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About 50 guests representing the var ious footBall clubs in the Port Adelaide district, .gathered at the new Co-Opera tive Cafe, Port Adelaide, on Wednesday night, on the occasion of the firstr an nual Social evening of the Port Ade laide and (Suburban Church football Association; The evening was also com plimentary to the premier team of the Association—the Port Adelaide Church United Football Club. Mr. A. W. Gor don, president of the Association, occu pied the chair. He was supported bv Messrs. N. iFraser, chairman, K. Seas

ley, hen. sec., and tH. L. Atiyins. vice- ; president of the Association, Cr. J. Mac-' kay and Mr. C. HcArthur, representing the A. Grade Port Football .Club, com mittee and the acting-hon. secretary, Mr. S. Dickson^ Mr. F. F. Ward, chair man B. Grade Port Football iClub and Mr. G. Gynell, hon. secretary B. Grade Port football Club. The chairman said the committee were to be congratulated on the success-of the year. It was more noteworthy by . the jtact. that from the, outset they were confronted by difll-1 culties. The evening was uniaue in the. experience of the Port Adelaide Foot-, ball as it was the first, of its kind with the object of bringing into close rela tionship the A. and IB- grades and the junior football clubs. i

Mi. N. Fraser. chairman of the Port' Adelaide and Suburban Football As

sociation proposed the toast "The Port Adelaide A. and B. "grade Football clubs." The senior teams had given re cognition to the junior and had in many ways assisted them. The B. grade Ports

were to be congratulated oi#secuiing the ■ premiersmp. i

On behalf of the A. grade, Mr. S. j Dickson, acting secretary, and Mr. G. j Gynell, on behalf of the B. grade re-; sponded.The former remarked that it ' was to the junior clubs that the A. j grade looked tor jts future players. I

The toast of "The Port Adelaide and Suburban Church Football Association" was riven by Jfr. .T. Maekay, represent ing the general committee of the Port Adelaide A. ffrade d"b. He said many men were worthy of promotion to senior grades from the Association and they would not in future have to go outside the district for players of standing.

In responding,. Mr. A. W. Gordon, said his Association was for the estab

lishment of fellowship and for.the pro

tion of football iin the district. i

Mr. H. L. Adams, vice-president of the Association, supported.

On behalf of the Association Mr.

Fraser, presented to Mr. F. Harry, of

the Port Adelaide Church United Foot- j ball Club, the .associations Cup for the ■ premier team within the Association. I

The medal, presented by Mr. A. W. ! Gordon, for the fairest and most bril liant player was awarded to Mr. L. Graves of the Rosatla team, and the As sociation medal for £he leading goal kicker of the Association to Mr. J. Wallace of the Semaphore Church Unit ed Club.

"The Premiers 1323—P. A. Church United Church was proposed by Mr. H. Bpiislev, and resnonded to bj Mr. J. McDonald, chairman of the club

An excellent musical programme was contributed to by Messrs.- C. Lincoln, ; J. Carr, Athol Lykke and the Apollo j quartette <H. Steigatitch.. S. Haddaway,' J. Himmer, and U. Roddal. Accnm paniements were played by Mr. Prid