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Sitting Magistrate --- Rev. Robert Knopwood, M. A.

SHIP NEWS. - Arrived on Sunday

last, the ship Macclesfield, Captain John Moore, with merchandize and passengers; namely, Mrs. Midwood,  

Mrs. Desaily, Mrs. Hames, and Mrs. Peet, with their  

families; Mr. Wm. Carroll, Mr. Thos. Hooper, Mr.

Peter Harrison, and Master George Kemp, son of A. F. Kemp, Esq. of Hobart Town. --- The Maccles- field, which has been so long anxiously looked for in our port, sailed from England in February for Cork,

which she left the 14th March, and touched at Rio.

Arrived from England on Tuesday morning, the ship Heroine, Captain Ostler, with merchandize and nu- merous passengers, among whom are, Miss Wylde and Miss Jane Wylde, daughters of the Honourable the Judge Advocate of New South Wales; Lieutenant Palmer, of the 2nd Ceylon Regiment, Rev. Mr. Clarke, Missionary, Mrs. Clarke, Mr. Brian, Mr. G. C.

Clarke, Mr. John Seagar, Mr. T. Wright, Mr. James  

Buscombe, Mr. Pennington, Mr. Steele, Mr. Jackson,   Mr. Dunn, Mr. Lowry, Mr. Turnbull, Mr. Gibbons, Mr. Hiddlestone, Mr. Chapman, Mr. G. Smith, Mr. T. Smith, Mr. Pudney, Mr. Hopkins, Mr. Whitaker, Mr. Mather, Mr. Franks, Mr. Barker, Mr. Bigg, Mr. Singleton, Mr. Roberts, Mr. Knight, Mr. Mozar, Mr, Walker, Mr. Drabble, and Mr. Worthy. --- The Heroine sailed from London the 28th of April, and on her voyage put in at Rio de Janeiro.

Arrived at Port Dalrymple yesterday week, from Sydney, the schooner Governor Brisbane, Captain Nolbrow, with merchandize.-Passengers, Colonel McLeod, and Mrs. Riebey.  

Departures,-On Sunday last, for Port Jackson, the Midas, Captain Kirkus, which lately arrived here from the Mauritius, having landed most of her cargo at this port.- Passengers, R. L. Murray, Esq. and Mr. T. Underwood. On Thursday, the transport-ship Prince of Orange, Captain Moncrief, for Bengal.-Passenger, Dr. Crocket, R. N. Yesterday, the ship Emerald, Capt. Elliott, for Macquarie Island. This day, the ship William Shand, Capt. Kenn, for Port Jackson. Passengers, Mr. Bonner, and two or 3 other persons.

Remain in the harbour, H, M. colonial brigs Duke of York and Prince Leopold ; the ships Macclesfield and Heroine; & the colonial schooner Governor Brisbane.

As the Heroine left England some days pre viously to the ship William Shand, which arrived here several weeks ago, we derive no intelligence by this vessel but what has already been given in our Paper.

The total number of passengers by the two ar- rivals this; week from England, is 106; namely, 27 per the Macclesfield, and 79 in the Heroine; of which 66 per the latter vessel, including 41 wo- men and children, are the remainder of the persons who had unluckily engaged their passage in the ship Hope, which was seized, after having been chartered for these Colonies, for taking a greater number of passengers on board than is allowed by law. In consideration of the great expense and loss unavoidably incurred to these individuals, owing to their long detention in England after the time first fixed upon for their sailing, His Ma- jesty's Government granted them passages (the greater part free of all charge), in the Heroine.

According to the late London Papers, and to the notices posted up at Lloyd's, there are now six

merchant-vessels destined for these Colonies.

It is worthy remark, for we believe the like never occurred before, that the whole of the pas sengers, nearly 30 in number, who came out on the William Shand, were wholly provided with fresh provisions from the time of their leaving England till they arrived in the River Derwent; and it is the more remarkable, that the vessel did not put in any where to refresh on her passage, which is computed to be 16,000 miles.

At a full Bench of Magistrates, held on Saturday last, the Deputy Judge Advocate presiding :-Wm. Jones, convict, was found guilty of breaking and en- tering the dwelling-house of Michael Kearns, and steal- ing therefrom two rugs, the property of M. Kearns & two other persons : he was sentenced to receive 50 lashes, & to be locked up at nights.-Joseph Marshall was convicted in the penalty of twenty shillings, for riding and driving his cart most furiously without any reins to guide the animals drawing the same, on the public road.-John Wm. Bostock, free, was fully com- mitted for trial before a Court of Criminal Jurisdiction,

on the charge of forging, and uttering a note of hand   for the sum of £10, purporting to be drawn by Robert Bostock, with intent to defraud Charles Thompson, of Spring-hill.            

Sylvester Lush was ordered to find se-

curity to keep the peace, and be of good behaviour ; himself in £50, and two sureties in £25 each, being   charged with assaulting & beating Ann Lush, his wife.