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Government and General Orders.

Government House, Hobart Town, Friday, September 27th, 1822.

THE ANNUAL GENERAL MUSTER of the Settlements in Van Diemen's Land will   commence on Thursday the 10th of October; and will be taken at the Places and on the Days herein named, under the Inspection of the Lieutenant Governor, and the Commandant of Fort Dal-

rymple, assisted by the Magistrates of the several Districts, and a commissioned Officer of the Com- missariat Department.

Hobart Town,

On Thursday, Friday, and Saturday, 10th, 11th, & 12th October, all the Free Inhabitants of HobartTown, and adjacent Districts, viz. Argyle, Queenborough, Kingborough, and Glenarchy, extending from Sorell River to North-west Bay, and including Bruni Island.

On Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday, 14th, 15th,   & 16th, all the Male Prisoners of the Crown in Hobart Town, and the above Districts. --- The Prisoners in the Service of Government to be mustered exclusively on Wednesday the 16th.

On Thursday the 17th, all the Female Prisoners in

Hobart Town and the same Districts.


On Friday the 18th, at Chief District Constable Pearce's, all the Free Inhabitants in the District of New Norfolk, and that Part of the Macquarie District of the West Bank of the Derwent.

On Saturday the 19th, all Prisoners of the Crown in the same Districts.


On Monday the 21st, at Chiel District Constable Cawthorn's, all the Free Inhabitants of the Macquarie District, and the District of Sorell ; and on the same Day, all the Prisoners of the Crown in those Districts.


On Wednesday the 23d, at the School-house, all the Fres Inhabitants of the Districts of Clarence Plains, & York.-- On the same Day, all Prisoners of the Crown ii» those Districts.


On Thursday the 24th, at the Ford, all the Free Inhabitants of the Districts of Cambridge, Ulva, Or- mnig, Staffa, and Caledon. --- On the same Day, all

Prisoners of the Crown in those Districts.      


On Friday the 25th, at the Schoolhouse, Sorell Township, all the Free Inhabitants of the Districts of Gloucester, Sussex, and Harrington.

On.Saturday the 26th, all Prisoners of the Crown in   the same Disticts.


On Wednesday the 30th, at Chief District Constable Kimberly's, all the Free Inhabitants of the Districts of Melville, Drummond, Strangford, Jarvis, and Forbes,   extending from Old Beach and Herdsman's Cove to Constitution Hill, and including Black Brush, Tea- tree Brush, Green Point, and the Black and Broad Marsh, and the adjacent Country on the Jordan.,


On Thursday the 31st, at the Government Hut, Spring Hill, all the Free Inhabitants of the Districts of Green Ponds, Bath, and Methven. --- On the same Day, all Prisoners of the Crown in those Districts.


On Friday the 1st of November, at Chief District Constable Bisdee's, all the Free Inhabitants of the Districts of Murray and Amherst. --- On the same Day, all Prisoners of the Crown in those Districts.


On Saturday the 2d, at the Government Stock- house, all the Free Inhabitants of the Districts of Lennox and Richmond. --- On the same Day, all Pri- soners of the Crown in those Districts, including the Eastern Marshes. Blue Hills, &c.

The Musters will commence each Day at 10 o'Clock.   The Commandant of Port Dalrymple will be pleased to order the Musters of that Settlement, so that those in the Upper Districts may commence on Monday, the 4th November, at the South Esk Ferry, for the Districts of Norfolk Plains and Bathurst and may continue afterwards in Laun-

cerston, for that Town, and all remaining Parts of the adjacent Districts.

From such particular Parts of the Colony as are too remote for Attendance at any Muster Station, Returns of Population, Land and Stock, and of Servants of the Crown, are to be transmitted by each Settler to the Officer in Charge of the Com- missariat Department.

The Magistrates will be pleased to attend and assist at the Musters of their respective Districts, and in the event of any Occurrence retarding or preventing the Presence of the LIEUTENANT GOVERNOR at any of the appointed Stations, the Musters will proceed on the Day and at the Time specified, under the Direction and Superintendence of the Magistrates.

The Chief Districl Constables and other Con- stables of Districts will attend at the Musters.

The Holders of Land and Stock will give in a Return of their Land, the Number of Acres cleared, and the Number in Cultivation, and of the Stock and Grain in their Possession.

The Names and Ages of all Children to be given in by their Parents.

The Government Districl Schoolmasters will make Returns of the Children under their In- struction.

All Settlers and Inhabitants, having assigned Servants of the Crown, are required to send them to Muster, excepting such as may be indi- pensable to domestic Service or Charge (Stock- keepers being allowed to Muster at the Station most convenient to their Place of Employment) ; and of such Crown Servants as may be exempt under this Permission, the Employer is to give in a Return signed by himself, specifying the Occu- pation of any Servants not mustered in Person.  

All Persons who have become Free by Expira- tion of Sentence, Free or Conditional Pardon, are to exhibit the Instrument of Absolute or Condi- tional Pardon, or Certificate of Expiration ; and all Ticket of Leave Men are to produce their

Tickets of Leave.

It being of the highest Importance that correct and perfect Returns of the Population, Stock, and Cultivation of the Colony, should be obtained for the Information of His Majesty's Government, it is expected and required that all Persons do mus- ter ; it being at the Option of all to make their Re-

turns at the station most convenient to themselves.

And all Servants of the Crown who shall be found unmustered, or not properly and regularly accounted for, at the conclusion of the Musters, will be deemed to be Absentees, and will be sought for and treated accordingly.

By Command of His Honor

The Lieutenant Governor,  

H. E. Robinson, Secretary. Government Public Notices.

Acting Engineer's Office, Sept. 25th, 1822. IT being intended to gravel and repair the Line

of Road from O'Brien's Bridge to Roseneath Ferry, in the Course of the Summer, Settlers wil- ling to Hire their Carts for carrying Materials to the Road, will receive Information by applying to the Acting Engineer, or at his Office.

WANTED, a Person to Contract to carry the Flour, &c. to the Road Gangs on the Port     Dalrymple Road, for 12 Months from this Date. Apply as above.

WOOL will be purchased for the Service of   Government from those desirous to supply it. --- Tenders with Samples, to be addressed to the Acting Engineer.

FORTY Logs of Huon Pine will be Sold by Auction, at 10 o'clock on Thursday, 3d Oc-   tober, on the Ground adjoining the Lumber Yard;

T. BELL, Major, Acting Engineer.

Commissariat Office, Sept. 18th, 1822. ALL Persons who may have supplied Fresh   Meat to Working Parties, &c. on the Roads,   and others in the Interior, up to the 24th Instant, are requested to make immediate Application at the respective Offices here and at Port Dalrymple, for Payment of the same. A. MOODIE, A. C. G.

Commissariat Office, Sept. 18th, 1822. MEAT. - The following Quantities to be de-

livered at Hobart Town, as under:  

October 4 - C. Connelly 3000. 11 - D. Lord 3000. 18 - Ditto 3000. 25 - J. Austin 3000. November 1 - T. Midwood 3000.



CAPTAIN BELL, of the brig Minerva, leaving the colony in said vessel, requests claims to be presented. 1

Mr. Geo. Reid, 1st Officer of the brig Minerva, leaving the colony in said vessel, requests claims to be presented. 1

Mr. James R. Laurie, 2d Officer of the brig Minerva, leaving the colony in said vessel, re- quests claims to be presented. 1 The following Persons, who came Cabin Pas-  

sengers in the Ship Heroine, proceeding to Sydney in said vessel, request claims to be presented:- Mr. Clarke, Missionary, Mrs. Clarke, G. C. Clarke, Esq. Lieutenant Palmer, Miss Wylde, Miss Jane Wylde, Mr. George Seagar, and Mr. Thomas Wright.   Mr. Singleton, Mr. Moser, Mr. Gibbons, Mr.   Pennington, Mr. Bigg, Mr. Roberts, and Mr. Parker, who arrived in the ship Heroine, leaving the colony in said vessel, request claims to be presented.  2

Samuel Bayley, seaman, leaving the colony in the Heroine, requests claims to be presented.  2

CAPTAIN BELL, of the brig Minerva, hereby Cautions the Inhabitants against giving Credit  

to the Crew of said Vessel, as he will not be re- sponsible for any Debts contracted by them.

FOR LONDON DIRECT. - The ship Castle Forbes will leave Port Jackson early in Octo-  

ber for Hobart Town ; and will sail from Van Die- men's Land a week after arrival, direct for London. - This Vessel carries a Surgeon, and has superior Accommodation for Passengers. - For Freight or Passage apply to READ & BETHUNE.     JUST arrived per Minerva, Old Port, Sherry, and Claret, in 6 dozen cases, from the well-   known house of Bell & Rannie; Jamaica Rum,   Geneva, ship blocks of all sizes; a small quantity   of Memel fir plank; wine bottles, blankets, and   slops; horse harness, agricultural implements, as-   sorted iron, earthenware and glassware, in small family crates; mustard in kegs, &c. &c. - Apply to Captain Bell; or to READ & BETHUNE.

AT the Stores of Messrs. READ & BETHUNE,   in Macquarie-street, in addition to the Ar-   ticles advertised last week, English candles, in 40 lb. boxes; yellow soap, in 56 1b. boxes; Brazil tobacco, &c.; all of which they are enabled to of-   fer cheaper than they have ever been purchased in

this Colony.

Wool and wheat taken in payment.  



At Mr. J. Williamson's, at the upper end of Mac-

quarie-street, on Tuesday next, the 1st. October,

without Reserve,

READY-MADE Shirts, frilled and plain; a few pair of boots, wood screws, metal buttons,  

earthenware, gunpowder, shot, flints, anvils, axes, knives and forks, brushes, bridles, English mould candles, pins and needles, stout calico sheets, table  

cloths, sheet lead, hair trunks, &c.