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Sitting Magistrate-Rev. Robert Knopwood, M.A.

SHIP NEWS.—Yesterday morning

arrived from England, via the Cape of Good Hope, the ship Castle Forbes, Captain Ord, with merchandize

and passengers; —namely, Alexander   Paterson, Esq. and Lady, Mr. and Mrs. C. R. Nairne, Mr. C. R. Nairne, jun. Captain Wood,

Mr. Robert Dixon, Miles Patterson, Esq. Lady, and three Misses Patterson, Masters John, Robert, and Frederick Patterson, Mr. and Mrs.   A. Reid and family, Mr. and Mrs. Ballantyne and family, Mr. and Mrs. Robertson, Doctor Murdock and family, Mr. Stephenson, Mr. Field, Mr. Russel, Mr. Forbes, Mr. Alston, Mr. Scott, Mr. Thompson, Mr. Hodgson, Mr. and Mrs. Sockett, and Master William Evans (from the Cape), son of G. W. Evans, Esq. Deputy Surveyor General at this Settlement; together with 33 steerage passengers, being 76 in all. - The Castle Forbes has had a tedious passage, having been six months from England.

Same day also arrived from Port Jackson in 7   days, the brig Jupiter, Captain Martin.

Yesterday morning also came to port His Ma- jesty's colonial brig Prince Leopold, Mr. Chase,

Commander. She arrived in the river from Mac-

quarie Harbour on Tuesday, and has brought up a cargo of timber from North-west Bay.

On Sunday laft failed for Macquarie Harbour, under the charge of Mr. Kelly, Harbour Mailer, His Majefty's colonial brig Duke or York; hav-   ing on board about 30 male and female convias, under fentence of tranfportation to that place.

On Tuefday failed for Port Jackton, the ship Britomart, Captain Peachs,

Remain in the harbour His Majesty's colonial   brig Prince Leopold; the ships John Bull and   Castle Forbes; the brig Jupiter ; and the schooner Victorine.  

His HONOR the LIEUTENANT GOVERNOR and Suite reached Launceston on Sunday last.

The new Bridge and Causeway, which have been constructed under the direction of the Acting Engineer, near the Government Stock-yard at Ross River, was completed and passable on the 20th ult. ; and the LIEUTENANT GOVERNOR passed over it on his journey to Port Dalrymple. This very useful work has fourteen arches ; and will obviate the inconvenience hitherto felt by the overflowing of that stream in the wet season, by   securing a safe and good passage at all times. -The Bridge was named by the Lieutenant Governor "ROSS BRIDGE."  

The gang which has performed this work, under Mr. Anderson, is now moving to the Elizabeth River, to construct a similar Bridge over that   stream, near the ground fixed for the township of Campbell-town; and which, it is hoped, will be   rendered passable before the winter. These Bridges, with the ferry punt over the River Esk, from which a road to Launceston is in progress, will render

the communication from Hobart Town to Launceston secure from interruption at all periods of   the year, and the distance will be diminished some miles. Very great improvements in the road, especially at Constitution-hill and the Greenwater   Ponds, have been completed, and a new road over Spring-hill is in progress.

We are happy to announce, that accounts have been received from Port Dalrymple of the fchooner Seaflower, which was piratically feized by fix convias, near Oyfler Bay, about a month ago. The pirates, as was íufpecíed, went towards the Straits; and the Commandant of port Dalrymple, who had received notice by exprefä of the event, loft no time in difpatching a well-armed boat to intercept them. The Government boat defcried the ichooner at anchor off Waterhoufe Uland, on the 9th ult. ; her boat, with three of the pirates, being on (hore ; this boat was intercepted and fe cured, and the three criminals are now in cuftody at George Town. The remainder in the fchooner put to fea, and tjje Government boat purfued for íéveral hours ; hut, owing to the very heavy fca, coulil. not then come up with her. The fchooner n?d %lBr?X*fi°n8 but a few mutton birds, and no compkfs $ and the pirates had lost their powder on fhore. Thus having no means of leaving the coast, the defperate and mifguided criminals (who are stated to have quarrelled amongst themfelves) can twdtyAu of being overtaken in fomc of the rirers

or inlets, a pcrfevering fearch being continued

after them.

The Jupiter, during her paflage from Port Jack fon, fpoke the I fab ella, with male pri Toners, and another Urge (hip, both bound for that port.

The brig M cr eus was to fail for this port the day after the Jupiter left Sydney ; as was alfo, the ihip Royal George in a few days.


Died, suddenly, at Launceston, on the 13th ult. Mr. Charles Fletcher, many years a refpectable inhabitant of that Settlement: