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Sitting Magistrate—Rev. Robert Knopwood, M.A.  

SHIP NEWS.—On Tuesday last ar- rived from England direct, the transport ship Medway, Captain Wight, with 156 male prisoners, the complement she

took on board, under the superintendance and care of Doctor Davies, of the Royal Navy. She sailed from Portsmouth the 15th of November. The Officer of the Guard, which consists of 30 non-commissioned officers and privates of the 53d Regiment, is Lieutenant Gor- don, of the 82d Regiment.—Passengers, W. Wemyss, Esq. Deputy Commissary General, and Lady, Michael Moodie, Esq. Assistant Commissary General, Mr. and Mrs. Thompson and family, and Mr. Halden.

Same day arrived also from England, the ship Emerald, Captain Elliott, with a valuable cargo of merchandize. This vessel left London the 8th of   November, and on her passage touched at Teneriffe and the Cape of Good Hope.—Passengers, George Meredith, Esq, Lady and family, Mr. and Mrs. Thorn- ton, Mr. and Mrs. Gregson, Mr. and Mrs. Peevor and family, Mr. and Mrs. Baker and family, Mr. Archer, Mr. Kerr, Mr. Compton, Mr, Decelly, Mr. and Mrs. Watson and family, Mr. and Mrs. Thompson, Mr. and Mrs. Amos and family, Mr. Charlton, Mr. Gim, Mr. Dryden, Mr, Christy, Mr, Cooper, Mr. Farnely, Mr. Banks, and Mr. Charles Nockels.

The ship Jessie will sail for Port Jackson in the course of the ensuing week.

Remain in the harbour, the ships Medway, Emerald, Duchess of York, Caroline, Regalia, Jessie, and Eliza ; the brigs Governor Farquhar and Guide ;

and the schooner Victorine,

The Court of Criminal Jurisdiction will, we under- stand, resume its sittings, at the new Colonial Hospi- tal, in this town, on Monday next, at eleven o'clock in the forenoon.  

Married—By Special Licence, at Cottage Green, on Monday last, by the Rev. R. Knopwood, M. A. Mr. George Brooks, to Miss Mary Anne Cundell, sister of Mrs. Jamieson, of New Norfolk.