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LEONGATHA, Silurdij-Afc tho com I of pcttv sessions on «atuid iv Be\erdl de feiicd cise-s in Mindi iitcpueis weie einig d with failuie. to eflei-tuilh destioi m"woit (a noxious weed winch is »preid ing in Ihc simo) «01 e dealt -iv it li bv Ml

G Read Murphy, PM, and fines of £5 and £3/2/3 costa were imposed jn each case Mr Murphy said that moro seveie lines

vvonUl lie impose-il in the next cises bionght befoti lum home miuscmcnt was ciiubciI bv eouimel foi the def« nee exhibiting Rliou mens of tilt weed illegcil to Imvu be«n (.lown on the piopeilies of Hie Hlnrc beere luv t-liiit- holiiitm mil on Hi« ullin M "wv i-siivc uni Mi Murphj tint it lluv win biou«-lit befoiL lum.

venlv they would hive then it« iid

Piofcssoi 1 wait of the ])cpiii Intent of Vt,rn ultitre guvc ovidem c *in to tile nituic of tlie weed; nilli mid di it the chief method« of erndie-ibon wen eii'tivitioii ot ciops hill li js pot iloes 111 lllllZC oi bv cutttni. it out lull liclovv thev sinfme ot the giotiml,

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be would ¡,ive I In« pn/e<« to be competed j foi bv siliool oliildien who would bung t«> tlie bend ni isto dining tlie month Hie most» l igvvoit plant« ind lie ulvised Hil bIuii to continue tin competí lion