) and grandfather of Trcd and Davcn aged 68 ¡eais -At rest

WILKINSON -On the Oth Moy at Perth Western Australia Harry Randal beloved lins bond of Jessie loved brother in law of Mrs W Staggard and Mrs R Harris of Hawthorn

WIILIAMS-On tho 10th May Hannah Marla beloved wife of Charles Williams 20

Moor street Sandringham dearly beloved mother of Sis (Mrs Now lan) Alfred C Wnltcr J Ethelwyn (Mrs Barnes deceased)

and Herbert James and loving grandma of Elsie and Albert Nosvlan -At rest (Private funeral 11th Mny )

WILIIAMS -On Feast of the Ascension, at Fairfield Hannah loved sister of Lila Colcchin of Ivnnhoc -RI P

WRIGI EY -On the 10th Ma) 10J4 Isabella Wrigley of Heatherbrae Scarsdale the dearly beloved wife of the luto John Wrigley and loving mother or James Mary (Mrs A Hat field) Bessie (Mrs C Merry) John Tred (deceased) and Hugh In her 86th year -At



On Active Service.

DAWKINS -A tribute of love to our dear son and brother Willlnm Henry Dawkins lieu- tenant 2nd Field Co A E killed in action on Gallipoli Moy 12 1015 graduate Royal Military Collego Duntroon Anzac hero -Your loving memory clings like the Ivy (In sorted by his parents brothers mid sisters 46 Rowell avenue Camberwell )

FIDIR-In oser losing memory of my denr brother Lieut Howard Thomas Elder HQ signalling officer 5th Battalion 1st AIF

who died of wounds recelscd nt Capo Helles in May 1915

APTH)-In loving memory of my denr hus

band and our denr fnthci William svIid passed away at Eltham on the ntn Mas 1929 -Always runcmbcrcd (Inserted by lils losing wife and ramily )

ARMSTRONG.—In loving memory of our   beloved mother who passed away at Creswick on the 12th May, 1933; also our very dear father who died on the 11th June 1930.

They are waiting for us the ones we loved,

With only a door between

—(Inserted by their loving son and daugh-

tcrs )

ARMSTRONG.—In loving memory of our   dear mother who passed away at Creswick on May 12, 1933.

We have lost but a beautiful memory remains. —(Inserted by her loving children )

ARNEIL.—In loving memory of my dear wife   Eunice Marion who passed away on the 11th May, 1933.

I cannot say, and I will not say

That she is dead - she Is Just away

With a cheery smile and a wave of the hand She has wandered into an unknown land

BOX -In loving memory of my dear hus- band and our dear father John Thomns Box who passed assay at Ascotvale May li 1926 -Thy will bo done (Inserted by his loving wlfo and daughters Ada and Sylvia)

BULLEN-In loving memory of my dear mather who passed away on tho 12th May 1933 -I miss ¡ou dear and mourn you unseen (Your losing daughter Amy )

HUM UN-In loving memory of our dear mother who pnsscd away 12th Mo) 193J

We th ink Thee for the quiet rest Thy scrvnnt

takcth now

We than! Thee for her ti list in Chi 1st and for

her ci oss ned Jirow

Tor all the s em y ssuv olio trod in faithfully

following Theo

And foi the good fight foughtcii well nnd

closed light suliantl)

-(Inserted b) her loving daughters )

IIIIRRIGI luce Jennie Grainger) -In losing memory of our darling Jennie who passed away on the 13th May 1925 (Mother )

BURRIDGE (nee Grainger) - In loving memory of our dnrllng Jenny svho passed away on tho 13th Ma) 1924 (Inserted by her los Ing sister Nellie )

COX -In loving memory of our dear son and our dear brother Willie Cox who was killed at Clayton on the 12th Mny 1933 (In scrted by his loving parents brother nnd sls

cr )

0O\-In loving memory of denr Bill who passed awn) on 12th May 1933 icsult of Icsel ciossing occident rt Cla¡ton -Sadl¡ missed (Inserted b¡ MJG Carnegie)

DWAIlDs BOWMAN-In lovli«, meniors of our dear sister Alice Beatiice svho died May 13 1031 also our denr mother who died Oclobci 19 1932

Our c¡cs grow dim with tenderness the while

Thinking we seo them thinking we hear them


- (Slsteis and bl other )

TNSLOW -In loving memory of ins dear son ond brother Malcolm (Pal Mai) who passed away on the 13th Ma) 1931 -So dearly los ed so sadly mlshcd (Inserted by his loving mother sister and brothers )

HODGLS-In sad and loving memory of m) dear mother Saruh Hodges who passed away at 30 Station street Malsern on 13th Moy 1010 (Inserted bs her loving son William Henry Hodges and ramil} )

HOGG -In loving mciuoi) of m) dear hus

band and oin los ed father Geoigc who passed away on the nth Moy 1007 -To memon

csei dear

JOHNSON-In losing memory of my dear wife and our dear mother who pnsscd away at Coburg 11 Sargood street on the 12th Moy

voice we loved Is still

A place is vacant In our home

Which nescr can be filled

-(Inserted b) her loving husband and daughters and sons In law and grandchildren, Rene and Bert and Stanley Nelson Ruby and Jack nnd Rolphlc Broom )

LAT TIMORE-In loving memory of my dear husband and our dear father William Lattl

more svho passed away Ma) 12 1025 -Sadly missed (Inserted by his loving wife and famil) )

I VTTIMORL - In losing memory of our dear brother Willlnm who pi sred assay Mas 12 1925 (Inserted b¡ his brother John and sister In lnsv Edith Adelaide )

LOCKWOOD-In fond memory of my be loved friend Sister Mmy Lockwood who died nt Whittlesea on May 15 1033 -Faithful unto doath (Inserted hy EM W )

LUDLOW-In lot ing memory of my beloved wife and our dear mother who died 13th Ma¡ 1026 (O Ludlow and family Toolamba )

LIONS-Loving memories of our dear little daughter Shirley who fell asleep on 13th May 1926 (Inserted by her loving parents )

MARSIIALI -In loving memory of my dear husband John Parry who passed away 13th May 1931

His life a beautiful memory His absence a lasting sorrow

McUTR-In losing memor) of our darling mother who pnsscd away on the 12th May


We hnsc lost but heaton hath gained Ono of the best the woild contained

- Losing dnughtcr Jean and son in law

Norman )

McIM R -In losing memory ot mother Sophia Elizabeth svho passed awa¡ on 12lh Ma) 1933 also dad John on the 9th August 1931 -Gods gicatcst gift-sweet memories (Inserted by their sorrowing sons Ken Lind say and Jack )

MOODIE -In fond remembrance ol m) dear friend and pal Hugh svho passed away on May 13 1931 (A C Malvern )

MOODIE -In loving remembrance of Hugh Moodie May 13 1931 (Inserted by SLV)

MORTON -In loving memor) of m¡ dear mother who passed away on the 13th Mny 1927 (Achilles )

MORTON -To chci Ish the memor) of our dour mother who posscd oway on the 13th or Mn) 1927 (Inserted by her loving sons and daughter)

MURIL-In losing memors of my clear hus

band mid our dour ¡athel who passed uwo) at Ei lea on 8th Mn¡ 102.

Sunshine posses shadows full

But loving memories outlnst all

- (Inserted by his loslnc, wife und family)

1EVROSI -In fond memory of our dear mother who pnsscd away at Williamstown on the 13th May 1826 -Escr remembered (Inserted b¡ her loving famll¡ )

BUNfcl --In memory of oin bcloscd dough ter Mor¡ Ethel dearly loved sister of James and Das Id who departed this life at P) along on 12th Ma) 1920

Ths purpose Loid we cannot see

But all is well that s donc b) lliec - (Inserted b¡ /ntlicr mid mother )

ROGLRS (nee Sate! -In losing mcnioiy of our dear daughter Petrie Rogers ssho pas ed uwa) on nth May 1932

Hei life a bountiful meillon Her iibscucc n silent sorrow

- Hiiocilcd b¡ hei sorrowing parent \\ mid R bigc rinnk Ion I

Itossnilt-In memor) nf Arthur J Rossi ter who pn ed own) on the 12th Mas 1931 (In ertcd b) hu shopmntcs Jack Ern and Doug )

HUH -In loving memory of oui dear mother ssho passed away on December 7 1924 nlso our dear fnthcr who passed aw a) on Ma) 12 1932 -Loved and remembered (Inserted b¡ their losing daughter and son in law Eui PIoss Mercer )

SEMMENS - In loving memory of my dear daughter and our dear sister, Grace, who passed away on the 13th. May, 1093; also my   dear husband and our loving father, Peter, who passed away on the 18th. February 1932. (Inserted by Mrs. E. J. Semmens and family )


SPMMINS-In losing memor) of my sister (Auntie Orncc) -Wear) and ill for years she bras els carried her licasy cross oser a thorn) road doing her dut)

SFMMLNS- In Bffectlonato remembrance of our dear friend Grace who passed awoy May 13 193J -She bore her cross and gained the crown (Stan and Edith Stephens )

SI MAU NS-A tribute of lose to our late teacher -We realise now our sod loss

Trur friends arc like diamonds precious and


False friend ore like autumn leases round


SEXTON-In sad and loving memory of m¡ dear wile and our dearest mother who dcpoitcd this life on Mo) 13 1932 -A life of love des o tion and sacrifice (Inserted by her losing husband nnd famll) )

SMITH-In losing memor) of Dollie died Ma) 12 1033

Under n mound of earth so still she lies

The little shadows pass The sunlight dies

For her sweet rest

For us the loncl) bower

The empty nest

-(Inserted b¡ mother Mrs M Smith and sister Chrisslc-Mrs Theo Middleton I

SI LAKMAN -In los Ing memory of ni) bo loved husbnnd Pcrclsol Lee and loved father of rennys Bett) and Pcrc) who passed osvii) on Mny 12 103J -So dearly loved so sadly missed To memor) es er dear (Inserted by lils loving wife and fnmlly )

SPEAKMAN- In loving memory of Perceval   Lee of Bremerton rood Caulfield the loved   youngest son of the Late John and Elizabeth Speakman much love d brother of Susy (Mrs Friend, Ada (Mrs Campbell) and Harry Speakman -Pence after pain

STRONG -In loving memory of my denr husband and our dear father Stephan who was accidentally killed at Cobden Moy 8Ad

1930 late of 58th Battalion

Hearts that loved you never forget In memory ¡ou arc with us yet

-(Inserted by lils loving wife and daughters

Cobden )

TURNER-In affectionate memory of our los ed son and brother Alfred Edward who passed away on the 12th Ma) 1933 -Ever lcmcmbcred (Inserted by his mother and father sisters and brothers Coburg )

TYZACK-In loving memory of my dear husband the late Lieutenant Thomas Oswald Tyzack who died at Titirangi Auckland New Zealand on May 12 1928

WATKINS - In loving memory of dear mother svho passed away on the 30th June 1032 at Richmond also our dear brother Will who died on the 13th January 1932 at Cottesloe (W A )

Sunshine passes shodows fall Losing memories outlast all (Inserted by Albert )

WILKS -In loving memory of our dear father who pnsscd away Ma) 12 1033 and our mother August 3 1033 -Es cr remembered (Fred and Stella )

WICKS -In losing incmor) of our dear father and grandpa who passed away on Ma) 12 1032 also our dcai mother and grandma svho Joined her loscd one on August 3 1932 -Ever remembered (Inserted by Tom Nina Mnrge and Bruce I

W11 LIAMS -In losing memory of our dear father James L Williams late of North Mel- bourne who passed away at Canterbury on the 12th May 1026 (Inserted by his sons their wives and families )

W11 SON -In loving memory of my dear wife and our loving mother who passed away at Wonthaggi Hospital on May 14 1033

Honest and kind In all her wa) s

Loving and kind to t,he end of her days Loved in life remembered in death

A beautiful memory is all wc have left Dearly loved and sadly missed

-(Inserted by her losing husband and frmlly Krowera 1

WILSON-In losing memory of our dear mother who passed asvay on the 14th Ma)


It s a sad day for us it brings back the past or ow that we loved ond adored to the last Our hearts would bo happ) our home would

be bright

If only dear mother we lind ¡on to night

-(Inserted by her loving daughter and son In-law Maggie Arthur and grandchildren Marie and Dawn Lang Lang )

W11 SON (nee Daisy Alexander)-A tribute of love to the memory of our dear Dals) whom God called home on the 12th May 1932 loving auntie of Inn and Lionel

Sweetly she sleeps while others sigh Softly her peaceful head doth Ile

Happy In heaven God s glory to share Free from all sorrow and worldly care

-(Sodl) missed by her loving sister May and brother in law Bobble )

WIISOV-in niemoi) of my dear wife who passed ima) Uth Moy 1012



desire to THANK their many friends for tele

grams letters cards floral tributes und personal expressions of sj munthy in their recent sad bereavement will all please accept this as a per sonal acknowledgment of their deepest gratitude Rosebud_ BURNS-Mrs MARIE A BURNS returns sincere

THANKS to relatlses and friends for tele «rams letters flowers and slslts of sympathy In

CURTIS-Mr L F CURTIS and Family desire

to THANK all kind iclntlves and friends for letters cards trlcgran « floral tributes mid per

sonal expressions of sjmpnthi during their recent rad beieavcmcnt especially thanking the doctors sister and nurses of St Joan s Ward St Vincent s Hospital also Rev Mr wenzel Will all please accept this as a personal acknowledgment of our deepest gratitude Meredith Stanlake street Roser


DAVIS-Mrs a M DAVIS and Sons Jolimont

deslro to sincerely THANK all kind friends whose sympathy was extended to them by cards letters telegrams and personal expressions also the beautiful floral tributes on the occasion of the death of their beloved husband and father Captain G M Davis will all thoso kindly accept this acknowledgment ns a personal expression of their deepest gratitude _


desire to THANK nil kind friends and relatlses for letters enids floral tribales and personal ex pressions or svmpntli) in their recent sad bereave

ment W11] all piense i cccpt this as a personal ...,-,.j- _.-gratitude 220 Du lks street

CHANDLCR desire to THS.NK c1! kind friends end relatlses for iclcß-i ms lettois^ cards Ooral Irlhutcs mid pcrsoiu 1 expressions of sympathy in their recent bad boreasement Will nil please bc

ccpt this as a personal acknowledgment of our deepest gratitude R 1 orsyth 0 Union street West Preston_


to THANK all kind friends for their personal expressions of sympathy In her recent bereave ment especially thanking Mr craig and Mr Williams of the Returned Soldiers T B Asso

elation for their kindness to her_


desire lo THANK all kind relatives and friends for letters, floral tributes, &c., in their sad be- reavement. Will all please accept this as a personal acknowledgment of our deepest gratitude. 8 Murphy street, Richmond, E.1.


rnnilly rctuni sincere THANKS foi beautiful floral tributes Icltei3 and telegrams in theil I recent sod bereavement especial!) to the staff I and the cmploiecs of Oallleis and Klacus AMI!

all plcore accept tills ns personal acknoss Icdgment of gratitude n Tres eil} an stieet Elsternwick

of sympathy also for letters telegrams and floral tributes In his recent sad berças ement Will all accept this ns a personal acknowledgment of his sincere gratitude especially the friends In The Mi cr Emporium 213 Williams road bouth Ynrrn

I' ESLIE - Mrs LESLIE and Famll} desire to

-J THANK all kind friends and rclatls cs for tele grams cards floral tributes ¿.c In their recent sod bereavement also thanking Dr Judklns will all please accept this as a personal acknoss Icdgment . 112 Whlto Horse road

MCMILLAN-The AVlfc and Daughters of the

late 1 P MCMILLAN desire to THANK all relatives and friends for telegrams letters cards floral tributes and personal expressions of s>m pathy during their recent sad bcrcasement espcel

all) thanking his comrades of the Spencer street staff the guards section of the Victorian Rallwajs for their beautiful floral tributes also Mr W Uwins for his kindness Please accept this as a personal acknowledgment of our sincere gratitude 35 Mayfield street Coburg_ MISS DAISY COX wishes to THANK all friends

for their kind expressions or sympathy In her recent sad loss of her brother (Rev W H Cox late of New Britain and S)dncy) Will all please accept this as n persona] acknowledgment of my deepest gratitude

MR J O MAYNE LEO and A'ERNA and the

MlS'es ELIZABETH and TESSIE NOLAN deslíe to THANK all kind friends mid relatlses for tele giams cards letters slslts floral tilbutcs and expressions of simpnthy In our recent sud berças c

nient Will all please accept tills as a personal acknoss Icdgment of sincere gratitude \ ernie

Russell street Bendigo

MR WARD and Miss E THURLINQ desire to

THANK all kind relatlses nnd friends for their cards telegrams letters floral tributes and per

sonal expressions of sympathy In their recent sad bcrcasement especlall) thanking Drs Osborne and Farren and the Rev Dewhurst 46 Finch street Fast Malvern_.

MR J MILLER and Miss LE RAI wish to

THANK their many friends and relatlses for floral tributes letters cards telegrams and personal expressions of sympath) in their recent sad bercasement Will all please ' "' personal acknowledgment of

Oral dens rond Hastings_

MR and Mrs MOORE desire lo THANK b1!

relatlses and friends for telegrams letters cards nnd personal expressions of sympath

31 Alexandra

MRS M B UROUHAR1 and Family deslio lo

THANK, their mony Ii lends and rclatls e

telegrams cards phone calls floral tributes and personal expressions ol ssmpathy In their recent sad bereavement especially thanking the Res R McLean Dr McDonald and Sister Porter Will all please accept this as a personal ncknossledg ment ol our deepest gratitude Hilton Park Bacchus Marsh_ MRS T P MCMILLAN and Family desire to

THANK all kind relatives friends and neigh- bours for their kind expressions of simpathj also for letters cards telegrams and floral tributes rccclscd during their recent sad bcrcasement \M11 all please accept this as a personal acknoss

Icdgment of our deepest gratitude l8 Suffolk as enuc Coburg

AIR und Mis WiniCK and Son desire

l'l I HANK nil kind iclallscs and friends for floral tributes letters cards telegrams and per

sonal expressions of sinipntlij extended to tlicnl In ihclr recent sail boreas ement Will all please accept this as a pcrsonnl ncknow Icdgment of our deepest gratitude Kalara Ore) rtrcet St Kilda 1\rRS E S MCALPIN mid Famlls desire to ivL express their sincere GRATITUDE to their many friends and relations for s taits expressions of simpith) b) letters cards telegrams nnd for Hie mans beautiful floral tributes in their recent sad bcrcasement c peela!!) thanking Sister A Pennefather W11! all please ncccpt this os a pirsonnl ncknow Icdgment Rotlisaie Wnrrandlte road Ringwood_

to and neigh hours for letters cuds telegrams floral tributes uni peisiiial espies ii na cf sjmpaths In theil recent ad berets ement alo llinnl Ing Mi Sexton

Di Strother Will al please accept lill« i

pel one! pek loislrdgl lent of our deepest gritillltlc 3 Weisel» nu ide Kenslngto

ni Son Mr 1 COI LllsSON


rrlends for Icttcis telegrams enrds beautiful dor ii tributes and personal expressions of s)inpitlii in Ihclr icceiit sad and sudden berças cincut special!) thanking the stall of Miers Ltd Will all please ncccpt this ns a per oiml expression of our sincere gratitude 1 Stewart street Williamsons

A ins SCAMMELL and Sons desire to THANK 1*1. nil kind friends for llielr personal and written expiesslons of S)mpaths end floral tributes 111 their recent sad bercasemenl cspc lull) Nurse Uri ant the Res AVUUnms Mr and Mrs Blasen Will all please accept this as a personal acknow Icdgment 632 Hampton street North Brighton


MRS J A ORAHAM and Family desire to

THANK all kind friends and relatives for their pomonal and written expressions of sjmpathy nnd floral tributes in their recent sod bereavement especial!» thanking Sister Chapman for her un tiring attention Will all picone accept this ah a personal pcknonledgmcnt ot their sincere gratitude

OODFN -The Family of the late Mrs OGDLN

desire to THANK their kind relatives and friends for their telegrams letters cards floral tributes and personal expressions of sjmpathy In the sad loss of a loving mother Will all plea c accept this ns a personal acknowledgment of o tr deepest gratitude 24j Ballarat road Footscray


Daughters desire to THANK all relatives and friends for telegrams letters card*; and floral tributes and personal expressions of £impath>* In their sad bereavement Will all please accept this as a personal acknowledgment of our deepest gratl

t ti tie 8 Olen street Essendon_ (JTUART JAMIESON -Mrs M STUART JAMIE yj BON desires to THANK all relatives and friends for floral tributes letters cards and personal ex pressions of sympathy during her recent sad be

rcavement also thanking sisters and patients of Warda 1 and 2 Caulfield Militar. Hospital Cran

ron Neuman avenue Oimond_ AIM" -Mr E II WAIT nnd Family desire to >> THANK all kind friends rnd relatives for tele

gn ms letters cards floral tributes and personal expressions of si m path,, In their recent sad be rcavement We desire to cspcclrlly thank Dr L Hurley Dr Wickens Sister Funston and Stater McLeod 300 Glenferrie ropd Glenferrie

AVEIR- Mrs WEIR de Irra to THANK all Und

tt friends nnd rclathcs for their personal and written expressions of sjmpathy and floral tributes In her recent sad bereavement especially thanking the Re\ S D and Mrs Tarrington Dr Harper Mrs and Miss Jajes Mr and Mrs Miller Mr and M Pi Kenned} Mr and Mrs A _ Smith and

Miss Peacock Victoria st Daylesford_


ABRAHAM - The Friends of the late Mr   GODFREY ABRAHAM are informed that his  

remains willl be interred in the Melbourne General Cemetery, Carlton.

The funeral is appointed to move from his resi

dence, 228 Williams road, Toorak, Tomorrow   (Sunday, the 13th May) at 9.30 o'clock.    

APPS AND SONS PTY LTD, Funeral Directors,

Phone Windsor 70.

.4 ONEW - Friends of the late Mrs JANE xY. AGNEW arc Informed that her remains will be interred In the Melbourne General Ccmctcri Carlton

The funeral sslll mose from her late residence D8 Walpole strccl Kew THIS DA\ (Saturdai lzth May) at 2 30 p m

HERBERr KING and SONS runeral Directors Denmark street Kew Tel Hass 411

BLAKE - rhc Friends of the late RICHARD

BLAKE nrc Informed that his remains will be interred in the Brighton Cemetcri

The runeral will leave the home of lils parents (C S Blake) Childers road Mentone THIS DAY (Saturday May 12) at 3 30 sharp

ARMSTRONG and WHITTLF (late AI F ) r meral Directors 215 Glenferrie road Malvern U2443_

BOSS*. - The Friends of the late Mr3 JANE

BOSS!' aro respectfully Informed that her remains will be Interred in the Boroondara Cerne tcri Kew

The funeral will lease her residence 410 High street Kew THIS DAY (Saturdai 12th Mai) at 3 30 o clock p m

JOHN ALLISON (Roy V Allison) Morticians Head Office Richmond (J1003) and Brunswick

I ,-sLCOCK -The rriends of the late Mr JOHN A

Iii ELCOCK are respectfully Informed that his

funeral will leave lils residence 4B Biunswlck strcot ritzroy THIS DAY (Saturday the 12th Mai) at 11 am for the Melbourne General Cemetery Carlton

THOMAS HENRY ALLISON Tuncral Director Head office 181 Elgin street Carlton Phone 11382

]7SLCOCK -Cambria Lodge No 120 U A O D -The

J Officers and Members of the ibosc Lodge and the Order i General are respectfully informed that the funeral of our bcloscd and esteemed Brother DP Bro J A TLCOCK sslll leave 48 Brunswick

treel FlCroi THIS DAS. (Saturdai tho 12tll Mai) at 11 a m foi the Melbourne General Ccmc teri Carlton


Bro A I AT ERSON Secretary


ITORBES-The Friends of the late Mrs ELIZA

I TORBES are Informed that lier remains will be Interred In the Coburg Ccmeteri

The funeral is appointed to mose from her res!

dence No 43 Blenheim street Baladas a THIS DAY (Saturday 12th Mai) at 11 o clock

APPS AND SONS PTY LTD Funeral Directors Phone Windsor 70

/"lREENWOOD - The Friends of the late Mr VJr GEORGE FREDERICK GREENWOOD arc re spcctfully Informed that his remains will be in tened In the Box Hill Cemetery

Tlic funeral Is appointed to lease his residence Bcrrllelgh Canterbury road Forest Hill THIS PVi (Saturday) at 11 a m

A W PADBURY and Co Funeral Directors 203 White Horse road Box Hill Phone WX2714

ARMER - The Friends of the late Mr WILLIAM STAPLEY HARMER are respect

hilly Informed that lils remains will be Interred In the Bax Hill Cemetery

The funeral svlll lease his residence 81 Wattle Valley road Canterbury THIS DAY (Saturday 12th May 1034) at 3 30 pm

JOHN ALLISON (Roy V Allison) Mortician» head office Richmond (tel J1003) And Caulfield

HARMER - Members of the Melbourne Con-

clave No 59 and Southern Cross Conclave No 27 of the Order of the Secret Monitors are respectiiilli Insltcd to follow the remains of R W WILLIAM S HARMER District Grand Recorder of the District Grand Concias c of Australia and Re corder of Melbourne Concias e lo the pli ce of in torment the Bot Hill Cemetery

The funeral s 111 lease lils residence 81 Wattle Valles load Cnnterbur THIS DA\ (S Hindus' l°th Mus 1034) at 3 30 pill

A T HOLDEN District Gr lid S ipi erne Ruler


HARMER - Hawthorn RA Chapter, No 40

-Tho Officers and Companions of the above Chapter are Inslted to follow the remains of their esteemed M Ex -Companion W s HARMER to the place of Interment Box HU! Cemetery THIS DAY (Saturday, 12th Mai), at 3 30 p m



ARMER-Earl Stiadbrokc Preccptory, No 245 -The Members of the abose Preccptory ol Knights Templar are hcrcbi reminded that the funeral of our esteemed sir Knight WILLIAM STAPLEY HARMER will leaic lils residence, 81 Wattle Vallci road Centcrbiny, for the Box Hill Comctcri THIS DAY (Saturday, 12th Mai, 1034),

at 3 30 p ni

OILBFRT c JURY Em Preceptor _WM STEW ART PEP Registrar

of the pbosc Lodge and the Order In general ore lespcctfiilli inslted to follow the remains of our esteemed Wor Bro WILLIAM S HARMER lo the

»lace of Interment the Box Hill Ceineters

The funeral will lease his residence, 81 Wattle Vallcv road Cantcrburi THIS DAY (Saturdai, 12th Mai, 1034). al 3 30 p m


_J O DEAN Deputy W M

HARMER-Coulson Commemoration Roial Ark

Mariners No 100-The Brethren of the abose Lodge and the Order in general are respectfully Invited to follow the remains of our esteemed Bro WILLIAM S HARMER to the place of Interment the Box Hill Cemcten

The funeral will lease lils residence 81 Wattle Valley road Cantcrblli} THIS DAY (Saturday, 12th May, 1934) at 3 30 p m


_A J DEAN Peputv CN

HARMER - The Metropolitan Chapter Rose

Croix No 11 -The Officers and Members are Inslted to attend the funeral of their late belosed Recorder E and P P, Bro W S HARMER

The cortege will lease his lato residence, stoney gatc. Wattle Valley road Cantcrbun, at J 30 THIS DAY (Saturdai) for the Box Hill Cemetery, arrising


HARMER-The Lowry Conclave of the Red

Cross of constantine 140 -The Officers and Members aro invited to attend the funeral of our lato belosed Sir Knight W S HARMER

The cortege will lca'c lils late residence, stone} gate, Wattle Valley road Canterbury, for the Box Hill Cemcten at 3 30 p m THIS DAY (Saturday),

airlslng at 3 45


_F C

HARMER -Lodge of the Golden rlcccc, No 300

-The Officers and Brethren or the aboi c Lodge arc rcspecttulls inslted to follow the remains of their esteemed Wor Bro W S HARMER, p s O D (Chaplain) to the place of interment, Box Hill


The funeral will lease his residence, 81 Wattle Valley road, Canterbun, THIS DAY, at 3 30 p m


ROBERT L LEANE, Secretary.

HATTON - The Friends ot the late

WELSBY THOMAS HATTON are respectfully informed that his funeral will leave his late residence, 35 Rose street, West Brunswick, THIS DAY (Saturday, May 12, 1934), at 11 am, for

the Fawkner Cemetery.

JOSEPH ALLISON PTY LTD Funeral Director, 788 Sydney road North Brunswick Tel Bwk 839

All suburbs_ _

IJCrPERNAN - The Friends of the late Mr II 1HOMAS M HEFFERNAN, of Cremorne Point Nepean roed Carrum, are respectfulll Informed that his remains will be Interred in the Boroondara Cemcten, Kew

The funeral Is appointed to lease Padbury's chapel 13 Cotliam road, Kew, THIS DAY (Satur- day, May 12), ot 3 30 p m

A W PADBURY and Co, Funeral Directors, Kew r

KENT - Friends of the late Mr JOHN STARK

KENT, JP, are Informed that his remains |

will lea c lils late residence, Daliston, at 2 pi:

To-morrow (suudav), for the Kilcunda eenie-1


1 ALOR-The rrlciida of the late Mr MICHAEI J-l JOSEPH LALOR arc respectful!} Informed that lils remains will be Interred In the Coburg General


The funeral will lease his residence, 26 Ireland street. West Melbourne, THJS DAY (Saturdai, Mai 12), at 11 o'clock


mains will be Interred In the Footscrry Cemcten

The limera) will lease the lcsldcncc of her son-ln Inw (Mr A Longmore), 14 Baislcw road Seddon, IRIS DAY (Siturdnyl. at 2 p m

NELSON BROS, Undcit-kcrs, victoria street Tool-crai (le! 43) and all suburbs

ROBINSON - The Friends of the late WILLIAM

ROBINSON are informed that his funeral will leave Sleight's chapel 138 Flinders street Mel- bourne THIS DAY (Saturday 13th May), at 11.30 a m , for the Box Hill Cemetery

A short ser l"c will be conducted by the Rev A M S Wilson al 11 15

A A. SLEIGHT PTY. LTD. Tel Cent. 410.


ROBINSON - Old Mclbourians' Lodge, No 317, A F, and A Masons of Victoria-The  

Officers and Members ol the above Lodge and craft in general are Informed that the remains of our esteemed Wor Bro WILLIAM ROBINSON, P S , G D , will be interred in the Box Hill Ceme-   tery at 12 15 pm cortege leaves Sleight s Chapel   at 11. 30 a m THIS DAY (Saturday, 13th May)


J U KNOX, P G , Std B Se A A SLEIGHT PTY LTD Tel Cent 410

SAVAOE-The rtlcllds or the late Mr HENRY

SAVAGE arc respectfully Jnlormcd that lils lemalns will be Interred In the Inscrlclgh Ceme- tery

The (uncral is appointed lo lease his residence Olcncoc Inverleigh THIS DAY (Balinda}, the 12tli May 1034) at 2 o clock

ALEX MONRO runeral Director Only addn 24 Ryrie street Geelong Phone 1386_


informed that the tuneral will lease lils late resi- dence Sebastian THIS DAY (Saturday, May 12), at 2 pm

WM FARMER, Undertaker, Bendigo and Eagle hawk_

WHELAN - The Friends or Mr J L WHELAN are respcctrully Informed that the remains   of his beloved wife Margaret Leah Whelan will be Interred In the Maddingley Cemetery

The funeral Is appointed to leave St Bernards Roman Catholic Church at 2 30 p m THIS DAY (Saturday 12th May)

L SIMPSON, Undertaker, Bacchus Marsh

WILKINSON _The Friends of the Isle Mr >» FREDRICK WILKINSON are respectfully In-

formed that his remains will be Interred In the Brighton Cemetery

The funeral will leave his daughter s residence 27 Booran road Caulfield THIS DAY (Saturday Ulli Mai, 1034) at 3 30 pm

JOHN ALLISON Funeral Director Head office,

Richmond Tel J1003_

WILKINSON-The South Melbourne Mark Mas 11 ter Masons of Victoria No 36 -The Brethren of Die abose Lodge and the Order in general

respectful!} Inslted to follow the remains of lliclr esteemed Brother FREDRICK WILKINSON to the place of Interment the Brighton Cometer}

The funeral will lease 27 Booran road Caulfield THIS DAY (Saturdai, I2th May, 1934), at 3 30

p ni



WILKINSON. - The Lodge of South Melbourne No 81, A., F., and A. M. of Victoria. - The Brethren of the above Lodge and Craft in general are respectfully invited to follow the remains of their esteemed Brother FREDRICK WILKINSON to the place of interment, Brighton Cemetery. The funeral will leave 27 Booran road, Caulfield, THIS DAY (Saturday, 12th May, 1934, at 3.30 p.m. R. T. INCE, W.M., D. J. DAVIDSON, Sec.