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Kaiset Wilhelm's Land, the northern section of south east New Guinea, is about a week's steaming from Brisbaine. The   coast-line is rugged, and often precipitous   hills of great height rise sheer from the   water's edge. Rabaul is the chief port, and is now the capital ol Kaiser Wilhelm's Land, or German New Guinea, as the terri-  

tory is more generally known. In appear-   ance Rabaul is little more than an insig-

' - Photograph Taken fiom the Deck of HMAS Encounter.        



nificant township, the chief buildings being     two or three trading stores, two ?, the       shipping office of the Norddeutscher?         Company and an hotel. There is only the semblance of a street. There is a small         collection of dwellings in the Japanese     lina tu bul Hit olhti ) m itt li 1 lunts ut seilteiul pionu uiou Ia ( istiiuiunL lfou«e is of we illili lionel mel is onl) bs

tmguisli ible In Hu dig linn, j

One ot llu Insist toit, ii 1 ii nil i iuuiT|_td li) i \iitoinn uul Hine in ul lcibt tSAO Otlltl \llstl ililli »Soil ill,, in til

town Mosl of tht Gil mau white it Mints ne Gos ti nun nt iillui ils I util in»» Ants ago Ilcibiitshohc on tit nu"l I o nin"' i lund of Nui I'omnuin ("Nui lulim) AA is Hie seit of goA u numil of Hit C ti mun

po session

tilt ne i oi Gumin New Lumea nulud mg font, mel II mi] i i i lulls is "0 000 bqiiut milts Hu chu! pioduit is t jn i lilli tillie Ul UIIiIlI Ililli» illili lOllglll»

itliout ii 30(1 nue C o'tl 1 i« io «nil» liten discos trod but Ililli nuning is dont Hie climate is tlisuibtd 1) n it -ent ss ntti in J lit Ailus ("Ali li Kell}) as pioliabl) Un silest m the I'ltilit Hu lient li (Ntieine uni Unit ii an tntlic lb une of Hit tool luti/is lint lefttsh the lsluuls tirlhei south Itsei abounds )tl li uti is tonsidei iblt In 1012 the salue of c\poiU union iltd ti tl)S ]S4 and 081) se-stls »sith m ii^ic itt of 8IS 1*2 tons ugibtti sisited Hit piintipil poits

elm mt, tilt samt pel loci |

(ti nulli INiss Gum i nitist jiopul ilion is t«tuimttd moulin,, to Ali kell} it odl 01)0 mel Hit tot ii mimi ci ( I as lute u i

dtntb is >SJ ot whom J(4 ut I um ins lu addiliun lime ne ilioul-iUO J ij>mc c uul Chinese m tilt po- c sion Jf thin di

nu mom i to bl t ii tn is n isuleiiu t ti Gtiuians who lut m Nts ( linn i m ni t I

os li lo} ul to i tin 1 ithci luid uul tht j

nitises in lum do not lost then Gummi

mist tis ins too well

ISeSA Guine i m «pile of potential ssenltn | Ins until lttenl jim kui t soit of tin , du ella miong-t isi mils el limul ou i ion ill), but nilly limos tied b) any of Hu I mopLin Posseis liol]md ss is lu t in the held suth iblmdoss} clninosii tin »si tun pot lion that sa is in 1711 iftti the Sultan

of lidoic had submitted to llollind us i' suztiuin posvoi, but silnlt i "ood de ii of

cxploiing »sus done from time to imii bs . Uutth scientists it ia is not until 1*0.) tb it i dnect conttol of the section sa is taken osti

Hie old 1 ist Indi i Coinpins i__uoim_, the!

ineireclise Jardell claim iiiuiiNed the sa hole

island m 179 J, but Hies t,ol no Hi ml s fi oin ' Hie home Ons eminent foi doing so not sa is the nnniNition lntihtd J i_,lit} sens lilei Ciptun àAloresb) thought thal lu at ins ratt nuglil stntiue on Mini), posbt ion of the islands in Hie Chin i s-ei it the bl

tstituuty ot Ness Gum u md this he did in the name of Queen \ ittoui but Qtittn s IMinibtcis »Aould not inmost ol the ilium eitlitt, and bo most of New Guim i mil 11 t idjitttnt islands billi leniained No "Al m s

land Captain Moiesb) s »»oil hniitsit i »ins not in a mu Ile bad suuttdtd m mi

pressing tin tilt Queensland Gostunuent and on Vusti din geneiiills Hit ntlsisibilils of piosidmg ntiinst the possihilit) of i foici_,n ¡loss el buoniint. posse sed of the loin-ls op posite the touts blunts and of (lit intiunic

to the AAiteiwa) inside the Bunn 1!clI | In 1883 Sn thomas Mcïhsmtii then Go Aernot of Quecnslind omi mole muicsed Hint part of the islinel opposite tin, Quiñi» lind toist, and onto moie tht home Go Atinment disaiossul the amusntion J he

lolonics hossesci ssete uoas ilist to tin' us!» the) ian tommtreiall) ssitli things is

the} sseie, and htiong tcjucseut itious on the |

nectshits foi uilTLNitum sseit imidt to GitntBiitam J"1» tutu ills Hit GoAcnmient conbtnted to the boutli eistcin litio il hunt, anncNcd as fin as the Dutch lioiuidnii on tondition that the colóme» sumid pis _1j.000 a )tai toss nils adnimibtuing the ness possession In 1SD1 the J (intuís ol

l'apua, to gue it the olluiil limit ss is i made a dependent?} of tilt Commons»tilth i Hie Uiutiniinl Gosunoi sslio itsidis nt

Poll Sloieshs, is issisted bs an 1 Ntiutise u ¡ Lcçislatisc Council and li} a IN it ia t Kc_,u lation Bounl In 18S1 b) lniptiiil lctttrs intent, the Geimaii Ntss Ginini Conn ins anntxtd the north east poition of the lslind Stibsoquentl) the Geinuin Goseinnieiil luadt a fiuther inncNation of tin Bimmil ck \ttlu pth|_o as Inch campuses Ness Pommel n, Nesv Jlethlenbuifc Hit Adiinialts Islands and the Solomon Islands Jin uiea of the mainland is nbout 31)0 001) Mimili miles lilli this is ni Hit pinlotlorate and the leinaindei is about eqmlls disided bets»ten Gi cat Bntain and Gil mum

Glosiing accounts hase bien ssiilten of Genunn ¡Ness Guinea li) the J nglish stun lists »silo base suited it As legtuds its liol i and fauna it appcus to lit more in tuesting than the Bulish piotectouitt It is tqiiall) futile and it contains arcas of oNceedingl) nell lands Hint will mow all tiopiral pimblee lo peifeetion the Cn\ man Ness Guinea Conipans base giossn to

buceo «Inch ia saul to li is o In ought 1/ ii | lb wholesale in Btuopc An mtcicstmg ne i tount of a tup tluough the Gel man pos | session in Nosy Gmneu list If ss as ss i itttn i b) 11 Oi)Ky |Wcbstei sslio sisilcd AAil

helnislias cn then the scat of Go» eminent, I m 1888 It is stiange leading these (lass ¿hut, His TXccllenc) acting untlei special mstinotions from Bellin did all ho loulil for the com foi tot the pails ' ¡Ah \\ cusin, li eatct' is ith. so miieh kindness bj Hit GoAcinoi and Ins staff nntiunlls dots not like to 1} tin'ilensunl things of his hosts

AVt bust a glimpse. Iioiscsei. of Um Gei . man sui) »Alien ho) tolls up of a Chinese sslio ssas (logged ssîth temblé stseuts in publie Hie unfoitunato mun suis ssoilinp loi Hit touipuns, und lus bin was Hi il in ¡lad um ass as and thal he lind pu i «un ltd ms of Ins. toiiiiti}nitn to run niniy ' svith lum Jle lind lold them thal osul »onie high peaka that Hu} tould bet on

distant islands of the Archipelago loy


The naines in tins part of the island uccoidmg to Jil Wtbster, ale of many tjuts bul genci ill} they are of a fine ji'nsiquc **oine of tho tribes strongly sue, gest ti ¡semille ongin Mau} men, man} custom«: but one custom tiny have in tom mon is ti at of chewing betel nut Hie nut b} itstlf Mi Websltt thought, was disigiteably hot and but when then til uftei the native fashion with a dish of quid lime and the whole wiupped up in i pt) | el ltaf lit liionounccd it to be n vu it tbli. pate du diable He gives some rimal kable photogiapli» of tht natives showing Hie unions wu}s they disfigure tlitinstlves m ordtt lo become utttactivt to tht opposite t-tx Out old thief is shown moit hideous in his tllorts iftei comeliness than nm nightmare His method of dress ing his hau was lomiuon enough the long loci s weie caked with some black sub statte and Hit ifftcl of the coifluic was that of a sheepskin that had been dragged

thiougli the mud ind illowed to diy " siys Mi Wtbst.i Hie ititi bowevu of li iv

ing his upiiei lip silt and the two loose ennuis ii flaps «tun to lu» nostuls was 01 it-Hi ii II hid mhanrtd Hit tflett of the (li«tigiiieiuuit li} nosing Ins whole fuit to li pa in ti d i deni while

Men worntn md thihlien ill «moke Air Wdislpi notKcd a natnt woman smoking with t (luid it tin bln-t 1 vtiv now mel thin the tink! would Ipivp its nituiul

¡norni«!miont and lcficsh it-elf with u juill oi two nt its niothirs pipe On anotbci unision lie «ni i nitivi woman suckling a lulu and i «m ill pig it the unit time Mit ipptiitd to le von «olititoiis lbout tht Pig whith lie thought w is ixpl unod li} tile iiigli tunket value Hu ttumiils po««tss

.-i oi- Hit stiph food ot the mines, and to this tluv uld lis|i i pig oi a dog bv win of i ilelienii while living foxos ne il«o a nun li itquist On i loiunev, too thev will ( it «mist« mil dt idlj ones with a lclish Hie, show gleit si ill in catching tlitm with then hinds Hu snake is giabbtd behind tin noel md then with a piece of «hup bamboo thpv will Ft, et the he id Hit both got« into i big mil is looktd at the ni xt nu ii Quill is dangerous as any of the m il es is a small fish found in creeks md ii,eis A louth ftoni tht spil} fins of tin- tu itnit is f ii ii unless pon oi ful lemo dus ne applied without dclaj 'the natives, who have no fen of snakes great!) diead this fi h l"iiiiias toitoiees, nnd nlligitois thouin! but Hit ilhgntois me not s nage W tllibips ne pluititul m some puts also Hut it is the lind lift that Ins nudo lins I ditton of tht island so ittnitne to natui

ilists 0,u ¡it) ntw spcties hut been ell-

en, ned nu! the plumage is .sometime» of

e\ti lindum, lieautv

On the loiel, the tlmiale of German Avow Gumti is genei ilh unhealthy lillian t is to.ion mil KiinetiiiHs it is of a uitilmt lind, thmiji usuill} it uelds lo quinine «lien pinpeil, ulministeitd On the up lind- linn is an »liai climate U in alti

tittil of iboul tOOnfl it might be dcsciibtd

is i pu tittil ii t-pimg with nist n touch of fio t ni the tul} hours of the morning




The following official list shows the ranks, names and addresses of Victoria's           naval contribution to the successful Expedi     tionary force now in German New    

Guinea -

Lieut R G Bowen, Naval Staff Office, Port  


S Lt Chas Webber, 51 Dundas place, Albert  

Park, V  

S Lt Avenal Hext, 42 Findlay street, Albert

Park, V  

Gnr Young, N S Office, Launceston    

Mid Chas Wm Hicks, 11 Mitchell street, North


Mid Richards Stanley Veale, 17 Findlay street,

Albert Park

Mid. Reg Langdon Fuller, 2 Chester street,    

Moonee Ponds

Mid Colin Laurence, care of W N Edgar, Wood-     leigh, South Gippsland    

Eng. Mid. Harry Alexr. Willian, Victoria street,  


Eng. Mid. Charles Matthew Cock, Mount Alexander   road, Moonee Ponds      

Ag. Yeo. Sig. Cyril Motton Urquhart, 47 Page

street, Albert Park.

Ag. Yeo. Sig. Wilfred Jamieson 330 Montague  

street, Albert Park      

L.S. Percy Collier, 188 Albert street, Port Mel


Acting Artif. Francis Geo Caborne, 8 Johns

street, Footscray.

First Writer Ronald Fowler, 105 Verdon street,    

Williamstown V

A.B. Robert Williamson Goldie, Port Fairy


A.B. Frederick Horace Hale, 274 Russell street,    


O.S. Geo Archd. Allen Guthrie, 125 Adams street,  

North Williamstown

O.S. Ed. Michael Smith, 86 Sutherland street,    

North Brunswick

O.S. Oswald Geo McLaren 11 Nerford place,

Albert Park.

O.S. William Nathaneul Gothard, care of Jenkins,      

Arthur street, Fairfield.    

O.S. Charles Craig Philpot, 50 Davis street,

North Carlton.  

Second Writer Leslie William Trickey, 124 Lord  

street Richmond.

O.S. Alfred Henry Holmes, Golf Links avenue,  


Sto. 1 Alex Joseph Congues, 31 Cruickshank

street Port Melbourne.      

Second Ck. Albert William Hudson, 136 Thistle-     thwaite street, South Melbourne.

O. Sig. Oscar Vincent, 4 Isabella grove, Haw-


Second SS William Charles Parlett, 13 Laun    

der street, Glenferrie

Sto. 2 George Jarrett, Percy street ,Portland

Act. Art. Raymond S. Hammerburg, 300 Ross      

street, Port Melbourne

O.S. Frederick Jackson Sinel, 17 Leek street    


O.S. Sydney Lewis Patterson, Gawler street,


O.S. William Higgie, 21 McGregor street, Middle


Blacksmith's Mate, Percy Reginald Harrison, 16      

Railway street, Footscray.  

P.O. Henry Richd Orpen, 10 Sydney road,  


A.B. Rupert Leslie Bourne, Rossville, Speight

street, Northcote

A.B. George Newington Spunner 20 Bruce street,      


L.S. William George Redfern, Allestree, Port-


L. Sto. Edward James Butler, 50 Ireland street,  

West Melbourne    

A.B. Vivian Pithouse, Pentinok street, Portland  

A.B. John Stubbs, 56 Chetwynd street,West  


R.M.L.I. Alfred Mitchell, 9 Winter street, Mal    


A.B. Joseph Henry Watford, 13 Princes street,  

North Williamstown.

A.B. Cyril Frank Hall, Falstaff Restaurant,

Spencer street Melbourne  

R.M.L.I. Sydney Edward Bunelow, 36 Ridgway    

avenue, Kew.

A.B. Thomas McCarron, 60 Lorne street, Moonee    


L. Sig. (R.N.V.A.R.) William Arthur Vale, 4 Sturt          

street, Collingwood  

T.S. Fred Knight, 219 York street, South Mel-  


A.B. Frank Caulton, 117 Stevedore street, Wil  


A.B. Herbert Campbell, Dover street, Wil  


A.B. Charles Burgess, Park crescent Williams-


A.B. Leslie Miles, 359 Rae street, North Fitzroy  

A.B. George Royston McDonald, 100 Langridge       street, Collingwood.

A.B. Theodore Sydney Hooks, 181 Pelham street,    


O. S. Frank Melbourne Robertson, 208 Albert road,  

Albert Park

C.P.O. George Robert Palmer, 60 Fitzgibbon      

street, Parkville  

A.B. Harry Mumford, 7 William street, Yarra-


A.B. Sidney Edward Staines, 103 McIlwraith street, North Carlton

A.B. George Henry Elkine, 74 Francis street    


A.B. William Walter Allen, Hurd street, Port-


A.B. Nelson Blair Beglin, Hurd street, Portland  

A.B. James Dumbleton, 17 York, street Yarra-    


A.B. William Thomas Tonkin, 9 Evelyn street,    


A.B. Arthur William Robinson, Cramer House,

Cramer road, Beaumaris.  

A.B. Frank Currie, 181 Pelham street, Carlton      

O.S. Henry James Merrick, 37 Garden street,  

Port Melbourne.  

Sto. Arthur William Bennett, care of Mrs Waters,     Little Collins street, Melbourne.        

Sto. 1 William John Looby, 55 Charles street,   St Kilda.

Sto. 1 Frederick Taylor, 14 Stawell street, Farn           ley

P.O. 2 George Hunt, 401 Nicholson street, North  


M.A.A. John Hartley Beaton, 174 Osborne street,      

Williamstown |

Sto 1 Thomas Cardoe, Broadmeadows Hotel Broadmeadows    

A.B. Mordicia Bower Smith, Allambee, Yarra-      


A.B. Claude Bensley, 103 Kerford road, Albert


L.S.1 Ernest Robert Midley, 6 Gillman street,           East Malvern.

Sto Charles Allen Harris, 157 Cruikshank street,  

Port Melbourne.  

A.B. William Robert Turner, 181 Pelham street, Carlton

Sto Ralph Wickham, 33 Blair street, Bruns-    

wick East.  

A.B. Robert Lawrence Martin, 49 Grieve street,        

North Fitzroy.  

A.B. William Robert Hartwell, care of Parsons'    

Brooke street, Westgarth, Heidelberg        

L.S. William McLoughlan, 66 Smith street,              

South Melbourne.

A.B. Charles Keiller, Hurd street, Portland.    

A.B. John Webber, 8 Alexander crescent, South  


A.B. Gordon Dundstrom, (?), 39 Richardson street,  

Albert Park.

A.B. William Everest, 125 Stoke street, Port  


Painter Harry Herbert Porfrey, 353 Coventry

street, South Melbourne

A.B. Cecil Percy Thoresby, 110 Inkerman street,  

St Kilda.

L.S. Robert Curwen, 35 Primrose street, Moonee  


A.B. George Alford, 96 Raglan street, Port Melbourne.  

Sto. Leslie Sinclair Eastman, 617 Brunswick street,    

North Fitzroy.  

L. Sto Neil McDonald, 480 Albert street, East


Sto 2 Walter Taylor, 747 Drummond street,

North Carlton.

A.B. Frank Elliott, 151 Brighton street, Rich    


Sto. P.O. William Geo. Thomas Richardson, 37 Railway place, Williamstown

Sto 1 Alexander Allison, 14 Gladstone place,  

South Melbourne.  

A.B. Donald McLachlan, 83 Queen's parade, North Fitzroy.

Shipwright Robert Boyd, 76 North road, New-  


A.B. Donald Ross, 230 Richardson street, Middle  


Sto. 1 Charles Arthur Cook, 209 Grant street,

North Melbourne.  

Sto. Thomas Smith, 59 Nelson place, Williams-  


Sto. James Fraser, Sailor's Home, Melbourne.  

A.B. William Geo Vincent Williams, 36 Beaver     road, Northcote  

Engr Thomas James Hughes, Port Fairy.  

A.B. William Knox, 56 Murray street, Prahran.