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About 70 plnjcrs attended prnctlce -»Ith the Prahran club on the Toorak oval jcsterdaj afternoon, but the committee later reduced the list to i8 New players who Impressed were C Jenkin (Albert Park), wing B Harman llllghett) follower R ?* Draper (Cran- bourne! folio** cr O Allan («ho pin* ed for Craig s last year In the Sottgoods Associa- tion) a halfback M West (formerly of the Hecla team) holf forward ond A. Tennant (Glen Iris C V M 8 ) wing Avery the for- mer Melbourne follower of whom the club expects much this year trained light'} Of la«t year s team F Smith C Parnam J Brenchley Hvdc C Williams Whitehead Koop Wells White N Williams Dixon O Hawkins Willison Green« ood and A Thomp son showed good form The club will meet Hawthorn seconds In its first practice match ot Toorak Park on Soturday Plajers are asked to be at the ground by 2 p m

Brighton's Mustei

About 45 players attended the Brighton club practice at Elsternwick Part- jcsterdaj after noon At a practice match on Saturdaj In which every recruit will be given a trial the training list will be consldcrablj reduced All last years plajers with the exception of Pcnnj who is expected to train next weelt attended the ground last night It Is con- sidered that six of the recruits are certain of a place In the team this year, Including two sturdv followers two or three forwards and a defender who has shown brilliance In his high-marking and kicking On behalf of the committee and plajers the president of the club i Mr J Campbell) last night presented n silver entree traj to the secretary iMr L rrlcrc) who will be married on Saturdaj

Saudi îngham's Decision

The Sandringham committee on Wednes da> night debated for several hours an appli

cation by Douglas Raj ment Us rover and forwird who played brilliant!} last year for <? clearance to St Kilda Rayment appeared btfore the committee and outlined his case but the application was refused the committee considering that he was too valuable a plajer

to lose

Port Melbourne

Port Melbourne had a fine muster at train- ing jestcrday frawley (from Bungaree)

Dobinson (from tile Mallee) and Watt and Earl (local boys) created a good impression Old players turned out in force There will be a practice match on Saturday commencing at 2 45 p m The women s social committee will hold a house party In the Diggers Hall on Saturday night

Camberwell's New Players

Although his services have been sought by a League club B. Cook, a forward from Mitcham, who kicked 124 goals for his side last season, has signed up with Camberwell club, with which he has been training In the last few days. Carl Watson, the former Richmond and Essendon wing man, has also signed up with the club. At training last night, which was attended by about 60 players. J. Boothman, Camberwell's nippy rover and wing man, had his first run with the club this year. Ken. Watson, from Melbourne seconds, also appeared at training. Other recruits who attended were W. Stone, the Scotch College full-back, and T. Garland, a centre half forward from Newbridge. The club is this year making a special effort to raise £200, and in this connection a carnival will be held next week, commencing on Monday. A prac- tice match will be held on Saturday, com- mencing at 3 p.m., and players are required to be present at the ground at 3.15 p.m. Club officials are optimistic that the Camberwell Council will this year commence work on construction of a new grandstand costing be- tween £2,500 and £3,000. It is hoped that the building will be completed before the end of the football season.

No Transfers From Brunswick

W. Carton, a wing man, is returning to Brunswick, and will train next week. New players who appeared last night were Doherty, a follower, from tbe Public Service; Hunter, from the Brunswick Amateurs: Huggins, a follower, from Campbellfield; Joyce, from Port Melbourne; O'Connor, a half-forward, from the West Preston Sub-Districts; Palmer, of Jin- divick, tho Brunswick cricketer; Rigby, from the North Melbourne C.Y.M.S.; ana Roberts, from the West Brunswick Juniors. Roy Nel- son, a hair-back, from North Sydney, Is show- ing Rood form at practice. As the c1* b ras decided to grant no transferí«, several Bruns- wick players who are now training on League grounds should be back next week.

Two applications for cleoí anees came before the committee last night. They wore from L. Maynes, who asked to be released to play with Collingwood, and W. Mutlmer. who sought per- mission to play with Sandringham. Both were refused. The matter of a coach was under discussion, but no appointment was made. Old and now players oro requested to be on the ground nt 2.30 p.m. to-morrow.

Players Return to Preston

Old plnyers who made their first appearance for the season at Preston last nliiht were P. Spargo (back), B. Brewis (half-back), J. Harding (follower), J. Monahan (follower!, A. Robinson (rover), ond J. Moran. The new play- ers Included W. Gilbert, the Preston cricketer; G. Cohen, a rover, from the Fitzroy Seconds; P. Umlauft, a promising half-forward, from Epping; Pearce, a 0ft, follower, from C.Y.M.8.: W. Cooper, follower: J. Robertson, from West Preston; and L. Spicer, from tho Preston Second Eighteen. L. Oakleigh, a centre half forward, Is likely to gain a placo In the side. B. Warr. Underbill, and Dowling aro already

In fine fettle.

Tho team will have no practice match to- morrow, as It Is holding a sports meeting under V.A.L. rules at Preston Park.

New Men" at Northcote

At Northcote last night new players Included Ludlow, from the Collingwood Seconds; Fitz- gerald, from Black Rock; Buzza, from the In- dustrial League; Jamieson and Dalglish, from the Northcote Seconds; Rooney, from tho Col- lingwood second eighteen, and Haskett, from North Melbourne. Last year's players who trained for the first time for the season were Ross, Powell, Underhtll, Dunstone Woods, Flynn. Hontg.' and Hart. There will be a practice match to-morrow. Players must be on the ground by 2.15 p.m. The new com- mittee will meet to-morrow afternoon In the pavilion.

Coburg's New Men

A dozen new players will bo seen In action during the practice match to bo played to- morrow. They are Boden (Queenstown. Tas- mania), Norman and Lloyd (East Brunswick!. McLean (Fawkuerl, Dickens (North Melbourne Seconde). Davidson (South Yarra). E. Jones and Forster (Pascocvalcl, Rosser (Fairfield). Kvffln and Mcintosh (Carlton Seconds), and Thomas (East Malvern).

Oakleigh's Activities

About 35 plovers turned out for training at Oakleigh last night Conspicuous among !at,t years silavcrs were N Rjan Cramcri A Yann J Wiltshire R Smith and D Fraser Of the recruits the best form is being shown bj A Kllllnrew a rover from St Ignatius

Richmond F Dalton rover and centre from Mooribbln and Is and K Lloyd from Car

ncglc Practice matches will be plavcd against Caulfield to morrow and against South Mel bourne District on the following Saturday Tile committee has decided to grant clear ancos to J White who will go to Noble Park and C Bell who has been appointed coach of


Williamstown.^ Eecoid Mustei

Williamstown had its largest muster of players for several seasons when training was resumed last evening Nearly 50 men trained and five footballs were used Among the new men to do well were Graham a half forward from Altona a half forward and half back from Spotswood Simmons from Garden City and Cook of Yarraville Lower ft for ward from the seconds and Hutcheson a new man also trained Henderson a rover from

Pearcedale had his first trial and shaped well

J Bornes had another run and Blake made his first appearance for tho seson Sykes one of the clubs star men will begin training on Tuesday evening Brookes the full bael will play at \\ llllamstow n this season Stan bridge is the only old player about whose in tentions nothing definite is known

Sandi ingham Confident

Sandringham had an exceptional good mustei at training jcsterdaj The calibre of the recruits is of such a standard that the club faces the future with confidence There Is a good sprinkling of the heavier type Those who showed form included Noseda Christie brothers Novan Morden McLonc Simpson Sullivan R Perrett Le Nepeu and McCarthy AU the old players are showing good form A practice match will be played to morrow between old and new players Players ore requested to be on the Bround at 3 IS p m The game will begin nt 3 p m

Coburg's Fust Practice Match

Likely recruits were in action at Coburg last evening and some will be tried at the practice match to morrow afternoon These included M Soden (centre and back), from Queenstown (T ) R McLean (follower) from rowkner J Norman (follower) from East Brunswick sub districts K Ross (forward) from Fair field Leigue sub districts J Kjlsln (centre)

from Carlton seconds R J Davidson (wing and centre) from Newport A Dickens (for ward) from North Melbourne seconds H Allendale (half forward and half bock) from South Yarro E Jones (roser) from Pascoe

vale and Davis (centre) from the Coburg Church of Christ A Duncan the full forward is expected to train later Klght and Rogers appeared last night