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"The 'M\ hatton/ was as much J ty-word in -.nghiiii as H -rout-., haye been ni Aus trah , so mu oh did the people at lioinc ic-pnt h\\ skillPd llrttish workmen being 'lit-Id tip* by Uri.i&lieM on n broad hi[>rhnH\. . . . Kiiffliah people ¡uid (lint Aualr.iH.i was deliberately -abut.ins out wealth, «ind arter tim '«K hatten»' and alien employ ment affair, they dei lined to _**c the actions of Austrnlij in any other lifflit."-Mr. Henry Copel-im). Agcnt-tiene

r_l of New South Wales.

AVltcti the Immigration Restriction Bill was introduced It did not contain any provision to block British work- men, lint Mr. Watson, the Labour lender, moved the Insertion of ii new clause, prohibiting "any persons under ti contract or agreement to perform iiiauitnl labour within the Common- wealth." The amendment would,* he claimed, '-cover most of the classes of labour likely to bo affected through people being inveigled into unfair agreements in lgnoiancc of the condi tlons obtaining lu Australia."

On December !i six skilled hutters.wlio had come to Australia lu the R.M.S. Chontes, uuder contract to work In Messrs. Chai los and Andei son's new hat fuctory, in Sydney, at union rates, were not permitted lo land when they roache*! that. city. The Prime Minister, thiough the Sectctary for External Af- fairs, li*jd instructed the Customs offi- ciais io detain the men on the Orontes if tivy wtrc "under contract." From one end of Australia io another there was an Indignant outcry for.the instant release of the men.

Upon the information.they Had re- ceived, JVIInlsteis detained the butlers on the Orontes for nearly a fortnight. How did they gut that Information? Vrom the secretary of the Victorian Kelt Hatteis' Union, who got posses- sion ol' one of the men's agreements. The British artisans said that when tliey leached Melbourne Uley were îe ceivei! by members of the local union, who showed thom lound the city and entertilned them generously. One of theil* number stated that the seeretniy to the union "asked to see a copy of the agrc-euient to see how it compared willi local conditions." The bond was handed over. The men returned to the Bteaincr. AVhen they reached Sydney they weie lefnsed a landing on the evl ileuce of the document, because those ?whom they had trusted had Induced the Ministry to set the Iiunilgiatlon

Restriction Act lu motion to accom- plish something It was never In- tended to be used for. "When Minis- ters were condemned on all hands for (heir unpardonable yielding to Labour political pressure, the Prime Minister suddenly discovered that Messrs. Charles and Anderson had to show cause why the men should he exempted from the act betöre they could be ad-

mitted.'--« began an Inquiry, and found that ho had no option hut to allow the mon ID land.

Mluisti'is were tho willing tools of Hie labour organisations right through this unfortunate episode, liven when all the facts were disclosed, the Ttades hall .Council unanimously and without discussion passed a resolution approv- ing of (he act which "prevents labour fiom being landed in the Common- wealth uiuler couti act." No mistake can llii'teCore lip made about Hie alni of the boclallsts.t They ¡tri' lighting to IP tuiu this section in the act, and Minis- ters aro Hiding ami iilietliug them. It embodies theil* ideals, (lie suppicsslon of emorpriive ol' Industry, of merit, of individuality, and to modernise a seven tcentli century poel

"Mom .oclalbm h.getA dealrc of mort,

' - ti* kuagir Kill IBCKUN with tlMltótt«"