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J he author of the ' Round Table, ' in the "Pall Mall Magazine ' for January, whitn telling some anecdotes about Dr Georg» Bud a long lived London physician, men-

tions ' Orion Horne

Tho author of the farthing epic, ' Onon," Horne, «as in his liter days a familial guest in this doctors cuele On his return irom Austrilm Horne settling in poor quniters in Maijlcboiie, appeals co hav o found himself ill it ease in London alter his active life abroad 111 health seized on lum and one ot his symptoms «vis a melancholy increase ot weight In deed, he had been leduced to the necessity -like Balzac, if we can trust Pins gossip -ot having V s (or V shaped insertions) put in lus br-icchie And then he con suited Dr Bud, with such lesults that in a tel m oi more the V s bad all to bo taken ont nguiu HUB suggests, th/it Homo bad not come back from Australia with a foi

tune, and it is clear he could not afford

clothes tor his double

And now, thanks to the physician, the veteran lenencd his youth One dal two ladies, on entciing tue house in Welbeck street «hue Di Bird practised, «ere startled to see an old gentleman sliding head first down the Ixtmsicis Ibis was Mt Horne celebrating his lcttirn to health It must have beeu about the same time that he was prompted, bj some casual re terence to Ins hcilth to ask n lady nftei dinner in the di iniiigioom the question

I hope vou do not think 1 wo.ii n wig' 'iheladj was disci niiiin. «hen to the sen sation of the beholdeis, Ilengist Horne snatched i wig indeed from his head, aud waved it triumph inch niau

1 rom ' Onon c inie one ot the doctor s fuvountc lines-a line engraved afterward on the Chain Pier tit Bishton

Tia always morning nom where in tho world.