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PICOLA Monday-The Narioka Church of England was the centre of excitement on Sunday. The statement had been made that the Rev. George Gladstone and the Rev. J. W. P. Oates had both applied for police protection for the occasion, and during the   week an effort had been made by someone to lock Mr. Gladstone out of the building. However, he gained entrance to it and, the front doors being secured, his sympathisers followed him through the back door. When Mr. Gladstone started service only three in-   dividuals were in the building besides him- self, although later the number increased   to 26. Previous to commencing his sermon he said that Bishop Armstrong and Arch- deacon Potter had made up their minds to  

"bullock the act through on which the dio- cese was relying." The next man, he con-       tinued, to be told to go would be an old clergyman who had been years in the ser-

vice of the church, and who had a large   family. But the church wanted young men. Fancy the old clergymen being sent out to walk the streets because they were no longer     young. The church had a properly consti-   tuted court, and, if he and others had got drunk or disgraced themselves in any way,

why not bring a charge against them? He   knew that Bishop Armstrong was against   him because he vvould not "My Lord" him. He was a bishop, and he addressed him   as such. They were a democratic community, and these old titles should be done away with. Mr. Jus-   tice Hodges, a man honoured by all, and   chancellor of the Melbourne diocese, had   said, "I don't want to have anything lo do       with this most iniquitous act. Take it to   another judge." The judge had said there   should be a stay of proceedings and he should be allovved to remain in possession.   As soon as the Court gave a writ of eject-   ment against him he would leave. He thanked them for their support and assist-   ance that day.

The Rev. J. W. P. Oates preached on the banks of the Broken Creek to a congrega-     tion of some 48. Buggy loads of folk sat around and took no part in either service.  

Warrnambool Breakwater on a Half holiday. See illustration in "The Australasia," Saturday, March 31.