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Tarra tille seorrdj another \jciory on Saturday bv defeating Carlton.

Fletcher was thc-pick of ihc-Yaraville IS; his ground play-and Kicking being a feature. He Mçkçd a good goal,

"DUB" Fraser plated his usual solid game (fol- lowing and haU*back), but he wondered from his place too much when placing half-buck.

Sam Davidson (of Northcote) made his first ap- pearance with Yairavillc, and played well. Ile also kicked three con IF, besides taking some beautiful high mai,kn with the greasy hall.

A. Davidson also made his. appearance, and played a good came.

li. Bliss played well, and T. Nelson played one of'his stubborn games half-back. .

1 Bell kicked two goals, Knight;three goals, Fitz*

patrick one, and Fraser one.

I Fitzpatrick placed well (following), besides kick

iufc n, goal.

I tiibbons showed again thai tie can piny football, I and, was the star of the Carlton team. Buckley

and Hailev plajed splendidly, and their kicking was remarkable on a wet day. Landy dit) excel* lent work on the half »back line.

I ' O'connell again showed his last season's form

for Carlton bv Ins dashes, high-marking;, and k*ck I ing. Watt kicked four goals. Tasman, as usual, I did his share of the hard work. Jeffries, Byrnes. Cutting, fliuck, Schinke, AVilliatt, Neundor, und I Watson (a recruit from Tasmania) did splendid


Walker showed splendid form on the half-baek line, and watched Davidson well, nnd deserves spe- cial mention. Hyland, a Carlton junior, is im- proving etery match, nnd will bo reckoned ' u tlrst'Class junior before the season is o\er.

The goal-kickers for Fort Melbourne were Gil- bert 2, Cían ford 1, Elliott ii, Way 1, Kelly 1,

und for Coburg J. Wilson 2.

Fort Melbourne w ei e without the sen ices of De Chene, Baker, and Pam, but Elliott played his fir*t panie with the tom, and is a power of strength on the forward line; and Kelly reappeared after _i long spell.

-M-Ken/io und Wav ("centre'), Ra\cnha1l and O'Rrien (nick), Crawford and Williams (rovers), and G. Deas pul in eomc fine work for Port Mel- bourne. »

Pembroke plojed a much-improved came; thev played better together, and uho plpyed good hand

bj 11.

While, a new mau, made a good start for Pem- broke by kicking four goals.

0-,-e (roving and centre). Molouglmcv (half bark). Hall (roving and half-forward), Chisholm and Gregory (luck). Gorman and Gilhert (follow- ing). Hore, and Bonelli phyed brilliant football

for Pembroke.

The roi!-ki ck cr s for Footscray were Litchfield it. Crouch 2. Stewart, Frcenun, Gaskcll, Arnott, Sergeant; and for Preston Pollard got the only goal.

North Melbourne** goal-kickers were O^Bricn 3, Ne«ton 2. M'Kinlej. Scott, and Carpenter.

The goal-kickers for'Werribee were Hastie, Lowe,

and Lamb.

Hastie, ii college lad, plated a fine game for Werribee. His high-marking with the wet b.ill wah -plendid. He also kicked a splendid goal, and was about the beat man on the field.

Irving -howed ton.c fit.c dashing play, and saved hil «ide repeatedly. Vincent, took some fine high marks, and Nunn and Shaw'were a fine pair for

I Werribee.

I Cook, rbtlajB, tod. Larai) played good «olid lamci

for Werribee» though the latter teemed lundi 5 tapped bj the hi aw going

larmUIa \ Carlton at larrit illc» was a good gamo under had conhtions Collins and M.'] Jona Id nore out of tin. former team Carlton had a strong <cim I

Knight was in splendid form forward, kicling 31


Da\i Ison from Northcote pined his first match and not t toals for the \nrra ¡

Heldier Jr^er find Fitzpatrick plajed their |

usual toiihistent games

Hlisa captained the game ¡Nelson acted as \icc, tliL election of both being popular with the

pla* or«

Knight U a man el iu the wet, and ho is ahvaja certain to pla} a demonstrativ gnuie, wet or


tust ment (following) and Muller (winç) excelled

in their departments

Watts for Carlton on the forward line alwajs held hi. own with his nun, getting 4 goal«

Culling and Bailey were good m the follow in ft


^chunko-Mind Abdullah had gome lhelj tuples with their opponents at times

In Land} and Gibbons the Carlton possess two finished plajers /

Captain O Donnell placed one of his consistent games and lud lih men well in lund

Pembroke *. titrrpy was u \erj ucn game, and alwajs interesting to watch although f,ood pli> uns often bpoilcd bj the wet ball pluj-ers Indulg ing in drop kicking when punts should have been the order of tin* dnj Pititroj. wer. uti hic U; in the second half, through bud kicking but the Pembioke deserve credit for their meritorious win from Uit plucky \oting M noons

Pembroke arc nt the present time the beaucot temi in the competition

Slossln{,ton (two) White (three) Clark (two), on Hie lorward line wire a power of ttrength, espccitlly Mosstngton, with his well judged tac


Gorman Gregorj, and Chisholm formed a solid combination of clean footballeis

Pembroke will be one of the hardest team1, to

heit I hit i-Tjbon

lionel» on the wing, had a h\»\ time, but gune

rjll.\ held his own

Hie wet tit} did nut icem to please the titrn» team, noted as a fast mid dei cr side Thcv licked their usual -du-b but thev went in with dcicrniini tion and pined a sterling gime -ígainet their op ponente They were beaten hy onh 10 points

Bowen was clever on the forward line three goal, being his rinre Holt (two) and Hoclitort (two) wen. the other goal kickers for I itrroj

-Sluip und Paxton phjed commendable games,

and Boonie I to re\cl in the mud

North Melbourne and Werribee wis another game »polit by Hil wet m turc of the ground lloth lind a \erj hca\j team in Hit. Held and there wa*. nothing in it up to half time C Pratt cap tiluod the * North in the ah cnee of M Cann becretarj Croft was in comnnnd of the Wen'bec

Phelan and tomb were \ery eonsptcnou.. ill through 11 ii "tie excels in any department

¡stoke. (' North ') and lAinb (Wurlbu) hail tomo fine keen struggles on the whig and both dis played pace jnd judgment

Hoth teams utter the match congi atula ted the umpire (Pvnin) on his dectoioiii. /

The Noith Melbourne Junior committee after the match contra tula ted the Wirribi-., tram on tie m mit n j turc of their pi 13 i he k crotan (Mr Trolt) thinkeil the committee on Ululf of his club Mr W ruwcolt also ß| oke

Curie (follett lui:,) Don Ung (centre) O Brien (three goals forward) were tory conspicuous for

Noith Mclboutm

1 unction and Dowling greatly as«l¡_lcd in the

success of the Junloie

1 ootstraj t 1 reston District v. is t one si led g une in fat our of tilt former the latter biting some of their befit plujers absent I" lichfield (three (,oh1s) font ira ttlth Ciom.Ii (t\to) turo the most prominent for the loots, rij

Phelan Vrrott and Hughes (I iel.) had prac tie illy nothing to do but get out of tilt r in

The Preston District cornell ttai \tcll con ducted 1111 tt is 11 »titccss tina 11 ein H \

The uni] iro ind permit committee of the" \ I I \ nott lute imttcr to choose pinera to represent Hu association in anj future u ml hied match 1 \planations in etirv case «pie accepted from Hendí it Iones Stokes M Cuni 1 iver Olittr and Hartshorn for theil ilseneeln retuil

corni iued matches

lhc follow ing \ ermita were grnnlc t tit u special meeting on Iridij evening lnst -I r Watson 1 asm mia to Carlton N Chisholm I Rsendon h (

( \ ) to 1 emhrol c I Larpentei "1 irritillc lo North Mcllournc 1 A Hiitchef.on Biuimtick to 1 it-Tot r M Kinlet Vrabrm to North Mri bourne T Hall W illiainntown to ^aitutlllc li Ï oote Carlton II C to I it not W Murphj tootserat J 1? 0 to Werribee ( titing loots raj I C to Werribee S ( Wright lootscrit I C tolanatille I hidd Murmur 1 C to Picb ton Distiict I \incent WilHamstottn 1 C to Werrib p \ Datidson Northcote I L in \ nu

"le It lamb W illiamstowu h C to Werribee

\ 1 Croft Lbsctidoii VC (L) to Werrllcc

II Robinson Colling« 001 1) I C t> I cm 1 In oke T I» 0 Connor Riddells Creek li to

ot S Ditidson, Northcote H to ^ ma


I UE-U-ivr 01 m vichi s iruii)

\tim\__lc\ CitUon ttoTi ht \ uritille 11 goals 6 I chinda ( -î points) to 6 go ils 1 behind* (S) points, lootscrit t Vi eaton District won I13 1 00U rit 10 goals 10 lehiiiriq ( 0 point fi) to 1 goal I behind (7 point*) North "Melbourne t

Wciribee won bj North Melbourne S goala ** behm li (00 points) to .1 go Us I behinds C2 points) I embroke \ tit?rot won It Pe.nh.olo IS gods li behinds (G1 points) to 7 t,oaU 9 Mund ( I points) Coburg t Port Melbourne won bt lort Melbourne 8 poils 0 be hinds (5t points^ to 2 goals 2 behinds (H point«)


\amulle 1 001 sera j

Port Mclbo irnc North MelLournc Carlton

Pembroke Fitzrot


Preston Dial riet Coburg