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Accompanied bj a strong contingent ot suppor I U-3 Williamstown went to Brighton, wliicli club

the) defeated by 10 points, by no meins a big I margin when tlie fact te taken into cons hiera ti on ,

that tlie locals played without Sloss, their capable |

follower, from 12 minutes after the game com

im-nccd At that stage Sloss Ml hcavllj, and, is I Pr Aitchison found on examination, chipped the point of tua collarbone Sloss, who Is a fair ami man.} player, was incapacitated for several wet-ka last season by a somewhat similar accident. Brigh ton were further handicapped during the third quarter through Kennedy having to leave the field for about 15 minutes to have an accidental cut ovir tlie t.c attended to To add to Brighton's talc of woe Marwick, two minutes before the final bil)

eoltiaed with Hirtshorne (Williamstown s ro\ii)t with tlie result that the txSt Kildalte hid hi-» nose broken Hartshornc had his head cut In ÍAO places, riiese mi aim ps, it ia only light to stile, were not due to anv uudulv rough or spiUful xilay but were mcrclj incidents, painful. It it) true, of the game Although admiring the plucky perform ance put up bj Brighton against heaw odds the visitors claimed, and lightly so, that their advan tage should luve been much neater but for thtir erratic attempts at goal kicking p irtlculnrîv m ttic first and third quarters in whu-h both Addison and Amy missed ridiculously tasy bhots

Brighton took the field minus 11 ard im in ind Plaisted (both suffering from mumps) nnd Gor man, whose pi ices were filled bj I chun, Kusthcrt, nnd Dinwoodie Williamstown left out Liuhfield

and Gibbons, and pla j ed Matthews (who__. kg is on the mond) and Homer (one of last season s The ground was in excellent ordtr, and a light cross breeze from the weit was blowing Jt the start, and only freshened a little after the in tim] If anything, the team kicking towards the road end had a slight ndvantigc from the wind

Hie visiting team quiekl> had i behind «id goal to their credit, and a snapshot bj Leonard wna touched by the Brighton dcfcndci (Wcnborn) b_

tw _ cn tht posts On SIOES s computo.*} rUirtmont, I oban went into the ruck and was frequentlj in evidence Weidncr and Reitman were nmrkiiig in great stvle on Williamstown's hall back line M'hen/io stopped a long kick bj 1 chin almobt on the goil line, but combined work bj _. T/ixton and Bantick gave Richard--oil a good chinee, which he spoilt bv aiming too hurncdlv it tile goals "Tich" Biilea marked a weak kick in b> M'henzJe, but mis-rd a splendid opportunitj from a miming e-hot Addison, Leonard, Amy, and Olbin fccored minor points for Williamstown Hugh Purse (the Brighton ciptain) marked all over Bui

.lion, and M'Ncilagc put a little more vigour than was rec_B-~ry in checking "rich" BailtR. On the first change of ends Williamstown led by nine


Plowman got his sides fourth behind and after Matthews lind got a small point Vu» bit the toa! post high up Bridgford chipped in nt a-cdti ral moment and dro*e off the invaders (Harts horne and Am}) Brighton s first goal was a fitting conclusion to a fine series of marks between Bin wood! Y Balles Borwick II luxton and Tlch

Bailes who neatly scored J rom u pcniltv kick 1 coe ard had no trouble in registering Williams towns second goal followed quicklj b} Harts hirne punting tin third At half time \\ illioms town s acoro was J coals 11 bollinda to Brighton a 1 coal 4 bellin Is Although Bennion and Addison bad taken Bennett an 1 Bourke s places in the nick "for the second quarter it wua not long before the latter pur wore called upon to replace them

Hie thirl quarter opened with Birwick cloverly Hifti | mg the locals second goal MaUlwws scored the fourth coal from a nice running shot Masters and Kuchert time and again stopped rushes Rourle who^e dash through the ruck imariaWy enables h m to secure the ball from the throw in pissed to Bennion whose 40 * îrds kick raised Wi!

liamstowns fifth goal Birwick was prevented from scoring Iv M henzie s watchfulness and re source W ilhamstown were -l8 to 17 points at three quarter time

Wenborn Barwick nnl Masters were conspieu ous and Bonni in was beaten twice in high ma^k ing once bv Purse and a second time stiange lo relati tv the diminuthe Tirb ' Bailes who in attempting to repeat the trick pushed the c.\ Prubranite fair in the middle of the back Brighton th°n made ft. determined rall* mi 1 Richardson from a runnlnt, shot got their thirl go ii Two minutes later Tich Bailes smirtlv popped the fourth goal Ruin i kicked n behind and then B ir wick marked ami put Hie fifth goal through ina Brighton were then onl* 13 points in arrear with five minutéis left for pla} VRhouch the home ten« i mcckd hird to dcerenf-c the leid it w is all

in * du an I the last 1 one vanished when a minute j lofor-» tine lo} piwrl to \my to Matthews who

snapped a t,oti The final scores were -Williams i town 0 coals "1 bobin Is (57 points), Brighton o gOttbS helinds (3S joints)

Williamttown played with more system than their opponents whose principal fault was that

they held too long to the ball and ran when a' good long kick would have been more effective lor Hw winners the bet pla}era were Heitman ^eidner M Nonage Bennett IUrtshonio Rourke M henrie lillian Jo* Gibbs Leonard and Mat thews. The losers were be*t served by Masters Richardson Tich Bailes Plowman Kenned* \ laxton Wenborn hudiorr, Bridgford Pu rae. Bar

wick, and Ichan

The cn!} unpleasant feature of the play wau the striking of Kulp» by UarUhon», who will probably

have to explain matters to tlie llirce new investiga tion com mi sa (oners Nordcrn a umpinng left much I to bo desired His decisions, particular!} in the

second half, were like Williamstown's goal shoot- ing-\ery erratic' It might be added that Brigh- ton suffered the moat through his inconsistencies