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Sitting Magistrate —Rev. R. Knopwood, M.A. In our Paper of the 5th instant we were un-  

consciously led into an improper comparison of the ball given on the 27th ult. at Mr. Deane's house, in Elizabeth-street, with an- other meeting which took place in, a different quarter a few days afterwards.—We take this opportunity of stating, that nothing was fur- ther from our intention than to offend any of the highly respectable assemblage of Ladies and Gentlemen that met at Mr. Deane's.

Ship News.—Arrived on Saturday last the ship Eli- zabeth, Captain R. Dacre, from England the 10th of

March, touching at Madeira on her passage, with a valuable cargo of merchandize, and upwards of 40 passengers.

On Thursday the King George whaler, Captain Charles Bryant, from England, lastly from the Cape, in ballast, put into Storm Bay Passage, to join the Thalia, in the whaling season here.  

Yesterday week the brig Woodlark, Capt. Hedges, from the sperm whale fishery, with 320 barrels of oil, put into Frederick Henry Bay, and will come up to port in a few days.

Sailed this morning for Port Jackson, the ship William Penn, Captain Ogden Brown. —Passengers, Mr. Henry Perrier, Mr. S. Parker, Mr. Hoddle, Mr. C. Seal, and Mr. P. Casper.

The ships Berwick and Andromeda, and the brig Avon, will sail early next week

for Port Jackson.

Remain in the harbour and river, the ships Andromeda, Berwick, Skelton, Caro- line, Elizabeth, and King George whaler ; and the brigs Woodlark, Avon, Governor Phillips, Dragon, Thalia whaler, and Wood-

lark whaler.

The Fifth Anniversary of the Auxiliary Branch Bible Society of Van Diemen's Land was held at the Court-house, on Tuesday last, and was attended by His Honor the Lieutenant Governor, the Deputy Judge Advocate, and nearly all the Civil Officers, and a great number of the most respectable Inhabitants. The Meeting upon this occasion was more numerously attended than any preceding ; several new Members were added, Sub-Committees for districts appointed, and liberal contributions made.

It was resolved,—That the sum of £90 currency be transmitted to the Society at Sydney.—A full Report, we understand, is in preparation; a copy of which will be sent

to each Member.

The thanks of the Meeting were voted to His Honor the Lieutenant Gover- nor, who presided; and amongst the Re- solutions, were the following :—

That His Excellency Sir THOMAS BRIS- BANE be requested to become Patron of the Society.

That the Rev. Mr. BEDFORD be one of the Vice-Presidents, and one of the Secre- taries of the Society.

That Mr. H. J. EMMETT be Treasurer, vice P. A. MULGRAVE, Esq. J. P., whose official duties in the County of Cornwall, prevent the continuance of those of Trea- surer of the Society.

Captain Dacre informs us, that while his ship lay at Madeira, Lord Amherst and Suite were there in His Majesty's ship Ju- piter; and, we are sorry to add, that his Lordship was so indisposed, that he in- tended to make a stay there for some time.

The Elizabeth spoke the ship Hunger- ford, bound from India to London, in lat. 4° N. lon. 22° W. ; and the brig Patience, from London to the Cape.—The Elizabeth also fell in with a French squadron, with troops on board, and was in company four days ; but the Commodore would not allow the Elizabeth to speak any of them, having caused them to alter their course.

Passengers per the Elizabeth.—Mr. H. N. Holden, F.R.C.S., Mr. Thomas   Atkinson, Mr. Wm. Milliken, Mr. and Mrs. James Simmons and family, Mr. W. S. Flex- ney, Mr. R. C. Stokes, Mr. and Mrs. T. Wilkinson and 2 children, Mr. Obediah G. Bennett, Mr. Robert Caldwell, Mr. Benja- min B. Morris, Mr. Robert Brooks, Mr. and Mrs. John Burney and 4 children, Mr. and Mrs. John Elliott, Mr. Tristram Fen- ning, Mr. James Fullerton, Mr. Samuel Godwin, Mr. John Sharland, Mr. William Sharland, Mr. and Mrs. John Vincent and 7 children, Miss Mary Ann Vincent, Mr. and Mrs. James Wild, and Miss H. Brian.

When the Elizabeth sailed, the Australian Company's ship Greenock, and the brig Allies were advertised for the Colonies.

By the Berwick arrived in this Colony 41 pure Merino Sheep, 30 belonging to Mr. Ar- cher, of Port Dalrymple, and 11 to Lieut: Hill, passenger by the Berwick. There were 62 Me- rino Sheep shipped in England on board the Berwick for Mr. Archer, only 30 of which ar- rived in this Colony. Of the 20 shipped by Mr. Hill, 11 arrived safe. There were also 24 head of Horned Cattle, of the most approved breed; shipped in England for Mr. Archer, the whole of which perished on the way out.

We understand a legal investigation is likely to lake place, to ascertain the cause of this se- rious loss to the individuals concerned, and to the Colony. These Cattle are understood to have been of the breed of the celebrated Bull "Comet," which, it maybe remembered, sold some years ago for 1000 guineas.

A Coroner's Inquest was held on Satur- day last, at the Hope and Anchor in Mac- quarie-street, before A. W. H. HUMPHREY, Esq. Coroner, upon the body of a man named James Taylor, whof came by. his death in consequence of a tree falling upon him while at work at Birch's Bay, on the Wednesday previously, by which he was dreadfully dis- figured. Verdict—Accidental death.

While the King George was on her way hith- er from the Cape, a whale hove in sight, which   one of her boats succeeded in taking ; but being fastened to the animal at the time, it was un- fortunately taken down with the whale, which sunk soon after it was killed ; and the third officer, Mr. Thomas James, and Samuel Turner, one of the crew, being in the boat, were, we regret to say, unluckily drowned.

We have great satisfaction in complying with a request to give publicity in our Paper to the following letter :—

" We, the Passengers of the ship Elizabeth, beg to acknowledge our sense of the liberal treatment we have received from Captain R. DACRE, during the voyage; for whose future prosperity, we join our united good wishes."

T. Atkinson J. Simmons

R. C. Stokes T. Wilkinson

Horatio Nelson Hol-

den, F. R. C. S. Wm. S. Flexney Wm. Milliken J. Fullerton J. Sharland

River Derwent, July

W. Sharland J. Vincent

J. Burney

T. Fenning

J. and Sarah Elliott B. M. Moms S. Godwin

R. Caldwell

O. G. Bennett J. Wild.


Birth.—On the 12th instant, Mrs. Richard Heaney, of Montague-park, Macquarie River, of a son ; being the first birth at that settlement.

Died—On Wednesday, Mrs. Nicholls, sen. aged 53, many years a respectable inhabitant of this Colony.

The apprehension of immediate war be-   tween France and Spain prevailed at the date of the latest accounts from England.

A French army was on the frontier in readiness to commence hostilities ; and it was feared that the powerful mediation of Great Britain would not be effectual in pre- serving peace. In the event of the aggres- sion taking place, a strict neutrality was understood to be the line of policy resolved upon by His Majesty's Government.

An extraordinary fluctuation in the Funds, especially in foreign securities, was the con- sequence of the expectation of war, and of the uncertainty that had for some time existed, and considerable failures had taken place in the Stock Exchange.

At the date of the latest Papers (8th March), hostilities had not actually com-


The late winter in England was one of the severest that had been experienced for many years. On the 19th of January, the Ther- mometer was as low as 5 degrees of Fahren- heit. Great quantities of snow had fallen, and in many parts of the country nearly stop- ped all communication. The Thames was frozen, and passable in several parts; and the mails had been generally detained by

the snow.

A plan for a new London Bridge had been approved, at the cost of £360,000.

By the Finance Statement made in Parlia- ment, the following appeared to be the Na- tional Income and Expenditure foi the year ending January 5, 1823 :—

Total Receipts .......... 54,414,650 1 5½ Total Expenditure ......... 49,499,130 1 7

The surplus of income over expenditure for the current year is estimated at upwards of Seven Millions.        

The speech made in the House, of Com- mons, by the late Vice-President of the Board of Trade, on the 12th of February, exhibits a gratifying view of the increasing commerce of Britain. The aggregate ex- poits of 1822 ; exceeded those of 1820, twenty per cent.

The Deccan Prize Cause, involving the booty taken in the last campaign in India, has been decided in favour of the army.—

The share of Lieutenant-General Sir T.  

Hislop, G. C. B., who Commanded, is stated to be £200,000,