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Tt may be uiftly said that utpmnera for the Aus trillan coastal tride are being built contimiouslv in Great Bntmn The Koombana of the Adelaide b S Company Une which is due here to mor Kvv, makes the third new ' anster" to arrive here within titree vvtels the others being tiro Kapuud i of the Melbourne S S Companv line and tin 1 umeralla of the Howard Smith line The Koom bim which iB intended for the service on Hil > northwest const of \mtraln Ins aire ul> made

tills nt I reniant le und Adelnde, the object of Jar \»Bit to Melbourne being to entir drv clock for an overhaul She will afterwaida rrturn to the north wist, and inter upon hoi dutiis there the Koombin i is i pttel m nu steamu of I "00 tons Lross burthen hnv mg the following pnn cipul dimensions -length ¡40ft, breadth -tSft

2in depth, 20ft 8in She was constructed is nu up to date passenger steamer bv Messrs Alec Sti phen und Son, of Glasgow Iîcing intended to trade in warm dimites Hil Koombana his been ppccnlli dLSignrd bo as to ensure for pissengers n »minium of ventilation, lind a complde set of electric cooIiur apparatus is » leiiture of tilt phip llir accommodation for lio'h Hint and se i olid ti iss pisf-enpers is «.uri to be of tt vir> high order ind embodies all the most moilun con lrminion for case und comfort As In addition to ordinary tiirpo the ves&el has been fitted for the tarriage of live stock, the greatest care bas wen Ukin to ensure the welfare of animals tapUin John Tteca, nn old identity of the Ade

lame Kb Company line, is bringing Üio Koom- bana to iH)rt» huving goac to Scotland some

months ago to mipcnnt*nd lirr construction Ile ri ports tint the \LSdtl left (.1 isgow on Di comber -?> tlunnt, a severe Miowstorni and after Jß hours delaj »t Greenock «uniting snowboiinií pusstngcrs a st tri w is made it 7 u ni on the JI st

I mr weithu w ia met with on the run down tlio Irish Channel and arose the Ba\ of Bison las Pilnus w is j issed on lamían G nnd Cupe ^rdc- on the »th the \ I tndc wind ming cal

ned down to the sixth pirillel The equator wja crossed on the 1"th and light S 1 winda were nut with until within three diva of Cape Town» when strong lind winds mid lic-nvj- seas consider ihl\ dd it rd progress Cape lawn waa readied on 1 mu ira ^-î «nd after rmb irking passengers tin Koombana palled the follow ing d-jj iirrhing jt Durbin on the 27th Heie a large number of pissengcrs joined nnd departure was made on the 'Stli lint weither prevailed down to the Sith pirillel The Koombnnn passed close to \mster dum Island on the -5th just and the whistle wus soumkd but there was no sign of lunn ii n life tin the island Irom thence to I remuntle strone; .southerly winds and heaw bciim seas were cn countered 1 he Koombana was not driven nt full power on the run out but aurnged o\cr Vi knots from Durban lier seagoing quuIUiis pro, ed to be exceptional.) One Captain lieos lins with liim the following officers -Chief, II I Clark second, T Birch third S I .Nelson purser, 13 B Iteid surgeon Dr B M'>air chief engineer 7 It Al Donald second-, W T Shimnuns, chief steward A h Smith