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U Christmas Mr T C Williinison s Ilojal Comic Opera Company returns to Her Majesty s Theatre, und »HI appear in the new musical pla}, "A Coun tr> Girl/» which IB now in Its third jear at Dalj'a Theatre, London The box plans will be opened at Mian's on Monday at 0 o clock

At tlic Princess's Theatre Mr George Mi&gro\c S English Shakespearian Company will open ou Box- ing ¡Sight in "A Midsummer -sight's Dream," the cast being1 practically the same us when the plu> was first present ed to Melbourne audiences ' 1*lying fairies* and hallets of fairies and clvcs, with brilliant electric lighting -efTecta, form spc cial features in tlie staffing of tlie piece The box plan is «o* oben at \llan s,

"V Great Millionaire," with its gorgeous Guild- hall, its brilliant banquet chamber, and the cul

m ina ting «muation of the exploding motor-car, con* ti nuca to hold the stage at tilt 1 heat re lloynl, and will be preocnted until Boxing ¿fight, when it will be replaced by "A Drspcrate Game," a drama in which Mr Bland Holt intends to aim at unusual Splendour of scenery and sensation

Mdlle >ulcana. who with the strong man "-tln_." is the latest attraction provided bj Mr H a rrj Rickards at tlic Opera house, is a joung lad} of l8, who handle*, a 1201b dumbbell with the came careless grace as most ladies manage A crepe de-chine parasol Auleana and "Atlas" appear upon the stage amfd an arra} of weights and dumb-

bell- ranging from -4.1b to __!-Ub in weight, ? whose convincing thud as the) arc placed upon the door come- with a -hock, after the negligent ca.e

?with which thev luvt, been lifted and tossed bj the I nair '|Atlas * wilj. carr} weight in any shape, and it Is Immaterial to bim whether he is poising the dumb bell's 2001b or \ iilciua's own weight of 3 lOlb on his extended ann -estcrdaj afternoon the pair gave ti private exhibition of their "turn" at the Opera-hou t>e, ending it with a series of "posturos bj > ultana Having shown tlie won derful development of the muí-ele* of her ann, Mdlle \ ultana turned awnv from the audience, and went through u serle» of movements with the muscles of her back, which she ridged, bunched and knotted till it looked like a contour map of the Himalaja district Vulcan i and "Atlas" open at the Onon house tonight The last two nights

are announced of the Du Monds \n entire clwnge ' of programme will be given by the other memberi. of the compan} On Saturdaj night next Mr Rlckarda announces for bia Christinas attraction, among othei novelties, the first appearance In Vus tralii of Clarke and Hamilton, .ketch artist«

The Bijou _ heitre ii to be opened bj Mr Tom Herman on Boxing Night, with a season of panto .mime, in ' Lltttc lied Riding Hood " Tlie nanto mime will contain m my novel ballet, including nn autumn ballet and a snow and ice hallet ".Local colour" has been introduced throughout the piece, and the specticuiar finale is based upon the .future federal capltil The three P.nnanb and Mr Hirrv Shine plav the chief parts The box plan for the dress circle and orchestra stalls is now open it


The Voult* 1 ntertaincrs will give their usual wccklj change of programme at the Gafetj Theatre this evening, when in addition to new items bj old, several new artista will make their first aprearance including Mr lYink Druncbj (baritone), Mr Mbcrt Croman (basB) Mr George Williamson (comedian), anil Miss 1'lorne Swift (serio and dancer) All the gold medallist children arc to take part in a "holiday festival " lim usual matinee will be given on Wednesday

\\ ¡rth'.-i circus, which is on ita old site nero-* Prince's bridge, in Alexandra avenue, will reopen in Melbourne for a two weeks' season on the after noon of Boxing Dav The show, which includes a trained menagerie, is again strong in novelties». \f Paulo Gonscllo goes through a performance in a caged arena with a lion i hjciii. a .¡oin, a dog, and a lamb is his companions Mit*-. Maj

ozel in a contortion iel, the Howard Brothers, and the strong man Hin* Pigel arc well known airead}, but Mdlle Nina Dilnegra, a Brazilian "equen trienne," makes hot first appearance on Boxing Mght

At the Town hall on U-fing Mght an etstcrtaiu ment will be given undulla direction of Mom 1

Napoleon BofTan) There will be funcy dancing bv Mrs. Milhun Grc-n'1. pupils A new ¡scries of humorous bioscope pictures songs by Mdme Al

bertine Gaj, Misj bovie Mueller Misa * Spehr,

Miss rthet Hampton Miss llieodort trick, and. Messrs. Charles Potter, Phil C lot-ephs and 1

Napoleon Üoff-rd Herr Paans Uie tiolini-tt, will alt-o anpe-ir Hie box pim is ii Glens

\t the riieairo Uovnl on 1 ndaj evening nervt u concert i9 innonnced when i programme of sicred «sonjr- duel*- quartets and rtcititlon-i will he rendered -Vmon^t tin vocalM«. who will n*.si_t are Mis.-. I illnn Iteid UÍ-.-.S \l iggie M Cuín Mi« Id i Cox Ml*-« Maru lornncc ind Meters \\ san Pallett Hofe and I ightfoot, and the

Cat lu-I ni (¿tnrtct Duri np the (.vening i new scries of bioscopic views will he «shown The box plan is if Mian t>

On Christmas night it the Opera lion*-*, tlu» Ficred fc-stivil to be givtn bj M 1 Napoleon Iloffard will include the storj of Kel» kali iniuu nil. told and illustrated with 12 living ptcturwi

Mr \le\ Gunn will liso show di*-*-olut g xiew*4 of the Nitivitj and v incus scr/i-tunl --< mrs The artists ip-.i-.ting include Midinic libertine ( jv Mi«* lovie Mueller Miss I *-r ehr Mi-s Isa tt ls-U (elotutionHt). Mi-* lo. Scott (violinK) Mc-w-rs Challes Potter and Chirlis* Carter (bul

tones), Mr Phil C lo ephs (lus t ) Mr limes tt ide ind M L N lloffnd 1 he 1 o\ pim is at Allan s

Tin Orpheus Societv will give i sacred concert in the Bijou Theatre on Clint-ami- niglit itis-iltebi ÍÍ in »an Mi-s Mabel Head tlic Orpheus ladies (¿inrtet ind Mr Horicc Sirven*- will be among

tlie -iiigcrs

Tlic L. hendon Council hive orr meed ti speen I ojien iir Christmas contort fir Widncsdjv even ng text December Ji in Qutv.i _, p irk Moonee loud when in uldition to bit _mph view, ai»! st IPI lion bv Isfenlnn town ( otmcil s Hind Miss J ine fnr'on Mr Ik or lightfoot mil Mr lion« «-tev us will *-in_ uitill C1 n tinas norn-. \ hile Hie St riiuiui*- chun ters will hinir Christ

tnii cirols The admission will be bv hilvcr

The Melbourne Cricket Clubs seventh open air concert will be held on Monday evciuns "Hie pro

¿.ramme Includes vocal items by Stiea Magxif Ú Ginn Miss KmiUo llamón ainl Air mioma1. Munro the li O C Militar} Band and iniirMtcil Clôtures and itlnsjration» to songs \y the ltojal


Hie Great l.iograp.i is to be shown al the at Christnias under tbo rt__n.igniH.nt oi Mr John II Tait In addition Mr Sydney >ter ton n new wcicty entertainer will nuke his ap pe-iranee and Miss Am. Cox will «ing dlustnted gongs On Christinas night a spcital tatcred pro gramme is to tx. ghen and Miss Gertrude Alger tho violinist mil appear Matine*-* will bo ghin ovcry aitemoon loo bo* plan ojwns at \lian s on Monda}

The management of the A letona n Mutoscope Compon} Limited announce that a fresh stock ot machines just lnnded from Englind haï non bein placed in their .Swanston street parlour and a com plctc set of new pictures is also on show to


The Jerusalem Cyclorama has been well at

tended this week and visitors hive «-.pressed high appreciation oí the entertainment provided

A change of prognmme has been provided foi thh evenings 1 copie*s Cortcirt in the Temjcr

arce Itali _lu<-cll street