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To-day, at the Strand, will ibc screen- ed the great history-making film that has thrilled thousands of people in Syd- ney and Mol/bourno epitomising, under the titlo of "Murphy of Anzac, ', rho deeds of heroism performed by Private W. Simpson, of the 3rd Field Ambulance. It is full of daring and Ihiilling. deeds dono by our Ans-traliau lads on Gallipoli. "Murphy of Anzac" ran-for a oix weeks season in Sydney, and nine 'weeks' in Melbourne, and lins been obtained at considerable expense for three days In Hobart. Juno Cúprico features in "The Caprice of the Mountains," a particu- larly refreshing «tory of pastoral h fe. The comedy part of tho programme in- cludes "Silk lioso and high pressure," in which tppears Billia Hitc-Thie, one of tho groata-it comic actors now seen in tho picture -world. Other items are "Al- most a Widow," "The False Gem," and "Tho Prince of Wales at the Front."


Ia the. ohange of pictures at the Grand this evening, ono subject stands out prominently-"Tho Gutter Magdalene," a distinctive dramatic story by Wihrini Mack, and produced by «Tessie L. Ijaskey Punine Ward impersonates the roll of the gutter woman, who was lured from ker peaceful countiy home to city life and destruction. "The Trail of Uio T'hiof," a Mutual 5-act masterpiece ; "The Dreatmer" (drama), "Stolen Booking" (comedy), and "Jack"' (diurna.), completes an excellent bill.


"The Elamal Question" is one of the big features in tho new programmo at the Palace today. Olga Pe trova, one of the greatest picturo impersonators of heavy dramatic plays, will bo seen in this important Metro Corporation film. Sho is n born artist. Supporting sub- jects consist of "The. Arustrulian in Egypt," a special oIBoial film of rib o Aus- tralians at work in Egypt. Tho attend- ances at all i*ea3ioi!S on Saturday were very largo.


"The Dumb Genius" is u Cine* mas- terpiece announced by Spencer's Ltd. to be shown at His Majct-cyV- for a throe nights' season, commencing to-night. Jacko, the chimpanzee, claimed to bo the most 'ldglily-educatod animal in the world, who will bo remembered in the thrilling perfornianc*' "The Circus of Death, plays tho chief character in "The Dumb Genius*" in a remarkable manner-Jacko and his humnn accom- plices are run lo earth after one of tho most exciting: and thrilling chases evor depicted on the screen. "The Australian Gazette," "The Diamond from the Sky" (chapter 28). "She Won the Prize," "His Aliito-Ruination,"" and "A Hobart BO ciety wedding" (Miss Marjorie AA'alkor uud Dr. N. C. Atkins).



St.. Mary's Cathedral wae . crowded in every part last evening, the occasion be- ing the final organ and vocal recital (of n series of three) given by the organist, Mr. Frank McCann, in aid of the choir fund. The oi-gonist opened the pro- gramme with the first movement from a sonata by the celebrated French com- poser, Theo. Dubois. In this the full organ was used with great effect. His other numbers included the "Intermcüzo in B flat" (Lemaro), "Minuetto and Trio" (Faulkos), and "Postludiirm" (Wely), and were both educating and inspiring, the rendering being specially impressive. Miss Lillian Mooro's fino soprano voice was heard at its best in "Ave Maria" (Liligi Luzzi). Miss Kathleen Dunn Îave an excellent rendering of "Tho «st Chord" (Sullivan). Mr. T. W. Hopkins contributed a trumpot solo, "Bercouse" (Gounod), and a trio, "Médi- tation," by Miss Ar. Oakdene (cello), E. G. McCann (violin), concluded a vary enjoyable procramnic. At the conclusion Monaignor Gilleran thanked the organist and assisting artists', a id also Mr. E. J. McCann, tho conducto-, for the excel- lent standard of tho recital.


A highly «successful fair was held in the Institute-hall, Bellerive, on Satuidny in aid of tho funds being raised to erect a rectory for St. Mark's Church, Ballerivu. Tho hall was crowded, amongst those present, being tho Dean of Hobart (the Very Rev. Robert Snowdon Hay), Rov. II. Brammall (rector of St. Mark's), Hon. Jas. Murdoch, M.L.C., Hon. Alec. Hean, C.M.G., nnd Councillor G. Chapman.

The Dean, at the request of the rector, briefly declared the fair open, arid wish- ed it all success. Tho following aro the stalls and stallholders:-(1) Sweets, Mrs. Stuart, Missen T. and N. Wilson, Mist- urábame, and Miss R. Culvert; (2) Sand- ford stall. Mrs. O. G. Morrisby and nfi Ristant<s; (3) Girls' Friendly Society stall, Mrs. Brammall and assistants-; (4) works stall. Miss Dickson and assisiants; (ó) produce «stall, Mrs. Paul and assistants', (6) Lindisfarne staU, Mrs. 'A. Brammn.ll and assistants; (7) cake stall, Mrs. Ab- bott and atssistants; (8) afternoon tea stall, Mrs. Andrewortha and assistants; (9) cordial stall, Mrs. S. Abbott; (10) de- corated motor-car, Mr. Read; pedlars' paradb (children's mareil in costume round' the hall), Miss Ivy aiid Miss P. AVilson. AU the stalls were prettily de- corated, the- sweets stall especially 'hav- ing a most uncorainon desagn in black and white, all tho young- ladies being dressed to correspond.

In the evening the hall wats again packed, when Miss Elliott's .music pupils gave an entertainment, which was well


An n result of tho day's proceedings, JCi-1 was raised. Tho committee had al- ready -fc350 on hand. Mrs. Wilson, as secretary, had all arrangements in per- fect working ordor.


A rehearsal of tho "Country Girl" Co. is advertised for to-night, at the Ticnlro Rojal.