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GIPPSLAND-221 ACRhS chocolate hills, gre>

flats, the whole farm is grubbed out, except 45 acvea of rough gnrss, watered bj per- manent creek, 50 aerea cultivated, bal-incc ï nplrsh grass, 1-oundan fences wire netted, modem L. and P HOMESTEAD, of 8 rooms, with 10ft. verandah, and water laid on, cmv fched, barn, stables, njd mcn'fl quirlen., faituatc b) good ro.d 4> in i les from splendid centre Price, ¿.Iii an tere half-cash balance 2 vears at 4. per cent Wc sa) the ihove

is the best value in the market

A MCI- LMEL BLOCK, 2ü_ nero, grrv loam

soil, situate 15 miles from Melbourne in lVm tree Gull) distnet, deceased b rstite reahs mg Bargain, Lo per acre, tenus uver 7 vcare at 4¿ per cent


acres, in the pick of _rring Lilvdilc, .-b miles from Melbourne, 170 turc«, rich illu vial flats ever running creek, Uro villa hornesteads, dissolution of pirtncr_hip com- pels sale Pnce, £13 per acre


COUNTR\ RLMDbNCL, and Well .dipted for a PROFITABLE r\RM--1(m .ACRES at launching Plue-, the beauty spot of \\arbul

inn line, rich chocolate «ukI alluvial and gre) vjiIh, 25 «cres thoroughl) cleared, 100 icre*. more or lorn go, watered by that b-t-iiUful trout birran! Don River, 7 roomed cottage, ..tabling, buggy sheds, milking ¡»hods, poultry runs, piggcrj, _te , 10 acres ilr->t cIjsg orclmrrl, shrabbcr), Le Di-CbAbhiyb JuSTATl.,

must rea lit* Pure f-W)


miles from Melbourne, 5 nalia» from railtny i magnificent!) situated GENTLEMAN b C0UNTR\ IIOUL or TOURISfó RLíiORT, SO ACR1.S, elevation to about HOOfl above sea level, largely cleared and cropprd,watcred b) ever flowing nvuh-ts, superior U B resi- dence, 12 rooms A* , spring vi iter laid on, superb ?views, splendid climate. I*ni e ¿.1400 ORCHARD, 10 »errs., bebt varieties, full 1-canng

11 roomed WB vilh and outbnUditigs, used as superior bonrdmghouhc alt-,0 complt te fur ni ture, waggon, jinker, dra> T cows, and farm implements, Ac , a profitable going con- cern, beautifully gi Uri ted mile from Cro)dou Rt-iton, owner going England Pnce, -.1200. A PRETTY RURAL SUBURRA* IIOMK, at llnr

vood, W B .illa, 7 rooms, Ac , (Utr). Rta bllng, ponltry mm., land i acres, choice fruit garden, AdC, with right to rent 14 acres ud joining Sacn.uc £400 J erins arranged

B0\ HILL-11 ACRES ind Queen Anne MLLV, 1

rooms, Ac nell grwb I iddoel s fruit nnd flower g-rrdens beautiful situation, lj milea station. Bargain £375, eis) tcmu.


did 10-roomcd 2 stoned REhlDI-NCL, with all modern conveniences* close Toorongn station and sebool, garden, Ac , on land 1Ü0 x 150. Price, £1150


LE1<T STATE.-Well built S-roomcd W B md L. and I1 MLLA, in first class order, 5 minutes from Toorak station, in Al street, on lind 06ft, x 200ft to street at rear Priée» £S00, cash. Speculator's or builder's



manding corner, 112 x 1C0, close tu station, brick villa, V rooms, l8 -* l8, l8 -. l8, l8 x 15, Ao, tower, ever) convenience, gardens, lawns, ace Price, £1000 Luniitore, if de-

sired, at valuation

-CUES', 3, commanding glorious view of city,

hill, and dale, with lM.oomcd villa, nestling In choice garden, at Canterbury, £1250

CANTERBURY, "Albion lleightp," Cheapest Lund

in Market -ALLOTMENTS, from 5/ foot, no deposit, no interest, 20/ month!) - free build Jug tickets A splendid opportunity to invest savings with certainty of large increase


32/G. 100 t ¿80 ¿0/, OU x 280, 40 , Fmall Allotments, LIA to £50

r -NTKRBURY -Brick VILLA ti rooms nnd nil

conveniences, £525, £000, good value, close

..ta ti on


Rirden*, de t £200, C2Ö5, £285, ti rooms, CïoO, £125, lovelv Queen Vnnc, (I rooms, A--Ï00, £600, £750, 8 room-., £000, £72j, near "-ilion, all conveniences.


Auctioneer^ and Valuers, 72 Swanston street.




(Established 1853),


325 COLLINS-i*TRh._T, and GLKLONU.


did sheep eind agricultural land, subelivided, watered b. creeks, dams, s*prlngs, carr, sheep to icrc, undulating, shelter trees only, beautiful homestead, 0 rooms, ß-stall stable, large bim, woolshed, Implement., sheds, men's rjuartcra, sheep vards, Ac , prico £5 per acre, £2500 cudi, l-crsonnll} inspected


S11CL1* and AflRICULTUR VL lind, carry 1J sheep to acre, 100 crop, well weltered, cottage mel outbuildings, metal road well fenced, sub etiiided, two miles large township and ILS , tur» mi £0 per acre

tOO ACRES, Suitable MIXED FVRMING, 200 ready

for crop, GO crop, rich black and chocolate soil, Ino miles frontai,-. to on HVRlirLOWING I R.Lk, i roomed house, ntoble-s, kc, li milca ss, _ RS, near Geelong "Hie cheapest pro

pert*, offering, 1.7/5/

80 VCRLb, Suitable D VIRA INC. or ACUllOUL

I'URI. part in crop balance in grans, nice shekel? RIVER ntONTVGl all can be culti \atcd, eomfortablc house, clair., and outbuild iners, good road price Lil per acre, £300 cash

Hundreds of others Write to ua for what >ou _ want _

U O T I O _".


.IILVGRN*, THIS D .\, 21st inst, at 3 p m.

87, St), 01 Dandenong road

Three Well built Vi II VILLAS, almost on station.

.^olld Investment

Also, 1 ino BUILDING SITL, 120ft to Neerim rd ,


fuller particulars dVuction column.


Vere lino Suburban TARSI, loo ocres, 2" miles cite 1 mile railway stution, 120 acres, rich Hats, wo th xlo per acre, growing rape and all kinds «f erops to perfection, well fcuccd, nice house, iibundiiice of water, propcrtj now returning over

4.1 pn aire prollt, nrlco £11/10/ per acre, £500 deposit In-pcctioii invited

vtonc. at 1 per cent , trar saction strictly private ' A LVIA " INKERMAN ROAD, MALVERN, -el the Fuprnor VILLA RESIDENCE of James *-eelei Lse-, who has left for 1 ngland, brick and slu e ., II rooms, 21 \ 17, 17 .**. 10, 17 X 1(1, Ac , si diluid eiery convenience, sewered, land, at x 182 ucll laid out in gunicn and lawns

fuco r.ehiceel to £1200 to ensure prompt Bale 'Ierin- at ti per cent

I 11IOTT C VlltMS, op Malvern station: or

I II 11 MORTON and COGHILL, 72 .Swanston


V It in e)pportunit_ for Invcslo« and Others.

I he I ujiiidaloi is Determined to Bc-alisc, and is




i Apply for Uni and pirllcuaars to


_^ .HO Minders-street_ V LIST rf SHOP INVESTMENTS _»i- Worth Attention

lunilla!. 11h.Ii st , rents i.221 net .. ..i_T80() Mheil rirl llrlelporl st , rent* ClOli .. .. TOOfl Prahnn Glnpcl st, rents i-Jl. . 7n0O lliehinond. Swan st, i-cnta Cr./I0/ .. 2ft_0 Wc-it Melhounic Aldorta st rent« £»¡12 -i00 "Vloonce Ponds, I'ncMe s1 , rent« £1... .

t-l bilda, HUhst, rente) -___/!/. .!S00

I nil pirtlcnlars

sv DNI V C .VllNOLD and Co , ouctioneers, IS

Queen sticet_ i _ A - GHAdULRS &OLDLN CHANCLI - Most _,_.. Inghly rcmuncratiie PHOPLRTl, 167 acres sheep proof Icnccd, splendid sward (if fat toning grimes, water supply of this property is i

p-lrtieular leaturc ami n-eommendallou, per ) -neat ireel, and springs, elaborate brick home stetel S large rooms, inun's room, complete out buildings, neighbourhood is very select, mid for fanners und others wanting a place to retire, I can strongly recommend Ulis, .__100 W. Bris hine, 117 Collins st _ _ _

\ llcuulifiil Little PROITIITV, 23 acres, bar - V ¿.in of the season, wonderful value, till de ned good 7 roomed he»usc, complete outhouses, a wundeiftil eh ince, jinee £450 Inspection of lins should warrant a sale Vi. Brisbane, »117

Collins st ___ _

à- GIPPSLAND DA1R.ING KAU«, -wonderful

* \ line lip acres, * mile railway station, close to Wnirigiil mat kel, beautiful rich clover country, watci supplv ia u feature of this magnificent pro- pel Ij, 1 perniuncnt streams llnough the centre, superior liousc, 0 rooms, cow-shed, 8 tiailB, othei outhouses, good orchard, owner lias eall.tftctory icatons for selling, price, £10 an acre. W Brla btinc,_.117_Collin» st_ A-SI ÛD I ARM, one of the prettiest and most

. unproved properties offering, most suitable tor racing gentleman or bl ceder of high-class stock, "io acres, within 20 miles of Melbourne, and close lo Hie market township, it linn a wonderful sole of fattening grasses, divided into numerous pad rlocks by substantial Icnces, creek running through tile proncrtj, and line springs, ver. su pcrior homestead, stables, loose boxes, Ac , £18 per acre VV Brisbane, 817 Collins st__

A -INVESTORS OPPORTUNITY-Fine little _-_. dalry farm, 225 ocrc-i, within 10 miles of Melbourne, close to school creamery, und butter factorv, 170 acres cleared, sheep prool fenced, good homestead, barn, cowshed, mee orelurd Quick s ile, ¿.ti per acte, ¿.21W cash, balance in seven venrs Vi Brisbane, 817 Collins st


stock markets in the viuni.*,, snperlo;

homestead, £01)0, £150 cash larmers starting

? ? ' ' ' W. Brisbane, J17

A-0 VCRLS, home or week end resort 12 miles

cltj, frontage to bciutiful rrver, brick homestead a.5011 VV Brisbane 317 Collins st

A-IAIIVILR.S IARMLI.S, hore Is nn opportu-

ne} Magnificent river flats, t¡0 acres, superior 10 roomed troupe, fittcnlng bullocks ox »raorilinary wonderful value, £18 per acre W. llusbanc 117 Colliat-st_ A-li VCRLS, semi suburban IIOMF am) FARM,

pretty bungalow villa, with up to date con- veniences Property sown down in Lngtish grasnis Park like in ippearuncc Price, £1300. IV. Brls

bmc .*. - «ii


canii Lia


_C VLL, ind we- can mimed! ltd*, tell i nu , what l'ROPI RTIia iro for SALE, Invest nv-nt_homes Messrs Ham, Swanston st_ AN nVLS'lMP-,! - two HOUSES, weather di- board, good order large ground-:, iel urn nearl} 10 per cent , alwais let Carlile, Aubii-.i

Al St Ivilela, runt VILLV, 7 rooms, bath, ves

tibdCB, ferrier*,, st tilling, 50 ¡c HI, trains at dooi 107 Acland st No agents____ IA 1ÎMADALE, Clonard I) Denbigh rd - Charming -i. brick VILLV, land 7, \ 120 anction, Wednes da., March 25, at Gemmell, Tuckett's rooms_ i"A rHADAIJ., rcorak, Caulfield - queen Anne __L VILL_, £750 £1000 £1.100, splendid nelec non Look« and bons, 162 (.uccu-st, and (Aiul lleld_

ORES, 150, -di building, new, p_rn_-Mit

water, all cleared, 3 miles mil stn-, CO citv ; _J0. » ye-re' ternu. Slessor and Ocmm-H, ff.7 11-^i.kc«.




MELBOURNE to INSPECT. What che FARM do you want?

What do )ou mean to uso it for?

What amount of money can you put down?

Give us this information, and we will rcplr

AT ONCE and TO THE POINT. Ko arc too busy.


li miles of metal from R.S.: cream cart passe* the door thrice weekly, Tlie bent dark grey and chocolate wiil in (JípptJind, where dairying, fattening, or croiipiug of any eort eui lie can ted on at the and profit of the owner. 10ft cows "ere milked UM «i»a<nn. 1-Vnces all In good older; .veil subdivided into civ pad- docks; 100 .icre. now ruadv for Die plough. Per- manently vvatned bv* crrek; in f<»et, the pio lK-ity i. tin ideal une ficni eieiy standpoint. House or S room*; and till convenuiu.esj water laid on. All nece-sary outbuildings in thorough ordei. Tor prompt salo we ure iintnicled to offer this chance to dam men and other?, at £0/10/ per acre. Terms ¿SOO cosh, and balance

on inortgjgc at I1 per cent.

n\RTR\M and SON.

GENERAL PARMING.-400 ACRES, at £5; seven

mik-* from Terang. For mixed fanning this is the best property at the money nu our books. Suitable for dairying, Khcep, and . ullivu-'on; well fenced and .subdivided; pumanentl) watered, good four-roomed bourne. This plat-íf is carrying nt prêtent W10 -beep, be-ldc-. .vounpr cattle and Iwrscs. We know the pi open v. .uid estimate that tlicrc is an almost certain piotlt of JE.Ï per aero in three year*, if taken in Innd by an energetic mau. Terms eau be arranged to suit purchaser with .CW0. This if ii chance to make




right direction for good quality, ina ACRES of lovely undulating land, peiinancntly watered, and biiilable for MILK FARM INO «r grazing; 10 cows am easily be milked all the year round, ltesidc-s cropping for piotit. Clear of all but hhelter Umber, and subdivided into hcvcn pad- docks, well fenced, and, with on imposing brick house, of 0 rooms, tile roofed, the property pre- sents ii plea&ing view to Ibu eyes, as welt as .appealing to the money-making instincts of the business man. There arc nibo splendid outbuild- ings, and all nccc-ary for i tinning the place on strictly profitable linee. Priée, -3500, Terms Ono-third cash, and balance -arranged. Owner will sell the homestead, and any quantity of land io suit -the purchaser. ( '


(Auctioneer, J-Yank lloílcau),

_30, 21, 23 King-street, Melbourne._ AT . M'CONACIIY and Co.'e,

"The Olderfleet,"' -

* ' .75 Collins-street, Melbonme.

FARMS and STATION PROPERTIES of every' de ecription/In the best parts nf Olppslaiid, Western district, and various parts of Vittoria, and bandy Melbournt:; nil'sizes, all prices, and on terms to suit everybody. Intending purchasers of broad acres in this or tiny of the adjoining1 states who re- quire good properties, worth the money, fchould in- spect our Rats; as- wp have a very large number of tho latest investments offering at the present time. Easy ternis arranged on all purchases made

through us.

COUNTRY STORE,, with Post and Telegraph Office, together willi U0 acres of good grazing land, permanently watered, situated 0 miles from a rail- way station, In the Western district; good fl-roomed house, blacksmith's shop, hay and cow sheds, with sale-yards on the property;'the present-owner ia selling through ill-hc¡ilth, and this presents a raro opportunity to anyone in search of a good busi- ness and "farm combines ; price, JE-GGO, at which price it is a bargain.


All who contemplate borrowing cheap loans on broad acres should consult us nt.ojicc._ ARIOlTi-UllURnÄN'FARM, 3C0 ACRES, ad-

joining railway station, IS miles from Mel- bourne, 100 ncicA all cleared (Ö0 acres alluvial flats, 20 .English glades, .10 acres in cultivation), (50 acres lightly timbeicd, well grassed, well fenced in, seven paddocks, well watcied, in splen- did district, with good rainfall, practically new homestead, jarrah W.U. villa, 7 rooms, every con- venience, dairy, silo, and very complete farm out buildings; price, £17/10/ per acre; terms at 4f¡ per cent. T. R, ].. MORTON" "and COGHILL, 72 Swanston-streeí, Melbourne,_


k_l. ON BOX Hil L LIM IBS acres nearlj all well e kareel divided il pnddocks tre-it portion English grasses viatered Bprinfc. ereeks It nore» splcnelil orchard loiclj moelcril brick residence, 10 rooms dower irirden, .blubberten water laiei on in tarden improvements cost liionsinds of pounds no» offered for CIUOO terms This is without doubt n tremendous bargain I ann cala logues gratis Stewart and Wood auctioneer, 16

Elrcabeth si_'

A -I XT?.J.N 0NI 1!l vst 10 no 40RTS -£_. I_ASII V -Deep neil Hits, greit clover and Lngllsh "riss countr. ill cloned evcei t shelter trees nciclgo 215 Ile can iccoinmend this to the man looking for high c1 nts noll I"I) acre» ploughed duelling and outbuilding Mc will per sonally drive clients out to Inspect £20/10/ acre, tenus. Tarin eililogtio*; gratis Stewart and Wood luctionccr 40 Lllzabeth st Vlclbourne

A -DMR. 1 VII VI, COVLULI) Willi Glin N

. GIÎVSSES, 35 miles eil. 2 milk train« itally HO acres 70 acres cleared chocolate and looms soil, fenced divieled 7 paddocks watoicd b\ perin incut stream dwrlling -indi farm out

buildings inspect this in the morniiif, and return Melbourne hi lunch time £7 acre ¿250 deposit tarra catalogues grails Stewart and Wood, nuc tloneer 40 I lizabctli st, Vlclbbnrne_ ArAIlM 1400 acres real!, good land 40 mil

Vlclbourne, 5 miles station on made road :

paddocks, well improved, abundance water splei

did homestead rend outbuildings lirai class fatten ing proper.. , for sale as going concern £.7 (in eluding stock and ltnjilomonts) ease tenus C N Long Smith, and (Jo, 210 Ohanol st Iel 56" Windsor _

A Sl'LClAL JVOlTOh, io 1 MtVlI

We will SFLL jon LAND with 10 per cent de posit and 10 years to paj the balance at 41 per cent, interest pajablo half.carl. TAItVIS willi -or without houses 60 to 500 »feres S| lcudldi-,

ston street (corner I Ittte Collins street)_

ACRFS 550 with SI-Tdl_M.Il> HIV I'll FONT

AGI 200 acres of hem} lieh, fattening

argricultura! land suitable for lucerne and other crops on the whole u first class fattening or dairying property, being splendid), situated hanelv to railway and on good roads fine homestead

with even convenience well fenced anel nub

divided into numerous paddocks n well sheltered proper.) cirrying ii heavy sole of grass JL11/10/ 'cr ucrc Can be highlj recommended

SNOW 1! VI L and KOIIM li auctioneer Temple court, 424 Collins street_ AU O T I O is, rULSDAY _v r . f,

prion R nts

At Melbourne Mulvcrn Murrumbeena Brighton

Ls-cudon Coburg Ilauhoc, Dosdulc

AM O S T I) L {. I It A H Id 1 ,


Centre business position rents t__l .car net

1 vcculoni icalislng


_AltNOI U -nid Co , l8 Queen s(rcet__

"A Bcaulifulh sltuutoel semi suburban IIOVI1

-J- amongst the hills 50QH nliove sea level nn favourite Cro.duu lltighl», o| posits l.sun s lovel. VILI-A orchin', impie \>ater stippli tole lihone good tiain servite u7 ucics (or part) sei unction Satiird iv -1st owner leav Int vjelbounic W 11 l/dgur ne .t Aue_ A A- GVV1PI UDOWli WAV - Itcuurl ab!)

. Clieip l'iopcrt) - "174 vUth.- carr, lui, and fattening _00 bhpcp mill» hil cows mostl. rich blaclc Hits, mer tlii-oii-_.1i hou** h rooms i»erfi-rt outbuildings lieh Hole CUChhl OOl*. CLOVlIt (samples photos ellice), 1.illili« bcttci iierron ally inspected 1.7 acre -500 cash Dillon and Oí_201 Callina st ___ AClltS -750 dVOIII S capital igricullural and

grtzing lind neirly all lit lot the plough neu homestead and outbuildings till in capital oreler 1 miles railway st ilion 17 unies fiom Ce long p**ice JL0/I0/ per acre 1 nil iiurticiil-i

from Neil Campbell und Co auctioneer *ind land agents Unie sllect Geelong_ AT Ho*- Hill I splendlll VLLOTVIE**JTS -00ft

deep clou» station li"/ foot olhors tit) \ JD" Jilo Morton und Gothlll, 7_ Swanston st, and


AT lcrnlrec Gully u weekend BLOCK of 11

acres h utily to the station in splendid po_i tion only £88 Morton and Coghill "2 Swan .lenkst_ ~~\ CIUS - Weekend ORCHARD 1 arm lovely

-c_ SITLS lenitrcc Chilli/ Ueiconsflcld Ac lent tenus M lift. 5'j (oil).Queen st_

CUIS »PO spluiilid river CVcheroii) Hats 00

0 tied irt Iliv

Ilawthorn £21X10 lord 130 Collins st_ A - Handsome new well built uni! finished Q A

. Brick V1LLV S rooms, complete convent enees sewered Graee park llaivthon , £107e cash £"00 balance casj 1 ord 116 Collins st _

A- RIV I RSIDI I'MIK South nest H .«thone

. -i lei itcd VI 10TVILNTS roininan line, ti 0 mont heou'itul vieil, near Melbourne lord 310 Collins st

A-RIV LUSIDI1 PAUK Riversdale Glenfer

? rio reis overlooking .arrv V allej p-irk Toonk Ac VLIOTMLNTS for Sale lord J3J Collins 61_¿_ "A Olli b - 1 "IO .CRIS eil it li ih'lcultlinil

-ca. grizint land ion brick resldenee and siij cnor outbuil lints 10 miles I, c1 il 2 miles riilna.

for i.uick i*ele capital oppurtiiui!. £11 per irre Neil Canif bell ai d Co , nue tloiicci and 1 ind agents Geeloi t_p_ ACltlS- 1,0.1 VCItlS miles VV mci el«.*» r ill

w l_ Bt it ian gool 1011 capital agricultural uni ti 1.1ms I-mil 'mill c ttitc nul outbiiildints well f 1 ceil and witcri el | ne t I er acre Neil Cinpbcll ind Co luclineer 11 el lind agent« It. ne street_( cclont_

Avtodel I V1IM of 14 1 it Drouin 0 roomed

home corni lete o itl uildingn cement U G tulls " pul locks 11 a potatoes 2 u ln*li7c I-lian e IjiUisJ gnss 10 le us hay an I crops included thin little f 111 is 1 1,1ft nt £-00 very olby terms Stevenson uni 1 atleison 151 Queen st A~CItl"h »IO demil tit I lill Iel i.e is, Uf ot

el splen It Ile fenced ps blocks eliltivitlon lucerne 01 c1 sr 1 I lunnii t creeks hoinesteil milk loo rows urn 800 .lu 1 iWiO look r ml Sons V" CMiee ti «t _____.

OllhS Omitió! 1 llnomn 1 I lictiieen Glen

liuntlj and Ormoi I 11 in ide nt I loci 10J acres £e_ per_ cn _CVirrcr -S C lllns st

AOItLS 10 ceil re ot ( leur i 1 "li 1

G 1-0 C1 er Mo I 11 ml ( ofcl 1 Swanston . t _


orchin! ti 1(HI loutelcr 11 ... Hu s-u_ A- CRf» 10 ncir Omi nd .till l will "lou

tS.ll Dun in anl Well r r Qnei si

A Lill lill MIK 1 note st Close Ilcich ml X-t linn-W11 C01IVG1 rooms idipiicr

troi"h. -t iulO __\ ile Sa tollu a st_p

A L1IU1IN Bargain- " VIII Vi- 0 rooms U ' J\- each stable land _. \ -0 rent £ S £S00 nearly 10 pçr cent Johnston lO-LQuecn st_

SOOTVALU Close Station - Subsl uitlal

sion Brick ill>lDFNOI 6 spacious rooms conveniences flax 1 bargain 1 innk Vlartin 475 Collina- st_ ~\ 6C0TV VU -Conimodioeis fl-roomc 1 V illa HI" A. SIDDNOr ie) lete "'ti' .?' <?->'» minc- > " laid out stabling «vclihousr 1 mel "I -e 100

lier East and Hirdlng st. b public auction Vlarch 28 al I VV B Crocket an 1 Cn, auctioneers

"A SCOTVAL-. Bear Station -H-ndsomo ne» A Queen Anne VILLV 6 Iwge rooms, ecwered, .-eiOO, terms. Tadgell Broi


Al E.N1I1 M VN S HhStDl Î.CL

St K11 DA I_VS1

Substantial ts ii Cistle ,

Rooms 13 x 20 lo x -> l8 \ 20

TVnnis court ürwin is Ac Clfl C2000 or Oder

LANGUID-1 L2 Queen st

A RICH PASTURE PROPEM*.-»*-- acres f-ldi

dill c1 ¡nlo 1" piddocks all elear ami sown down irtitlcial termumnll*, wateted bl two running streams coiintr*» suilablc for sheep * nd cattle homestead dud ill necessaiy cuttuilld

i Ks price £11 000 terms arranged Charles Jicker unlj^o 120 Quceil_sl_

AOII-PSLVND I VIIVI Mo, __M acres gool

soil 1 o ise cull uil ling» C5 per acre cat. _Charles jenker and Co 1_0 Quccn-at

/I l I'ltlVII STUD I VHVi W> acres nell soil

le- bonit-ites I lomplcte tits,/), tenus Charles J icker and Co 1J0 Qui pi I_ A



»ere Uiallc linker und Co 120 Quecn-st _

Sill IP PROIIRIV -50 icres long river frontage eleai country homestead £6/15/ _ctc Chirles tucker mt- l,o 120 Quern st

~1 VR>t 0 acres house Ac 27 miles, Mel

bourne £ES5 terms Charles Tucker and

__1_0 Q leen st_ ASCOTV VL1 Close Station - Splendid new

VHLV 0 lirge io.mi, sewered, let at 18/ bir"un £j>0_ladtell Bros_ ASCO TV VLL, knoll fcstate Adjoining Railway

Station -Unsold Ï ill« SITES from 4./ to 75/ foot I Ians Tadgell Bros-, station___ A SCOTV VU - Brick Queen Vllllo YILLA f .c- rooms ever, convenience land 41 ._ 183, nice po ilion bindi to station M Corkell agent

AUCTION March 2Î _90 A<___ES dioico ogri

cuttuial land Ilriyn /arm Gre fire, e\em tor s sate one ol the I cat farms in Hie St. Arnaud

district I JTiillclt agent St _Arnaud _ AL CTIOt» Sal- chaucer st», to clock Tins

l>i. 0 roomed V ILLdV. Sec Auction column Syeincj r Hi; nee T Overton_



About CO cash baline-e "0/ week ine>re or -less, a -coreling to mix II lartc rooms 2a x 14, Ac tiled

or slate loof lxiwcr Interest thin clsc-e-tierc ehirg»?d obtain our free illnstntcd booklet. DUNIdOP and HUNT 2-31 Collins ^t Phone 1091

BALAC1 V\ V -WOODSL1-A ÎOI C.irlisle-_t

brick 11 rooms extensile stablint loose 1 o .o-s _ icrcs laundr. clo c talion, truies

-5000 cash or terms or to Let A L, Moore

1 om\ le court____ BVLAC1 WA Ytcstbur-, st -»rick HOIISI' 7

j oils sewered lud 10" x U*_ bargain,

£53.i_I H_ V Beckett and Co_ op station_ BVLWW Mont Albert Rd Highest Point -

< ciitlcmun s bcautltiillj ippolntcd Queen Vnne 1 ILLA 1 reception ti 1 ed rooms (all largo)

- maid« rooms 1 kite heirs olllecs st iblcs lentils 1 em gardens orchard land " to 4 acres (as ic euilrod) a perfect home Henderson Lquitablcjidff B ALVAN Vlont Vlbcrt It 1 - Splendid!, on

structed tentleman» 1 lick VII I A b loilj rooms well decontcd gi lad allotment sacrifice UAjO Ccmmcll Tuet ctt_ _ BUU VIN - Handsome brick IU-SIDINCI 7

rooms, conveniences grand nositioti West Brunswick £10o must sell 1 ilkmer Fians 160 Collins-st_. _ B VRC VIN-Dorarable villa IU SH>F_NCI 8

moms ii-stilnile 1 ith high lmslUon gaa-d n . 140 tennis court ta 0 _? ilklner 1 vins TOO

Collins-si_ ___^_ BMIGAIN -Brick V II t"*V 7 'rooms ami convent

euee« cost «700 to build I early ne«, £030 Kimberle, asDj^nith si 1 lUroj __________

BVRO VIN All longton - S ibstnntial brick

VIILV ovei - icrcs IO hrgc room» stables, .oulihou« in pcrtccl order, ingent reason com pels sale this week reduced illa» to £850, Men

Vltinbriy «el_Dcine 41 Queen st_ ? A II GAIN for SP1CUL1TORS


0-ACItF BLOCK, close Caulfield station suitable for subdivision, offer of ti-., per aero will be


C J omi T II VM J i Swanston street,_ B MU.Alt»-D I WB MU V bay widiIow

scveerod all eonvcnicnccs slate loot, perfect order 2 Stanley ii enuc Auburn ___ B<

7" Swanston st_ BLAU VIAIUS Ricketts Point llcautl Spot of the

Hay -CO \I I-OTMl NTS £5 deposit, £1

monthl._»nie 281 Collins-«-_


Choose .our own 1I0MT in any suburb Willi i small deposit I will purchase inr cash or BUILD ia required and accept r p-lyniei t by easy instal ments to suit .our noel el Cill or write

III UNARD M1CI1AFL 2"0 Collitis st. next Agc Bl I OKI purchasing PlIOl Liri II s consult B 1

Gleeson es1 itc und insurance agent, 243 Cot

lins st and al Carlton tel 311/7 who itaa brrrguins for S VI"_in ill sn burin_ BLVCONSHLLD HEIGHTS Beautiful High

Position No Deposit No Interest - £10 BLOCKS 2/0 week!. CalLighan and Co, 130

Swanston st


I Oierton_ nr>0\ MIL-«. ACHI S close station good lnnl, -tí COTÍ VC! £10 utre 10 vesrs terms, .nie, 28 Collins st_ BON lill Id on Stition-LAVD, Ellinguortti

pande 100 \ 1"4 1" 0 foot, cash or term» 3 Vtcrcer rd Vlalvern _ _

BOUItKh-ST -Splendid CitJ tlTI 0«.r\ 100ft ,

witli builelings, £7000 Vi F Vale aud Co , "S. Colllns-srt_ BRIGHION .-.ORTH-Magnificent ALLOTMENT

of LVND with frontage to wnlei s cdte, 220ft Oin x lOaft great bin-nln £2/5/ loot. dV unique opportune, to secure ein absolute sea fronLt_,c I Vi Wall 11 Gre. -st , St Kilda _ BRIGHTON NORTH on Hectric Train -Charm

ing new W 1) ULLI 8 room. .two 20 -» Ki), libro ceilinrs tile roof land 10 . 140, chance, es,«!_I W Watt 11 Crc. st St Kilda_

BRICHTOV NORTH Electric Tram Route -1 or

choice Villa SULS in this charming locality seo I Vi Watt estate agent, 13 Grey st-, St

Kilda __ _

B RIGHTO". NOltni Near Beach -ind ricctric

Tram Chinning I oealitv -Grand VLLOT ?VIIST 100x108 largain £3 foot J V Watt II Ore. st SI Kilda_ B"

: 105 absolute s »crillee 30/ foot J W. Watt li Prcj st St Kilda _

BHIGHTON (MIDDLE) ~T.orn]i_ibv st " Close

Tram Batl s.-Kxe-eptionally well built M B V ILLA, B rooms sewered land «I \ IOS £0a0 Currcr, 285 Collins st


BRIGHTON1 (MIDDLF) lnvcrninv -lim delitht

ful modern HLSIDl NCh ef A Chiton I-sq for imrneeliatc prtiate Sale 1 argum bueyn 11 1-emine, 311 Cullins si_ BHIGHTON - Rirg-uus Auction 4th April 132

x 10.1 New-st 108 x -03 Hampton st , 01 200 Holyrooel st , 00 \ 13" Pt Nepean rd , auctioneer Owen _ _ _ _ _ fDItlflBTON (NORTH) -Commodious 1 illa 111* SI -I- DI NCI li loe ms kitchen and servants ne e oinmodattou 1 icres close train end beach 1 or lester and Co la Queen st_

BRIGHTON l-SPLA-vADE rieflrio Tram Route

-Splendid Bulletins -VLLOTMLKTS or .cics. Bailljcu lutterson 375 Collina _t_ TXRIOinOV - Dalbclh 1- rooms ballroom

-> tennis 2 icres tram [asses £2500 lout mis lanley and Kelly Sw-inston st_ BRIGHTON I ASI - Brick VII LA 1 rooms, billi

stille eo.chhoubc lores t*(KI ^alc, **8j

(.ollins-st_ BltlGHTON Ile-I j n C1 Alni ion mel tdiihuniuin

*-ts-ú VI LOrvn NTS cicb «I \ 150 nur lion In elo-f etlotc Apnl 1 W If Vllird and Cxi

BRinttrON (VIII)ÜIJ') Norm inby st Close

Belch-. lalconicu 1J--SIDI NOLS auetli April 1 executor s sale VII rd and Co , S Simmon Is __ _._ BIIICHTON Orclmrd st - INio niodclll brick

COTT V( LS r rooina exmvcniences show

splendid ictnrn ___«_Aniol I_JH Queen st

IllOHlON N, Oimrocl Llwoorl st - Com

p let VILLA 7 rooms st ii Um, Ac auction \t Pucfrdav see onction column Vrnold_ BiUGHTON Best 1 ositlon -New Q A VILLAS,

£400 £620 £1100 Cl-oO Butler uni Sutherland Church st _Mldiilc llrtghton _

BIIICHTON - Fine conunodions brick 1H_SI

DI NOU slate roof tiled veraild di, conUin 8 cxccpl4onall> lerte anti wcH-appoinled room bitliroom ecullçry laundry maid s _i V. oui. 1 nnniitcs clcctnc tram and beech lud US x1 JO lawn, fruit trees Ac price .tDSb exceptional.*, good 1 Harrn-au, Ba_ sit., -North Bri-htou_ BltlGHTON -Particulars V ILLAS of ever} de

scnptioii forw ireled state size Simmonds agent North Brighton ____ "DBIGHTON -I \OIU_S brick Cottage, 5 rooms Jjr stables £800 Simmonds agent North Bishton_

BHK.U TON -A n LA 7 rooms Conveniences

Sewered £450 lia>balt Bros , timber mer chants New.t Storth Brighton _ ______ __ Bltlf.ll'lXJN Bl \C|| Close Station - l"ipe

VII LtV 0 rooms conveniences, lenovalcii icrcl £4J0_ Ajlw-in Ilnthton _ BRiGiirov t-oinii- \iiti iti_siDw»ci, 7

rooms, stable coachhouse 1 acre sewere 1 near tram £aaO carl, ins] cetion bugain Ajl


£050 A.lwm Iel 101_ l-ryaUNSWICK Olosn to roun hall-LAND 35/ 1X> per foot street made water and sewer liberil assistance to build Icdcnl Building Society JD7 Collins st Melbourne_ _

BRUNSW ICh Svdnerv road - VldLOTMFNT -.5

x 120 to lit row £"4 foot Allotment fine e omer, 41 x 120 -ia foot Owner anxious realise, offeiB Graham and_ Styles 28 l_li_di_icUi bl _ BllUNSWICK 1 -Welt built Croom COTTVGr

good street, every convenience, few minutes Carlton tram tcrminis £300 casj lonna Cal 1 ighan and Co 130 Swanston st

BllUNSWIrK Coburg-Buyers Betlcrs specula

tois invcstois In this du»lnct, nliould consult us business will icsult _li; ne agent Brunswick BUIID TO OI.D1- It -Modern ((Tiecn Vnnc

VII LAS 4 rooms £200 I" rooms £1125 C rooms £2.i0 up to date conveniences Vi ilson, "Ot CollinBSt _ _ _

Bull T to ORDLIt Am Design - Modem

DVVF1 LING Irom i Cottage to a Mansion from £30 deposit See plans and photos and build inga being erected by us iTodges 30" Chapel st, und Maliern station 1st lieirli 00 _ears_

A M B I it W 1 I I II L I C II T S


CentleniinsVIoleni Brick Vllli IlLSIDlNCt"

reception "" I re! rooties summer mom itstlbule lam In senilen nun s-room fernen tool sti blint lovel, turill » Iiwns orchard HI choice as sort el ti ees fon! mu lino view 4 ans i.187

I corni a I well built commodious home

Al is| be sold


C1AMUI RW1 LI - I'xcellent nrarl) neie Queen

-" Vnne \1IL\ tiled roof 0 spacious room« lliuidn bulb (hcatet ) mirrored mantels modern coincidences _cwercd sillettntiatl} built netric

I li ojióme _t,0_xj__ £750 J C Adams_

OAMBLRW LLL High Po»*Ition Good Brick In

ve-Hincnt Close Station-Two semi detached brick V ILLAS, each 5 rcon»-, sculler} laundr;, bith pantriea prctses good order, alua*,*, let, £000 the two 1C Ademes._

CVMB1RVVLIL Clo.o Station -Viodern BUICK

VIILV slate roof tiled verandah 7 choice

rooms all papered and d.iora.tcd vestibule bath loom marble fitting, .table coachhouse choice dower garden lu splenelld ptultton idjoming re ereatloti uroiurds. Will be Offered by I'ubllo Av-cüon Saturday, -Stb Seo A»-lion column, r O Hill, nu-tlonccr, ttl Olcohrrle-iwtd» ct 83

Burke road» OambcrncU,


('-AMRl.RW-.Ud.- Vor.- miporlor brick VILLA, 111

J splendid position, very iiia-t-ivcly built, 0

ns, stabling, liem's-room, beautiful gareien, fernery, conservatory, Hourly 1 acre land; £2500; fenns; deceased estate. Duncan euid Weller, G7 Quecn-st.__

AMBERWELL K., Best Positions-ALljOT

MEN'TS, 300ft. deep; £,'1; also banelsonie brick Vnja, S rooms, l-'orel, «n Collins st.

CA-_HI_1-W_I.L.-NVw* liricl» VILLA, 7 ruomb,

e-onvenicnivs, 50ft. or more, close» station;

.CSOO. D».nch and Reid.


*-"A_1BI__.W'_.l_L, lliglii-t Situation. - Cotnmo

elloees brick YILLA, li.indsoniely lltcd, 0 r

ollie»*-., beautiful garden, np.ulv ano; trustees' Hale; absolute: bargain. Gcmincll, Tuckett._ C.VMB1.RWELL.-Fhst-t'lass V1LLV, 0 Jtirgo

rooms, kitchen, stabling, garden, lawns, over half-aere; £2000. Vi. F. Vale and Co., 2S5'Co_* - .-st. __ __ CAMBERWELL.-Neil brick VILLA, best part, 7

looms, all latest st.lo; easy fenns; £70.1.

Vi. A. Towlor_ 40__i:oll ins-sL_ /".AJNTElfBURY, Sexilt-st., a Muimos front Sta-

tion. - Brick VILLA, 7 rooms; Auction, . at I; set» full particulars "Auction" ntlx*-r tlscincii-S, Saturday; nt»-ent vcnekir must realise; buyers note, niiel nttentl. Orde-rs to » lew, 11. Maxwell Thompson. 317 l_ollins_. t^, .iihI at Aulnirn. OVNTEKBl/KY. - Charming VILLV, 8 large

rooms, linndsomclv tilted und decorated, or* nato glass windows, l\.irdrobes, stabling, 75

175;_ £1050; built_ lor owner. Henderson, _ PANTEUBUUV, ¡I Minutes Station," Pino Posf

tion.-ltrick VILLA, sion,. Inundation«, Sl.Ue roof, -.1 large looms, perfect older, outbuilding-, 00 x 100; .C1O00. Graham anil Stylos, 28 Illira bctb-sl._

C-tAN'TORItURY, Charming Position.-Coin

1 VILLA, slate roof, retnrit .oran el di, 7 rooms, splendid order; lio x 15O;.C5O0; worth inspection. Graham and St. les, 28 Elizabcth-sl.

CANTERBURY.-Superior brick IUSIDl-NCE, 0

rooms, in splendid order, 1 aero henel, 4 minnies station; £1350._I-urlori.C'iuil-erbury._ OANTJ-RIIURY. Close SlaUnn.- Brick VrÍLf7*vT7

rooms, sculli-ry. £S50; VV.n. Villa, 7 rooms, .y, -.¿IO. Terms iirrangctl. Allen* iiuiitler,

Logan-st. _ _

i-XANTERIIURY HEIGHTS, Bargains.-Cotillo 8 *_? roomisl VILLA, land 127IL, £800; Villa, 7

OVJSTKfïBUHY IU-.IG11TS, Bargain. - Pretty 7

roomed VILLA, orchard, fowl-runs, stables, 2 acres; £G75. Annync Chambers, Mist Camber- well;__ C.Ull/lON\,I.iitli!iowti-__..-3 brick PROPl.l.TÏÊS,

lents £00/12/; £476. A. 1!. and It. \V. John- ston, lOIQucen-sl._-_ r-_AÍtltUM*0_.-BI'AClI.-Lovely U.V. VILLA, 8

V_/ rooms, ko. ; £050, very cusy tcims. Callaghan and Co., ISO S-wnnston-st._

CAllllUM, Hain Hoad, Facing Beach.-Seaside

' LOTS, 515IL deep, any frontage; 25/ foot. Callaghan and_Co., 13(1 Swanslon-st._ plARLTON.-üñciy Villa HOUSE, 0 rooms, ko.,

-*_-' side entnuicc, liest position; £000. Pember- ton. 303 Hatlielown-sl. 'Phone 4720.

GAULI'-KLD.-25 ACRES, fronting 3 main roads,

will subdivide Into 0370ft. ; £75 acre. ' Vale, 285 Collins-sL_' CAULPUJLD,

W'.B. VIT...... _ _. ... lings,, land CO x 1<0;_C425. Baylee, 323 Collins-st, GdVULFU.LD, Cotninanding Views Dandenong

Hange-,-Commodious brick VILLA, eight rooms, 150 x 300; three frontages; * bargain; £1750. Gemmell, Ttickett.- -_' - -

CAULFIELD, "lim HelghtB," Close Station.-200

x 200, £775, water, gus; l-5fl.»dcposit, balance term_i. Wood, Oaitlllcld .tallon._ C" HAPEL-ST.^Splendid Corner BLOCK, 78ft. X

150ft.,, willi 5 Bliopsj.fiOöOO. VV. I''. Vale, 2S5 Cqlllns-jst. . " . ._,

01IAPr__L.ST.--10 brick SHOPS, 5 two-story, 5

. unc-sttny, always let; e .C5,_00. Full parti ciilnrs, Dixon and Scott, dVrcuele, Prahran. - ? *

OllAPBL-ST., lîxecutorsv Sale.-Splendid Shup

PROPERTY, grand ' Investment.. Butcher, auctioneer^ op.- St. Kilda station._ CiniAP PROPERTY, .close tram, good street,

pair bandeante brick li nu ses, 0 rooms; £7001

foi dug sale, Otirrer, JB5'. Collins-st._._

I T Y, J! L I Z A Il'-K T li - S T R B 13 T.


LANORinGr.,-12 Qiiecn-streef,


Z^ITY INVESTMENT. - Substantial brick Pile \J BUILDINGS, extensive depth, light two sides, returning over 6 per cent, j £10,000. Gemmell, '.-rickett._ CITY.-Factory SITES, Lonsdalc*st"£20 per foot;

Latrobe-st., £25 per foot, terms; Punch*lanc, £10 per foot, .lohn Ramsay, 317 Colllns-sl.

CITY, Spring-st., n Special Opportunity, Close

1 Deceased Estate-LdVND, 30 X 70; £15 foot. Arnold,_18 Queen-st.._ CITY STORE, splendid prvsitioli, close G.P.O.;

executors' sale, £1100, gciudne sacrifice. Arnold,_18 (Jiiecn-flt. _ ' _^ __ CITY.-Brick* FACTORY or Stprc, 3 fron la gea,

25ft. *. 148ft.; £1100; easy terms.- Vi. F« Vale,* 285 Collins-gt._ CITY, Investment, £8500. - Substantial brick

BUILDING, let various tenants £527 yearly, Vi. F. Vale. 285 Colllns-L_,

COMFORTABLE buliurban HOME, 8 rooms .sta-

bling, 6_ acres, 5 minutes station; £1300. l/ioker, 152 ..neon-st., and Caulfield. . »_ CO.VI_IAl.DlNH SPLENDID VIEW'S. - 10 ACRES,

grims, cultivation, orchard; villa, 8 rooms, plastcrcel, stabling, c-onvonlcut ? eily; £830. Looker, 152 Que*cn*_t. _.

CLIITONHILL, Dwyer-st.-BLOCK, 42/tr; £1)5;

no deposit; 30/ month; certificate,' Percy Thomson, 341 Collins-st._____^_ O LUTON HILL, Ramsden-st. - Clipicc Villa

ALLOTMENTS, made rlght-ot-way* lit, rear; bargain; £-_ See Mcmbrey and Deane, 43 Queen-st, C" ..UFTC.N 1ÍILU-W.B. HOUSE, 'block. front,**.4

/ rooms, sewered, 47 x 00; gift,*£250. *, Kimber- ley ,_S nu th-st., 1'iUroy._ ._ CLOSER SLTTLEMENT.-18-acre BLOCKS, . for

orchards, cultivation, .£7/10/ acre, 22 mile. jil}*: 12 vc-irs' terms. Vale, 285 Collins-st._ rxBBUHG.-Choico BLOCKS, 00 X 131It. flin., _* £33; no deposit, 10/ .monthly, perfect title. Callaghan and Co., 130 Swans.on-st._ COLLINGWOOD, I-Orgain.-Two two-story bricks, .' 4 rooms each, minute ,lotinston-st., large yards; £225, easy terms. Dawborn, 201 Collins-st.,_ CROYDON, Mount Dandenong;-10 ACRES, rich,

' nearly all cîcorcd, finit trees, kc., 7*roomc<l lionsc, bath, spring water laid on house * and .rounds, beautiful fern gully; . .

£500. Easy Terms.

_ FENTON", Croydon. __;_ (CROYDON IIUIQIITS.-Beautifully-situated semi

J suburban Farm 1I0.V U_, sale, Wednesday next. Soejiucl ions_ Edgar, next Age._.

A'llNUM, 5 Miles Warragul.-Lot 110, contain-

ing 100 dVCRES freehold; cheap. Terms, Vil- liers, care* lteuter*«, Mclbourne.___ DANDENONG.-Dairy FARMS and Grazing Pad-

docks, from 0 lo 800 acres. II. 31. Sutherland, Dandenong._

DANDENONG.- W10 ACRES, good land, £8;

500, £7; 410, £8/10/; others, nll.ei¡__.s. Jos. Bowman, Dandenong.


DROMANA.-Seaside LOTS, 100 x SOO Icet; from .

£15; no deposit, 10/ monthly. Callaghan and Co.. 130 Swanston-at._;_

71AST ST. KILDA.-Superior-vv-eU-buiit brick iii' Family ItESlDENCE, convenient traire, nuns, 0 rooms, pantries, balli, stublmg, coach House, »te, conservatory) large allotment, garden, tiichard; £8000, or as owner Is ahoillyltaivlng lie is prepared to rcci'iva oilers for above, including furniture. Cards Vi. F. Vale, 2S5 Collins-sL . *

EAST ST. KILDA.-Superior brick VILLA, close

trams and train, 8 rooms, 132 x 253; £2100. VV.

1'. Vale', 285 Collins-st.* ? ' *" '_ EASf"OA.Vini_UlVELL, HaiKly Station. - Nica

VILLA, 7 rooms, conveniences, -,-ocre; must " L .*.__'_. Keogh and Co., Qiiccn-st.

EAST MELBOURNE, iii Picked Position. - 0

rooincd, 2-st0lv, all conveniences; Ü750; for Immediate sale. Mortup und Coghill, 72 Swan ston-st._:_?

I71.VST »HIGHTON.-a ACRI_3, arable land, home

Id stead, Centre-road, near BenUelgri station; C80O. ? Pen-nun and Co., ill Fituroy-sl,_

EAST ST. KILDA, 35 llotham-st. - Brick

V ¡.'.LA, 0 large, anil_oltlccs*, 1-ucre; .£1150.

rvAKfl'ERN" SUUUltrt. - Gentleman's Residence

J SITES, superb situation, comer, streets made,

isslblo station; £100, £500. Vendor, Argus.



I'll-, no tlcposit, no interest; 2/G wcekt)'; also to 10 -Veres, £;>0 lo £.V) per acre.

JOHN RAMSAY and SON", auctioneer, 317 Collins street._ ESSEN DON. - Building ALLOTMl-NTS, high,

handy positions, 100 x 185, 25/; 1IX) x 132, .15/¡ 350, 15/; und others. John Ramsay and Son,


lion P.tttersun and Sons. .'¡7.. Collins-st,_

ESSllNUON.-Comloi tttbly. furulslicd 7-roonieel

VILLA, pt .tr.&talion, large itlloltne-nt, stab- ling; ovoiytlnnir, t-700. Wishart, L-37 Collins-st.

IjCSSEN'lXIN, Miarming Position.-Fine Queen

J Anne VILLA, 8 looms, garden, paddock, .tabling; £02... Tadgell Bros., op. btation. _

ESSENTION', ul.nn>st niljoining btatieinr Illvcfvicw

l-sl.itc, iiuiKliillcent ALUri'-VlENTS, from 70/ foot. Plans I'.ulge-tl Bros., op. station. .

IT-LSTEILVWICK IIEIGiriT., Absolutely Uiê^nncst

li Site*.-Delightful tiled roof W.U. VILLA, 7 ooms, land 71 x 115; free paw; £575. Currer, 2S5 Collins-st._ ITIUTl'l-ItNIVICK HEIGHTS, Charming Eastern

-l ._.|»ccl.-Su(_b W'.B. VILLA, 0 rooms, land "I x 13V; free pi.s_;_ £tlt)3. Cturer, 285 CollireHit

looms, vesti. . £150, tenus,

llajlce, 323 Collins-st._

ELSTiyiNWlCK, Oose Suet ion.-Brick VILLA,

7 monis, conveniences, land 50 x 140; £25 deposit, tialanc-e 10/ weekly. Baylee, W3 CoUihs-st. EI_STL"RN'VVICI»', Minute SUtion.-Just" eoifT

pli'tcel brick VII,I_.V, 7 rooms, conveniences, modem fittings; £850, terms. Baylee, 323 Col- lins-st._ IJlLSTI.ItN.VIt-K, 1-iiip Position, Vlctoria-rd.

It ALU>TMI'.NT, 1P0 X 227. executor's sale, March 31; builders' oppm lunily. W, II. Allard and Co., auitioueois._


land ino x 145, good garden;

£050. Vi. II. Allartl_nntl_Co.J,__l_Quci*n-st._ TT-.I-.STnrcNW'ICK", cli'ctrie* tiiim roette", nlwohitely |J- highest position between St. Kilda ard Bligh

minute from beach, new* Queen Anne brid» VILLAS, 7, S, and 0 rooms, from £1175; small deposit, balance us rent. Baylee and Co.. 3*23 Collins-sL_ ELSTERNWICK. - Uriel; VILLA, 7 rooms; oi'eiy

convenience, splendid gaielen; 80 x 150; C03O. Vale, 2S5 Collins-st._ _

ELSTERNWICK and GAñl)I_N'VALt". - »mill-

ing SITE», close stalioii: from 10/ ft.: Jong tenns. Small anti Edwards, llatdenvato; 178 Col- lins-st._,_ _

EI_SfER2»r\V10K.-Good family VILLA, 8~l.iigo

rooms, modern conveinciiccs; Imrgain, £5_0.

Bilttcn, p7 Colllna-st._ E"ldSTÉnX.VICK, Com-cnicnt Station. - D.P.

VILLA, 0 looms, convonionecs, state loof; £420, cheap, .lohn Ramsay and Son, 317 Collins st. ELSTERNWICK, "Corinth," Llscard-st. - At-

tractive brick VILLA, 7 largo rooms, Ac., good allotment, perfect order; £7(10; cheap. Henderson._ ELSTERNWICK, Cotc*st.. Close Trains.-Choice.

_l!*¡d.iil¡al SITE, .0(1 x 100, .*5 ft.; tenns angçd. Arnold' and Co.. l8 Queen-si._?_ Eld&î'EÏiNW'tOK. - Massive- tiled- Queen Anne

brick VILLA, 0 rooms, overmantel!*, modem conveniences; cost £1000; sacrifice £050. Gem medí, Tuckete,_ ELSTERNWlbK.-Splcnelid BulliUngSirE« corner

block, 110 x _-9_ or-portion; K>7 '»°t- L'U'**>



IT-LSTI.ILM.'ICK.- Cliarmlng Queen Anne VILLA,

1¡ 0 looms, latest lilting--, elexeiratesl, gooel street, min* station; £5'_... Tonks, next Savings Bmk, Elsternwick._ ELSTERNWICK, Our Best lîarg-ilc-Queen Anno

brick VIldLA, 7 ruonis; £SII0, £10 deposit, 30/ WTe'kly._Cox Bros., ]'Jstcni\v_le*k.__

LSTHRN-WICI-."Valïii'"lor VÖi'ir Money.-Splen-

did .eieen Anrc brick VILLA, li rooms, eon leucoi, sewered; £V"iO. Cox Bros., Elstern- wick._ ELSTERNWICK, a Lovely Homo. - Unique 8

rejoiticd brick VII.Ii-V, lofty reception and bed rooms, _*_rt. hall, stabling, man's t|uartcie, chann- ing grounds, about 1 acto, beautifully situated, close station, sewered; £1800. A. 1'.. Lillie, agent, l-slmmlc'e. _


T i: li N v; Queen dViine». Brick VILLA,

i romis, ülcel root, ele-etrle light, ronv-ei laniling, opposite» station; £850.

LILLIE, Agent.

ÍriLSfr.ltNWICK. - M.igllllreciit btlcony .1U.HI

-t DENCE, 10 largo lofty rooms, jiorfoct order, highest |H>sitión; säendes», £1)50. Lillie, op. station. 17ILSTÍ.IIN'.VIC-., Charming "lióme. - Seibslniitial

la" 7-roomcel lirick VILLA, ovoiy mnvcnieiiic, tastefully di'coraloej, garden; £5"ill. Lillie, iigenl.

Irt'.xECTTOR'S SALE. - I'ino Building ALLÖf

-' MENT, liest Mcllioiirne-, close train, only £5 per loot. Mi'_,sr___luru,_Svvaii6ti>n-.t._ ITVJAVOlfD.-Ifirgc 8-loonicd woodonRKSIDHNCI-, i- I.-inil K10 x 1.«; £550, £__ elcpir.1, baluiie-c eses»*;_PithiTJclt. ion TTIAEOf.'fOft'S SALE, S. Yarra, Close Tram and lit T_ulii.-ll.l-'. VILtdV, 5 rooms, all coincid- ences, rent lil weekly; £?_(__, opi-ortiinity. »lohn slo!i,_104_Qiicx*n-sL_

L A dN I> S.


17S ACRES, 31 mlU-n Melbourne, suil.iblo mixed

farming, Uni' 7-roonied W.U. house, all convoiu encos, 3-sLill stable, workshop, shoel, ko.; nice garden, superb water supply, 0(1 .icre-s rich Hats; well p*ras_.el and with little expense; will carry from 41)0, 500 bhe-cp, or 10, 50 cattle; only £700; very easy terms ¡u ranged.

620 ACRES, DAIRY awl S1IEEI' FARM, pick South

Gippsland, 3 miles R.S., good house, Ac, securely

fencer!, permanently watered, 400 acres English gr,is9c-s, milk loo cows, or carry 2500 sheep; US/in/; liberal terms; WILL SUBDIVIDE.

FARMS for SALE in every district. - Purchasers met

nt nearest station and driven on to the property free of cost. AMPLE FINANCJAL .ASSISTANCE from 1 per cent. Call or^-wrlte,


' __j_29 Colllns-atrcel, iiext "_Vgo" otllco_

P d_ R M S F" Q It SA L E.

GLOVER, 0NIANS, ,nnd 'Co.' desire to Intiroalo tliut thçy have for SALIC n large number or FARMS in the GIPPSLAND DISTRICT, varying from 10 to 250 acres, all well fenced, subdivided, well watered, and otbenviso improved, besides good living accommodation.

' These properties arc situated in tile Bunyip and Drouin districts, lind first-class results leivc beru enid arc being obtained from same. All within easy distance of railway stations.

Prices, .terms, and all particulars can be obtained from .Vlcssrs-Glover, Onians, and Co., auctioneer, 54-00 King-street," Melbourne, and intending pur- chasers will be conveyed, free of cost, Ii om nearest

raliway station to inspect. f_ _ T7-.ARM, 3201, 45 miles city, close ILS., school, -L' OO-a. fallowed, creeks, 7 rooms, outbuildings; £0 p.a.. tenus; stack, Implements, at valuation.

Mnxwcll. next Agc._

FARM, bargain, 300 acres, handy Melbourne,

. beantiliil sol], fenced, well watered, subeliviiied several paddocks, orchard; easy terms; £4/17/0 acre. . Towler, 400 Collins-st.'_

,1_rvAR_II,'ningwonel"closc"ll.S., 10a., 20a., .10a.;

- £14 p.a.; snbili deposit, long terms arranged. Maxwell, next .Ige._ _ TTlOlt SALE, 15 ACRES, orchard, about 10 years J- old, coming full profit, well watered Coliban scheme, pipes through. . Also,- 200 acres agricultu- ral and grazing Land, 8-roomcd dwelling, fruit house, .blacksmith's shop, adjoining, outbuilding», Aie., first-class order,', near railway -elation, state school, and church. . .

Tills property well .worth' inspection al £1500, l-'eill particulars apply

CARTER and AMOS,1 I_"t_lclon*sIre<.., Castle n*dna___*__,,, . _._ "n.VGT0i.Y L/INDS, with Four" Frontages. 321 ? ? 4. ACRES, '

At Darlinghurst; City,'

To Let for Term oi 08 Years. MARSHALL nfld DEMPSTER,

_Pitt -street, Op,G,l'.0., Sydney.

¡"EvAOTOItY SITES, oxecutors realising, close city, 32 within 13 milos G.P.Ô.; grand Block, 370 x IO!, only £2/16/ per foot; also 00 x 105, £4 per foot; also Collingwood, adjoining town-liall, cor- nete, 84 x 100, £000 or offer. John Ramsay and Son, auctioneer, 317 Collins-street._


- -. -, -erm_;

buyers only apply._Landowncr, Argus.

FAR VI, Balnarring, 3l2a" looa. rye. 100a,

,50a. cropped, good house, outbuildings

«ntl well fe

ColIins-sl._____i_ ¡Tj-Ut-IS, all sizes, districts, and prices; dairy -- Jug, sheep, cultivation,, mid general. Parti* c-ulan-, Stevenson and Patterson, 151 Queen-st,

TTCAIIMS, dairying, agricultural, fattening, graz _ ing, -ali districts and sizes; on easy terms. Looker and Sons, 152 Quoen-sl._'

"I7VAHMS, 10 to 1000 acres,.river frontage,, stud, ?J- ' dalry, agriculture. A. E. Gibson and Co., r~ Qucen-sl. ' *_ _

FITZROY NORTH.-AllctiônT Saturday, Marcl

21, 3 p.m., 88 Park-st., S.F. brick COTTAGE, tVroonrs. Vi. II. Edgar, auctioneer, 231 Colllns-st.

FINE Corner ALLOTMENT, inifn road, 8 minutes

from Surrey Hills station; £175, owner, must

!._ G. B. Appleton, 131 Wllliam-bl._ ILF.MINGTO.V.-HOUSES and Land, valuable. .

acres, other large and small Properties; cheap. Holton and Co. - - '" -, '

ELEMlNGTON.-^W'oII-built -. Yfi-roomeel HOUSli,

Shop, extensive outbuildings,, deep land; bar gain__Bolton and Co., Flemington._

FOOTSCRAY W., Close Station.-Granel ALLOT

_U_NT:_, 50 x 200; £15, paynhle 10/ monthly,, no interest. Farnbach, agent, Foot rcroy_

.OULBURN VALLEY.-Martin Cussen and Co.,


lion, lucerne; prices from £3/10/. Catalogues e application. _Now is Hie time to get '_

GARDINER. .1 Minutes Station.-D.F. 0-rooincel

W.U. VILLA, now, 100 x 200; 3 years' ticket; bargain; £050, terms. Hendy, Leary, 325 Collins-st. GEMBROOK. - 5-acro BLOCKS, in Tonhnliuk

libtate; also Orchard and House. M'Micleing ond Co., 381 Little Colllns-st,_ _*"*t ENTLEMdVN'S RESIDENCE, Brighton District. _T -D.F. brick VILLA, S rootnb, convenience's, splendid stabling, tcmu's-eourt, nearly 3 acres land; £2750. Ramsay, 317 Collins-st. _

ENTLI-MAN'S RESIDENCE, li Miles Melbourne.' aENTLi:

i -Su

("XOOD Investment, 2 2-story brick HOUSES,

~X: bringing 35/; £1100. ' .Vllen mid Walts, 275 lllghst,, St. Kilda.

/"VIPPSLAND.-Dairy FARMS, pick of elistru t, VT -_oo acres, £0; 250 acres, £12/10/; 470 i £13. ,1. Lister. Oakleigh,

r\ ISBOItNli-131 ACRES, within two miles

-T horne, .fronting Mell-ouruc-rd., nil clcarcel and

cultivated, nice slope towards noi til -cyst, beautiful site for gentlemnn.s residence, Ac I'al

nter, Stevens^ and Rennick, solicitors, Kyncteui._ GLEI-T IRIS,-Oood brick VILLdV, 0 rooms, el

acres, good position, near blution. Britton, '237 Collins-st._ ._

IdTVIIdEmiirNTLY, Ton Minutes from .S'latlon.-S _tfl rooms, brick HOUSE,, every convenience; terms. O. II. Brock, 315 Colllns-st._?_ HdVWTIIORN. AUCTION*, TO-DAY,

Brick VILLA, 0 roonis, Elphln-grove,

lUgh Situation, Land 50 x HU.

Two-story SHOP and Dwelling, 0 rooms, Burwood

road, splendid Intsincss stand.

MA-TEN mid PI-ROY, Ancl ioeie-crs._ HAWTHORN (Auburn).-Brlrk SHOP and Re".

Bldcnce,- 4 rooms, bakehouse, oven. Ac, first class position, let 17/0, worth 22/0; £025, e*hani*e. A. \V. llulstroilc, auctioneer, .Vuburn. Tel. .152, Hawthorn- .._'__.

HAWTHORN (Auburn). - Auction, Saturday,

April 4, D.P. W.U. VU-Id-V, 0 rooms, Ac. Seo Auction columns to-day. A. W, Bulstrodc, auc- tioneer, Auburn.___ ,._ HAWTHORN (Auburn).-Brick Villa RESÎ

DENCE, 10 rooms, laundry, dairy, fernery, siabling, and coachhouse: 1_ nero land; clioico posi- tion; £1550, cost £3500, sacrilicc. A. Vi. Bui- st] oelc, auctioneer. Auburn._ HAWTHORN," "Beaufort," Comer Riversdale*

road and Power-street.-Charming brick and cemented Villa RESIDENCE, containing 7 main looms, maid's room, kitchen, Bcullcry, lavatory, uti conveniences. Auction, nest Tuesday, .sec r tiun__ Hallllcu Patterson anil Sons._ HAWTHORN", I-rottiiei* Position. - line k two

btoriod RESIDENCE, 10 looms, every conveni- ence, stabling, coachhouse, fruit, llowor garden, U0 x 200; £1400. Graham and Styles, 23 Eli_al»eih st. HAWTHORN (Central).-Capital lirick VILLA,

large* rooms, close station, high,, perfect

. R. IV. E. Hooke, eip. Town*

HAWTHORN, High, Cable'Tram, Train-Modem

Brick VILLA, 9 rooms, largo allotment; cheap. Frank Martin, 175 Collins-st._

HAWTHORN.-VILLA," 8" rooms ami conven!,

e-iiccs, nice piece» of land, handy to train; easy terms. C.JI. Brock, 315 Collins-st._ HAWTHORN, Close» Victi-ria-parade Tram.-D.F.

VILLA, 8 looms, convenience», gooel orelor, large tdtolmenl; £075. John Ramsay, 317 Col- lins-fit._r HAWTHORN, Close Barker Station and College.

-Handsome Queel" _Vnno VILLA, 8 largo rooms, boiuitiitilly appointed, J-acre; £1700, long terms._Ilenelcrson, lieiuitable-Jildg._ HAWTHORN -Brick VILLA, slate roo!, I> lot

tri et maidols, tiled grates, built ure bite

supervision, 77 x 223; bargain, £1750. Gemmell, Tucki. It._ HAWTHORN.-Lovely brick . VILLA, 7 rooms,

magnificent garden, high posilion, splendidly 11 ti eel, elote tram, train-, £1000. Loid, Hawthorn station. ___

HAWTHORN,"St. James's Parkf-^nrie-k VILLAS",

7, 0 rooms, accessories, best jiosition, tlose i, station, solidly constructed; £875, £1100. Lord, I law! horn__st,it ton._ TT^WTllORN".-New Queen Anne W.n. VILLVS, UU- li rooms, Glenferrie and Auburn; £550, £573; lot 17/0. Grand lioiUrs. Lord, Hawthorn station. HVWTllelllV, Two Bargain«.-Queen Anne 7

ronnli-d VILLA, £C25; Quoen Anno, Oioeimrd, bcaulifull.» iipiMintcd, £150, easy Iciin-. "Mm.

_, agents, Viitnirn. ________ HAWTHORN. - Mortgagee' Sell..-Piclt.» ' 0*

rooinod VILI.V, sullies, coacliliouso, onie £'r...,

tenus. .Vtni-ioli's, agonis, op. Auburn Ma- rion._ HAWTHORN. Il.irg.ilns.- Gothic tOioonitil

Brid» VILLV, 2 actos, £1830; ll-roollli-d brill,, CfcOO; ll'ioomi'd Queen Anne1, £125. Million's, agonis, Auburn.__ HAWTHORN". Genuine- ftie'i Mee ..-Handsome

miniem Brui» VILLA, 0 grand looms, thoic ' appointments; lovel; home, adjacent Million; £ Hatton and Pcrc;._ ._ HAWTHORN'.-Ideal modern Brick VILLA, 8

lovely looms, latest finish, unique conde ? lioroiighly satisfactory home; £1300, terms.

on alni Pcrc;.___._. TTAVl-TÍIORN, a Snap.-S splendid brick COT t'l TAGES, each 5 rooms,,conveniences, nttrac le-e-, substantial, and paying Investment; £51». Batten .mel Peiov*. Tel. 11'. Hawthorn._i

tTAtVTlÎÔItNe'blosffW'cst,-Family RESIDENCE.

i_L _0 roonis, laud 202 x 250; exceptionally well built; reduced to £_3__-.prompt onie; owner loft state. Ii, W. B. Hooke, op, TCiwn-_-i!, Olen fmlo,


ITJAW'THOIIN; (Auburn), Absolutely tile llarg-alii ci-- ot This Dislnil. - Now, substanliallv-t'oii Ptnictotl, tastofiilly-tlnislicd brick VILLA, 7 room», mevtbrn equlpiiiLills, lilli* block, tin grand, high position; £705. VV. Cluis. Archer, adjoining dVilbnm i.t.llitMi. . Toi. 741, Hawthorn Ex._ HAWTHORN (Auburn), Anotbcrljppörtunit.v.

Sound brick VILLA, 0 rooms, right close sta- tion; £075; return 8 lier cent, vi*, elias. Are-hcr, Auburn station_ IT-TAW THORN (Auburn) - A beautiful little X3- HOME for £425, W.U., 0 rooms, haiHlsolnoly finished; owner leaving. , Vi. Ohas. Arvhcr, Auburn station._"_ rr_fAW'I.tOHN, Clon-st. - Beautiful 7*roomi' _X VILLA, M x 181, every convenience; £02.' terms. Wjatt, (llcn-sl.

.TJlVWTHOItN.-New S-roomcd brick, bonntitidly IJUL finislicil, clcisc station; cosy terms; fire mo furniture given. IPS Powcr-st. "_;_ HAMPTON", Three Minutos SI ilion, Delightful

Sea View.-Cliarmiiig W'.B. VILLA, 5 looms, all conveniences, land 50 x 135; fice» pass; £500. Curro., 285 Collins-st._

HA Vi K S I) U - K N.

"Exoiiin," 7 Cromwi'll-ioad,'

Splendid Position, Superior Brick VILLA.

Eiglil Rooms, liven* Conveiitonce; Scwcrcei.

Allot Ion. Wielnus-tay Next, li 0'Olook.

Se-o "Auction" Collllilli. ARNOLD and Co.__

HAWKSBURN (Toorak).-Brick VILLA, 10

moins, »'wired, hind 50 x 151; C/Wtl, CO de- posit, hilanoe» __>/ vvceklv. Hughes and Noseda, '.'.-IO Collins-si. -_ _ HAV-KSIiUHN.-»-Modi'ni VILLAS, 5, li, 7 rooms",

elosi' train or tram; £125, £S25, £850, £075. H.lliHng. op. station;___ HAWKSBURN, C'losil Station.-lil ide VILLA, 7

rooms, every convenience, lund :H x ITS; £750. Gow L'liloi'k, .iiicriotieer, llawksbtirn._ HAWKSBURN', Siiponoi 'stjlo niief 1-er.itlon.

Brit!» VILLA, 8 rooms, in irreproachable» eon elition; prompt silo, £1050. Oarirrll, 2.18,1 W11 li.iiiis-rrt., Hawksburn._ HAWKSBURN.-Pair detached CO'ITAGES, good

orile'i, le-liiming 21/, £4150; anothor pair, re« turning .HI, £1100. Cornell, 218A Williunis-nt.

tlTAWKSlil.HJ-..-L.VND, WUllams-rd., 50ft. J- fronLigi-, 2 minnies ntation; £0/10/. Cornell, 2I8A Willlams-rd._______ HEALESVILLE, Picliiresquc Position, Handy to

Station, with Permanent Crook Frontage-, 13 acres LAND, with well-built House, 0 roon

Stable, sheds, small orcliarel, l>c-auLifully .Itlt.llcel, eiilmirahly ailiplcd touiisti,' losort or gentleman's country residence; £050, terms. Duncan and Wet lcr_J__Q_ec'll*»t._ HEVLESVILUI, Beaulieu. Position, Close to

Station, Ol-attd Views.-1 to 5 acre ]iI_tX!KS. A. ,T. Lmglcv and Co., 203 Collins-t,-, Mclbnnme. "rTOTEi." llncst slrocl In btate, freehold, exlelKivo 'J-JL * premises, sound, lucrative,* increasing bu_.l* ni-ss.. Biylis.- miilOo., 323 Ceilllus-st._ HÔTIÎL, "ireehold, brick, 45 rooms, large gnnlrn:

principals only; trustees* sale Porynmn and Co., 01 Fit.roy-st._ HOLIDAY' HOME. - Beautifully-situated four

, roomed COTTAGE, fruit gnielon, 3 aeiffl grass; handy slalioil; £120. Cooke, Emerald._ HEIDELBERG N., the Coming Sllblirb.-Grand

J-acro LOTS, 5/ to 12/0 foot; 5-aore Blocks, £35 acre; easy terms. Plans, Foley, Heielclbcig.

TXVESTOll'S OPPORTUNITY, JL Supreme Court Order,

42 U)TS,


Cótham-rd., Uvadale-grovc; _, ..v

. . Beautiful Viows, " - -.

SdVLli, dVPlUL.4; . . Plans, Seib Allolion Column.

R. W. ]_. HOOKE, well-known.auctioneer, op. Hawthorn Tpivn-uall. , . -.. .


SYDNEY C ARNOLD md Co , l8 Queen street, mvo the following CITY lNVESTMLN'IS, which one and all arc well worth tbo cartful attention of investors and others -»

1 .Indera Item», rental -502.£8500 Elizabeth street, rent £221. 4000

riizabcth rtrcet (shop srte).72/10/ ft. Exhibition-street, rents £300 . 5000

Close Granel Hotel, rents __172_'200(1

IN V L S T Al P. N '1


Two liandspmc 1 amil; MANSIONS gardens, Ac , professional position, modern buildings, ictlini 7 iicr cent., bargain, £.1000

L/VNGRIDQE 12 Queen stiel-1

INVESTMENT, I.ten» North -A really fine D r

VILLV, 8 rooms, large garden, stabbng, rent returns £D0;eail;, liargain, C1100 Luigridgc, 12 Queen st__ _ _ _ INVTbTMI NT. Splendid Position Neal City -

Terrace Brick IIOUS1S, 8 rooms, £2100, rents £172 Currer mid Co , 285 Collins st_ INVESTMENT, Wednesday 25th-Three splcn

did D I VII LAS Richmond terrace, Rich mond, rental £110/12/ I orbes, Setlcck, execll

IN VI Sri VII NT, Good Suburb - I substantial

2 story buck SHOPS and Duellings, all con nlcnces, rents £119/12/ jeiuly, £1»TJ0. lohn stan 101 Queen st_ INV1-STMLNT -Strop PROPFRTY, city of Mel

bourne, substantial three-story buildings, mag nlflcont light, returning £200, executors' talc, £3760 Gemmell, Tucltett. ________ INVESTMENT - Brick TOM ACE, houses and

hotel vi ltbln six minutes G P O , ret-iru ing f)¡ per cent., £1000 Bajlco md Co, JZI

CoBimm_| INVLSTHLNTS, Gilt eelgo Securities -Executors

Realising-1 handsome 2 story SHOPS, rental £150, C2250, 2 2 stor; Shops, £08, £000 3 brick Shops, rental £78, £000, handsome 0 roomed brick Villa, Irevus stables, largo allotment, doe tor's residence, £1 !50, I/ind, Lan 1_.titc, Cam1>cr vvell, t5/1/, Auburn ll.ilt dVllotmt nts, 30/ foot. Morton's, executors' agi nts, Auburn_ I^YLSTMl NTS IO Per Cent - 2 "splendid 4

tooim-d COÏT VOUS rents CIO Uli), 2 prott; 0roomed Villas, lent £JD, £300 elicit Mortons, Vntiurn_ TWI-STVirNTS ni PRAHRAN Chapel st - Sub X stintlal 2-ston SHOP, on west side, return 0 per cent , £1100, 2 Shops and Dwelling*, £1100, South Vurn pair new Villas lent £00 £1023,

new brick Cottages rent 14/ each, £S7u, brid lilli, mil lu/ £470 C N Long, «mith and Lo , 230 Chapcl-st, Pnhran iel 5S2, VViiidsor_ ____ _ _,_ INTV1.STM1 NTS - SHOP Di»cllll*i_r Kncton

large allotment, £850, Sliop (fitted), divelling, stables __07u Manton, 1 lanigan, ",00a Bourke-et TNVES1MLNT Oxley-rd., Glenferrie-Two COT L TALES sewered and m good order, £160 Morton mel Coghill, 72 Swanston st , Melbourne

INVUSTMI*NT Richmond 11111, 12 Ter Cent -rour

brick 001*1 VG1 b e ich I rooms, close truin, pall,, nlw us well let, £a_0, liargain Kelly, IPS Bridge ni . Richmond_ ÍNV 15ÎTMI NT, Bridge rtl -Two grind SHOPS and

Dwellings, ptnnanont leiiuiila lentil £117, U500 Kell;, K18 Blidgc-rel , Richmond _ INV1STMIN1 - Icrrucc of three brick COT

1 Vf.l S in first class onlei, let at 10/ each, tb25 this is a real good piopertv noel vvoetli looking it Overton 300 Chapel st S V im

12 pir cent, £000, bnrgaiii Overton, 11X1 Chapel st_ IxrviSTMI'NTS - Seven 2 btor; brick SHOPS

centro of city of l*Talii-in reluming L390 iniiuni,* £*i5(IO, 4 2 story bncl» Shops mid --wellings t2(-J0 a Uno coniei Ide»I» of Shops lint Dwellings, tlB50 splcniliel returns these propertiis ire well uortti inspection Overton, 390 C h ipol st_ INAJ-STMl NTS 1-iahran-Pair bnek COI

TVl.lS lb/, £m0] pan liandsome Villas, 28/ £SÍ5 pk*nt; otliers Gictnvvood, 101 Gre ville si Prilirin____ TÑV_n*VlKNT-lewkl Rirliinmid, pair CO-!

'1 VGES firlh 3 rooms Inthioom, topper, let 1/ only L2'o the two lord, agent Hawthorn, INV._STM._Nr, Mervcllous Bugin.! -lively 0

roomed brick villa HI.SIDLNCL, tennis, land 110 x 110, 7in tram, -530 John Cratiru, JW! Collins st_ TM'LSIMINT Hawthorn, IO Per cent-Tero

.. B COITAGES nearly new, handy sta tion, £!0/'l,/ pu, biiguin, iU75 W. A. Tow 1er, 400 t ollu 3_st.____, TNVLS-1M] N'l, St Kilda.-2 new QA COT

TALES, 5 rooms, lonvcniences, rcntfl 10/, £775_1 B A'llcckett and Co , Bulaelavi

INV1STVI1NI st Kilda, Close Bench mid rram

-2 new brick Queen Anne, illOUSFS, ti rooms d iib, rental IO/, £1500 E B, A'Bcekttt ahd Co , Balltclav i_

V A h H O L, Vnv Ptrl of District Choice UND,

. nnous I ront-ges 1 xceptioinl Depths,

Rcisoiublc Prices Las; 1 erins

Tree Rmlvvi; Pass Aroi Plans ko,

,_ VIlNOLIl and Co ,_18_Qi_eon streoL__ _

FAN1I01 'linn Hills" Bc-iutilul Hiv. nrlde

pul - Unique Home S1TI S, onlv o\ miles from (, P O baiting llshing, titthlng, from ;otir own lot, gtntid hitit liver fronlntes to Hie prctllc.t iciclt of the Viril, rona, depth 10/ loot. Plan miel photo vioveb _1 ole; Bros 1 vmhot _

VAMIOI -Gill ni willi foi phins-V"". ill!


Collate l_OTs in ever; plrt ol this rising mih

uri), trelt selection, from 32/0 foot loli;, Ivan I oe__ IV VNIIOI - SpITnellel elei ttcd Home Sill, ni x

K5 glin d vliws, tooel soil, greit Ixirgiin, must boll Ivanhoe, Artus office _ IVVMIOI Kenilworth pm "le I Mimili.' Station

-t holte Villa ALLO i MUM, (10 \ 100 bur t nn,_tlW) Vlcnihro; md Dome 11 Queen-fit

IR1U0AT10N nil. , Runnlrg Creel """""-10 lilt

BLOCIvS, good thits, £15 per acie, 12 yeara' terms Vale. 2SS Collins-st_

JM'NAMARA and Co , Sbeppilrlon have a

. choice selection of Goulburn Vallo; PRO PFRTILS for SALE and to Le esc, also several good country Hotels_W rite tor catalogues

K1 ~ ~*TV


Order Supreme Court


Cotham road Uvadnle grove,

M», »ntnil.Views


On Ground

See Auction Column, Plans terms I per cent

11. W F 110OKL, well ktiiwn nuclloncn, op Itnwthorn Town hill. _ _ _ KI*W-Substantial Brick COlTA&r-Sôml posl

tion, 7 minutes station, I rooms, st utlcry, con leniences, Bille roof, LSJtt \ Oift , £_2_, terms Tohnston, 101 Queen si_

RLW -Splendid bruk ltF*-*l1.1 NCI , .. _,

good order, ever; convenience 2 acres land, commanding position, 12*0 John Itamsa), Collins st_

Tri W- Buck, 10 looms, fini roof fine i

XV hav and mountains eleitiic light Slllillcv liveinic _Stndlc)_park__f len s 272 Collins st_ KEW -Brick VILLAS 0 rooms £8(X), 7 l.

£000, new Que on Anne, 7 ..eros, C750 SI ranilg-ird Kew ,_21 ljGollins st_ K1 W, Walpole, st -o rooms, w _ ir,7 Land,

prominent positions clnap lo close necounl Bishop ___'ho!!c_1R.*,_lllw __ KLví -Moelein Brick V ILL. 7 rooms sceuroi

mai trim, tmii, Ihstelim onlcr 40 x 281 C700_ Re toll-Old op sill ion _ T/_A'~7^I Minutes station-New Brick MIA, ?l\ 8 rooms, conveniences, sevvirtd, iciluced, £00 lohnston_ Kow stition_ fT7*"FW, Comer Position-Uriel VILLV, 7 "rooms, ?XV M1 x IbO, bargiln t500 nu st »oil, lotmston, Kew station * ,_ _

K-LiPPUTEU*.," 7"rooms, sovvornl BtabllllgT 2

frontages lio " ___., omnibus pisaos, lMndc nong rd , oi Toonk station_

T ANO LANG - '»lOVtl-Sl'KAD, 2*2ri acres luicx X1 celled dairying country, crcliner; adjacent; immediate- possession WJ-thart, 2J7. Col lins st.

,T~_Ö.D. -Tilendlëî block, comer Harry and Hu» M'-___i_in st«., Northcote; 8i x 110, cheap. Apply 1» Falcon., it,, N. Fit-toy,



Ililli COU INS st -Cintrai Corner BIdOCK,

J 4011. x 80ft siilul.h warehouse or store, £70 foot Vi I Vale, 2S5 Collins st_


Now in Occupation of

ii.i_ dunlop numil-R company of aus


LAND, having a frontage of 252ft to Macaulay.

raid, hv a depth of JlSCt

1 he buildings consist ot large three story brie» buildings, Iron rooi, 00ft. x lOit, and 80ft. x SO» , ii tit l» a (actor; lilli! ofllces

Vt the. revr are factoiy buildings, as under - 1 ntlnccr's shop, 75ft x 50fl , with largo smith's shop attached, 5 lsige galvanised Iron buildings attached, being 80 x 2o, 05 x 45, 53 X SO 50 x 20, «0 x 40 respcctivelj Lirgc galvanised Iron build ing, now used as spreading room, 60 x 55, with boiler room at rear 45 x 10 Large brick chun ney stack Two story brick mill and engine

oom about 100 x 100

1 -rlbcr particulars from

BAILL1EU PAH I RSON and SONS PTY. LTD., 375 Collina-strcet J eli phone 007

ALVIIVN- I! m cull suit ;nll with vvhats

rectcil VM'LL BUILD IO 10UR ORD1 II our architect s plans and specific itlons free Wt HltlLD ONLY to ORDl li (lura Is POSITIV I LV \o sim oiridAnvi; nun ding i titvi wo nu pi ess, therefore, upon both Imvers runt sellers of ri-1 cstiti tint thiv mai with lonfltknit ele-il with

the oldest established propeilv mitstiicn (neirl; 50 vcirs) botith of the river Vcllichs at both effie * s tei Hispo, t


and next 'bus stable! ___ MAIA 1 RN - Charming nine roomed brkk Villi

M-.Ns.tiN liithisl hoiltlilost point delight fiilKtiiuv, ibout 5 lires, beiuitiiill llower gariiin, e rob n d full boiling, < huh i_._ I roe« liwns, neltitl punltrv run, son nits* quarters, sLibling, c ichliouse, eliiry, even-thing perfect ordei, it ern tivi situttinii restful lióme, reasonable pneo

BODGES and Co , tole agents, new properly

ifih-cs Malvern

I uriiges lojaispect_ MALI I RN -A lovell corner tiled VILLA, close

station 8 large loftv roe-ins, missive over niels costil listel lights, and lllexl work roll top luth liol and cold w eter A rare tlunci to get a lovel; home in this fivourlti suburb, t'ljO

.DAIHM-. sworn *, durr op station_

MeALVrilN-High class Q V. W11 MI/LA

slttoi-oof, cler-c new Irani, 8 rooms slnbling, mil even moth ni convenience, 1 Ï7fl frontage to Illglw,t b; i-ioft.

W II 1.IXIAR. 231 ColHiis-st , and 6p station

ALVERN EAST, Ven Choicest Position, I le


-li L jvited and Near St Ilion -1 log lill and sub

slantlnl briol, VILLA 8 rooms, 7(t hall, bulli und« ircliitect for owner quite recently, line illot mint, 100ft frontas.1 ince gunleli, liwns Ac

tli-50 A leal bargain Duncan and Weller, 07 Qui cn «t_ MALVIHN Absnllltel; the lllthct Put Glen

lime rd Malvern Close Town lull-len loomed bruk HI S1D1 NCI just completed, unsur passed view, pcifcet li-ht um! \entll ition, sleep ing out arrangements, steel ceilings throughout, electiio light, spcci ii llttinjs ever; possible con veniente, land 200ft deep It L Balding, op Hawksburn station 'I'Ikiib iIM Wind_



Handsome brick 2*btorv fimll; RKSIDKNCE, cou talning 13 rooms, nntl all modern conveniences Lovely garden mid tenms-colirl I_md too x J0O

a I and T Hum, 75 Bw-uisloi street_ f¡\ __LV*LRN, Jonlun si -Brick V ILL V, 7 rooms, 'MX conveniences Bnilllcii Patterson and Sons Pty Ltd , 875 Colllns-st_ "It fdVLVLRN, Op Malvern p-irk -Choice LOTS, 50 MX x 140 feet, no deposit, from 13/3 monthly. Plans and full partlcularB, Callaghan «nd Co, 133 Swanston st._ ___ _

?¡X/TALVERN, "Convenient Staion - 7 roeimetl MX MLLV, fruit trees, lawn, 45ft. x 120ft to

; recommended, £075 Jotuibton, lol Queen st_ MALVERN, "Kaituna," 10 LtlMlll st -»Superior

V1LLV, 7 rooms, stabllnf., Ac, auction, next Teicsdaj See "Auction ' col_Arnold _ TVI-AI-VERN E.-Ne» brick RESlDrNCl S 6 MX minutes station, £825, -21200, £1375, £1750, easy terms._Wood, Caulfield jrtatlon_ MVLV1 RN N"-Brick VILLA, 7 rooms ronvcm

oners (rooms two 20 x 15 20 x 11 17 0 *, 1.), land 70 x 150, £585 lleamsle;, agent Malvern MALVI UN -New bnek tiled roof, comer block

7 roomed V ILLA, 7 minutes Btatioii, tiled hearth, grate, mirrored mantels, overmantels, £580, price only of ordinary VV board, special reasons selling Hodges, Malvern_,



elided with an acre ferneries, green houses, gar dens, lawns j-ostatc Ilonl ivenucs, fine lockup stabling, C house mans loom, scrviints' quarters, - ooiiis, £0-25 Hodges Malvern stntlon_ MALVLRN, Splendid Corner Position - 1 xeep

tionnll; well built bnck Queen Anne, 0 .¡s, 23 x 10 und 10 x l8, so on, marble and mirrored mantels, Blnuel closest inspection, forced

£000 let ut 25/ Hodges, new property ollicés, Moly cm_

.VIA TUN Queen ol Suburbs, 1 our Minnies St.i

lion, Unequalled In the Stales -Unique, superb tiled Queen Anne 110VIL, 8 rooms, 23 x 10, 21 x 10, so on, exceptioniU> vv**" constnicteel, iltovo ceilings, cuthcdral llglit, ndonimcnts throughout, ii pakicc of siqierb architecture, sewered, £775, deposit, balance 6 per cent

Hodges s new property offices. Malvern, Convoy-

ées to inspect._ MALVLRN -Brick' VILLV, II rooms, ¡nth

heater, ever; convenience, close railway sta lion ,__£1400_Alpha, Prahran Post office_ MVLVERN * Minutes Station - Very bandsonle

new tiled roof eel VILLV, 8 large rooms and every conicnicnco, dinlngroom 22 x It with domed ceiling massive overmantel, lead, llglit windows, Ac , other rooms, "D x 14, 17 x 14, large vcstibule 7ft. return vi-nndaji, 3 sld-es, lund 00 x 1 », to row , price, to realise at once, £780 C N Long, Smith, and Co, 230 Chapel st. Tel 532, iVindsor______ MALVERN-2 choice Q A. VILLAS, 0 rooms,

vestibule, artistic flnt-.ll, latest conveniences, tra leaving, £575, £1)20 Harris, 74 Líenteme

Tel 7U_ -¡\rALVEIlN, Iscxt Governor Talbol's-Six largo MX rooms land GO x 137, lovely views, seven inimités railway station, £450. Smith, Mount View id_

MELBOURNE WEST -Conunooioui Store* PRE

VHSLS, large j ard, stabling accommodation, litht three sides, tnistees selling, £2000 Gem

" Tuckctt_ MUNTUM', dose Beach, Station -132 x 330, for

£4», md 105 \ 124, for £50, liberal terms Small and I_du arils, 178 Collins st_ "¡t riDDLI I* -.UK, Canterbury rd , Close St-ttion. ela- Handsome brick lll_L\, containing 7 largo rooms mid all conveniences £121X1. Ham, Swan ston-st_ ?VrUlDII PARK, Close Station - Modern bnck MX V li-LA, 7 rooms convenieilf-es, stabling, £025 lohn llamsq; lind Son, .17 Colllns-st _ "T\pDDLl_-l-dUUi, Cinterburv ni - Vl_LOTMl_N T, cLTX u x 121, 4-8, ccrtilliatc. Cassidy, op. ata 1 ion W inel. or Iel 117_ MU_K, 240 lu rea, 00 cultivition, 10 sown, splcn

ebel position, level loads, t> rooms, 10 bails, £10 l^vokoi, U52 Queen*st._

"A fORELAND -Brick VILLA, 8 rooms, stabling, MX co icllhousc, Ml X 320, £1000, only £100 de posit, b itancu 15 years VV V \ ulc, 285 Collins-se, MORDIALLOC-Splendid variety of Building

ALLOIMLM-, from 12/0 ft, he ich frontage, £l-*ft Small and EdwardB, Mordialloc_

MONT A L 11 11 li 1

Lovely Position, Splendid Views. ,

Superior DI W li VILLA,

1 ight Rooms, Kitchen and Scullery Combined,

sill Conveniences, Land 72 \ 140 £750

VilNOLD and Co, 18 Queen street _


Great Bargain. Io Closo Accounts

St;lish new Queen dVnnc AILI-A, containing 0 large rooms (tllningioom 17 0 x 16), latest fittings, nice allotment, price £410, owner determined to reilisc 1 ulgell Brothers, auctioneers, op. Aioo nee Ponds station_

.OKEH PONDS I-S. VTJ , On electric lum route, convenient Vscotvalc and Moonee Ponds st itlons Unsold dVLI/OI MENU'S ni this magnificent estate- .,Miran st , fio/ foot, Dickens st-, 1,0/ foot, Wonlswortlist , 55/ Mt Alexander lloiel, splendid Corners, 80/ to 00/_Tliel"eU Hrothcrs auctioneer_ MOONLI PONDS Vtljoiiiing St Ulm- New

brick Quel ti Anne 6 looms, all conveniences,

IOHO Atkinson Pucklo st_

"AIOOVL PONDS, Sliuter st - New 0 roomed MX bncl VII LA, immediate occupation, £50 ile 7iosil Simpson inn tloned-t locally _ "¡iroONHd PONDS, toe «I -Sounellj bullt MX V ILLA 0 rooms 1 tml (A) x 110, luth, healthy position _S!!!ipson,_toeall;_

rOOM'l. PONDS, £470


Simpson niictioneer, locally _ MOONI I POVDS - Matnihtcnt well built bnnd

new brick VILLV, 0 large rooms ivccllent position clo e -hops and htition, £050 L Molont; tip ntatioii,_V!oonco_Pond-- _

MOONI L PONDS-Lovely new W H VILLA,, liealtliv position, 7 good rooms, largo dlotineiit but un, £-50. E Moloney, biatlon,

Alooncc Ponds

ûliNiNGION- LA x1), fating Tanti road a

uuitoH from sea md station, lovely posi

M.T DANDENONG, Via Oro;don -I'ARJlf, 10

acres, sm ill /mils, dwelling pcnniuicn. liter, fern tullics, ver; chcip, £10U lord, "-cut, Hivvtliorn _ _

MOUNT MARUM, Prettiest Place on UitTBäy -

Mntniflcuit IdOlS 150 x 255 feet, £15 no deposit, 5/ montld; Callugtau and Co , 130 Swan, ston st _

MÍ """". .... .._._._,,",.

t lou, containing 0 acres 2 roods 31 perches, fenced mil cleared w Uli bl 11 k md wooel cottages, out ot rc|air title, cet tlfloelte price £_J) ,7 G Birrott, Mornnvrlon, Paul II Nihill, Kinkora I'rahrin

MURRUMIII 1_N\, 'Gillespies p!adok,'~Ncc'

rim rd , Neir Poatb ni -10 grand ALLOT Ml NTS each lex) \ 501 Auction, Saturday, Mardi 28 building jmss iirci, an exccptlonll opportunity for timers IJuucui anil Weller, auctioneers

MURRUMIII I NA ' TYira * 1 mil; bL-SupirTBr

VILLV, II rooms, .tabling, land 120 *, 204, tiilotion, next luesdi;. See "AuclloiT* col Ar nolil _ ______ MURRUMIII l*NA -V ILLAS, Cottages, Äfiöt

mints tree ticlct aroa Cill, write, oi ring _ itoman and Co_, Vlinnuulioiii 1

No it t 11 r- o r r,


M W11 MI-NTS, em «lietlitll,

40 x 200,

15/ foot


-\T01tTII BltiaillON, Botwein Bf-ieh and I kr" -N trie liam- Well situated Villa MTES, £1

foot oís» tenns_Henderson, 1 ipiilable-btdg


Brunsviicl st , Cose villi " brick 4 rooms, slato roof, Hielt cnlnnce, land -0ft by 1171t to 11 r 0 w Slmpe-on, nuctloneei, North Mclb_ "vrORTH MELBOURNE," Chapulín st-2*stSfy -IA brlek IIOUS1, 0 rooms, bath copper, 152ft

deep, cheap Welch, auctioneer, 214 Queenebcn-y strect_ "VTLAR LILYDAL1 -l8 acre BLOCKS, suitable -Li oicliartl8, cultivation, from £0/10/ acre, 12

years' tunns w 1 Vale, 285 Collins st_ NI WMARKCr DILL, Choice Po-iFlon -Superior

VV II HOME, fiSOO, auction rouenc. Arnold and Co . etty, or loeaL_____^_ PUNDA, Near Mt Dandenong.-* to 1 aero

Building AT-LOTMENTS for «AU!, Iron» Í35 per allotment, Gutmnnrw OHnii,

aorsE» Awn lAiro ge« saxb. QUEEN'S RD Bebt Position-AI LOI MENT 100

_\ 250 S Julius 415 Col 11 lu st_

OVKI I toil, Close Sliïion -50 x 120 feet,

deposit, m iniirckt, 1/1 weekly, title ccrtill cate_Callagh in and Co , 110 Swanston st._ _ ORCHARD, 50 acres, So boating, Somerville,

good house nour rallvvo;, AlOoO, terms Campbell, Hogg, llanlplace __ _

Ol'POIirUNIlY foi be-esldu RI__I1)I_N0K, uuc

lion, 'lodiy, soo "Auction ' column. Syd ney T Haynes 1 Overton_ I3ARKVILL1 rtlatchoiise st , Overlooking Royal

? pirk, 1 xecutor's Silo - Two handsome brick balconied RESIDLNCCS, £12»K> laelgcH Bros , Mootai. Ponds._ 1XIAIÎUAN Close Malton -0 splciulidly limit

brick HOUSES, each 8 rooniB, every convc nienco, bcwciod, routs £350 per annum £1000, or offer, worth inspection. Dixon und Scott, Alcade ,_Pniht_n_ *I_HIAIIRAS, High st -Splendid tomer Ald/01 Xi MINI, 0411 X SOIL, £./10/, or offtr Dixon and Stott, Anade, Train mi_ IJRVHHAN 1AST, Williams ni -Handsome DI.

brill» VILLA, 8 rooms stnbling, great bar ?"-'"? £0.-0* l-iuigrldgc J2_Queen-st_

PRAHRAN, Minute Station. - Ven substantial

brick VIIdLA, bluo_rtoilc fouiukalions slate moi, S good rooms, ever; ionvcnicne-e, perfect crtlc-r, rent, 20/0, otu; £850, cas; tenus Long Smrtli, and Cn Ï10 Chapel si._ "PIOHMOND, "WI DNESDU, 25th

H ICI nibs II

Supirlor Bilcony Ilestdettce, li roi ms, stibling

V ILLA fen L" 25(1 Oin x 114ft row

Throe Splendid DP Brit I» Slut«! Villas, (J rooms

stable untal, £1111/12/

Lnrge Build rn tard, 122 x 100, mil Woikshop

VILLA SITES, It x 1)1 and 31 x 101, stnblis Ac

Titles certificates Plans lit auctioneers

OUDDON md SI_LLI_OK_or 1 ORBES nnd_SON._ "RICHMOND -Bvit; intending Buyer Reads IV rorbes and Sons UST nul And lou Adver ltseinct!l-»,_eojdc-i_triitis 190 Hndte-rd

RICHMOND -Mudli v lisíate-, beautiful position

in; frontugo x 140ft d ep from 50/ per foot no deposit, 20/ montlll; Callagh in, 1 li Swan btonst_ _ _ TVICIIMOND - Cumttu b nut lion, liiosdav, 24lh, XV 12 o'clock, 111 Crown si , COTÍ VLF, 4 rooms 40 x 100 ilso sundry I fleets 1 orbes

RICHMOND W-Clurinhlg Hliou VILIdA, 7 spa X\ clous rooms, buy windows nineliiu eonveni euee«, land 7 0 x 140, t7eXI Kelly, 108 Bridge rd EICHMOND HILL-Atlractlvt VILLA, 7 rooms,

beautiful tiobition, Viiudiisc Immediate wile, UK» Falkiner I vam ¡0 ! Collins st_ I JICKi ITS POINT, Pietiilcfqiie Spot of Sunilnng V ham Distrhl-l» linildlng SIT! S £5 de posit balance £1 monthly Vale 285 l_l_n__t_ SANDlllNGIMM - Iilyilllc Tennyson si fur

iilshed CO« VGL, i rooms t lose bcacli, golf, station luction*'28th Snnll and 1 dwaieis, y-irvtl lingham _ _ __ SANDH1NGII VM - VLLO"! Ml NTS Aries, V illas,

best iiosttions nil prices and sizes C li Uoimtl_J_l 75, Brighton_ SVNDRINaitAM, Black Rock CIco Roach -

Cheip Seaside ALLOTVHNTS 50 x ISO, -2/ per foot executors' rclllsfug Jolui Ham_a;, 117 Collins st


BI/OCKS, on 10 ; cars' easy term». W F, Vale, 285 Collins st_ SANDRINGHAM," Esplanade, Half Moon lia; -

W II VIILV, 8 looms, land 02 x 200, £750 W i Vile 2*5 Collius-sl_ SVND1UNGIIAM, Akarillgl cicscent - Gooti Cor

nor BLOCK, 87 x 150, £120, lonna arranged Vrnohl and Co , st _ _

SAdNDRINGlMM - JIagniflcent SITFS dose

beach 50 x 200, ord; 25/ foot, £5 deposit, bahnt c t vcirs Small and Edw ird._


anti Building Allotments ill prices long term«. Small and Ldwards, Sandringham, 178 Col lins st_ ^JJ-Nl. MILK TO VII LÜOUIUXU-130 AUIK. 15

5 miles citv hall mile railway station very nell black land hc-iv; slock-carrying capaeit;, all fit for e-nltivtttioii wtitvrcd pcrmanrait creek, well fenced, sulxlivitlcd, superior b-roomed liouse, 10 bail co* shed, 6 stall stable, «Liirj, ham, £13/10/ ocre terms_I_l Shanle;, ttl CoHma-si

QEVTELL -II Veres good LAND, parUv fenced, IO creek, good road £75 lol. Terry, 117 Col lins_st_ SIIOI* ami Dwelling gooel pobition and order 1

rooms bulb sound investment, £200 Kim borlo», IS) Smith st , 1 ¡tzrov

ejOLIND INVISIMLYI - Two Malvern SHOTS, K5- s rent show 10-.>_ cent £850, ft reed sale_Caima, _._alvern station_ SOUTH VHLIIOURM - lialeony I10US1, iron

palisading fence, 8 large rooms, 21 x 11, Ac , splendid order, good allotment, sacrifice, £775 Gtmnioll, Tpckelt_ Q*0t III VII I-BOURNI. -Neal COTTAGE, 4 rooms, lo all conveniences £22o M Pirkiuo und Nicol, Clarendon st_ SOUTH "I IRR 1. HOWEY ESTATL,

Having Splendid Frontages



On the Grouni] at 3 O Clock.




3.0 Collins-street.


_01 J.liccn .street_ U O U 1 II Y V R li V, >?_ On Hill Close Botanical gardens,

Twenty Minutes' Walk City

Substantial BRICK III STOENCI , 8 rooms, Ac

£650 Símil Deposit C1 Quarter.

ARNOLD and Co , l8 Queen strce^_ SOUTH YVRRV, Close St. Kilda Id - Modern

Brick V1LLV, S spacious rooms conveniences, 00 x 150 I rank Marlin, 475 Collins-st.

SOUTH VAÍ.RA, lirstclass Position,.- Sub

stanllal buck Allia RESIDENCE, S rooms, Ac , hugo allotutcut Baillicu Patterson, 375 Col lins st_ S0U*1II AARRV, Punt Hill -Unndsoina brick .- VLVNSION It commodious rooms, olllces, stn blmg, tennis court, acre, reasonable Gemmell, luckctl _ SOUTH A VRRA, Punt Hill-Grind Villa S1TI

(»Sit ..outage builder's chance, £4/10/ or offer Langridge 12 Queeni st

BOUTIl AARRA, Close Station, trains-line

brick VIIJjV, 8 rooms, stables, sewered, lund 50 x 140, LXt), easy terrils Hughes and Noscela, 230 Collins »t _ _

Vale 2&r/Collins st_

SOUTH AARltl, Donnin rd -Comer BLOCK, li

x 110 willi buildings, tSaO W. 1\ Vale, 281 CoIllns-st_

SOU ni A VRIIA, Close Chaiicl st -fl brick COT

1AGES, 1 rooms, i itc roofs showing 0 \m

ccrd_, tltiaO_Dixon ind Scott, Arcade, Prihran SA VRR V.-Sacrifice - Two SHOPS, Chapel st ,

. £7Z.u or offer, returning 2t/r wortli mue h moro must sell Lolinc and Ochiltree, 400 Olnpcl st_

S Oin II A VltRV -2 A HLVS 2 minutes station,

0-roomcd W II , £72.1, 8 roomed brick, £1000, tlcccnsed estile both good iUlotments Henel;, Lein, md Lo 125 Collins st

SPHINL-Si , Cit; -Building Sill, 30ft x 70ft , _£15 per foot V ile 235 Collins-st_

SI K11 DA line Position-2 stoned brick

Itl-_.II>! NCI S rooms 00 x 185, fruit anil (lower tarden, tluOO. Graham and St;les, 28 1 _ SI KILDA \cl md st -I) 1 . W B \ ILLA slate

roof, 7 rooms vistibulc, ill com emetic- s lind l8 x 112 (about), price, £750 Griham and Styles 28 I lizabcth st_

ST KILDA, Clo e 'Inini and Train

Cliorming New D 1 Brick VILLA,

0 magnificent rooms, band onie modern appoint

ments, imd 10 x 09, great bargun, £925

J W. WVIT, estate stellt, 13 Grey street. St Kilda_ ST. KILDA Choice Position

Handsome Modern Uriel. VILLA,

7 largo tooms litest conveniences,

Land 60 x 100

Rental £78 voir Chinee, tlOOO

7 _W_ WATT. 11 Grey strict, bl hilda_ ST KILDA, Handy Trim and Trun - Mir

handsome brick V lli.AS (semi detached), 0 large rooms, modi m ippointnicnts, land 50 x 100, gilt _£1100 __W W att^ II Grey st st Kihi i

SI KILDV Grind Position -Charming D P.

bnck AILLV, S splendid rooms, handsomely ippointed, exiaehhoiibc aud stiblcs, land, 13 x 181, gmt bargiin, £1150 I W. Watt, 13 Gre; st, St Kild i __ ST KU_D V, 1 mc Situation -D 1 brick VILLA,

7 rooms vcstihtilt ill conveniences, perfect oriloi, land, 10 x 109, chance, £77o J. W. Watt, l8 Gre) st , St Kilda

SI K11 II \ Closu Station -Grand 2 story brick

III S1DENU , 0 rooms (lartc), costly ippoint

ments, land, 00 x 157, _,ift, £1800 J. W. Watt, 13 Grey st , St Kilda

ÇJ1 KILDA, West llcicll -Clnnulng modern K> brick MELA, 7 rooms, latest conveniences, land (10 y 10S owner leaving, chinee, £1050 J W Watt, II Gre; si , St Ivlleli

C¡. KILDA. ClMimimr Situation, Close Trim, ?3 Beach - Uandbomo 2 story brick HESIDIJ.CL,

8 rooms, conveniences, land 80 x 120, bargain, I £1100 I VA Watt, It Grey st , St JiileU._ SI KILDV, Between Station and Boiclt-Lovel; I

DI brick VILLA, S rooms (25 x li la x 11, »V ) tiindsomo appointment-,, lind .3 x 157, great bargain, £1200. J Vi. Watt, 13 Grey st , SL Kilda _ S'i KILDV, Beaconsfield parade -RESIDI-NCI, I

10 living rooms, 2 servants , 2 bath rooms, Ac , 00 x 105, reasonable, Flank Martin, 475 Col lnes-st_ _ ST KILDA EAST- Pretty nrick VILLA, 7 rooms, ,

10 x 14, 17 x 10, modem conveniences, built for owner, gurden, icusonabic. Frank Martin, 175 Collina st_ ST KILDA, Dickens tat - ALLOTMI NTS, 14

224, write, or rill for plans, barg-uns oisy tcnns__ O b_K Ing, agcnt.O Queen st, Melbourne

ÇJ1 KILDA-ror SALL, h imitóme" new Bru k1 Jo VndLV, beautifully fitted throughout, close station and train, Inspection Satuidajs onlj, 12 to 5, £1500 13 York st_ __

ST KILD V, Beaconsfield pirnelc, Close Beacons- I

field Hotel -Superb Building BLOCK, 132 x 105, £13 per foot Currei, 285 Collins-st_

SI KILDA E , Near Chapel fife-Handsome brick I

VILLA 0 rooms, large» stables, J acre, £2100 Henderson Lcjlittable bltlg

ST KILDA, Close Trams, Beach -Brick HOUSE, |

8 rooms, bath, Ac , stable-, coachhouse, 80ft , £U00_ V alc,_2S5 Collins st_ ST, KIIdDA - VILLA, twelve rooms, every I

modem convenience, extensive stabling, eoiclihousofl, tennis court, will grown lawns oi

chard, land 100 x 207, owner leaving foi England, wil1___ell_1icap_10__Dicl.cilB st_ _________ Ql KILDA I AST-Nice W II MILA, 5 rooms O largo vestibule, every convenient e, she-els, 45 x 330, fun ill deposit, baionue weeltlyi £87_, offer, must sell B_ritlgo,_op lovvn lislj_ CJT KILDA EAST, Olose Station-Bnck VILLA, (¡o' 7 rooms, conveniences, good order, nleo pwd tlon, 45 x 158, £000, «neill deposit, balance net k1; Illidge, op Town hull_ SI KILDA* Moodle's l_.tlll -I mc high LAND,

close laminando tram line £4 to £6/10/. Butcher, auctioneer, op St Kilda station

ST, Kn,DA, 1 xecutor's Sale -J ilrtacbod brick

VIEWS, Wellington st , cheap, Bulcher, auctioneer, op SI Kilda stntl

ST. KILDA, A ork st - llandsom« dctndiod S

roomed brick VILLA, £1000 Butcher, auc tlonccr, op St Kildi station_ ST KILDA, Beacons!!.Id parade, Best Sea Iront

ago Position -7 roomed detached brick VILLA; cheap. Butcher, luctionepr, op St. Kilda


T. KILDA- Brick VILLA, 7 rooms, splendid

' »Fi,'-?". *f-lîlM) eaty term». Perjnaan and do,, Di Flttr.y-8t,



ST KILDA-W11 VILLA, 0 room., close "lo

boieh, tnod investment, £700 Penman and Co , Jil 1 it»i »j st_

SI KILDA luting Sia- I-llcoi.y~ltI.MDI NO1 ,

KI loom», lute allotment, perlet t nnlu

£8j0_ PenislHin,_l ilzroy st , Junction, St. Klldc. SI KILDA, ""Cliuuccr-bt -Nine roomed~W It

VILLA, auction lo-daj, must sdl Siekicv T Hiynos 1 Overlun_ ST. KILDA, Ble-sslngton-st, Chance» of a Life

time -Ideal brick V ILLA, large rooms, land 18(1 x 112, lund worth £1100; price £1350 Wat. kin, Siviiun, 345-411 High st, bt JKHda _ SUm.KY Hit LS -Robinson »gent",' has Sä,

SALL-Brick RESIDING!', Ü rooms, largo allotment, near station, £525, W It Villa, 0 monís lim »talton, £72.i, Cottage, VV 11, IS looms, two _t-r>, grand position, 10m station, brick Ootturt» £200, IV II 1)1 Villa, 4m. statioit 0 rooms, ttv Mt Albert, Villa, 6 rooms, UM, terms, Laid! from 10/ to £10 inspection invited

SURHIA HILLS, On lllghost Summit -"Mliñlñ

cent Build, r*s BLOCK, I frontages, will sab. ?iividi, £1 per foot, Spcrring, Bilw;nitl, Cm. ttjrlnin_ S UHR! V lllLlA-Snperlor W H VII-LA, 1 re.

ceptlon, 1 bedrooms, land 74 x 141 spion, did ortler, £570 Graham ard Sl;lcs, 28 I ll_a. beth si_



You can bin a House! with Ron.

1 have ProiHitlcs well worth Inspecting tliat may beiboiight with lint

ASC01VALI -Brick COTTVGL, 5 rooms, con. enltnics s wired 12/(1 wexkl;

BRUNSWICK KHJPII - Brick OOTTAGF 5 rooms close trim 12/0 weoklv

MOONI I PONDS -Wooden ¿OTTAGE, 5 rooms, c tlose billion Bl weekly * NOIIlll Ml LBUURNE - Brick COTTAGE, A ooins Ac , 0/ vet ok I;

And others cqiiitl; cheap, in ne-irlyoll suburbs

I Ids is nu oj _-.rtun_.ty to secure n freehold willi

Write oi tall at once, -mel obi i in list, with ord«

a new from

MS I UKI NAN Mercantile elumbers, til Col. ins slice!, oi__iatti_btreet C'.itltoit Til r_,

.TUUv... i1 ?."?"--? tT.'. ^-^or-Thruk

?x- V1ILV «lite roof, liliuilone fnundations

Xiiei easy terms Hugh«, and Nosctla, 230 Cou lins si_ _

mOORAI» f omer Positron - Alwiely-coiistriie-o-l J- buck A lu \, slate roof bluestone foundi. tiona 0 rooms .5 x IS ko. st ihlcs, 00 x 27a. bar. tim Gemmell, tucki ti *

rPflOUAK -M iBiillioint Building SITI or^il-im. X slonal Bl nie, mci 0 aeit-s, high position. I or.cstcr 10 Qnce I! st

rpOORAK - VIod m 2 _toricd"ltI,SIDFNCI "" 8 X tooms ilnisiiii, and ninds rooms, kitchen, and eicr; eonvenii nci in perfeit eirdcr, highest position .non lol roster and C*________iibt

rpooit Viv, ( imvcnicnt Station - Two moilun X brick V1LLVS 7 large rooms, nice allot.

s £SiO, £075 lrcncli and Martin, 473 Collins bl_

IrnOOlUK 1 sFvTi CloOtoöyong biatlon - X Mljinillcilit Building ALI 1)1 MLNTS free nil. | wa; passes llnlllicii Patterson 175 Cdollins-Bt

VOOIIAK I S"! VII', Glenferrie rd , Close Koo;""""**


station -Grind BLOCK, «I *_ 200* "viáném and \lclhrJ17_pue_n___ mOORAK - llïiutlful modcin VILLA, 8 spacldij X rooms in perfect order, ?) acre, pretty tarden £l"0O _____ llcndei-son, Equitable building

TOUR VK Choioo PoslUoit-lOOft Bt_trdltf

BLOLKS, ¿reit depth, £7 foot VV. P. Vale.

285 Collina st_'

1-.CORAK Malvern rd , Medy Situate, Ceñí.

- vcnienl Ino Stations.-Hrirk RESlDMfCE, 10 rooms, convenient cs, 2 stall stable man's room, coachhouse, loft, _x , Bewared, £1435, Arnold and

I Co IS Qucen-st_"

It A It A L a 0 \, And Ion Sale three BI-0OKS, cadi one hundred acres W ednesday, March 25, pick of Mcmillan' Cm], slnulir lanel now rctunnug £2 per day milk done from 100 acres, iingation by gravita. . tion, te mis 15 per cent cash, 5 per cent 1, 2,

J, 1 ;c.u-_. balance 0 years, interest only 3J pen I cent

I nil pireiculat-s i

I NGLISII. tiuclloneer, Traralgon_ I rp ii u s i i i s ii L a L i s i n a. X Latrobe st, Close Elizabeth-tit ,

lour Two-fitorv Brick STORES and I ACIOIUES.

1 Rent, £207 Net, Price, £4500. ^^

Full particulars,

KroCH and Co , au Queen-street_ Will TI WAI V - 100 VCU1S, timber ilmo=¿

cluireil, 14 acres rich Hols, running creek, cot» ;, bails, £700 l_ookcr, 162 Queen at

"TiTESr MELBOUBNl' -Auction, We-driodâv", TT 25tli, hall past 2 o'dock, exetutors* Flic, 34 to 40 Ireland st., 4 brick OOTTAGli., cacll 4 rooms, bath, copper, producing £10t yearl;. lind (SOft by 00ft At J o'clock, 70 Rexlcnst, brick Residence, 7 rooms, bath, \v-__ihou_c, sheds, At , land soft by llofL, roaelvv i;. ,S_nipbon_ auctioneer, North Melbourne_

3 acre hind Henderson, Lqiiltahlc-tddg_

WEST MILHOUltdNL, Close Spencers! -3"brieK

HOUSli), £000, atlminislratrtx sale Slmis son, auctioneer, V ictoria-sL, North Melbourne_ WINDSOR-Comer brick SHOP mid Store, 3

rooms, stabling, £1100, only £100 casa, balance 10 venn- W F. Vale, 2_j CoUlnsst

|\7S7]INI>SOU, Grand Position. - Superior biii_¡ I» v' VILLA, 8 nice rooms, beautifully decorated, lund 70ft x iroft tluOO, bargilu. Dixon and Scott, Vieide Pi ihran_



your PR0PLR1 _ by sending iiarticalars tei -¡VI.,-!'". ll10 autumn year inquiries for lNVLbl. MLNIS, Homes, and Allolmcnls

O J and T HAM,

i -I' V5 Swanston st-tot, __UaliHnlierl isa),

A Detailed Description ol PROW Kill- fot -Ç- Siiu or _o |^ __<._ nilKht ,_d t0 .,"...__, through Geo. 0. rleildcrson, auctioncir, 1 nultahlc biiilding _ '

A*-N ),ONI wislmtr to lltiv, Rent, Sell, Let CitT,

Suburb in PilOl'l Ililli, or Voient Land! communicate Baillieu Pittci_on and Sons Ply. Lte_, 175 Collins st_____

A HNOI.I. and Co l8 Queen st, have a splendid ,í¡r""Vt'ma"1' for -*11 classes of clt; and suburb!« I-IOI'MITHJ. Owners desirous of belling or iel. ting please forwaid particulars _

A-Cisli Hu; eis aro walting for airkiniI-"Fr.c.

hold PHOPLRTIES bend particulars, Win, levers_and Sons, _05 Collins st, and 300 Lygon-st

AN Ole! estahlislieil Manufacture! munro.

Built u HOUSE and 1 actor;, luid ami htiiltl. inga to bo purchased on rental, easy terms re- quired Particular» to Extension, P 0 , Bruns, w rck_ BRICK COTTAGES.-Invcstmuil VVVÑTtD-foi

£2_XX), two lots, three milo radius clt;, dVdtlrcss Cottages, I'O, Kew_ BUALRS or tenants should inspect PllOPI.tlTHij

in hands of Jolui Iludían and Co , auctioneer*-, estate agents, 325 Collins st, Melbourne, on. Lqult, able _

GAOLril.LD, CaiuberwcliT Brighton fines"

, Brick V illa 1U SIDINGB, 11, U rooms, 2 aero«, more, to £21», splendid tenant Gemmell, Tuikclt, aVVIBLUWI'LI.,"" Hawthorn - Recommeniled ten

lint, adult furn!., require RBsdDENCL, W rooms, modern conveniences, gooel iillolmcnl, £111 p a Gemmell, Pucket!_ CAMBLRVV1 LL, Hawthorn, and Surre; Hills -

I Particulars of PUOt'l.RTII S Wanted, for sall) oi_ to let Deneh mil Reid, Camberw.ll_ CONS1ANT Inquiries from clients awaiting in-

vestments Owncis of PROI-LRTILS desirous iiiibing, please fonvartt particulars .Vrnotd .r> I Co , onctionecrs l8 Queen st_ CJ amil 11 VVI, 75 Swanston st,, have largest:

. inquliy for PIlOPEliriLS, purchusers und tenants now waiting ._ CHEMIST wauls to heir from owners, igmls oi

suitable opuiiuig, good Suburb, Rent or Pur. elsisc Pliarmac;, Algiis


1TY PREMISES, suitable small toa rooms uu<i<

less Morton lind Coghill, 72 Siv auston st i lient waiting to rent

DI A ILLA, 0 or 0 rooms, good allotment, goo I

. local!.;, within 2 miles radius, about £(~ c isli Niro Argus olllcc_ DO von wuit lo rcali-e spcedi!;, or to obum

bli iel; tenants? If so place particid-ts our h mels Clients w lililig Person it inspection brill in

mel Stiles, AS Lil. ihcth st


?jVCI'I lUl-NOLl) I AMILY w-int, on shares, good

'1 I-ldltlV I »lill ,.., In l...n.l»..l >-nw. A,"ttU

DAIRY 1 MUI up lo liundrcd cows Apply

Uulilcnson ineI__Neilsoii, Melbourne^_ EACHANldl -i ACRES, eloircd, nlostl; potato

luid, Stiahun township Tusnionia, Ion Poedery ind 1 nut I inn Sciport, Argus_ FVRM oi 1 uni and Oicharel, wanted to BUY of

LLVSI lull ptiticularsjol-iio, Argus._

PÜRN1SI11 D ItlsIDINCI or Villa, at least 5

bedrooms St Midi rd, South A arra, or

loouik, about 5 guineas, 0 mouths, cvciptionul

tenant vviiitiut


_12 Queen st rce___ _ I" T.UKN1SIIBD -W AN11 1) mini, di itcly, well 3p_;

? pointcil ti lillcinilli s RUSIDLNCI, I mop! J bed room- sen inf-, olliccs, tennis preferred, Swcyn II Lcnimi* uilcllonerr, 111 Collins »I_ GUVIIVM ind S-YLPS 28 Klizalxtli st-Ixcep

tionul ten ml J reception, 0 bed rooms, VIM V preferred South Yarla loorik, £140, long leis». TTU'I-NISHI D, well South Aura, Toorak closO X2 tram eight rooina, 12, l8 monties two ailulu. nurse, infant, £200 ;c-arl; Gemmell, Tud»ctt_ I7VURMSI1LD V lU/V W VNTUD, 6 or 7 room«, - about 2 guineas reliable tenant, (. inoutli ir longer_7___Wult 1_ Grevj_t_J__J»i__.L

FURNISH! 11 HOUSE WANTED, about 12 noms;

St. Killi l ret preferred ebotit 5 Kitlnms ex. ception ii tenant J. W W lit, ia Grey street, St. Kilda __ ITIURMSIU-D (30TTAGL WANT! D, SI Illida, X2 for ¡-oui g couple for month of Vpril, ibuu_ 30/._ I W W ill 11 Grey st ,__t luida_ HAWTHORN lind DlblRICT-lor piompt hllsl

ness in tooti tenants, quick salt», elmers aelvise Itobclt 1 Ldgir, the up to date agent, u_ (dienten le Tel 395 _ __ HAWTHORN to OAMBHtWl Li,-Good dem in I

AILLAS investments, ownrrs ph esc note. Well known iiuctionecr, It W. I Hool e, op Hw tllorn lownliall_ HVW1HORN, ioornk - lo Rent VILLA 8

rooms, txccptioruil tenant waiting Irtnu. Tuekctt and Co , 111 Queen st __ _

TI' von want to Sell or Lot your PROITRTi, X send particulars at once to las I Brenan, Mercantile chambers, 310 Collins st , or Grattan st , Carlton, tenants and purchasers wilting_, TI J ou aferdesltxnts of Selling or Lottinr ¡oui X PitOPlRIII-S, lomani pirticuhrs to Arnold mil Co auctiouecrs,_18 Queen st_ KEW,*" Haw thom, Close Station -Piiroliance

walting well built RISIDINCI- (villa pre fcrrod), 10 rooms, stables, grounds, £2000 Gem- mell Inckelt____-_ Tf/TALVT.RN -1 Cannes, estate agent, op m MX lion, II you want to Sell or Let ;our PRO. PUTTY quick!;_ IVfÖÖM-.P PONIXS. ABeotvale, l_Pscnelon - I HO 1V± PLRTI1 - WANTED, bu;crs, tenants »ailing, 'I idgdl Bros , auctioneers Moonee l'on Is, A«cof vale, I ssciieion railway station_-_ NIM. ROOMED~nOUSE WA-NIED, lent one,

three acres, healthy suburb, Listelnvviek I ii terreel Cllch P 0 , Murrumbcinq

TVTEW Arnvals aro eontlnuany requ ring TRO J-N PERTIES to Purchase or Rent D C Arilur, sen , Customs m,cnt._-0 Market _t__cily. _ *VT riTZROY, Close" Nicholson st-WANTI II lo JM . Rent VH.LA, 8 rooms, for term, good tenant. AIeinbre*^-ni____nc___3_g_i«r__t_. _r*V.lCKl ST SLLLI'RS -Hodges and Co , aue

val ttonccra und property salesmen. Lbtabli.hed nearly half-century. Mali ern, 8otttlt A arra

S~~ÔUND Sliecp COUNTRY, to 3000 acres, also

good I arms, owners communicate, \V_ Wlslurt, 237 Collin- st.