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DRUMS 2-3 gallon Sample and price lo Aus

traban Explosives Compam, 13_ IVilllam-st, Melbourne__ ENGINL, secondhand stc-am portable lind

Boiler, 3 or 4 h p N B , caro Lxcllange, 360 -oUms-st- _ _^___

FURNTTURF (Secondhand) an 1 Bedsteads

W ANTED" any quantity or condition highest prices given Craham s 103 Chapel st, Windsor

Tel IT4 Windsor_'_

FURNTTURF -Before seUing privately consult

us ne handle contents of houses £ ,0 to

£1000 immediate cash settlements. Bcauciiamp Brother«, auctioneers, 319 CoDins-Bt.


^URNTTOBJ--Contents of Largo House singlo

articles. Pianos, Billiard tables, cash wait ing Beckett Bros., furniture brokers, laO to 160 Gertrude st. Fi-roy Tel 2SS&_ "lâ^URNTlTJltL, nnj qitantitv your own price J- (riven write or calL U John«on and Son 501 Flinders-lane IV_ FURVITURr llousciioll tlequreitos. Gold ¿liver

ware Darnes.« "Vc! icles, Bought spot cash The IVhlte House 100 Aubnm nL,_A_beirn_ TjlURNTTURF Ilonsebold Reqiulltes Cold Sll -J*- vcrvvare Ilarncso, V chicles. Bought, spot cish The White House loo Aliliiirn-rd Auburn

GOID Diamonds Silver BOUGHT Jew Is

Artificial Teeth Plate Cunos Ac Way

jeweller Offices "1 o-» 1~ Swanston st_ IYIALID CH MRS SAH or Hire adjustable

back and footrcst rubber tires tride supplied Catalogue from 1 liopcr 204 Swanston st_ T EVELS Theodolites Telescopes Snnoving In JLJ struments PURCHASED Hcpalred F-c

changed Norman Seward, '-OpUcai-housc ' 459 V Bouxke-st Melbourne_ MALTLSL J_ACF 'COLLMt, silk WANTFD Trlto _and particulars. Actress, argus ofllc_ PAIR FONlfcS also good roomy double se ited

Phaeton together or separate lx-tter Urs Bussell s Agence Vscotv ale_ PIANO-Lady wants to BUI for ea«h a l,ood

secondlund PlAiSO no dealers give puce

and name to 1 ecken Argus office.___ RABBIT Sheep IValhbv Kang-iroo Opossum

SKINS Hides Wool Tallow, Ac No com

mission Chartres write price list Kcunon and Sons Tram Terminus Ric! mond_ SHirPSKINS Wallabi Kangaroo, Opossum

Bal bit. Bear SHns Hides Ac No com mission highest prices W m Haughton and Co

2"3 Spencer-st_. ST_MPS Australian used 1S1» IST) also old

Collections Bo igl t 1 îgl est prîtes collée tiona valued W Brcttschneidcr 12S Russell st (op new theatre) _

STAMPS rare australian used 1SI9 to 1900 old

collections highest prices pud in state catalogues gritis. Citarles Donne 3-16 Little Col In s-et_

STAMPS, Australian used 1819 1660 Collections

any quantity coll« tioi s valued, st nd stamp

for list. 11 lol nston "9S Chapel st Prahran_

STAMPS-Collection or loose lots of old lus

tralian and I orcign Stamps Coins an 1 Cunos ' " ' _ ~" " ' "

IPS Mistral inn

lekct card Priée;. ._. _

21« Cecil sL near P irl

WAHID lmncdiauh t«o full sized photo

grapl ie b-iekgroun 1 continu ellon SCR1 I \& 10/ eaeh latnoti VI-LUS otfc

w \v w

VVTFD wcondhnnl a win S WV S cou píete

capable of npplnt, 4ft f i harlvool or 11 vertical Hum lloln -s D niliquin_ 7AMI D to BUI C VSII lil (llSTLR, suit smaU I _shop A K V. Irgus otllce_

VYI1D to BUI me nihill! set of COI I STICKS with 1 ig V I Ir *s W mdsor Arc, I




THOM V~S~ -ml Co

(Lite 11 Hil)



I hone 10a3 IBIC1 LIS1

1LOUR -LOLTI H OUR-Best Patent Roller 3 lour laOlh 1 /II 'OOlli , -1/ b it,

BRV\ BRVN-10 00O bus. beal down -igaln, 30d bus, lOd 1 us. llkl bus truck lo ds M


10LIVRD IOLLMH) 10 000 I is best line down ogain 1/ bus. 1/1 bus-, 1/ I as. Ton lots cleipcr 1/ bis

0V1MF VL Best in tile State-1 Lun la/0 cvvt Uuked 10/ti.

SILD OirS SI 1 D OVrh-We have the best Seed Oils in the state I rime samples for late to vu i, N/ Black O its 1/3 Tai tar I innis -/ Stout Whites "/ Bonanzas "l8 und all other kinds. Write foi (rice lists We Irave choice samples of 1 nine Vlfccriuiis, from /I / "U 2/4 2/a und "/(I All 1 in is of Gnuw and Clover Sec Is all new se ison s seed* J ipancse Millet Sorghum Rape


SLCUt 1.1/) IA Company s Beat U/S Wired Mi 1 001b 2(1/ Ottmtil plum 15/0 pel ewt

fluked 1(1/1) pir cwt Ivciosaie White Rose 7/1

Table Silt, 1/1 ewt C1 e ip lee Cream Sall 3/1) has, ewt Bet Iii -e ltl/0 cut,

I rime Yorkshire Hcio leas (1/ 0/0 "/ bushel lest seel m V letona I rime Can th in Won

du Beins J/il aid 10/ bus Bee) No 1 picked seel »toil Benns 8/ bus. Sydnev Mam. o/ 1er I uslie.1 luman in Groy leis l/ll pel busl c1 D in 1 ras s I I"/ I tishel I llglisli 1 arlej 3/ lier bushel II irley nie ii (b\\ ndid feed for poid trv ) is muel eh i| r linn ] ollard 0/11 1 -ig Real C1 tap Iii. ind loultry I ee I Criishe 1 linley 3/ 1er bushel Crushed I li sec 1 Clio 1 /Ü cvvt

Broken W beat reul LOO I I oultn feed 1/3 per blhhel Olli ike 8/0 cvvt Sunlight 0/

FOWLS HLD-Wl cat 4/0 4/10 5/ per 1 Ushcl VII ole Mni/c 4/3 emslie 1 VI ure 4/4 bu'hcl

Brokm Win it 4/1 1 ushcl MKcd I owl Feed (s| eciul lin ) once used von will have no other ll/il cwt Cheap Feed HKel Grain 2/0 bushel

4011 «ih 11 ( rlt 1/ full I g small bags 1/ SO lags Milt Cinibings full sick 1/10 b (. Bone meal for i oulliy 0/ cwt. lav lor s C If lool -511 4/0 Molasses L4/10/ i r ton casks n I (, 1

3/ | er tin J.ovv Chin" 1/0 bau Sunligl t


COW HID -1000 I ngs Oat Hulls 1/1 bag Ml y use I nu wlcn joi con buy Star Oltmeal lit minne, nt 1/0 full 1 IL VV! icli is much I ittcr Cov Chaff I/O b i. The dove ire ill tip toi Mollases ton lots 4.1/10/ casks in Good Cow J otatoes 1/ full 1 ig

I01AT01S nd ONIONS at lowest rates SF I I) POT VI 011 IB picke 1 seed ready for i lant

?me Ptimo Lnrh Vermonts Carmens Roses llelron« «now II ile Pinkeyes lind all other v arlo ti s write for quotations

CH VF F - Chaff Chili down again prime qualin from X"/10/ _n/lo/ and £3 per ton Cow chaff 1/9 bat. The above ire all tip top q iihtv luceme GI iff 0/cwt Lucerno Hav a/0 evt Oils down i gain i,ood Feed Oats 1/11 2/ 1 ti he] Cr O its °/l bu«hel cheap quality Prime

Wlltc Cr Oils

HORSF nn 1 COW RUGS from 6/0 each I OH SKIN CO VTS -Be prepared for the winter We hive snceiil instructions from one of the whole s le warehouses to sell these coats and eve arc rohg to sell Hem Wo cm give you a good Oil

skin Cost at 8/tl or a Doul le Hue full bbc 0/01

e ich The Ov crsecr something out of the com mon VI Loggings with buckles r/ per pail

lie 111 D -Pcasmenl 2cw I, in bag 0/0 per ewt Barley meal If cwt bags 0/0 bag Best Rlcemeal IJcwl 1 aLS 0/ cwt IV hito 1 ollard 1/ li I lu,- 1 otaloes ¡I full sack. Star Branmng 3/0 h ig

SIDDI I RI nil kinds nt elie ip rates Mounted Sto It Siddlcs 4a/ each full set best Buggy Har ness "al set

Terms-Cash with Order

-ra.« LYML and SON




I hone IO"» City

n OUR FLOUR -2001b bags 23/0 23/ 1501b bogs 18/ 17/0 17/

Bran lOd 10)d Pollard 1/ Uno 1/1 Barley and Oat Pollard formel ly B irley Meal " bus 1 ngs 0/8 A i heap line of 1 ollard for \ ig feed at lill bus A c1 cap line of W hole Maire nt 4/

SIFD OVTa-Sow clean seed Wo have choice lines of specially clean seed for drill und other sowing no long straws no choking no rubbish

Seel Mgerinn O its 2/4 °/5 Seel Turtitrinn Oats for later sowing a nice sample of cleaned T iHin mluns 2/10 1 us. 1 ictonan Turtamiis (leaned °/9 Red Oil for spraying in casks or

4 gul tins

SUG VP_-Company s Best IV 13/1 Parsons Oitmeal plain 15/0 fluked 10/0 cvvt White Bosc Kerosene 7/ case lee cream Salt 3/0 3/0 bai. Rice 10/8 cwt Table «alt 1/3 cwt

FOWI FFtD- Wheat 4/10 5/ 1/1 bushel nice clean screenings 4/° bushel 1 est vvl ole Maize 4/" crushed 4/3 Sped ii Mixed FOWL 1 ee 1 Ii 3 11 si el I »gs 4/6 bushel of 001b Splendid Clean WI ite Stout Oats lor poultry 2/8 bushel very dein eli] ped F ngli&li Barley 3/bushel Dun 1 eis

Tasmanian Crcys splendid flnelj cut Luceme thin" for poultiy bhcllgnt lor poultrv, large bags 2/0 small 1/ eieli

COW VU D -Malt Combings "/O bag Otitmo ii Branning 2/ bag No 1 Brinnmg 3/ I IL, Sun Brannlng 3/0 bag Specially 1 rcparcd Cuttle I lek for cripples Ac 10/0 c»I leasnell "ewt hae,s 0/1 cvvt «A cheap lot of Cut 1 otatoes for cows fowls pigs Ai 2/0 a bag

MOI VSSES In about 6cwt casks 4/0 cwt casks included 4gal tins 3/ euch Molusscs Meal a good clean feed for horses cattle Ac 4/0 cvvt

CH MT- _"/16/, £3 £3/5/ ton Cow Clair Straw Chaff 2/0 cut Fine Tasmanian Swede lur nil s 1/0 cvvt

SFI I) and T VBT L POTATOES -liol rons Roses C rmelis 1 crmonts Snow fl ikes Lxcelslors 1 ink eves Ui>-to dales Ac

I ot does and Onions on sale Special attention to country and seed grain orders Terms strietlv casti with order Prices are subject to mirket


_ Free delivery for Ball and Boat Orders_



POT \T0LS SLID po r v roi s

I rimo Carmen Up to Date, Vermonts BOSCB Pro'lflc Pinkeyes W irrlor Manhattan Corona lion Beauty llelron Scotch Greys or uny other kind you wunt at "/ 2001b bag or £4 ton

A good line of small Curmcn Up-to Date 1 rolllie Scotclt Crcis Brown Rivers 5/ 2001b bug or Ti/ ton nil ready for plnnlliig

Best Table Potatoes 0/ h g Tismaninn Swede Turnips 1/0 1401h bug Carrots 2/0 cwt

Cuttle I otntocs 30/ ton Cow Chaff all hav 1 '0 1 UL. Best Horse Chaff 00/ ton Malt Comb ings 1/11 bag Prune Algeriun Seed Oils 2/1 1 ushel Cunadlan W ondcr Benns 9/ bushel 1 ork sime Hero Peas 07 btibhcl Small Onions suitable foi i Iel ling or table 3/ IGOlb bag

AH other kinds of Produce at market rates

Terms Strictly Cash with Order

_All Goods Delivered to Boat or Hall I ree

Al A -ONIONS Onions Onions -Prime small

. Onions suitublc for tal le use or pickling, 1/0 1001b bag delivered to bolt or nul free J irndT 1 dnionds lil Cecil st South Melbourne

A CET 1L1.NL - Colt Carbide feed GLNLRA

TORS the worlds slindaid of merit where

ever acetylene Is Known. Acetylene Company, 15

Queen st Melboi nie_ AlJLLAIDl bydllcy Launeeston Western Aus* , truliu London Ac 1ICK1TS BIIOOII nil

steorogc ruttoi s Queen s tv ilk or 103 Pill st ' Svdn . _ _

KINDS SFI D-poiTföTs, rcudv for |1,?"S-t" Tab,c Pot'lois Onions current

___"<__ SmlU_ 175 Flin lers st | A^U"î,«urJl>, ^"O^l^rwire and Chain

^ee'0Melîîui-nc.JOlm ° Bo^° °"ü Co . U1»ck I




A A A A A V V . A V A A

A A. A. A VA I Aa

I bono WX5 T D PRVTT and Co


IB 10 17, l8 VICTOR! AM VRÜET.


BRAN best quality, 10Jd bus. (special quotes for


POU VRD fine I/O. bus

BAIHI V.MEAL 1/bus (7 bus in bag) R1CFMV AL 1/ bus

NI VI/I MV VI 1/1 bus (splendid feed) SUM1GH1 OIL CAM 8/0 cwt

Ni VI/V wl ole 4/2 bus cr 4/3 do Will VT SCRKF-MNGS 4/ bus. OATS stout «hilo 2/8 bus

PI AS dun 4/11 do Parin Ige do r/2 bus.

SHU L GRIT Boncmcal and Bloodtncal lor ponl


B VRII \ good feed 2/0 bus

"MINED GRAIN contg Wheat Oats Barley Maize,

Peas) 4/ bus (601b)

1 LOUR 1 est patent roller VIH bag (loOlb )

cow i rrn

OVTMV VI HRANNING-No 1, 3/ ba_ ÎS.0 2 do ,

"/I bag

OVT HUT US 1/1 bag



SEED ALCVRIAV OATS Tartarian Cape Barley

Ry e Maize Dun Peas . orksblre Hero 1 eas



Ncrmonts Farly Ro>c Carmen Beauty of Hell ron Up to-Datc, Ac Quotations on application


MOL VSSES-Casks contg 5cv>t and Ocw-t 1/1

cut (Casks weighed in and charged us Vol lasses) MOLVSSLS in 4gal tins 3/ cacli


BONVDUST Huir/ and £o/10/ per ton Super

phosphates, ?4/10/ ton




A ii I L L r N ' s

"""* SPRVV PUMPS VOR. 1 mit free Sprailng

I otato Spraunj,

Window dialling and Fire Purposes

All V Billen s Purni« are made of 1 ross through mil at 1 nile I Milli the liest bra« valve«

MIDGH 2"/1 UTIL] VVONDVR . "a/ VI1C J" \BC willi Cistern B"/fi

VUC with Agitllor 6-/0 VBC «Itil Vj.ttalar an I Cistcni o ¡B

Duplicités of above always in stock

GVRDLN SIRINGES from 2/5 to l"/0 each



Country Customers have Pyoropt Attention


110 121 123 12j Liizabdl street


CPTYl 1 NV - The - The

CPT. I V_MV - Old - Australian AOI TV LV NI -Ordir- Kilgour

\CbT\LEN_-Changed -Generator - In-acid oí Hie water Icing ad led to tie .-carbide the carl idL is alio ved to drop into ---w ter ly on automatic feeler which ensures -1 rrgular pressure of gas It is strongly cou -stnicted and simple to use

-Vsk for Booklet

SIN VCVnLl.NL CO Queen s bridge st South

Mclbouri e











Block Diamond Maitland ST0V 1 CO VL,


iVe Deliver from IINLI TON UpwartB Vnywhore

HOWARD SMITH CO LTD , Melbourne Phone, Cintra! 200 113 60 23 i _ Al cw 1IANOLAS Ángelus and other Pinno

I layers in *,ood order which have been taken in exchange Allan and Co P{ ty Ltd

Coull s st

1 leid Manne

GLVSSIS l'/0 worth W case slnq war rente 1 Buijamin 102 Sivanston st ( doors from Ilourkc st ) _ ___


-i\. case lo/tl worth 30/ also Danjo £1/1/ Ilenjaniln IA Swanston 6t (- doors from Bourke st)


Cil ASSl-c. 0-j 10/ cost £S 10/ w arnnted llinjamin 102 Su uiston st ( doors from Bom kc st)_ A- Rolle I Coll SI I C1 VCIVS 1 oldirs 1/0

mimili 7/0 1 el 110 S| ctades » o mu illy "VI" lol lera 1/ Benjamin 11)2 Swanston st ma

ilourkc st.


IVDili -annsit IIIIODOIITI Tin tri ker Street I on loh) tripod C11A>/ jlsoDim[_ I Iknjumln 1J"- bvanstoiibt near lio ric

A-Bat gains in BACS Trunks I .rtmiintciiuh,

. S ut ui d Hat Cisci, all tnrtcUina requisites QuitUnton Bros _Russill st __________ _ A - Ii irgnins in SU1 r*- Sae Heil fort Prcs* onl

. Dinner Suits lart,o stock lo fcel_c.t from. ymttcnton Bros Russell st

A-Bart, lina ». BOOTS good quality not i cv,

. factory rubbish ince» light all broken in »iidtt_nton Bros. Russell st

A-Bargains in 1 ROCKS Overcoats Muan

. toshes Rugs "-"hirts Lmderclothis red good qu¿iLit\ Qi ittenton Bros Kti6M.U st

-Bari_iins m every depu-twent call »ni ir BJ ect Qnittcnton Bros lffij Riuacll st liitabliBlcd 41 *uira_lol at». SPa_ i \ -I argo I li L Mt for S _U nacriflcc 033

Clit rch st I ast Richmond



A, _

ACCORDIONS h dbes ull kinds of musical

instruments hy will Inown linkers in Btock

"Victoiiaii Mont de Hete 21 ï UIMI cth st_ ART STVfU\R\ for*L-is gir lens mansion«

A.c busts pedtstals bricUit« tent re Howers iv.c S. 1 crugm and bona Mclboi mc _ ART ST\TUVR\ -Models for drawing schools

6tud o Ac A 1 en gm and Sons, modellers, 305 10 Lxhil -linn st Melbourne_ BLI KI-M r R S Ol"TI II cout[ rising 4o two

htory 10-frame llhca of Bees (Italians and Jiybnds nil fire from dip-ease) 1 Cowans F>ur frinie Reyj.r¡.iblL 1 At ruc tor uncapping can, ki ives un 1 heater tom] letc an I other sundries n splcii

di I opportunity handy railwaj st lion 1 or tirms, Ac 111 ly to V. Knife C1 trlotte-st Deniliquin



Tlic Best anl Cheapest Place in Town

Vor Heavy and Medium


Is al


Tanner and Leather Merchant,

SoO Lonsdale street Close Llizabclh street

Country Orders Carefully Attended To

AH liméis of Saddlers Leather on Hand




Makers to the \ iilonan Gol eminent

1 roi aie for tile Suiutnir

SUN BUNDS outside worked from inside kceji rooms 100I as an ice liou-c

1VAL11AN BIINDS A mell 11 -diutlcrs Who Blinds Wiro Pool's, \crondall Bliuds Spung

rollir Laci Blinds

CVMPB1 IL and JOHNSON Window Blind Manufacturers

133 141 ltd Lou dale street Mell ourne

'c1 0 J _ ____rcl "0 3

BIINDS- I rej are for summer, and keep vour

house» cool hy using 1 RIGID SUN BLINDS Il\ed outside Can and Sons, Spring

city __________ BLINDS Blinds, Bim Is - Venetian Lace Inicr

lion Verandah and Sun Blinds IKcl at suburb in und lown ro-ddincos Cair and **oil3 .08 Sprint, st _Aielbotirno_ Iel 1°S____ BIINDS- Venetian A crandah Blinds, Nenetnn

Shultors Outside Sun Blinds minufacturcd

1 y J3 rr and Sons 200 Sprint st. Mell Iel 1__

BLI VPS - V enetinn Lace Insertion Art Hoi! ml

Blinds at loi est r itcs Carr and Sons 200 Spring st _Melbourne Lst 1855____ BLINDS--Gau¿o wire cedar frames 1 rench

1 olishcd for insiée linois and ornamental cornels Cair and Sons, 200 Spring ot aN^c-ib Iel 1 8 _.

BLINDS.-Contractors supi lied nt lowest rates

Venetian and Holland Blinds a s| ecialty _an 1 Sons 09 Sprint, st. Mclb_ _sl lboa

BLLNDS - Governmint contractors, ivory de

seription of Window BLINDS miiufuitunl mil repaired best woikmaishlp corni clitm I rices Carr and S ns S[ ringst City Iel l8 BL1VDS V mell m V eran lab Sun linen .. .

I ice Blinds manufictlired and repaired Camj 1 ill und Johnson 130 1 ousd ile si, Milb

.c1 "0 I

BU1I Phils-One visit to our esUbiislment will

piove to you ti st we li ive I) facilities for cxeculine, youl orders or one inquiry by | st will comben nu of our r asonablc j rices und our busl

numen Do one oi Hie other und you will ..... ii bei eflt worth v Idle Grimly and Co

Tin ber Meril ants Brunsulik___ _1 BvriUIl VibRS fron -0/ seo Intest" | »tents

working the only nbsojutclv safe lieutcr ever nude PougK 1 lizahcth st

B All! Hi Villis Hotoru I eaeier Ml uj

wards VV itor Boilers V"c Brown Bros uud

lockson 370 1 O plací W_ Bvrii 111 All HS "Olli Cmtury (Tischer s

latent) fuel nul _as V"ints Bild and Co , 15- I II oil cth bl_

BATH Hh VTLRS - The Douglas saics» fast

est best 15 000 in daily use shown work

ing_I)__ujlos_7J[lizab_tli st_ BVllIS rolled edge enamelled 00/ Bath

beaters so simple n child can use without my danger le lied by wool or kel estie c/ caib gtnuh_o_lne_flre stoves JO/_Cotj, 36\> Lonsdale st

BVKVRS OM Ns Built or Repaire 1 ne i md

seeondhand Ironwork lumps Soletiles Pyro meters Ai_Grav _41o _tnc_st_ Nort __ itrroy^_ B Vii IOS-The celil rated Dandy 3o/ 45/

free to your lailway station Macrow s 274 little Collins st. Melbourne_


i.V. IRON, Steel rorglngs Bolts nnd Nuls

Rivets »o Aictoria Iron ltolllnj, Lo, Dudley st_ BIRI) SV9Ô - luriess 1 iimier Mixture mi

chined afcllnst nil lij,l t seeds dust Ac in sealed paekits Canaries 111b Oil Parrots "lb

2os Swanston st

B1LI1 VRD and Dlnine, I VBII S combined bills

cues and marking board almost new sil "0/ deposit 2/f) M cut ilaplcs Clarendon st

South Melbourne

Bil IIARD 1 ARI ES secondhand in good order

'It led with low cushions Alcock und Co Io i V lizal elb st_

f q i . . -

Imperial Low Cushions Vliocl s loo 1 lizabelb st Bli LIVRP rVIH VS liiwnnlSl! cloth luills

Al 1 xcilsior lou cushions littcd any tabli

Ihou sonjrnd 1 llor 103 105 Rll-scll st iel 001

BULBS- CLVDIOII~'(bcKt) not naini*d"~5/ per

doren can rccommel I Urunnlng 8, Brighton rd tram terminus, St Kilda.




Hilliard Dining, also loll Hilliard I'llili cheap new cushions, and all requisites Full thaws_191 Queen st._

BUlD SEED - Purvca s Premier Mature ma

chined against all light ¿beds, dust Ac in scaled pnckcts, Canaries l_lb , Od., Parrots , 21b , Od "03 Swanstonst_

UGGY LVMPS from 5/ pair all lines greatly

reduced. Brandt Uro» , LUz-bcth BL, op


in logs, 3d cut to sizes, Oil selceted II per lb Otto Romcke aud Co 1 rop 1 td , Lori mer st South Mellion ne_ BUILDING MANILLA- Have you heard of it?

Unequalled for roofs, sidings walls, ceiling» half cost of plaster Hanna and Co IS 22 M irket f liclboun e _

B LUDERS IRONVtONGLRl - S] lendld assort

ment litest patterns of Loi ks Sish l'isloners Ac I edroek priées. Campbell Gough, und_Co leei I' O place_

Bt VUT1F1 1 our Draw ingroom -Collection T IS

M1MVN Muerai CURIOUS vciy i-liowj 1 I post free lo uny uddress Iii I ert M Cracken W na uli_Tnsmanlu___ ___

Bl 1LDING MVIIRIVLS -lit Wents Builders

Gullv Cenibrook Warburton lleilesvillc luies "ive freight Bamfoul Bios Ringwood and

Bo\ Hill

OORNTD BFLF prime 20/ per 1001b Corned

Bound Beef 4jd Corned Rolled 3Jd Corned and Jrcsh Mutton 10/ per lOOlh Sides Mutton, 2}d. Roasting Beef 31d to Jid Steak Beef 4d lo 5d Gravy Beef 3d Gcnnan Sausage, 4Jd , Dripping 4J £ quantity 4d prune Mutton Hams, i{ii delivered S|icnccr st receipt postal note. IV m Broughton 10" Bridge rd Richmond

COOKING STOVES.- TTir CHFF is the most

up to date ind economical for town or conn try We invite vour inspection liado in splendid rungos of sizes ft. to 4ft Oin will suit any resi dence This stov e sav cs money 1 rices (fa/ to £30 Metters Bros , 220 F lizabctli-st., ^ielbounio_ C100IMNGST01LS - Bobs Uni lue New

1 lavointe Sole manuf icturer Boudie Patent Cost Iron Hevolvmg Copper I uriiuec. W ellis Bros 419_Bo irko st_ C" *"OOKJNG STOV l.S lind DAM F_> M iiitelpuces

Lavalorv an 1 Gas I itting» louis Vnderson und Co _131 I linders lane S lid for catalogues

/"«HIKING SIOVIN - Wc have stuvos lo suit \-J evervone to


ClOUKINC STOllS and of every kind

^ Ripairel I y si lile 1 vvorlmen Hotwater woik n spcci ihtv Metters Bros, -to I li&ibeth st, COOKING STOVÏS splendii varíete bOlc depot

famous l\f Geelong Stoves all sires, Go/ to £1a Chambers and Seymour Melbourne_ GOAT -Help the Worker, Sunbeam Co operativ

Co s COAJ Konunburra clean hot no re fuse "0/ pel ton at Spencer st cartauc extra. V khurst an ii Co V j iduct bin! linus I linders -st

Ctniriil -WARDBBOS for quillt} and price,

Jolnsons lvoridc Table Knives 18/1 dozeu dil_Dessert do 15/ do/cu Swanston st_ CUTLLR1 -W VRD BROS Tcilenl "li V/OR

post free lliree sizes, a 0 0/, 0/0 LUarantced gunny 144 Sw uiston st_ pi TURI - VV VRD BROS SH1LIINO x-1 KMI L ' a good Shell! Id blade, nickel handle 1 e t value in_the Commonwealth_ O UTI I Rl -W VRD BROS "Sporting Spaying

Cistrnting, larra, Station and Cattle Knives, 141 Swanston-st_ GUrilRY -Pnining KN1V1S Budding Knives

best Fnglish niuke Seccntctirs of every de sçription iitMoWcsl rates W ird Bros.



.»lb -/0 2-13 1 UzalM-tli-fit

COI I I Wl) -I -irpcst stock of superior becond

hdnd I LRMlUItr in \u_traliu to choose from Copeland s comer Gertrude and Brunswick

h ta, liizroy____

r10\CI \L__I> ïïUCIIiCl BIUCCS Stinle\ Iron

J lianes, Bench V\es I xpinsion Bits, lhoinu

Al I her on «nd Son Gollinf. ht

CIUUCV-IHl hlsHJb to HI all niachines

IJCSI qu ililj 1 ilô« to suit M ilker, iron monpi_r__I 8 Little. Collins »L_

CM I 1_0 oil iiMtruimnt bciutiful rich toni un

J redLCUK I plod^L woilh AH) birpuiti U/JO/ A klori in Mont de l'tele 211 Uizabcth st op tcle"r ,ph_ofll_e_ ^_

OIUl'-OAUUM roOI^ -\sl for Harker Bro«

brand scL leidj for list "»old In all leidiiig S>dncj Melbourne and pro\ineiaI ironmonpera

pIILin§T i. STOCK tlotllu, I itting* for&U-l-. >-* see icudci in^e_ CORNS \CKS Jinn B-j,s ßtandir 1 qu ilit\

Chirles Derham, Quctn-st ulw i\g reidy te quote tlmplj_

Dl-SKt, nilNC CA11I\M>> OUtD S.STHl1

MI of -ti Lulim Worknmiship ami rimher

We Kuinntee c.cij BJIICIL V.. male to le Piiperlor to imported poods in c\erj pirticulur wc knovv what the tools ha\e to do anl we mike thtm ice r Imply for up to-ditt 1 usine Ml INMll ^ OU to call an I tCL our "oo ; iicel n t 1 u\ a cents worth Our t-howt

open I ridai nights if 5011 unnot edi dunn., tin. *,\_ek Ile lïumswick tram pjsscs Í

GItUNt>\ and Co.

_I > S\ dncv rend Brun w n

\\\\MO no further use wenflee


int Baths 40/ each Polishli g Lathes 2(1/

each Anodes other appliances el eap Slnnicv Stores 19. 1 ittle Collins st_

DOORS made at our fictor irom lest

tcrials at current prices Otto Rotncke and Co _1_ ropy I td I oriuici st. S< uth Melbourne

El ViriC SIOCKINCS for vadeóse veins foot

1 allers Kncccips Belts Truss«. Shouldci Suipoits made to order. 1 Roper 01 "03 Sw m ston «t Mclliournc._ IJiNOYCr OP/F MA BBJ.1, VJCNIC V 1 itest edition

-a" complete 1Ü vol«, revolving slnnd moroecc





Box Blocks or Red Cum, 1/1 cwt 1) u Do si lit 1/2 cwt


IV eight)

MrVSURlMFNT 2 tons "ft siilit mixed U/

2 tons 1ft mixed blocks 21/ . tons 1ft mut I splil 21/

1R011IT DU IV F K1

Bakers Wool Butchers Blocks lumbunna. Out

trim Maitland and Newcastle Coals, Coke, al lowest rates. Trade sup] lied

Trucks Coi signed to Ml Sidings


*vorth Melbourne and Windsor Kaliwi y Sidings

Telephones 12.1 Central, 310 Wiudsor

ITURrWOOD- Bov Blocks 1/1 cwt. Split 1/2

? cwt ly load 1ft Mixed Blocks measure ment 2 tons "1/ 2 tons "ft 19/ Stove Wood

Mallee Roots lumbuina Maitland li-mianlin and j Newcastle C als lowest rates Trucks consigne I1 to ill stutions wloicsale rates. I CURPI1KY, Burnley «nd ColiiiLwood sidings._Phone 2S07

ITVmrilOOD- Box Blocks 21/8 Split 23/1 per

? ton M Hei li ot« Newcastle and Tumbunn t Coal lowest I nee«. Roht Darlington 26 Moray st South Mell ournc Iel Gel tra! «H,

I TURF W OOD -Box and other Blocl s all lengths

/ common wood by the truck at association líricos Federal Farmers d40 Flinders st

I71IH1W0OD (ool Cole lirgestoik extrigool

. qualitv Hanson and Co , N Melbourne and 1 it?roj_s!iltng« 1 el ^235_ FOR 1URNITURL Anllnue Novelties Musical

nul Dr iwin0 Instruments Si Iles Bric-aBric, Ac The W bite House Auburn^ ._ I7"OR 1 ICI UllP-i Ingnivings Saddles Harness

. Mangles Jl dstcids Chairs fctoves Odds and laids Ac Call The VV1 ite House tuburn _ rTIOR WATCIirS Chdns Orniments Clirono I' -1.^ e.,l,nr., nro In f-,,11 "f ll.n VVl.ll^

IÏ10R S\LE a birgain CONCTRTINA 40kevs

. Uaclieniilt intent leithcr case, cost £20 Brighton Club Hotel North Brighton station

IJlOOrWEVR-GotoWm luttueisfor high grade

? loo'wear, to measuic from 10/0 20-1 Ljton st Carlton_ FISHING NETS Floats Tines «nndrics Sail

clolh_ C JI_Adams and Co 2 5J-lindéis-la ITVIbUl C Tvss c_tra powerful len«cs worth C10

. birgain a.3 Victorian Slont de Biete A13 1 liznlicth st op telcgl ipli_ol!lec

FRUIT BIJS11I S - Black mil Bed Cm rants 2/0

dozen ]*/ 100 Coo«cberrlcs Rouruif, IJon / dozen LOL an Berrie» fi/ do^en It ispberrles Fill

1 askets 1/0 doten To| p ä VV Intel Rhubarb a/ dozen G Ambler^ and Son I ist Trentham_

FRUIT IRirs ilnest niietics lippies 1 light

proof roots and stocks Government certill eatc 0/ dozen 40/ 100 true to name P Burne, Upper Diamond Crock_ F HUH TRLI& bllgl t proof Covernment eerti

llc-ltc, "/ dozen £"/10/ 100 ixport varieties Aiiples Oranges I onions Oriental I mes Cala logues VV Miller Moorland Nursery lvibb

FRUIT TREES finest vailctles apple roots

blight proof catalogues gratis 11 U Cole Tooronga rd Haw llionu 'Phone 1010 Hawthorn ITVLOWllls 1 omito II nits best c lily son-,

? stroiiL for IrunspluntliiL., 1/ dozen 3/ 60, I oiled_Railton Bros_ FLOW 1 RS -Orange and I onion Trees ncclima

tiscd bearing nc\t season J/0 c ich Liman, teed lrtl ind jim 03 Chapel street, W ind tor Tel 150 Windsor _

LOW 1 US -12 v arloties best i amed Ferns, in

pots and packed 0/ II W Ireland, jua., 63 Chapel st_W indsor_ 'Phone 4o0 _VV ind sor _ FLOW ERS -12 best Violeta Princess of Wales,

posted 1/, send for catalogue Ireland, Jim., 03 and 10-2 Chapel st, Windsor _ _ I ¡"LOW ERS-24 best Seedlings, Carnation, 1/,

: posted, Ecnd for catalogue II W Ireland, (II Clupel st , Windsor Iel 450^Windsor_ FLOW LBS-15 Assorted Scedllngsr 1/0 posted,

8/ 100 IL W Ireland itui, 03 Chapel st, Windsor IcL 450 JVindsor_

JVLOW ERS.-Lily of Valley (Giant), S for 1/,

i n,_l,,l TI Yd Trelnnrl. IIITL. fi.1 Ph^nel ul_.



posted II W Ireland, jua., 63 Cnaiiel st,

IV indsor Send for catalogue_

IjVLOW ERS.-Roses your own selection, J 5 and

- full standards from £1 dozen, Dw-irf Climb ing, 10/ dozeu Ireland jun , 03 Cb ipcl st, W lud Eor^_Send tor catalogue_ FLO\V ERS -Lobelia (Compacta), 3/ 100 posted"

Diunthus, 1/ 100 posted II VV Ireland, jun 03 Chapel st, Windsor Iel lau, Windsor bend for catalogue _ __ _ _ FLOW 1RS - 0 bc»t Carnations packed i/o

Sell 1 for cat llogtic Ireland Jun , 03 Chapel st , W indsor

FLOW 1RS-0 named ErlcaB (Heath), packed,

4/0 Behind juu , 03 Clin) el st Windsor Tel loO Wiudsoi

1TVL0VVLRS - Su_ar Gums 0/ dozen 2it high

. Cootamundia VV littles, 1/ Irelund, 03 Cliapel st , VV indsor_ IJVLOW1 HS -Daphne and Boronlas 1/, 2/ each,

? Carnell! i '/0 3/0 each Ireland «3 Cliapel st Windsor _Scnd for catalogue_ I TV I OVV LBS -00 Hardy Plants 1/ posted ineliid

? mg 1 ansies 1 etunias 1 lilov Lobeli i At C Thompson 11 HILJI st St Kilda_

ITM OWl IIS-3 Luv el) Palms 1/ posted 3 differ

? eut Vsp nagua 1/ _ Delphiniums 1/ 3 Tuberoses 1/ Thom] sou St Kilda_

FLOW1 RS-Tice Cunutlons Od each Iv Shel

don 1 lorodora Cy nibcliile J Moodie Sirs Only, Plumridge Silver _tni, li Carlo Montana, Scarlet Prince, Jno Prosperity thompson, St Kilda_ ITILOIVI RS -100 3 v car old Asparagus 7/0 12

? How ci ing Pittospoi-uins Drocraun, ]/ cich, 12 Peroniiinl_lioots 2/ ^Thompson St_Filldi

FLOW LUS -liuniineilliis and Vneinones "llowei

Ing size -/ dozen, posted seedling do "a

tiri/ Ihompson Hith st_ s, JvBdi_1___i_ FRUIT TRI IS-Beiore iiluciiig jour order clsoi

where send for Catalogue, 10/ dozen, packed, spcciul quotation per 100 Ireland, jun , 03 Chapel st, W indsor Tel 450, Windsor.


FLOW ntlNG 1 TRBFN VS collection 3/ Molea

worth Blue Beard Starlet King Lily White, Union Jack strong plants. Railton Bros._ T7U.0WFRING Vverb-sting PEAS red blue pink.


now 1/ V cgctable Seeds

-/0 posted Jlailton Bros. __

FLOW I RS -Collection 0 Ilirbs strong plants

*>/ «ate Thyme NlarJ ram Mint, tarsley. Horse Radish Railton Brothers._ 1TUOWTHS - Rhubarb Roots 1-arly Albon

lopp s W inter (k1 each J/ dozen Vsparagus Hoots 5/ 100 Railton Brothers. _ FLOWERING PVNSIfcS strong peedllngs Ex

hlbltion kinds large 1 lossom loi ely colour, 1/ dozen posted_Railton Brothers, Swanston st. FLOW ERS -Strong plant-? Cabbage Cauliflower

I ittuc Brussels Sprouts 1/lundred Celery

/ hundred, postage 1/ extra charge Railton Bros_

FLOWLIIINO PI VNTS - Collection 48 new

Stocks posted 2/(1 Crimson hing Beauly Mee Quoin Whitts, Queen Alexandra 12 each Railton Brothers_. ITILOWrRTNC Cilll.SANTHVMUMS six choicest

named varieties including latest novelties, po.lcd 1/0 Railton Bros. 2 1 Swanston st

FLOW LRS -Lricas, 1/ Vsparagus I ems three

varíales Od each Daphne« 1/6 Camellias '/ Vzaleis Pelargoniums, lloronias, 1/ each Railton Brothers__ FLOW LRS-Privet, for hedges, 5/ 1O0 Poppen

Sugar Gums, Cyiress litios]orum extra strong 25/ 100 Railton Brothers_.

FLOWTR.S- Collection 0 best NINES grown 1/

Black Prince Worlley Hall Sweetwater VV altham Cross Black Uambro , Muscat Alexandra Haillon JJrothors_ 7U0WERING CARN VTiONS 1/ Tanner 8 Pink

' Cl.-l.l-n lïn.1 ei.nnn, A,l>Y¡r> rinllirlaS KP--"-|l»


Sheldon Red Clipper Minie Douglas Reggie

Reid Dorotly Railton Brot hen._ FLOW HUNG DELPHINIUM -¡IFDIINGS strong

plants Oriental Popí le« 1/0 dozen Shasta Daisi Hants 1/ doren loranthus "'" .'

poste 1 Railton Brothers

ITtLOWIltrNG Annual TI'DI IVCS 30 posted

? 1/0 Calliopsis Sweet William Wallflower, Stool Dlantbus Everlastings Chrysanthemura II luton Bros__ ITVLOWLRINC Perennial SI EDLINGS 3« posted,

- 1/0 Gaillardia Columbine Margaret Carna tlon Canterbury Bells Correopsis Antirrhinum. 1 niton Brothers ______. IJ1LOWLRS-Collection logan Berry Dewberry,

? Wlncbcrry Lawton Imirovel Blackberry one each 3/ Lovely New Fruits fine for jams. Railton Brothen,_ FLOWI RS -Raspberries, Thornless, and N Fill

basket, 2/0 dozen Black and Red Currants (Id cub rl dozen Pomegr mates 1/ each. Rail

ton Brothers

1TILOW 1 RINO A IOI FT<- -Collection 12 plants

? sinejc double 1/0 Pnices of Wales best sit gie 1/ dozen _poslod Railton Brothers_ FLOW I RS -Double Poad es several colo ire

Do ible Plums Double C1 ernes lovely colours 1/0 each strong trees well rooted Railton

lliotl c

FLOW [RING P/LONILS tree "/, Chinese I/j

ill colours Bice lu g Heart Plants 1/0 Vstilli Iqponlcq 1/ poste 1 Railton nros_ I Til OW1 RING C1 IMBI RS -Colleitlon « Strong

. 1 hints 4/0-Tacsonia °n ilfloiver Bougain v illci W1 ito Doliclios, Wistaria, Mandevillca

1! niton Bl

7U0WIPJNC ROSES.-Climb»-, Collection 4/ - KAN letona 1 a] i Gol tier Reine Marie Mar Mel lxiplictos Cajit Hayward Railton Bros _

FLOW I RS-Oranges Navels Mandarins, Parra

matta Lemons Sh.diloiks 2/ each louie

l.rmatc-- Guavas Loqiuts 1/ each_Railton^ Bros "T7ILOVV rliING HOSLS - Colicoli an 0 Half Stall JP dards 7/0 Rainbow Bet ti Countess Gosford

While Mauinn Ched Guinossiau lulez Grolcz.

Ha lton Broil era_ 1TVLOW1 HING ROSI s -1" c1 oicest kinds inclu 1

. mt, lia» Ilvbnds A*c a/ loslage 1/ ixtra, strong plants our selectiloij_Hallion Brothers. I71LOVU.RING ROSES - Collection 4/ Mrs

? Brockie! ank J W n Ide Vi nie Lcygucs Vmi NInrtin I a{ a lambert 1 ra i Borsig Railton Brothers._

FLOW HUNG WATTI LS Od l ih CooUuiundn

Go! len Silver Sculel Cums 1/, Capo Hpnovsuckle 1/0 Hydringias blue, pink, while y_Railton Brolhcrs_

ITILOWl IIS-Choice Spritg Colliclion-1 Camel

. lil llloronii 1 Jupincsi Wisteria mw White Carnation Putity 1 prctti Puk S irsaparilla 12 Se dlii i, Carnations 1 It d Kenncdva 1 Scented 1 nu lill 1 new Blue Pal Dwarf veronica U 1 riuuoses 0 Cowslips 1 In li in V/alea 1 Lovely lapmeea; Ord id 1 While Scented Bouvnrdia 1 Poul le 1 ink Boitvardla This nice lot only 0/0. t 1 rene!, 130 nonrke-sl Vieil oiirnc_ I IM OWI RS - H ire Bull»-] Blood lily 1 V dry

. lily 1 White Jipanc e Spi 1er lil» 1 Crim son Spider I ily onh /o G Ii-cnch Melbourne F I OW 1 RS -Six Beautiful CRFFPT.RS-Snnll

flower Iinl Tecom i Bong" imilleo _c 3/0 in pots 12 Named Col 1 Me 1 il S icol Peas 12 sepa i ntl colours 1/ G Vrcnch Melhotirnc _ ITtLOVl I IIS -Six Lovily C1 IMBI RS-Pink Sirsa

? I trill t Blue Sarsap inila Blue Clematis, Ve 3/ S igar Gums 3/tl dozen 1 nmro -es 1/ do70n G 1 rench Melbourne_

ITVLOW I IIS -0 packet-, Double Slocks each colour

? t tar te Yellow Pink Light Blue 1 lolet Red White 1/ collection G 1 rench, 430 Bo irkc st Melbourne_^^^

FLOWVRS -Six Packets muli IBU S nnd

SI nils Wcepine, «-"?- -"?-?-*-- -?.?--? Cool um dm Wattle Japi

Scarlet G un Bird I ara li i


F I OW I RS -Six I ickcts \ en Best GLM TRLI-S

-S igar G im Lemon cc nte 1 Gum Scarlet Creen I lowood Ac 1/ six packi Is Creepeis lied lecomn Blue lea St ail Creeper M utdevil lea 1/ r V rench Mclbouri_ FLOW! US -I our Strot g GUMS-Seal let S igar

Union sientid Giant Green flow ereil 2/P " Cootimundrn Wattles 1/ 2 Scarlet Gums 1/t Suaii Creepers 1/0 Pino I rees, 6/0 dozen. J muh Melbourne_ "TT1LOWIHS - «ceds, No 1 CoHecUon-Salpi ' -*- fclos-is PhloN Panm Giant 7innia Petunia Rhododendron Ostrich Vstcr Carnation Ac 12

laikcts, 1/ G French Melbourne_

FLOW 1 IIS -Seeds No 2 - Double Whits «lock

China Aster Cowslip Primrose White Del

11 munn I) tilba i crbena Ac , 12 packets, 1/ Gi I lench 130 Bourkc-st. Melbourne " F I OW V RS -SU PS 1_ bjirlng rickets-Comet

Asti r Blue Pt i Utcmon Balsam Blue Lvcr

listing Pel Winelansy White Sah lu Iceland 1 0[py Ac . 1/ C 1 lench Melbourne.

FLOWERS -Piont Doul le Begonias 1/ euili 0

lovely HowcrilS Trees end Shrubs-Bottle Tree Pine lsliion 1 low er, African Chestnut Pink Alignolia Ac onh J/0 a french, 4J0 Boori e

Melbourne_ FLOW nts - PI ixre ILANTS I r VÑTS

??ug-ir Gums ol to 30/ pir 100 I in is In s gnis 30/ to 10/ Ciipiusus Lambirti ina 40/ I cr 100 Veacil Baileniiia 00/ 100. I itto si onini Ln lui dum an 1 Fugenoides 10/ to 40/ 100 lipiir Trees 30/ lo 40/ 100 Lucalyptus 1 icifolm (Scarlet Turn) 40/ to 70/ 100/ Ornnmcn tal nu i riowering SI rilli« 0/ per do7en Asserted Climbers 0/ do? n Carnations 7/0 doren Roses lest varieties 0/ lo 0/ dozen Stan lar 1 Roses IS/doren 1 nut Tr es GO/per 100 Cotton 1 alms Inn Tib s llir-mx lalms 1/8 lo 10/fl each Write for cat.iloj.uc Unid Nursery, lvanltoi "' "' " ""'leí' irj. Tx


TUOWFRS-" 1 lowering SHRUBS Irish Straw

berry Red Tecoma Guava Cootamundra Wattle Wiegeln Rosea Camphor Laurel and Bleeding Heart 4/0 the lot Enid Nursery Ivan


T71LOW1RS-7 Bemtiftil Climl ors sna(| J-i 1 lower Bougainville! Snnlax, Sculet Pas sion 1 iowel 1 ink 1 ecomn i ellow Tecoma and Clematis 1/0 ti e lot. Lnid Nurseiy Ivanhoe

TTUOW Hi« -Seeds Sweet Peas 15 packets for

rl le

IT" LOW I RS -This Beautiful Collection of 1 lunts

? onh 1/0 lol 1 White Vzalea 1 1 ink Heath 1 Red Boin ir iin 1 Japanese Spirca 1 Japanese Magnolia 1 Blue Primrose 1 English Holly Enid N ursory _

FLOW I IIS-Collection of 0 iernB mein ling

Climbiue, 1 ern Blue Vsparagus Maiden Hair al d Crested I ern only 3/0 posted Enid Nursery hanlc-__ ITILOWl IIS -Gardens Laid" Out by piactica]

- landscape gardener estimates given 1 lioni » Heidelbcrg_I x_1 nid_Nursoiy_Ivanhoe?_ IJUOWLRS - Bciutiful blower Shasta Daisy

J- very lare,i is i lants posted free 1/ Levien un 1 Son 18a Hi/abctii st_ FLOW 1RS-"I Glint Flowering Pansy Seed

lings 6liow vanities, posted free 1/ Levien und Son 18a Llizabcth st

FLOW 1 RS-Send Od Eil_ "__ .

ccive 1 | aikct choice Mixed 1 lower Seeds contamiig JO vanities Levien and Son, 1S5 1 liz 1 eth si _

T7VL0W V RS -VV ondei ful

1 *->->aii. -.» eboico s

_IS.) 1 lizabcth st_ FLOW I IIS -"4 Seedling Carnations mostly

double t,ood colours posted free, 1/ Levim and Son ISa Flirahcth st_

FLOW LUS-12 Niolcts, Princess of Wales

largest llover grown posted irco, 1/ I evien an 1 Son 18a 1 hzabeth st._ ITILOWl RS-0 Clowns Giant Lily of tie Valley

. posted frei 1/ Levien and Sou 185 Lllza beth st_ FLOWI RS -3 Magnificent Bulbs double Tube

lose sweet scented posted fice, 1/ Levien and Son 185 hllrabtlh st _ 1TILOW1 US -12 i oola C1 alai is Commulata VV on

- der W Inter Grass posted free 1/ Levien and Son lbs Lli_ilMth-t___ FLOWERS.-2o Strawberry Plants Uj to Date

guaranlcd heaviest croppers in cultivation, posted Iree 1/ levien and Son ISa Hizabetlist

TTVLOW1 RS -12 1 lunts Anemone beautiful snowy J? flowers posted free 1/ Levien and Son 18a nizabethsL_ T7VL0W LUS.-Standard nOSI-S, all lea 111 g sorts X: 1/6 each 15/ dozen Oheesimun 71) Swan

a*st_ FLOWVRS-SUGVR CUMS pittosporum Undula

turn leppcr trees Tree Luiernc, quotations ii ni plication_Chccsciiian_ TTVLOW LRS -I I L VRGON1U51 /ON VLL nil lind X1 in- sort- 1/ euch 10/ dozen, packing extra riiMseiuiti_._ IJVLOW 1 RIIx C OAnNVTIOIxS

! Lrriv s C1 ampion Varieties

12 ilioice v irlctics oil colours 7/6 3 dozen vario

lies for 20/ frclfcht paid

W li I Rill 1 and SONS Carnation Specialists Camperdow n \_)_,._ "TTVLOW I lllNt since libruary and Billi golnj, JÜ strug Ile new Begonia Cloirc de iori ailie a mass of lol eli pink 2/0 and 3/ also 1 oliago and I lowering Plants Shrubs Trees and Seed lings Ormond Plant larm depot Empire Ar

idi riindere-st_ 11NLOVV1 RING HL VTUS 0 fine plants best varie

' tics pocked 0/ Ormond Piont larm, Ormond,

itl depot 1 mi ire Vrcnde 1 lln lera st

itl depot I mi ire xrcaae i un tors sr_

'Til OW I IIS - foij,co.-s Autumn leaf Virginia -L Crtepcr plant cuttings now Od do/cn li Honrlninn Si rrei rd Hawksburn_ ELOWLRSIIDS guaranteed l8 jackets con

I ilnine, 100 i irlctics and colours for 1/, Smith and liuttlodto seedsmen J03 and 30o Bourkc-st.


dozen Delphiniums strong clumps 0/ dozen, Gladioli j/0 dq/en Poul ter specialist Canterbury

FLOWLIUNG R0SLS guaranteed true to name,

«i-.«. ni ,tn,n.. .,mi for list my selection

FLOW I RINO I VN-1LS New Giant exhibition

vnrletii- do/ i | osled .?/ Poul le Tullen t s rooted Ilegol las 0/ dozen I oslo 1 1 I lill] s Mont

FLOVVhR STANDS Garden Arches, Nursery Fen

dors Wircwork Hird Cages. G \f Rowley,


FRUIT TREES, nil varieties for export, local

market, or house parden one or . million supplied Write for illustrated, catalogue, W_ G Griy« Diamond Creek_ IIMlüTl TUEES finest % iridies apple roots

? bliebt proof catalogues pratts. H U Cole Tooronga rd , Hawthorn Thone 1010 Horn thorn

PKUlT~rnFtS - 1 incet varieties M'PLKS or

I lieht proof stocks catalogues free Thomas Thorne!! and -ans» 1 edcral «Nurseries Somerville

-It is a great advantage in liming lewellrrj -to ITIOW J OU ein place complete contldenee -In the Sion you are dealing with-to know -tint howe\er incomplete jour knowledge of -% ni íes is j ou will be treated jim the sum. -at if \ou wtre a keen judge-to know that -inisrepre-sentation IK ag-iinst the rules of the -Sturt Ginittrs* business has IK en conducted -on the», linos for many j ears-we fin! It -pa\s ind that it bringa our customers back -to Hie Stört, o\er und over again Here are -a f_w example., of the ordinary c\er\ da,)

-raines to be found there -


made for Gunter and guaranteed for one \car, can 1 e relied on to keep _,ood time for a num of \eirs price lfi/0 SUM It HUNTING INGUSH I EV1 It, by Rothcr

barns will a lifetime J j cars giriruntec

this watch is usually sold at JC-, Gunters cut price 07/0 ?NTS GorDnri-FD ja-NGnsii mm, 20

?\eirs wear »-peci-illj made for us 3 jci

i,uarintcp u wut_b we can confidentiv rcct... men I both ne an attractive piece of jew ellen and a rclhble timekeeper price lol LAD1 S QV NTJ INr GOJ-D 1ILLFD 11 VLR

M \rCH 2 xcflrs* guarantee, a thorough!) de pendable watch, pricu « _. . «»0/ and 7>/.




Orb _,_._, " 1/8 2/ 2/4 2/8 3/2 1/7 Redcliffe .. " .. 1/7J 3/111 2/1 2/7 3/1 1/0 Globe 1/0} 1/10J 2/2 2/0 3/ 3/5

Less 24 Per Cent Discount

These are the best brands in Hie market British manufacture

GVLVVMSFD UlOV, Special Reductions.-Beni

lidll bright ' Apollo ' lift 1/OS ML 1/10J 3/21 8ft. 2/6J lift 1/, lort 3/B per sheet Coxa timber merchants "Newmarket_ GARDrN ROLL1 RS, double cv linder bert laie

lish make fresh shipment of all sizes Walker 3 S I ittle Collins st_ GARD! N SimARS Border Lopping Pruning,

Garden tools ill great variety, very cheap Volker 1'8 I_ttle Collins st_ GFN11LM1V and ladies, winter fireside i

foils beautiful antique Copper Kerb SU1T1 S completo with does and irons, 17/0 Black and Copi cr Suites complete, 2o/ Con s 30a Lons dal_st___ »___n\ASCO cheapest best easiest fixed roof

vJi ins li (if the freight of iron James Moore

and Son« Melbourne


maker *KI3 Little Bourke-«* Note i

GIJN h-imnierleca Holloway, unrcdecine 1 plcdpe

j»i le flips ntarlv new cost £2o bar¿ > ictornn Monte do Píete 211 riizabeth bt


lo Lu ti tens for Lad IVI Vii made to iron st Carlton

HVItNESS set spiing cart, part neu splendl 1

Older cheap home all da> Bradford '"

Punt road_Jtiehnionrj_ _ Hi MlQUARTFRS for COOK1VO STOVTS

kinds Call and inspect Hie world firm I Pittsburg-New Process-Kerosene, Ac Hanna and

IS '_ Mnrket-st Melbourne_ HOBSr nnd COW RUGS Tents Tarpaulins

Oilskins wholesale, retaiL Thomas 11

Propte 1 td_415 Bourke-st Tel 1314_ HOUSF STKPS, Bakers patent light safe

strone; all sizes from 8/0 inspect Walker 3 8 Little Collins st_

INVMID CIIMHS in stock an 1 to order

Cripples 1 noveles neve secondhand, Birbeis and Dental Chairs. F allshuw, 101 Queen bt " ' 4_10_____


n RS of all kbids Forges ind Fans, Drilling Machine Bennie Tcare mid Co

lara ! aid V Boies -4124.1 Fhznbethst


Lor Door Plates in Kauri Walnut OÜ Cedar

to trade_40 VMIlum-tt_ K1 NSINGTON Hotham Bin.-BON IRON 1/11

D ptiers 2d Tubs 1/3 1/9 Buckets Oil

Clothes I incs 2¡d IV ire Lines S)d Iron Sauce pins 1-sa (Inn cost Shovels 1/11, Spades, 2/3,

Sale on Co.\ s "Newmarket

LATHIS 'Milnes. - Vccuricj close titling

sli les machine-cut (rears perfect in every part Ciockcr Smith_ _____ __

LVTH1_ Milne s ' -«pecnllv fitted with mill

iii apparatus grooving facing avhe 1 cut ting pruidjtiL. Crocker Smith St_Kilda_ LATIIFS 'Mllnos - Seroll-cutlhig ingul ir

milling decimal screw cutting Vpplv bolo representative, Crocker Smith St Kilda_ LUTTG1NS for Quality FOOTVVI Mi - Corre

spondence from country clients invited satisfaction sure. IV m Luttucns, 204 Lygon st, Carlton____ LUTTGF NS for rOOTVV I VIL-Buy of the maker

and support Vustralian industry Gents High grade Boola 10/0 TI Ljgon st_Carlton_ Lr*.KY ROOIN Ski light« Ac. CURFD liloclil

ally bj ii«in_ IV ereliam s VIVSIIO CVN1 VS used 11 Goeeminent sumí le posted, 1/ 5.1 Iori st North l"atzroj____ LVVVN VIOVVTl!« Lawn mowers shirpenel set

and repaired, Duplicates Kemp 100 Queen street Tel 20 9_


le 3 to .>, h p Reliable


Mignifieriit lngine'î.

Special m Incemcnt to buyer» of engines for the]

oming season


MIRTH 11VNK -When it comes to a question

Ml UTI I BVNK -of quillt} or of ilaiour or of | M1RTIF B VN K - delic-icj as regards Hams and j



I ittle Collins bt Mell ourno

M.NTLLPJhCrS Mirbk "and ttoöd Grates

lllu La\ator> ^ «rt Cookirif, Uajigcf) rxmls Anderson and Co , 33J I linders 1 mc Send for catalogues

Grates ' liks Cooking stoves cheapest MAÎiTi'LPIlXhS, great bargains choice de

signs Grates lilts Cooking stoves cheapest and bast call or write for catalogue R and J


278 P O place_ VNTLLS, Grates Tiles Gas 1 lttin(,s Stove»,

-pecial design« lowest \ rices Cimpbell Gough and Co SO. I O ¡liée

MIRRORS tor oil purpo es ehcip Cotterell

and Co Glass BeiellmL and Mirror 1 actoiy Note new address _i4l Jxnsdalcst, city_ MUITON BIRDS foi warded all pirts Common

iv ealth on recoil t of I O , «0/ per loo Lau

MOIOH LVUVCII 40ft beam lift 11 lip

en"i!ie m I erfect order, beat "Û Me-cn j 1 a tern Beach Geelong _ "VTLW YORKNOYILeY CO Corner Elizabeth X>l and Little CoUIns Sts -Our New 1909 Cala logue is now ready full of illustrations 6ent post free on ni [ linitiou star k. e¡ ers note special oder NEW 10RK NOIT-TIV CO haie the Celebrated

Mllltiplj¡nu Ping Pong Ball TYick, which turns ono bill into '"ur before jour cíes prico 2/0 viltli the instructions this triek is the bo ' and a child can do it __

NLVV \OBIv NO1 _LTY CO , Corner I llzabcth

and Little Collins Sis.-Magic 1 lute 1/(1 each Gun metal Watches 3/11, Howling Cats, 2/0 Trick Pocket Knives 1/0 Plato Lifters 1/

-VT-1V lORk INOVnLT. CO, Comer I llzabcth i> and Little Collins Sis.-Transparent Dice 2/0 set Wellington Dojiblo Boiled (old Chnins 2/0, Longo Musical Tops 1/ I ung Testers 1/ each_ ?"VTLW 10RK îvOVLLT- CO, Corner Lllznbeth J-V and Little Collins Sts - 1 also Moustaches fld I also Noi-es 1/ Japanese Cold 1 ish 1/0 swims in water. Bobs Puzzle Match Bot, l/_

NLVV YORK NOVELTY" CO 129 Elizabeth st

Latest Conjurine, Cards live card Trick Od packet Aerial or Jumping Card Oil packet, Three card Trick, (k1 , Lier Changeable Card Od Trade supplied_ __ "VTLW YORK NO1 FLTY CO 129 riizabeth st

live, slartlmg yet prettj effect 2/0 each Also send for our Catalogue_ NEW YORK NOVFLTÏ" CO , Corner I llzabcth

and Little Collins Sis - Look and Lauuh Onnicrns 1/, funniest on earth American Bath girl Pictures, Od set ol four, v_ry__hic, lerj _ NEW YORK NO1 FT/TY CO - Unique Multiple

ing Ping Pong BiU 2/0 lids trick astonishes the conjurer as nell as the amateur and find it out Makojt jours 2/0 each ATEVV YORK NOVFLTY CO Corner 1 llzabcth JM and Little Collins Sts.- 'Yorker ' Watches 2/11, Aanerican FaiglL Watches, 7/0 12 months guarantee, 1 lanagan Puzzle, Od 1909 Catalogues free_ "VJEW YORK NOVFITY CO . 1»9 nlnlicth st , -CN have just opened Roly Tolles celluloid figuro that will not lie down 1/ eacli The effect is very funny, and the} are the newest in novelty tojs

-\TLW Y Ollie NO111 TT CO 129 1 lizabelh st - JLN 1 ver Read}, 12 bladed Safety Hitor, reduced to 10/0 Send for one if jou like shaving in com fort_Cataloguo post free on_application^_

XTEW31ARKET, N Melbourne.-Duplex LAMPS, _> 4/9, 5/3, Hand lOd , 1/, Gas Mantles 4d

Ohimnejs, 2d , Tuglish Mio Kniies 5/ J doz , Carvers in case silver mounts, 11/0, Sale on Co\ s, Racecourse rd_ _ NLTS for catching hirds, rabbits fish Drum

Seine and Sit Nets largo stock 1 ishlna: Tackle VV C Otley 314 Iittlo_ÇoIBns st Vltlb NV1ION VL CVSH lil G1S1LR for SVI L~ch_ip,

in uood onler D V K Argus olllee_ OATS New National Silzer USA sajs

* V ery prolific, nnd rcsistB drought ' 5/ bushel, early Kllniartln Drouin

OIL and Gas ENGINTS.-' Imperial, stationary,

1 ortablc, marine from 'J li p to 100 li p , cheap Bimple clllcieut M Donald s 1 numo Works Glenferrie_ _ OIL 1 NOIM 1 lcttric mid Tclrol Motors nil

sizes Saw Benches Shifting Pullejs Ac, at Richardson s I lizabeth and Qucensheri}_6tB_ PRESS suitable for printers bool binders, flic

£2a Lathe Woodlumcis, lalio Oin , Pump ÜOÖgaL hour 1 edernl Spring VV orles, 1 TJicrry ti



pieces, detoruled, assorted colours and pat« terns, 28/0 sot. usually 42/.___5__3___?__!___ HARRIS'S GREAT SMASH.-Tea Sets, -40 pieces,

white and gold, gold-fringed decoration, Unu light china, o/lI set, usually 21/.

HARRIS'S SMASIL-Tca'Scis, beautiful hand

painted decoration, eggshell china, atlrac tl_\o_dcolgra,_S_pieces, 5/ll,_tyll,_70_ct._ HARRIS'S GREAT SVLVS1L-Cut Glass Salt Cel-

lars, Id. cull, usually Od.; Jogs, 3 to a set, 2/8 set, UEUQlly 4/0._ HARRIAS GRTJAT SMASIL-Moustache Cup;

and Saucera, first quality, richly embossed dccora__n8"_gllt,_4jd. each, usually 1/._ HARRIS'S GREAT SMASIL-Biscuit Barrels, No.

5000, linnd-palntcd, 6/11, usiially 12/0; Cut Glass BarrclB. fancy, engraved, 8/11, usually*Ji/l__ HARRIS'S GREAT SMASH.-Nobbler Glasses, re-

duced from 1/0 lo Hld. hulf-dozen; Table Glasses, from 2/ to 81d. half-dozen; Ilnlf-Plnt Glas-cs, from 3/ toll'd. half-dozen._._ HARRIS'S 011BAT SMASIL-ltnpoltcd specially

for lids sale, Oak Biscuit Barn-lE, moilnlcd m finest silverplate, 1O/0, usually 21/.

HARRIS'S GREAT SMASH. - Best Quadruple

American Sllverplated Pickle Jars, 4/11, 6/11 each,_usually 10/0 and 12/(1._,_ HARRIS'S GREAT SMASH.-Handsomely chased

SlhcrplaUd Scniolto Rings, S.d. each; usu ally-J/._]5U*100 Elizabeth-st._'

HARRIS'S'CiUBAT SMASIL-Fine As-ortmont of

Jewel Boxes, sllverplated and mt glass, 10.d.,_l/IJ,J/_lj; usually l/»,__3,_/0._____ HARRIS'S GREAT SMASH. - Dinner Cmctb,

plated on white metal, 4-boltlc (N'o. 1512), 3/0,_u_uulJ/0; 6-botth_(No. 1744), 4/0, usual 10/0.

HARRIS'S GTlÏEAT SMASH.-Flower Vases and

Specimen Tubes, electroplated and aluminium, Hustle and ognie decorations, l/0,_usual 2/0._ HARRIS'S GREAT SMASH. - Beautiful Hair

Tidy a, nickel top, and cut glass, 1/5J, usually 2/0; smaller size Dd., usually I/o._. | HARRIS'S GREAT SMASU.-3Canllig Knives

and Torks, with patent protectors, sterling silver mounting, warranted beat Sheffield, 8/0 pair. HARRIS'S GREAT SMASH- Clinstopher John-

son's Cutlery, Dessert Knives, 5/.1 half-doren, usually 8/0; Table Knives, 0/3 halbdor., usual 12/6. HARRIS'S SMASH.-Mosley's bulunced-händlo

Knives, Dessert, 4/0 half-dozen, usually 0/0; Table. 0/0 half-dozen, Usually 11/0.___ HARRIS'S GREAT SMASIL-James Dixon and

Sons' Dessert Spoons and Porks, 0/0 half dozen ; Tiiblo Spoons and Forks, 18/.I half-dozen. HARRIS'S.-Page's best nickel siller Tea

Spoons, 1/3 'half-dozen; Dessert Spoons, Forks, 2/11; Table Spoons, Forks, 3/11 half-doren. HARRIS'S GREAT SMASH.-Amcrleaii Plated

Teaspoons, 4.d. half-dozen, usually Od.; Des* sert Spoons ond _For!is,_10Jd.,_usnally_l/6.j_ HARRIS'S GREAT SMASH.-Heal' Silverplate

on while metal. Butter Knives, .11. und Od., usually Od., 1/; pcurl-handlc Butter Knives, lid.


Watches, 3 years' guarantee, 10/0, usually 21/. lull Elizabeth-st._

HARRIS'S GREAT SMASH.-Ladles' Gunnietal

Walch, well regulated and limed; absolutely best watch in market; 5/11, usual 12/0. HARRIS'S GREAT SMASH.-pRoHcd-gold

Watches, O.l'., called "The Gent's," splen- did timekeeper; S/0, 12/0, usually 15/ and 25/._. HARRIS'S GREAT SMASH.-Boys' Nickel

Walch and Chain, thoroughly good lime* keeper,_2/3, usually^5/0; a great bargain._ HARRIS'S GRE VT "SMASH.-The ""Oris" pa-

tent Lever, splendid timekeeper, guaranteed; 5/ll,_usually_12/0._ LV1-160 Elizabeth-st.


liondv small nickel Watch, improved lever, packed In box foi postage: 4/11; usually 8/0.


Clock, full sized, nickel, 2/11; usually 3/0. .'GIobc''_Alarm Clocks, l/l__ireuaHy 3/0._ HAlfRIS'S GRlfVT*SMASII.-Enauiorila-ngles, as

sorted designo, latest craze, 300 at 1/6 emit; u.tlally_10/0._ _


Combs, Parisian Diamond Wings. 2/0; usually 7/0._TincBt_RoIlcd Gold Cable Bangles, Oil.


taclcs, all sires, reduced to 1/U pair; usually


ver Hair Brushes (1/11, S/0; usually 10/0,

15/._lr)0-100 Elizabeth st-, HO Swanslon-sl._

HARRIS'S GREAT SMASH.-5000 Tooth Brushes

to be given away an an advertisement, 2d. eiieh;_wnrtli jjd Nail Brushes,.loss than lost, Id. HARRIS'S GREAT SMASIL-LÙmps, duplex biir.

iicrs, on metal, green, and amber stands, bim lied fonts, all colours, marble base, 10/6; usual

H~ ARRIS'S GREAT SMASH.-Bathroom Hinging

Mirrors, nicely framed, onlv a few left, lOld., usually 2/3; Jluir Nets, large, lid., usually 4jd.

HARRIS'S OIÍEAT SMASH. - Razors, "heavy

blade, round ixiint, 1/3, usually 2/6; Tea ln fusers, latcstjwtent, Sjil., usually 1/6._ HARRIS'S GRKVT SMASH.-Wood Nib Boxes,

tilled with nibs, Id. each; Phonogiuphs, with records, playjj_two_Uii_s, 1/, usually 4/0._ HARRIS'S GREAT SMASH.-list Pins, extra

long, usually Od. each, lo go at Id. und Jd. each. 1,10 Elizabeth-st_ _ TTARRIS'S GREAT SWASH.-A useful HmTöf -L-L Night Liglits, suitable for nursery, hospitals, Ac.Jid., usitilly 1/, 156*10(1 hiteajaeth-st._ HARRIS'S'GHF.VT SMASH -Cohort's Carbolic

Toolll Powtler, 4jd. tin; Peara's Unseentcd Soap, dil. calle; Pears's Shaving Sticks, Sd, adick.

HARRIS'S GREAT SMASH.-Cullculli Soap, lid.

cake; Nugget, black or tan, 3d. tin; Nixey'a Hoot Polish, black or tan, Jjd. tim._ HARRIS'S GREAT SMASH.-IIa/.eltino Snow,

old.; Roger and Gnllot'n Brllllantlnc, 7Jd.; Pinaud's Brilliantuie, lojd._ ? ,

HABRIS'S GREAT SVI VS1L-Williams's Shaving

Slicks, Sid.; Harry's Trlcoplienis, 1/1 bottle; Cashmere Bouquet Soap, OJil. cake.

HARRIS'S GREAT SMASH.-Cashmore-Bouquet

Perfume, 1/11 bpltle; Atkinson's Wldtj! Rose

HARRIS'S CHEAT SMASH.-Odol, 1/3; Eutliy

mol, Od.; 'Tetlow's Swan Down, OjiL; Tet low's Lider Down, 4!d_; Buy Rum,_3,ld.__


lel'a Vcloule Powder, 1/2!; Perfume But- terfly, Miss Flirt,_Sunhcam, ,Dragou Fly, 1/2J._ HARRIS'S GREAT "SMASH.-Gustav "Boehm's

Imported Perfume, 2d. bottle, usually Od.; Best Imported Soap, 2 cakes for lid.,,' usual 3d.

HARRIS'S.-Nice Showy Box Gustav Boehin's

Imported Perftune, contninlng'bolllc of Scent

and 2 pieccs_Soap, complete, for 2Jd._ HARRIS'S GREAT SMASH.-Husten Cough

Drops, Btiro turo for colds, coughs, -c, in nice enamel tins, 2d. tbi, jisuaHy Pel _ HARRIS'S GREAT SMASH.-^célebrated Ton*

gard Pipes, most reliable, 1/0; Captain War- ren, meerschaum howi_to suit, l/l_,_usiiully J!/0.


Pipes, Tobacco Pouches, Silver mid Plated Match Boxes, suitable presentations, half price


.Manila Cigars, packets of 10, 1/5; Favorita

Cigare,_1d._eaih,_S/_l00, lisiialJÄ/ IO?._ HARRIS'S GREAT SMASH.-Cavalier Plpei.

antberoid mouthpiece, specially suitable for inotoiists or bicyclists, 1/0, usually 2/S. _


Silver King Tobacco-Aromatic 5/4, dark 5/3 per Hi.; our Brand, Dark Tobacco, 2/10 ib._

HARRIS'S GREAT SMASH. - Wntchcs-uliovo

6/, post free; Croikcry Orders must have

fd. or 1/ added, according size, for packing._ HAlfRIS'S OREAT SMASH. - Storekeepers,

Wholesale Buy crs, A"c--Stock is so largo wc ure prepared to deal very liberally with you.

HARRIS'S GREVT SMASH.-At all three stores,'

15(1 100 Elizubelh-sl., and "The Coutindn*

tal," 00 Swanston-st., and 148 Bourkc-st._



In order to accommodate our slock, wc have

taken two temporary premises-220 I'linders-luue,

AT 220 FLINDERS-LANE wo arc Now Selling




AT 230 FLINDERS-LANE (Basement)



CHINA mid GLASS.-Wc shall have to move again

Fhortlv, and wc have still some serilccabic lines in China and Glass. Wo ure sacrificing these at a very low figure rallier than stole and remove them again later on. CaU at once hcfoic tiley go.

STOVES.-We aro storing our largo slock of-tlte-e

in pi émises close at hand; but wc have samples lu tin* basement at 230 Filnders.lanc, and purcbtscrs will suffer no Inconvenience.

rllONOCIIIAI'nS.-Sole ugenls for bdison Bell

and EBNOID, ß*miniite retord, the best re cords nude, pure, clcai, mellow sounding, ond smooth. 288 Fost-olllco-phec_ PllONOGRAI'IIS -Edison Boll Stores, .agents for

5-mlnute EBNOID RECORD null liena Disc Record, smooth, clem, and mellow, làllson Bell Stores, 2SS P.O.-pIace, Melbourne._ PHONOGRAPHS and GRAMOPHONES, all

makes, agents for ö-minutc Kbuoid Rocoreh, 2/ cadi; Renn Double-aided Disc, 3/0, the best on mniket. Edison Bell Stores._"_ PHONOGRAPHS and GRAMOPHONES.-WHind

hear Elinoid 5*minute Record, 2/; attachments, 20/; Renn Doublo Disc. 3/0. 2S8 Post-olllcc-plaic, Melbourne.^ ___ PHONOGRAPHS, Edison's latcsiT?/ weekly', nil

requisites, 10,000 latcsl Records; call and in- spect._H._G._.lnderson, 271*3 Lygon-st., Carlton.

P^ÄPEHIIANGINGS (patterns post free).-"Alii

bastlnc," Whitelead«, Oils, Varnishes; lowest quotations. Pean and Co., oil mid colour mci* ihanls, 133-185 i:ilzalieth-6t-, Melbourne. _

PAFERIIANGINGS, newest designs, patlera book

No. 1, from Od. to 2/0; No. 2, 2/0 to 10/0; Paints and Oils, lowest rates. Henry Whitelaw, 23J_I_lii^r_^(._W),___b__irii__ PAPEIULANGINGTS, splendid assortment, Od. up-

wards. Apply sample book. Ensure beat at- tention by »tuting price. 'Jims. Whitelaw and Co., 220_ninders si._ PIANOFORTE, lipligbl, walnut, "Beekslein,"

100 guiñen tnoilel, iqual niw; sell i"65; finest Instrument m the slate, 'thomas, »HI Clarendon* Et., S. Melbourne._




PIANOF-RTE, mogniflecnt upright, To-evilnca

"Llndahl," praetically new; sell £40 cash, or £45 (erins, pajutile 20/ deposit 20/ monthly; 10 jcars' guarantee; deliver town or country. Maples, Clarendon-«!.. S. Melbourne. _

PUKO, Renard!, £05 model, in use l8 momies,

equal to new, magnificent lone, superb up- right grand, walnut erne, perfect white keyboard, latesl modelr take £30, bargain. Mr, G. Bracken, 1ST Cliapol _., Prahran._,_ PLVN'OFOUTE, Lipp Mid Sohn, recently cost

£95, as good as new, splendid rich, full tone, in porfeit order, latest extended iron frame model; owner leaving Victoria; sell for £4S cash, Mr. S. Y'atcs. corner Chapel and High sts., Prahran.

PIPINO and Fittings, "L. and I," brand, British

standard, for scrcwiug, weight and quality. Stewart's and Llojd's.______ 1_UP1NG and Fittings, for all purposes; gas,

water, steam, hydraulic; largest slocks, Sleimrt's.JtjlojiPs, Quoeu's-bridge-strect_

IDUIIVES'S Winter nlrd SEEDS, superior ali

-> others, in scaled packets, for Oaiiarics, l_Ib., 6d.; Parrots, Cockatoos, 21b,, Od.; suburbs,-,coun try towns, 2GS Svyanstnn-st.______ 1ïli>lNO, 10,(100(1., penny foot; Fittings, Pumps,

Tunks, Engines, Iloileia, Pulleys, Jleltlng, ChnlTtHttcrs, Ac. .Carpenter's Machine'!.- Stores, Quccn'sdirldge._____________________


tensively used on N'evv ltuilvi ay Station, C, Hall, M', Holbourne.

PORTARLlíiñid Traction ENGESXS, by Run.

somes, SiniB, nnd .leffrics. Cameron und Sutherland, agents, i QueenVbridgc-st_ ROSES, "00 best i-iictics, good plants-, 5/ dozen;

write catalogue, free. B. "Wood, The Ivanhoe Nur5Cr}',___anhoo.____ _ R~ "OYAL SHOW.-WANTED., Share, or Buy

1 STAND, good "position. Motor Chassis, Argus.__________i_ H " E W I . N C - M A O II 1 N 12, S. WARD BROS.' The Machine that Is ' A.N.A.

WARD BROS.' WINNING A.N.A. WAHDHROS.' AU Along the Line. A.M. V. WARI) BROS.' WHY'? A.N.A. WARD BROS.' Because it is Absolutely A.N.A. WARD UROS.' PERFTXT A.N.A. WARD BROS.' " III Every Detail, " A.N.A. WARD BROS.' And lias No Kqual. . A.N.A. WARD BROS.' £3/1(1/ to £9/15/", A.N.A. WARD BROS.' K.iby Terms. ' - A.N.A, WARD BROS.' 23 Years' Gunrantee. A.N.A. WARD BROS.' 25 Y-cars' Guarantee. . A.N.A. WARD BROS.' Hoad Offices- , A.N.A. WARD BROS.' 224 Ohapel-streot, Prahran; A.N.A. WARD BROS.' 30-3S LiTOl-strect, North A.N.A. WARD BROS.' Melbourne: A.N.A. WARD BROS.* Branche--Arcade, Ben- A.N.A. WARD BROS.' digo; 30 Sturt-stroc- (be- A.N.A. WARD BROS.' tween "Courier" and A.N.A. WARD BROS.' P.O.), Balloral; - and m A.N.A. WARD BROS.' all principal towns. - A.N.A. Ü ClVIJ.O.-lf.A OlIIK BS, A.NA. 1901 Model NO SHUTTLE MACHINE, CO. A.N.A. ALTOVLVTIC drophead, every style, CO. A.N.A." 'More than 40 Highest Awards for CO. A.N.A. LION SHUTTLE, and SIHELD CO. A.N.A. brand; Gold Mednl Melbourne and CO. A.N.A. Brisbane. Established in tho'CO. A.N.A. EIGHTIES. CO. A.N.A. Sewing-machine COMPANY', CO. A.N.A. Wholesale and Bétail' Showrooms, CO. A,N..\. 232 Smith-street, COI.L1NGYVOOI); CO, A.N. V. Briobane, Sj dney, Adelaide, and CO, A.N.A. Perth. CO.

(¿TE W I N G M ACHINE S. A.X..V. 1009 Model NO SHUTTLE Machine, CO. A.N.A. AUTOMATIC, drop head, every st}le. CO. A.N'.A. More (han 40 Highest Aw irds for CO. A.N. V. LION SHUTTLE and ¡SHIELD brand. CO. A.V v.- Gold Medal Melbourne und Bribhane, ( O. A.N."V.'19uS CO. A.N.A. Established in the EIGHTIES. ('(). A.N.V. Sewing Machine COMPANY-, Whnlc- CO. A.N.A. sale, and Retail Showrooms, !_i_ CO. A.N.A. Snulh-stieet, COLLINGWOOD; Bri-,- CO. A.N.A. linne, Sidney, Adelaide, und Perth. CO.

EWING MACHIrfFS, tilUJ-cr'i, vibrating shuttle, 1 neoriy ne» ; -2/10/. A.N.A. Co.. 232 Smith

St.. Collingwood. I

SEWING MACHINES, Wert helm's, latest drop

head, new; £0; cost £13/10/. A.N.A. Co., 25. Stuitli _t.,_Co_ingwooi!._ SCWTNG MACHINES.-Severn! A.N A. Iluiiil anil

Treadle, slightly u-ed; cheap. 252 Smitli-st, Collutgwood. _ '_,_______ _

iEWTNG MACHINES.-Litest A.N.A.,.no shuttle.

SEWING-MACHINES, largest stocks; Singer's,

Wertheim's, 2.,/, guaioutecd; Gneve's cele- brated machines, new, 50/ to £S, terms. Repairing woiks, 102 Gcrtrude-t., Fitzroy. Tel. 4007._ SEWING-MACHINE, latest high-arm, ball-beur"

ings, 4-drawcr Cabinet, hu tv must sell; cost £9/0/;_____cc, 77/0. Oevner, 75a Bourke st._ SEWING-MACHINE, Singer's latest almost new,

cost £14; will -entire, £0; personal giiiiran Ice. 30 Eriolst, Noitli Melbourne._, SEWING-MACHINE, Singer, new, fainilv, half

t ibinet, table folds; £1/10/to clear. Ward's, Errol-st, North Melbourne._ S1_VING-MACÎIÎN"E. good Singer and VV'ertlielni,

almost new, sall either £2/10/, 5 }ears' writ l_n_L-uara^c___ijir_d^ro_^,__rrol-_:M___N.__lelb. SEWING, drop hiads, thieo good"ones, at half

pi lee, ea«y terni-,, long gutirantce. Ward Bios., Errol-st, North Melbourne. _ ÇJEWING, good secondhand machines.

SEWLN'G-M \CHIN_, Singer, lligli ann, 5 dmwon.,

i splendid working order; £3/5/, cost £12/10/. Ward Bros, 221 Chapel-t., Prahran (op. Colos- seum) '_' - ______ SEWING-MACHINE, Singer, 7" drawers, praeti

ealh new, must sell, -io; veiy recent)} cost £13. . 221 Clnßcl-st.._Pralirair. -_ SKATES, Winslow's liest," 20/; Camera, ..plate,

complete, with tripod, _o/.j Scivirç Machine, new, latest, 70/; Incubatois, li/; Brooders, 30/; bargains, all deportments. Stanley Stores, 192 Little Collins-sl._ S~ KATES, lee, ladies', Beaver, No. 10 boots at-

tached, size 1, nearly new. sell separate; bar gain. lee. Argus othrc._ SKATES, Skates, Skates.-Winslow, ball healings,

fibre wheels;,.22/0 per pair. W. J. Walden, 190 Svv qnston-st_ SAFES, fireproof, new, secondhand; agents Vic-

toria Sale Co.'« Safes, fitted Chubb's locks. Beiiuchamp's,-"uclioneers, 319 Collins st._ SAFES, fireproof, cheapest and best; Welgh

ing-machliles, Copv-im-sscs; new, secondhand. Willis and_Co.,- 3S2 Little Collins-st_____. SAFES.-Hobbs, 30 x 24; Heywood, 23 x 20,

with pigeon-holer, and diuwers; iln-ap. Maffev, _521 oil Quecn-bt_ S AFT, fltcproof, 6eeondliañn ; hnU-prjce; new

Pliilllps, 90/; Coiij Press, 21/. Jennings, 27S P.O.-plaee. __,'*_ __ ______ SAWS, Circular, Vertical, Band, Ging. Cross-

cut, Pit, ¿x-.; i-higlihh and American; cheapest. Deninnn,__I"ck, and Robinson, .133 Ixinwlale-st_ S7VYVS.-Write lo Bhiheléy,~115 LOIIMI.IIC-SL, for

special prices; ah-o Corundum Wheels, wired centres; satisfaction give________ SAWS.-Don't throw'old Circular Saws away;

send' them lo Blnkoley, 115 lansdale st Re- paired equal to now._ SEEDS, legclable or lionet, finest quillt}, 12

varieties; posted, 1/; bend for lists. Seed Svndicatc, Oakleigh._ STRAWBERRY PLANTS, Uptut mark, piaran

teed true' to name, best bearer, 5/ per 10ÜÜ. J. Bosch, Greensborough._ STRAWBERRY' PLANTS.-Plant now for early

trop. "' Up-toDalc, 2/ 100; Marguerites, 2/0

SADDLERY and "AIINTSS, Stock-whips, norse

and Cow Rugs; country requirements; cheap- est Hunter's, ' 374 Bourke-st, 312 Post-ofllce pbce. 'Phono 2241.

SPECTACLES and* FOLDERS, largo" variety, low

prices; satisfaction guaranteed. A. Edments, 309 nourke-6t.,_Melbournc; branches In all suburbs. SP0NG1_, Sponges, Sponges, Chamois, absolutely

wholesale; cheapest, largest stock tnide; write for particulnis. J. E. Stone and Co., Lons dale-st_ r^All.ÔRlÑO"OF?. QUAL1TV.-EASY" PAYVIENTST J-AILORING OF QUALITY.-EVSV PAYMENTS. TAILORING Ol' QUALITY'.-EASY PAYMENT-. -That's it, Quality, right through tho whole -three gatmeuts, Suits that arc tailored by -people ii ho know how. Let's persuade i oil--. -to gue tis a call; vie won't keep jou but a -few inimités. We know how precious tile -minutes are to the business man of lo-d ty, -but Bpare us a few minutes, and let ns give ?-jon an idea of the ii oik we do, and the --.Sjatem under winch you can buy one of -Hicse Suits of Quality, and ive feel sure -you won't regret it. We won't, nn}hovv, -regret the time* bjient, because we lune -faith in our Suits and our System, and in -our ubility to make you pleased. -


J. I», ,ION_:S,_OPEN__ill 10_p.ii__FRlDAYS._ MViNKS (square). Tanglefoot Fly l'a) _r,~Lamp. _- ware, Eiiamclivarc, Ilollowuarc, Brushware, RlacMcad. Thos. Mitchell and.Co., Prop. Ltd., brush manufacturers, 300 anil 302 Lonsdalc-st.

a YANKS, Tap and Cover, 24 Gauge - 100, 27/0;

. 200, 30/; 300, 40/; 400, 45/; 500, 52/0; BOO, 00/; 700, 07/0; SOO, 72/0; 1000, £5/. Chalmer- and Langford, 291 Elizabeth-st __


house secondhand instruments; lists posted; uments purchnscd, repaired. Norman Seward, 4Ô0A Bourke-st, Melbourne._._ atOOI_, for cupentcrs, cngiucer«, blacksmiths,

plumbers, bricklayers, gardeners, mid other trade!,; large stocks to select from. Thomas M'Pher soii and Sou, Colllnl-st

rilOOl-ä of all descriptions, for carpenters,

_. farmera. contractors, and other. Semi for

; "YValeoata," for

wood, 71b. packet 2/0; "Arabic," cools lion, 2/. Iron and colour moi citants. Bather than accept imitations, 2a»,' _;____ alHUNKS, Portmanteaus, Gjnilblone Bags, __-,

? Repairs. J. Curtis, wholesale and retail manu lactuier, 4B0 Bourke-st. I.'slab. 30 yeurs.Tel. 3715. rriEA and Coffee "URNS, Beer, wine, and Beef-tea

'-- Unis, Pie Warmers, new aud secaudhund. T.

P. Iliynnt, 207 l'.O.-placc._ r|1IMB_R, Doors, Sashes, anil Mouldings. T. -L Anthony and Co., A'Bcckctt-st., Melbourne.

flYVVO INVALID CHAIRS for SALE; olio ball bear -_ ings and pneumatic Ure wheels; others, new. l_i_ir_cn___l_Sw_n_oi__l._ TIÏPEWTUTKR, Smltli-Prcinicr, nearly new, guar

nntccd pet feet ordci ; bargain. Victorian .Mont de Picte. 213 Elizaheth-st., op. telegraph olllee._

Wire Blinds, Venetian Shutters, mnnufnc lured by Carr and Sous, 209, Melbourne. Eslab. 1855._Tel. 12S._____ VENFJ1TAN BLINDS, Venetian Shutcrs, Veran-

dah lUmds, Wlio Blinds. Ctiinpholl und Johnson", Window Blind Factory, 131) Lonsdalc-st., Melbourne^ Tel. 2073._

EGF:TABLES.'- Beetroot, Carrols, Turnip-,

Parsidps, Rliubarb, all lOd. dozen; Cabbage,


VEGETABLES. - Carrots, Turnips, lihubnrb,

Parsnips, lod, dozen; Cabbage. 2d.; Callllovvcr, 3d.; *cnt anynhcrc; also Ki tilt. Child, 114 Little Colllns-st._ VIOLIN', rare opportunity, -magnificent tone,

. secondhand, old "Klotz," line how, cuso; bargain, 55/0, cost £20; trial anywhere. Alfred Kent, Kcw_P.O._ ___:_,_ VIOLIN, Case, Bow, Ac, 21/, 30/, 44/: .wit-

ter catalogue. Maejovv's, 271 Little CoUJiiB it.; Melbourne. ....




A Special Series of Clean Sweep

Values Until 1 p.m. To-day.


To Help .

Make This a

Record Month,

. . . lids is the last day ot July, and, BO far as . . . shopping is concerned, it is only bali "

Wo are close enough to our previous best . . . record for July to make It worth while nut. . . . ling forward our best, efforts to establish a

. . . new record.

... There ore only four hours for shopping to* . . . day, but every minute will be crowded with . ',t _"v'"i- Opportunities for you. Th. clean . .\ .Sweeps worked until a late hour last nicht . . . gelling ready for this morning, and you wall .. . lind a particularly attractive pro_n_nino . . . ready for you in every depai tment -

'. . . . Clothing of Every Description, for Man and . - . Boy Wear, at Sensational Reductions, until


SUITS TO ORDER, -- 42/, 50/, 03/, ïfll SUITS. TO ORDER, - 42/, 60/ 63 70/ SUITS TO ORDER, -- 42/, 60/ 63/ ("o' SUl'ra TO ORDER, -42/ 50/ (B/I io'"

Now Unit Spring is only n little way Ahead, there in tro limo to loso in completing the Clearance of -r Slocks of Ttainooata mid Overcoat«. Wc boni-lit,

?y heavily of those goods at the beginning of tim son, bul, in conseipience of an exceptionally Id wiuter, wc have been left- willi a kircij number of these oh hand. Prices haye been re- timed vciy heavily, ami you will find some Spien, did Values lu Raincoats at 12/0, 18/0, and 21/.

LONDON .STOUES,-Opp. G.P.O.-very large »"lee* LONDON STORES,-Opp. G.P.O.-tion of high LONDON" STORKS,-Opp. G.P.O.-qualitv Travel l.ONDOX STORES,-Opp. GJ-.O.-ling Rugs, th-. LONDON .STORKS,-Opp. O.P.O.-prlces ni width LONDON .STORES,-Opp. G.P.O.-have l*ecn re l.ONDON STORKS,-Opp. «.P.O.-iliienl to eon LOXDON STORES,s-Opp. G.P.O.-sldorahly below LONDON STORES,-Opp. G.P.O.-cosL

_ F. S. MCTERS, jfanagcr._ VIOLIN, beautiful tone, unredeemed pledge

worlb £10; bargain, 112. Victorian Mint do Piele, 213 Klbiahclh-st-, op. telegraph olilee.

'" "V/ULCAN" Chnin-plpe VICIS, i!rop7fS¡Sd"




While Taper Cul lo Any Size.


¡aduct-buildings, Flinders-street, Melbourne.


E D D I N G OAK Great Variety of Beautiful Designs, SWALLOW and ARIELL LIMITED,


10 and 12 QUEEN-STREET, and PORT


W" lUTiiLEAD, "Ulejihant," 29/.-, cvvt.; B'ÔMed

Oil, 3/J; Raw, 3/2; Mixed Paint, 71b. tin, 2/4; BniilKM, pu|c bristle, 64 5/5, 8-0 0/5; Varnish, 0/0 gal.; 1'apcrs, 3d.; sale now- on. Cox's, New- market._____

YX/ELPAHISE, new- preparation, welding brökTü » ' casiings. Involnablu engineers, blacksmith!-, fanners; write booklets. Reid Bros, and Russell. l"]iiidir_st._ WOODWORKERS' VÎCÊS; Patternmakers''

Tools, Cariien-crs" Pencils, Mitre Boxes, Reribeis, and Gauges. 'Thomas M'Pherson und hou, Colüns-st. _ WOOD TRELLIS, ni! Biz«,, cheaper than mai;',

ing; inspect, it will jiay you. Walker, 37S Lillie Collins-Bt-_ -TaJIHE NETTING, sobnd, 21 x 2, 3(1 x 2, 42 x 2,

» » 4S x 2, 00 x 2, 72 _ 2, 30 x lj; barbed, plain.

Clialnieis and Langford, 201 Elizabcth-st.

WANTED, to SELL ST.VIIR-BOW'KETT LOVN\ _KIOO; also. Book". Address 402, Argus office.

Írqv JI.VVX~IO ---.-HL

?»"-1-r-sTn-.WEAR CI.0TIU5. ,, j then, vyjiy.not ,***car" the '|icst-_ It. rijsi-rj'ou' lui' -more. By buying under our unique crrditf -----sy>icm w'e clothe you from "head to loo" iii

quality wear, for a small deposit, and then




of Household Drapery to choose from. - CLOSED 1 TODAY.

SWIFT and HOTIIBERG,-261-3 Swanslt>n-st.,Me.b. SWIFT and UOTIIIII.IIG.-201-3 Swanstnii-st., Mi Hi.


EXCHANGE Defective EYESIGHT for perfect

vision; sight tested by graduate optician; cxart glasucs supplied. Watson's, 78 Swanston fit. SALE of OVERCOATS, nt CorneTl-a-Jeni Market

(Only).-Tills seufuil's styles in Cluster* to citar at bargain piices, London and American Supply Stores._

nil going at 21/. London and American Supply Stores._ S" Aid. of OVERCOATS, tit Corner Eastern Market

(Only).-Dressy Oiurcoats, at special clearance prices; were SO/, now 25/. London and Ainenean Supply Stores._ S" ALE of OVERCOATS, at Corner Eastern Market

(Ouly).-Famous line of fashionable Cheaters, strapped or gauntlet culls; were 35/, now .10/. bon don and American Supply Stoier

ALE of OVERCOATS, at Corner Eastern Market IO (Only).-Tbc liest all-wool Scoteh Tweed Che«, leis ill the Commonwealth; were bS/d, now 32/0. London mid American Supply Storr«._ S" ALI", of oTilRCOATS, at Corner Eastern Market

(Only).-Order by post; money biek if not sati-fuctory._London aii_Anieric.ui Supply Stole«. SALE of ORDF.R SUIT'S, ntConior Eastern .Market

(Olllv).-All prices redllecd, exceptional values,' faultless tailoring; 42/ suits for 37/0. Lon-

don and American Supply Stores.

ALE of ORDER SUIT'S, tit Corner lîaslcrti Market t-J (Only).-Genuine nil-round reductions; .*/ stilts now 42/, 03/ now 50/, 70/ noll' 5."./. London and .Vinci icon SuppJy_Stoiçfl._.

SAl.E~of SUITS; uncullcd-for orders, at Lorn«

Easlcnt Market (only); order price, 00/; «ill go for 50/. l,ondo_jiru_A_erii_u_ _ippl"___-<__, CfALir^lívTÍÑlNa VESTS, at Comer Uutnn

fe Market (Only).-Wl.lto Pique, -*...*£"__

style; were 7/(1, to-day 4/0. London and American

Supply Stores.



Princijiaü, the Misses BRUFORD.

Boarding and Day School for Gills.

Tlie SCHOOL will líÉ-OPEN on TnUItSDAÏ,

JULY 20. 1O00. . - , _..,." "¡""le.

Large house, extensive grounds. Five nunutror wtilk from tho Malvern railway station.

Prospectus on application.

At home by appointment-_.-__.--. 7\"~DVTNCËD"CLA"SSES for History and Lite»; A. turc in the Wth Century will be conducted ivMr.John Darroch (Jielb.Unfv.) at Miss Clark-* ..?Fairholm," Wnlsh-st., Sontli Yarra, '"»£__

5.15 11.111., and also at tho Toorak PrisbvtaT Church, Dorcas-room . (near the «-.?*m!^___ p.m., ivory Wednesday afternoon, &.*>""_-> August 1 prox. Terms, onegulnea P« »n».



? 1'rlnciptil, Miss HATCUBIJ. 1 OWN.


Prospectus at Mullen's, or on application.

Principal at home cv-cry_iftcnioon___-_, -NNI_LIÎY~LÂr)"lV_' COLU-GE, AnjoT""»


clent staff. Vacancies boorders, Tbc Mj______g. BACKWARD, Troublesome Boya.-Send lloard-I

to nood Country SCHOOL; sound education,

individual attention: strict discipline, «""¿¡¡g

city' influences, earelul **'»1*'*nBi cX_a licalthy__ni_jj__^mw_cratç._^

can hefn them. Medicalattention,home coratort». Particulars from Dr. Fislibourne, M_Lül!1"ä"strl£| -RLÍNKBONN'IE.fMTo'nee Ponds Ard.ulllun.nb

JJ , west, new, improved premises. .1T "*. July 28.__l_l_clpol,__n¡.s__lo_ri_-.-__ SAMÍUK. Alma-road/ *-11îf_"Sr

Principal: Miss HENDERSON.


New J?upHs Enrolled 271.1. "__,

Miss Hendeawn will bo at boina to sec parent« on and after Friday, 23rd inst._¡rr-r-"-riY_ l-l RANGE PREPAILVTORY SCHOOL for BOYS. <JT Domaill-rd-, South Yarra (Tel. 100, larra).


Vaconclcs for Four Boarders.

Tho Misses TURNER will boat liomç________!" T"VDY"Tea3aiïeri3riva"te LESSONS in Wnven* JU lional Ficnclt. Terms to S.A.D., »iniw«

â^^nïiwTiuawrATOnY soiiooTiôT^

JJ- "Adwalton." M'Kin ey-avenuo. - y?"T?:?

Miss I" Addeiley. Third * TERM, Wedae-d* .

July 23._ _-_TTÍ:

P1I1M.VÏIY and Sub* SCHOOL tor S Vl.i..

no opposlllon, progressive submb. Ann». Al gus_o!llce. ________________-câ-1er" QTRATIICLYDE, Aibuny-rd., Toorak.-Rinoa K5 garten to Senior Public. TM-W.M_.j-S day, July 27. Miss Rudd at home on Monday, e**