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Collingwood and St Kilda met at Victoria park   in mud up to their ankles. No sooner was the ball bounced than Hughes, of Collingwood, came down on the broad of his back in a quagmire. He emerged, amidst great laughter, with black slush dripping off him. Lee had a similar fate   later on, and when he reappeared to view his face was as black as a nigger's. The attendance num- bered about 7,000 Collingwood had Anderson, Sharpe, Gibb, Ryan, and Norris standing down through injuries, and Sheenan, Hammond, Jack- son, Jones, and Lumsden filled their places. St. Kilda played Merritt (Warburton). Parker (Essendon district), and Briggs, while M'Kenzie Graham, and Gregon stood down. Nearly all   through the game the ball was kicked along the ground. Good football was out of the question.   St. Kilda only appeared to advantage at two   brief stages of the match. They prevailed for some minutes in the first quarter, when they   kicked four behinds, three of which ought to     have been goals, and for about 10 minutes in

the last term.

Collingwood played together and marked well,

They had a good bit in hand all through, and     ran out winners by 12 goals 12 behinds to St.  

Kilda's 4 goals 3 behinds. Baxter (who kicked   4 goals) and Wilson (1 goal) were Collingwood's     best. Other serviceable men were Vernon, Angus Hughes, Lee, Jackson, Saddler, and Lumsden. For the losers Lever, Plowman, and Thomas, Pierce,   Briggs, Scott, Dangerfield. Woodcock, and Mer-   rick were most prominent. Dwyer umpired well.