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Woden Parkway


Model of stage I of the Woden Parkway which will take two years to build. The contract for the construction was let on May 12, 1966.

Not since the preparation of the site for Lake Burley Griffin has so much heavy earthmoving equip- ment been seen as is now concentrated on the con- struction of the first stage of the Woden Parkway.

The contractor is making good progress and although the job is no! scheduled for completion until May 1968, the major part of the work is expected to be completed and opened to traffic well

before then.

One of the last sections of the work to be completed will be the overpass bridge in Kent Strfcet.

The 676,017 two - year contract which was let to Lcighton Contractors Pty Ltd in May this year will provide 1 1/2 miles of unin- terrupted dual carriageways from near Le Hume Street in Deakin to the Hughes Curtin road link or inter change. Improvements will also be made to Adelaide Avenue.

The carthmoving equip- ment has been operating along the full length of the

1 1/2 miles forming the main outline of the Parkway and at present is concentrating on the eastern side of the cut at the Kent Street over-


Earth is also being dumped in two large mounds near Hopctoun Circuit in readiness for the construction of an overpass.

Under the present con- tract an overpass will also be constructed over the Parkway for traffic proceed- ing along the Cotter Road to the northern parts of Cur tin or to either the Scrivener or Cotter dams.

The contract also involves the formation of the play ing fields near the Royal Australian Mint. All told the contractor will move some 430,000 cubic yards of earth before the job is completed.

Initially each of the car riageways of the Parkway will have two lanes and a provision is being made for a third for future require-


The median strip will he 40 feet wide and will be landscaped.

The first stage of the Parkway forms part of the central spine road which will pass through the Woden Valley.

From a series of inter- changes and overpasses dis- tributor roads will lead into the suburbs and to the feeder roads into the resi- dential areas.

The next stage of the Parkway to he constructed will be from Hughes-Curtin interchange to the second interchange located at the northern point of the Woden District Centre.