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Boy Scout Match Now Forgiven

Laurie Nash, of South Melbourne, was granted permission last night by the VFL to play with South Mel- bourne immediately, the voting being 17 to 3. The permit committee met later and granted him the necessary


When he applied for a permit re- cently Nash was found to have played two matches with his old Boy Scouts' troop, after being given permission by the Junior Union. Consequently a special meeting was called to amend the laws to provide that service players so affected should not be penalised for playing in such junior games.

Mr J. F. Meere (North Melbourne) felt that the rules should not be tinkered with, and he would support the move if something in the way of an amnesty were granted.

Other speakers objected to a special meeting being called to alter a rule on personal grounds.

Mi- G. Cathie (Geelong) said that the offence could be regarded as technical only, and, as only two or three players would be affected, the way should be made clear for them to rejoin the League.

In answer to questions Mr L. H. McBrien, secretary, said that no way out could be found in the constitu- tion except by agreeing to the pro- posed alteration.

It was agreed to send a Victorian team to Adelaide on July 7 to play a South Australian team for patrio-

tic purposes.

Dr Mcclelland (chairman) and Messrs J. Brake and J. Wilkins were re-elected members of the Indepen- dent Tribunal. Mr A. V. Galbraith was re-elected an associate member, and Messrs T. W. Hammond, PM, and R. A. Rowe (chairman of the Stock Exchange) were added.


Strong teams generally will be seen in action when the VFL seai

opens today. A number of new players will appear, and there will be a great welcome for former players who have returned from ser- vice. The programme is:

Richmond v Footscray, at Richmond: Carl- ton v Melbourne, at Carlton; Geelong v Fitzroy, at Geelong; Collingwood v North Melbourne, at Victoria Park; Essendon v Hawthorn, at Glenferrie; St Kilda v South Melbourne, at St Kilda.


Members of the permit committee of the VFL granted the following permits last night:

TO MELBOURNE: K. Rowarth (Oakleigh Júniora). J. Green (Federal District). O. Adams (Sturt, SA),

To FOOTSCRAY: J. Welsh (Footscray Dis- trict), N. Goddard (Sunshine). J. McKenzie (Kingsville), J. Fisher (Parkdale), R. Smith


To ST KILDA: J.W. Egan (North Mel-   bourne), L. Miller (Federal League), W. Oram (Juniors), T. Corrigan (St Kilda Thirds), S. Obst (West Albury), D. Cunliffe (Carnegie). B. O'Donnell (Prahran), J. Gravell (Prahran).

To RICHMOND: N. Magee (district).

To GEELONG: O. Smith (Horsham), A. Monaghan (local).

To COLLINGWOOD: L. Gallagher (Fitz- roy).

To ESSENDON: J. Huggard (Essendon Stars), G. Pattlnson (Williamstown). J. Lyons (CYMS), W. Pearson (Oakleigh Dis- trict), N. Smith (Brunswick), R. Jory (Oak- leigh Seconds).

To FITZROY: N. O'RUey (North Fitzroy YOW), J. Harrow (Preston). L. Baker (un-


To south MELBOURNE: A. Grossman (CYMS). L. Nash (Camberwell).

To HAWTHORN: A. Hurley (Port Mel- bourne). G. Dower (Northcote), K. Lip platt (Coburg). L. Cleary (C.Y.M.S.).

To NORTH MELBOURNE: A. McLeod (Yarram). K. Cameron (Footscray), J. Ma- lone (Flemington CYMS), J. McPartland (Essendon CYMS).

To CARLTON: L. Wade (Cobden), F. Fitz- gibbon (Brunswick), R. Boys (Northcote).


Old: Abikhair, Allister. Arthur, Bennett, Bogie, Clay. Condon, Crawford. Crosbie, Cross, Crump. Fairweather, Findlay, Foote, Garllck, Harrison. Hunter, Jerrard, McGaln. McKenzie. Morcom, Moran, O'Brien, Roulent, Slater, Thomas, Turner. New: J. J. Doherty (Ballarat), Evans (Fitzroy), Gaw (West Melbourne) Huger (Colts), Kelly (seconds), McLeod (Yarram). Supplementary: J. F. Doherty, Duncan, Hayes, Lowe, Malone, Mat cott, O'Donnell, O'Keefe, Sullivan, Wood,