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LONDON, Nov. fl.

In connection »»ith the action by the de pal emeu, of I'lnuui m pioclauniug its ni dependence nul impiisoning the Goyeinoi md the nuthoritie- the (oloiuhnn uulitiry forco on the isthmus »» is »»ithdnwn on the rc»olutiomsts ieleisiu_, these officials

President Roose»elt has îecognised the pro»istonal Go»cimnen_ of P marni


The follo»uiig Lnited Sutes war ship» nie hastening to Pin ima the 1 "ellie ter minus of the raihvay across the isthmus - The armoured ship Wyoming, 3 235 tons, 6 guns, the gun »cs el Con ord, 1,710 ton«, 0 guns the cruisct Alarblcheod, 2,0S9 tons, 10 guns, and the Nero '

Rear Vdnnnl Hem» Gh°s, commander of the training station it San Francisco, »»ill command the nn»al forces at Panama, and Rear-Mumal Joseph B Coghlan, the second in command on the North Athutio station »»ill command the nn»nl forces at Colon, the -atlantic terminus of the lad


The policy of the United Stntcs is to pro tect the ne»» Panania republic, and prevent any attempts to land Colombian hoops on

the isthmus

Colombia fiimly protested against the cn eourngement of the insurrection in Panama by the United States, or the recognition of the ne« republic

President Roose»elt earnestly rccom mends D10 Go»cinments of Colombia and Panania lo anne at a peaceful settlement, adding that the United Stitea aro bound not only by treat», hut in the lnletests of civilisation to see tint neaceful traffic

across the isthmus is not disturbed by a constant succession of uunecessaiy and wasteful end »»ars

Our Ne»» Yoil correspondent »»lote ns follo»»s on Seplembei 10 - Some months ago 1 predicted 111 one of these lottets that heieafler-possibly in the near future-the extension of the po»»ei and so»cicignty of the United States would bo south«aid, owing chief!» to the piojected construction of an isthmian canal \t the presmt time, the faihuc of oin negotiations »nth Colom bia foi a reasonable canal ti city tends m diicctl» to plomóte an acquisition of tem torv on the isthmus If »»e should make n canal on the Nicnmgui loute, both Nicii ngui and Costa Rica would in time ino»it abl» become possessions of the United States In the case of the isthmus pro»inces of Colombia the situation is of n difierent 1 md The attitude of Colombia is most exaspeiiting Owing to n sentimental pie feience in this countn foi the Nicaragua louie-distinctly infeiioi to the louie at Panama-authoi ity to buy the Pinima Canal Company s lights and piopetty and to negotiate »nth Colombia foi 1 cinal, »»is obtomed from Congiess «ith (,ieit difficulty With Colombia s leprescntatiyo at Wash ington a trent» »»ns mule We »»ere to pay the Eiench Canal Company 40 ODO OOOdol , md Colomhn »»ns to iceei»e lOOOOOOOdol, »nth an annual icntnl of 2o0 OOOdol Hie canal stnp was to be leased foi 100 yenis, yyith the prmlege of 1 euc« ii and enieful pro»ision »»ns made foi 11 1 ind of joint so»oteignty »»ith respect to the ndnumstia tion of li»» Ratification of this treat» in oin Senate was procmed by a yen nairmv nungin and it »las 1 no»»ii that an» sub stnnti ii modification of it by Colombia would cause the lejection of it here By »» hat is called a Congress 111 Colombia tins tieatv his been leiected In the Colombian Senate the »»hole thing »vns tluown out by i unanimous »otc ostensibly because these seiisitne Spanish Ameiicins »»eie offended b» the lepresentilions of our rorcit,n Ofhce that substantial amendments »lould lill the treat» nt Washington but leahy because these bnginds behe»ed they could extoit more mone» fiom oui Go»ern mont mid the Eiench company We luye learned to tiny »» lint their demands nie Ihe Colombian Senate pioposes no»» to authorise President Alni roquín to make a ne»» treaty upon the basis of a hist pi»mont of 20 000 OOOdol (instead of 10 000 OOOdol ) and nn annual rent of 100 OOOdol (nistend of 2>0OOOdol ) nio»idcd Hint tile Eicncli Canil Campan» a» ill lia» to Colombi 1 10 000 OOOdol of the 40 000 OOOdol it is to iecei»c from u» At the same time Colombian so»eieignty is so to be maintained in the 1 mai strip tint y»e can cxeici e little pottu there This

appears to lit the end of oin negotiations

»»nth Colombn foi these tcims »»ill not be accepted and our Congiess has diiected Mi

]»oose\el_ to pi ay ide foi milling a caml on the Nicaingiii loute if he cannot leach i sitisfacton aerecnient concerning the route at Panania 1 hete is still to be talen into account the possible and e\en probible secession of the pro»mee or state 111 »»Inch this louie lies the independence of it and tlie nefaotintion of a treaty »»ith a now io public of the isthmus We shnll be fortu

into if «c go thiough this cm ii business1 without hiving out national honoui I smirched 1 he prcssuie in otu o»»n coiuiti» foi a canal and the desne of the ci»ih ed »»oild foi the constinotion of it, «ill tend to make some of oin statesmen disicgiid the nioinl questions imolvcd if the tuibiilent and |,toc(l» ruling clement in Colombia ollera unicisonablo opposition "