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The following umpires have been appointed:—  

For Saturday:—Essendon v. Richmond.—Field,       Noseda; boundary, Bertram, Griffiths; goal, Mina- han, Lindsay; steward, O'Brien. Fitzroy v. St.   Kilda.—Field, Boyle; boundary, Roy, Naismith;    

goal, Franks, Little; steward O'Hehir. Geelong   v. Collingwood.—Field, Ayles; boundary, Shelly, Murphy; goal, Smith, Jones; steward, McKay, S.   Melbourne v. Carlton.—Field, Elder; boundary         Davies, Green; goal, Buckley, Miller; steward,   Appleton. Melbourne v. University.—Field, Norden;         boundary, Stainsby, Doherty; goal, Sigmont, Lucas; steward, Drohan. Ballarat (two), Lane, B. Davies; Bacchus Marsh (two) , Bremner, Dunning; Newstead v. Castlemaine, Nugent; Kyneton v.   Maldon, Tulloch; Foundry v. Collegians, Beauchamp; Korumburra v. Leongatha, Bain; Loch v.   Outtrim, Angus; Dromana v. Bomerville, Clarke; Frankston v. Mornington, Winston; Rutherglea v. Lake Rovers, Vernon; Roowong, Kewnedy.    

For Wednesday :- Bendigo (two) , Norden, Ayles; Shepparton v. Mooroopns Murphy; Rochester v.

Tatura, Green; Echucs v. Kyabram, Tulloch; Ararat   v. Horsham, Noseda; Stawell v. Murton, Lane; Avenel v. Murchison, Bain; Euroa v. Nagambie, Clarke; Seymour v. Rushworth, Beauchamp; Inter-   Collegiate, Elder.

For Thursday.- Bairnsdale v. Sale, Boyle.

In connection with the football match on Satur- day next, between the Collingwood and Geelong teams, the s.s. Edina will not leave Geelong until 6 p.m., so that passengers may have an op-     portunity of witnessing the match.



The following umpires have been appointed for Saturday next:—North Melbourne v. Essendon, at   North Melbourne—Field, Hurley; boundary, Woolfe, P. O'Loughlin; goal, McGee, Kennison. North-   cote-Preston v. Williamstown, at Croxton Park     —Field, Kendall; boundary , Marmo, Harris; goal, Molyneux, Gregory. Prahran v. Melbourne City, at Toorak Park—Field, Herbert; boundary, McKenry, Mulvany; goal, De Coite, Weedon, Brunswick v. Brighton, at Brunswick—Field, Rawle; boundary Pratt, McNamara; goal, Elder, Daniel. Footscray v. Port Melbourne, at Foots- cray—Field, Chisholm; boundary, Pye, Darby; goal, Appleby, Greenland. Wednesday, July 2.— Trafalgar, Kendall; Yarragon, Porteous; Warragul,   McMurray.

The following permits have been granted:-   Leslie McQueen , from North Melbourne to North Melbourne Juniors; C. Cassidy, Footscray to Foots- cray Juniors; H. Litchfield, Essendon to Williams-   town Juniors; H. Cox, Brighton to South Bendigo; C. Hartshorne, Williamstown to Williamstown     Juniors; E. Bickford, Essendon (League) to Essen- don; J. Walsh, South Melbourne to North Mel- bourne; J. White, Richmond to Brunswick; G. McLeod, Essendon (League) to Brunswick. Permit Refused—C. Hammond, Northcote to Carlton.



The rough play commissioners of the Victorian   Football Association (Messrs. W. R. Rylah, chair- man, S. J. Dailey, and W. Magennis) yesterday evening resumed their inquiry into the allegation made by the Brunswick club that W. A. Laver (North Melbourne) charged H. Chase (Brunswick) in the game between the clubs on June 9. The witnesses for North Melbourne declared that the incident was an ordinary bump of the football     field, but the Brunswick witnesses averred that the bump was unduly severe and deliberate. The commissioners held the charge proved, and dis- qualified Laver for five weeks.

G. Ross (Brunswcick) asked for a reopening of his   case, on the grounds that he was innocent and that   another player, who would give evidence, was the one who bumped Hawkins.

G. Ross said that he felt very keenly the dis- qualification for four weeks for striking D. Hawkins, for he was absolutely innocent. A grave injustice   had been done. He could not call L. Braid,

who had collided with Hawkins, because the latter

was not present owing to the illness of his wife.

The Chairman.—Why did you not tell us that Braid was a material witness and was not     available ?

Ross.—I could not bring Braid in because he

was not present.

Mr. Dailey.—Why did you not tell us that ?

Ross.—Because I was so sure of my own inno-    


The Chairman.—If you can give us sufficient   grounds we might reopen the case. You made a big mistake.  

L. Braid said he would have been present at the   inquiry to say he bumped Hawkins, but his wife was suddenly taken ill and he was prevented from attending. He did not think there could possibly     be any evidence against Ross.

After a short deliberation the chairman an- nounced that in the special circumstances the commissioners would reopen the case next Wed-


Amongst those present was Councillor James Gardiner (the North Melbourne delegate). The chairman asked him in what capacity he was

present. Councillor Gardiner replied that he re- presented a suburban newspaper, and was allowed to remain in the room.



Charges of rough play against Belcher, of Essendon, and Williamson, of Carlton, were investigated     by the Victorian Football League committee —Messrs. A. McCracken (chairman), H. W. Bryant, and J. McLaughlin—last night.

The first charge was that against A. Belcher,   captain of the Essendon team, who was accused by Steward Wheeler of having elbowed Williamson (Carlton) during the match on Saturday last. Belcher stated that he had not struck Williamson with his elbow, but had stopped him with a but-   tock bump.

Williamson said:—I do not remember being struck     by Belcher.        

Mr. Bryant.—It is all very well for players to   defend one another, but we went the truth. Were you struck on the chest?


Mr. Bryant.—Have you spoken to Belcher about   the incident?—We spoke together this evening, but we never mentioned this matter.

Mr. Bryant.—What ?—Belcher did say that we had been reported for using elbows, but he remem-   bered nothing about the matter. I have always been on good terms with Belcher.

Mr. Bryant.—Yes; particularly to-night.      

Mr. F. Reid (secretary of the Essendon club), who defended Belcher, said that the steward's evidence was uncorroborated. He had doubtless mistaken a hand bump for a blow.  

In the second case Williamson was charged by central umpire Elder with having used his elbows unfairly. Williamson denied the charge. Elder said that while play was in progress during the third quarter Belcher and Williamson went for the ball. As they came away Williamson was bumped by Belcher. The former retaliated with his elbows. He gave Belcher a free-kick, and told Williamson   that he would report him. Williamson had been cautioned in the second quarter.

J. Roy, a boundary umpire, said:—I told Elder at   the end of the first quarter to watch Williamson, as he was swinging his elbows about.  

Williamson.—I have often been told that I am very awkward with my arms and legs. I am long,   and have not properly "set" yet. Perhaps that may have made them think that I was using my elbows (Laughter).  

A. Belcher said:—I remember getting a free kick in the third quarter.

Mr. McCracken.—Did you got the elbow?—The umpire said I did. I thought I got it for a push


After hearing the evidence, Mr. McCracken stated that the commitee considered that both charges had been proved. Belcher, being an old player,   should have known better. He would be disqualified

for four League matches. It being Williamson's     first year in League football, he would be ordered to stand down for three League matches.

VICTORIAN JUNIOR ASSOCIATION. Matches and umpires for Saturday, June 28:—Es-   sendon v. North Melbourne, at Essendon, field umpire H. Pryde, goal umpires McDonell and Pickett; Wil- liamstown v. Camberwell, at Williamstown, C. Curtis, Bakes and Dobbie; Yarraville v. Prahran,     at Yarraville, T. Knowles, Duncan and Tucker; Brighton v. Preston, at Brighton, A. Pattison,     McKenna and Bell; Port Melbourne v. Footscray, at Port Melbourne, W. H. Jackson , Sharkey and Roche.

Lang Lang Association.—C. Linnell.

Midlands District Association.—Darraweit v.   Kilmore, at Darrsweit, A. Cheesley; Wallan v. Broadford, at Wallan, C. Crawford.

Upper Yarra Association.—Millgrove v. Water-   works, at Millgrove, O. Tishler; Warburton v. Yarra Junction, at Warburton, G. S. Hatfield.  

Woodend District Association.—Macedon v. Wood-   end, at Macedon, J. J. Delaney ; Daylesford v. Trentham, at Daylesford, H. Beaumont.

Riddell's Creek Association,- Romsey v. Sunbury,     at Romsey, E. J. Judd.

Bourke and Evelyn Association.—Whittlesea v.     South Morang, at Whittlesea, E. Keyhoe; Epping v. South Yan Yean, at Epping, F. L. Todd.  

Yarra Flats Association.—Healesville v. Lilydale,     at Healesville, C. A. Michael; Coldstream v.   Yarra Glen, at Coldstream, R. G. Pow.  

Heidelberg Association.—Fairfield Juniors v.     Fairfield, at Fairfeld, S. J. Delaney; Alphington v.  

Greenshorough, at Alphington, T. Collins: Diamond Creek v. Heidelberg, at Diamond Creek, A. W. Wellington; Ivanhoe v. Templestowe, at Ivanhoe, W. Bedford.              

Berwick District Association.—Clayton v. Ber-   wick, at Clayton, A. S. Geddes; Pakenham v.   Dandenong, at Pakenham, W. Dunhallen; Spring- vale v. Cranboune, at Springvale, A. W. Tibballs.    


Results of Saturday's matches:—    

Elsternwick, 6 goals 12 behinds (48 points), drew     with Richmond District, 7 goals 6 behinds (48 points).

Clifton Hill Methodists, 9 goals 5 behinds (59   points), beat Melbourne District, 4 goals 9 behinds

(33 points).                    

Hawthorn B, 5 goals 13 behinds (43 points), beat Oakleigh, 4 goals 9 behinds (33 points).

Northern District, 13 goals 15 behinds (93 points),   beat Everleigh, 3 goals 9 behinds (27 points).

Coburg, 8 goals 9 behinds (57 points), beat       Brunswick Juniors, 5 goals 7 behinds (37 points).    



Richmond District