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To the "North American Review," on Ma) 3 and liny 17, Mr W H Mallock contri

bules fiiilhei instalments of lu« 'Critical Kxaminatlon of Socialism " In the flint in »tabnent (as ahead) explained in ' The Aigu» ) he discussed the theory that neilth is produced rolel) by labour, md showed that eicn socialists ns tlunkeis nero forecd to admit tho essential part pin)»ii b) the directive uidiistriil abiht) ot the fisi m Hu augmentation and sustenta .ion of the wealth of the modern woild Is agitators, »oculists still preaih the old f ¡liney of Kiul \Iait becmse, ndmitting the piodtictivc power of 'abilitv would

knoik the bottom" out of popular social


Without individual capital, lion, Ml Mai

loik pioieeds to itak, is ahilit) lo ciiione on the workcis its minute and to oidinateil injunctions* It is through his command ol the capital, out of si hu h ssnges arc paid 01 nils meid Hint the possis«oi of lbilui tontrols |)roduction If socialist« arc going .o abolish ' iiagulom " host arc the ordains ing nnthortttes to «ceuie the obcdicnee of the oignnised' Ihc answer is obuou* It lins bun finikli st i ted b> Mi Sillies Webb flu onli substitute toi the wage

si »tem is a -istcni of stile eceicion 'lins i* i retiiin to slnvui nie emploi ing «hs» the monopoji» s ot spcuil l»ii»ine*s abihti " would he retained to cxei

u»e ns ihei do non all th ii highest ponéis m the diicetion of Iihoin riicj wopld themselves be the sen ant« of the stitc, so thii the piodults of their nbilitj would be tiken hi th state not bj thimselic* and "null thus be ox ni i tile foi distribution mi »igst the gener ti lu is« of tin lonuntuuts

Hu ssorkci* in their turn si mihi have to le tin sluvi« oi these «live» di tun 1>> the iipplicnion of external force to urn out their order*

Supposing the workers would «nbmit to sue i rigid dlsiipluie lion « the stntc ti mun the sonne» ot the exccptionil mon*

lo set ure ftoni men the exertion of iheir onlinus mimili fiuiltie* li) po-itnc to ircion, inHteid of bs the inducement of

ssigt* i« possible, sais 111 M tlloik but

it is possible foi oin icison uni) In le spict ol lite fiiulties embodied in ordtnirv libour tun one m in bs looking it nnothei cm tell lion fir he i« po«»t«-ed of them- is hither he em trundle i w hcelb u ron i un i hull of bnik» lul'i nu! on tin heul md »o forth uni-is li it i* »till more mipoit ml-even director of hhoiir knovis exi,III the inditidiiil t i«k ii Inch lu mulles- en li libinn*r to perfoim But it ie»pcit of liie ficultte«-nor ordiuati, but cxecp non ii-n hu It ire iltstmctiii ot tin men li whom ilonc lalsoui cm bi siici-sftillv ilinitcd both these con litinti* tie ss ml ing li n iiuposstblt to till ti) it ins in in of ex icptionil ibihtv po«»e»-e* .mi i\ii|)tioiiiil fneu lu « tor directing labour at nil milt*« he choo-es to shon them and indeed until eircimi»lanci» sappi) lum nit li »onie motive foi shotting thom he ssill prolublv be li mils in ire that he pos»e»»cs such field ti. - tittil-, If Burns might hiu been form! to plough, or Slukospnrc lo hold horses it tin iln doors, but no «tale i-ompul-ioti coull! lim piDtlured ' Void Ling sine or

Birnie »bihts, and in pirtiouhr in tinah ml ibibti mn*t be inilnusl for il t in not lx inmpillul tndtstlosi it-e I

soii-ilists when (onfrontul nilli tin« pi i

bimi suggest Hu! ndtistriiil alni li mil out m n if it* nunn!« be uiilidnisn ju-t ii« in irti-l inn si oik fiom shier love ni art or a philo.opbei toil fixun pun* tit to lion to I nilli <«luikt>peare mid tin gieitc«t of painter« neu hrgcli viilliumi'il bl their desiii lor lite inonev vilmh lessirdi I their hbour- Who n- Mi Milloik -i-k» tin »uppo»! tint iln dsiitui-iul lose ot tiuth xitiieli malt Kim md llis'l for ixninpl lork«t (lull diiuiu« ssnulil «lunn hie ullin» lo d. s ni, iii in- Is,« 1) tin linproseiuiiit of »lose» mil »nuipin*" so, ali»!» tliiin-cls. « piou hois ri lindon« such s i-i« mrs notion« in I hei un. f it

tier di nourning the pus! nf the nun ssho |in.»c>» ni lu-ltisl iibtlits I hei iiliinl linn the dc»ire «if |« isoml gun i« ju»t is in sipinbh fruin tht temperunuit n Indi go, s suth the pns.r of produung ixu-pti ntl iseiirh n» j s in ui ilion i- Iroin the h glte-t in let in thur ?( heme ni ii imikiiiiiri »uii iluln fin tit « lins ni driseii lo slul e ill thui liopi- on tin po-»ibilits nf el min linn; tlie motin of per»uiia! gi ti from tin uri iii»«,ii nun of is ho«e eli int ter tins uhenientli dec I m lint ninlisi to 1* ami lo hiu bun ui Hist j» it ililt


I While tin e\( i piton ti fut tie 11 tinileik'i 'Un« niiivellni« elmiki t ir» »ounb»m,

tin mun! lim Hie promi-e of men i«ul )Hi son ii gun isithnut ant ulerease I exerlion held nut to thom us the InH for atsepttng »hiiIhiii 1 liri ne to hue not mill the »hue of ni lilli iioilu ed bv ihun.elir« but

il«> i eiii-il. nhlc slue of tint | rodmell I Is the »elf(linsin«' fen Is it i« hlvonr u lus i-eieiu* m a litglilt usilistsl (nitntrx mre linn ti sinillv speiking produce« ' 1.*, li« ' «ni« Mr Hallosk, tike pnvlin

nun in 1-iighintl a» it w )« it the ilo.e of the eighteenth rcntim an I lotniiitc it a* it « t» ibout RSO tim« deiling willi a | erin I ro vere,! In the lifcliini of oin lunn If the tnlil iiicnnu nf the mimili ni Hit itilur of the»« tuo dill* hu) Ihiu «-quillt divided uni Hik«! eurvbndv < nli wiki ' inuiig finnis »mil.! lui t .ni iilsitu CHU m mulls \t tue htu du« tin uiiuunt tv lut li vi i- -it Ki il!v !i» iin.iiik.-t Hu nag. i nu. i. gas i m cn li I iIhiiii mu t nulls in iii!.i«i mt omi of mon tlnn ASH lim* in Hu uir ISSU n h InlMuirer in I lulim! if m «till »| i ik in lum« nf inn ii,«» n i« in tin» ]io.»i«siin ni ion»iili ribh «ruler ss, ilih Him um! I ik »»ibis hut t.»n< !«> ii in H dilling th lift Illili of lu* fithri ur ii indf ilhi r tin u tut m ilih ol iln n li - all Hu i illili ii ml thor lim! iiitltn!« I - hid Inn nhill fi in Hu r po-»«.«ir* and muli oui in tin minmi lil».mci« in pu plum Noss th ui.minni« iiiui i-i in ss, lilli |i «lu tim is nliu.iusls n.ii «lui to inv i hinge in in munt I ilvotir itself for tin» in punt if men inu»utlir fon.» .nul .1. x tuilv In* not Ivrrn suire the du« of tin (¡to. k« ml Bom in« Hie mils «li um ins I« m in tin Itiultit« lint mile np .1 ni Us, .illili Dim fail, »buss Hut

n lill in to the »imposition of tin souihst«, lix in ilih of th, mm of ibibn i« so fir fruin inn» « ing . n n lurmilli il i mount« nilli dm m lib ui biutii-i I limit I'm duri I then!, tin! t lui [.i» mut uureisiitg poll ion nf iihit the hinom r nil nu nu rig, recene» I« «Ici s« I Irmn tin piodu !» ni tin* ubilttx of llu ill min «stint liluiiu t« t nliiili U ni n i iMin it In whit it u hulls pro.liiu-. In« iilrcnls been long n mung not le-» thin i» pioduts» but tuon _