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Protect Merchants at Hodeida

Business Resumed When Bluejackets



I A dramatic stori of how a small I Biltish naval force piotccted Indian I tradeis at Hodcida In Yemen which was

capttucd by the Wallabi (Ibn Sauds) Motees has leached India When the Saudis advanced on Hodelda on Apiil 29 the Yemeni Government officials fled , some into the inteiioi and others to the I Biltish island of Ixameran off the coast I wheio thei weie interned Thousands of

fierce nomadic tiibesmcn gatheicd on the outskuts of the town gravely thiealening the safety of the wealthy Indian com munity of 300 men women and children who sent uigent messates to Aden and Jedda asking foi British protection

Within 24 hours the sloop Penzance which was patioiling the Red Sea watch ing foi arms smugglers and slave traders arrived at the town mid landed a patty of sailors At the same time three R A F planes from Aden reconnoitred the town The sailors found the shops closed and Hie streets dcseited but the town officials emboldened by the piesence of the Biltish haiangued the waiting tribesmen and warned them of the penalti of sacking the town wheieupon the tribesmen ic tiied some distance

Aftei gieeting the sailois joyfully the Indians and othei tradeis reopened theil shops which the tilbesmen made no attempt to loot

Foi foin davs the sloop was guarded by Biltish subjects In the meantime many of the citizens who had fled to Kameian Island letutncd

When the Saudi foi ces entcied Hodeida on May 6 the Penzance was íelieved by the ctuisci Entcipilse As the fighting continues the piesence of a naval force is still necessao but the Saudis have guaranteed the safety of British subjects Thei have expressed appreciation of the action of the Penzance in pieseiving the town from the ti ¡bosnien until they took


Leaders of the Indian community have expicssed in the stiongest teims their (.latitude to their presen eis