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Wut %t%nt.


"I ara in the place where I am demand«! of con- '

.science to speak the truth, *ind therefore the truth I speak, impugn it whoso list."

TO CORRESPONDENTS. I Ererv letter mu.t be accompanied by the name

anil idilress of the nnter, not neccFsariU for

publication, but as a guarantee of pood faith. | Rejected letters cannot bo returned under any cir

cum--.tances -nhatcter Correspondents are ad-

vised to keep copies of their letters, as thin rule, Will be adhered to etricUj. I


Throughout his public life Mr Cham borlaln 1ms boen full oí surprises His fiscal proposals evidently lell aaíüi startling suddenness upon lils aston ishod colleagues and lils resignation AAliich v>c announce this morning seems to have been decided upon in the same hasty manner It is how over the logical outcome o£ the situation created bj* his revival of tariff issues AAblch the great body ot the Biitish public doslied to be left at rest Pro b ibh when he made Ins uoaa famous speech at Bhiulngham on lils return fiom South Afilea the singulne Colo nial Secretar*, scarcely realised the momentous diameter of the pioposi tion he was putting foiwaid Ho cune bael to flud his colleagues In difficulties OAAlug to the unpopulniitA cngenueied bv the fierce Nonconfoinilst opposition to the Education Bill Ile is a man feitile in Ideas ho has chopped more schemes in his life than the ivernge stntcsman CAcn conceives and bo pio bablv hoped bj discussiu" the liado relations of Gicnt Biitaiu in con nection Viith a general pohcj of Imperial consolidation to dhect the eves of the people avvav fiom domestic affairs AAhich bad brought a certain amount of odium on the Atlntstiy towards those pioblems of emplie AAhich ba\e pro*, ed the mainstay of the Unionist pat tv

It Is plain flora the couespondence now published that the Birmingham speech aabs made by Mr Chamberlain AAlthout consulting bis colleagues This does not mean that theie -¡vas in It am disloAaltj toAvaids them He probably thought to help them out of their lioubles bj giving the public something lntge to think and talk about. TJnfoi

Innately for himself and his colleagues tint something giew into a proposed tiemendous chango In the fiscal polio of Gieat Britain aud though he might convince some of his follow Ministers that there aais a ptima facie case for inquiry into the need for a change ho evident!v could not cairv the country with him in any steps suggestive of taxation on foodstuffs or law mateiial

The correspondence Avhich has passed between him and Mr Balfour Indicates that both realise the impossibility of couvoitiug the constituencies at the present time to a policy which Ins taken them unaiAaies-a policy lb it disturbs the peace piosperlty and con tentment of upwards of fifty years

rrefcrontial ti ade as a plank in the Mlnlstoilnl platform has to be aban doncd ind Ali Chamberlain retires to become the luesponsible apostle of h's new Idea AA Lot he expects te, do lu this isolated position it Is soiupaa hat difficult to understand The whole oiganisatlon of the Libcnl patty is igainsfc him and his Iden while it is evident from his letter to Mi Balfour that ho was unable to capture for the purposes of lils propaganda the organisation of the Unionist party Eorlv in the present controversy the

Spectator warned Unionists against the danger of letting their partv machinery bo used for the dissémina tion of fiscal here**« aud in doing this it had its eve on the real 1 ev to the situation Ali Chamberlain may have succeeded fairly avoII In bringing the majority of the Cabinet to accept his views but without control of the paity organisation he could not hope to canv the country with him In face of detet mined and revivified Liberal opposi


Two of Air Chamberlain i oppo nents In the Cabinet Air Ritchie and I ord George Hamilton aro resigning at the same time and this fact suggests that the present crisis is but the begin ning of serious difficulties for the Bal tom Alinlstrv Air Balfour is nppar entlA going on with the part of the seheme Aihlch It aiHocntcd in his pam plilet and the Chancellor of the Ex chequer is as much opposed to that as to Air Chambeilnin s ori"inal proposal to tax Vi heat Is Air Clmnboilain s attack on fiee bade to pi ove as fatal to the Unionist party as Ali Glndslone s attack on the Union did to the old Liberal parlA *

The «elf appointed ciltic of socletv can hardly compl lin if he is blinself subjected to a ctlticism as fieiee Not being the aggiesshc i utj must lie be stuptised it 1il finds himself examined fiom a -¡omeAAhat loseniful standpoint The AAolltl is natur illj cuiious to I noAA AA bethel it hns to deal aa ith an i-thanaslus coutn mundmn 01 aa bother the distill her of Its ethical peace is but a Bombastes challenging

all the human ince Theie lme been seminal and demluiglc lefoimeis on the one plane and conceited hlusteieis on the othei and the be lectured mass of humanity ins some light to inquite into the ciedentlnls of its assailant It mnj disco*, el a Aerilible Buddha 01 It m ia disclose a mcie Ilsen In the main it Is a toleinnt and cAen îeceptive .sa oild and permits itself to be preached to nnd eAeu scolded bj any man m AAhom it finds conspicuous intellectual or nioial power combined vvith unlm penchable singleness of purpose It is willing to overlook the less pleasant charnctcnsties of either a Yv eslev 01 a Carlyle But it must be sntlslled of the locturei s substantial rii,ht to lecture and It Vi ill not endure the poseur Tor these îeasons it is naturnl that the vehement Russian apostle of social novelties Count Leo Tolstoi should I o undergoing the searching Investiga lions AAhich aie the philantbiopist? íevvard The author of the ston of the

Kreut7ei Sonata of My Religion

and of What Is Art' aaIio has at tacked the more or less accepted con jugal religious and asthetic piiuclples of contemponrv civilisation v>ho has been excommunicated from his na tional church and -va ho has largely ex communicated himself from his national society Is necessarily an in teaesting figure Particularly of course is he iuteiestlng to the American re portel Such au inqimei would not fall to inspect the ícloimer on his native heath nnd at his domestic hearth, nor would he fall nftei wards to acquaint the wide world with the details of his food, dress, habit« and manners Something of the kind

?was already knoAAn from other soutces and especially fiom wh it may be called the Revelations of a Governess Hie unfriendlj preccptiess and the well disposed pressman ha\c between them created AAhat should be a picture of ivenge vencitA

lu the Pali Alall Araga7inc aie con talned the cream of the piessmni» obseiA allons and an Intcipret ition of Tolstoi bv Air Elbert Hubbard Trom these as from the previous gossiplngs of the critical Tiau Seuron it appears that In the Tolstoi mCnnge the prophet and his daughter live in a soit of splendid moral and physical isolation fiom the wife and the sons Tlieic arc no strained relations but there are tAvo irreconcilable vIcavs of life and all its conduct The Countess and hor ni ile offspring live the noimal Russo-Pnrislan Ha es of clubbable beings Avho happen to be possessed of wenlth They cat and diink and dress and tall aftei the vlAaclous manner ot their class and oounttv Aleamvlulc at the other end of the table sit the father and the female scion of the house con suniiug pouidge and "arbed lile peasants It is Uuo that fifteen years igo the Countess preeipitateh asl ed the conits to declare her spouse insane but that haimless little episode seems to lm o left no bittei noss on cither side The ladj Ins CAen deliAeied a -vlgoious noAAspapei piotest against bei bus band s excommunication Trom the piessmans point of view nil-this Is much as it should be md is simply the outcome of an attempt on the part of Tolstoi to lead the Clulstlfle life On the other li ind if v« o m ly trust the quondam governess the piophet bus boon 1 now n lo A islt the pantiA nnj devoin cold meat on the sh he has been 1 now n to smol o w lieu out of leach of eAeiv pit ing eye but hers and his pei--mt i aiment at the table has been known to smell ibominnbly ot the manure eui} On the w hole w c should

incline lather to believe the man of the noAA spapei to w horn lolstoi is an earnest moralist with honest porveisi

ties than the ladt to whose suspicious sensibilities his beb it lout is in a large degioe ipose leuiuil ablvwellsustaincd Rich men do not coutlnue for jeais to deny thcmseltes appetising food and purple and fine linen to cobble shoes aud tot wear none to labour in the fields and give aAtnt theil moncA uu le s thev either genuinelt lil e it or fancy tbev aie setting so uebodt or othoi a gool example ot else aie hope

lesslt insane lint lolstoi is anvthiiif: but insane is abundantlj pioAed by the well handle l learning leen humour and tionchant ciiticism of \*i hat is

"vit'5 lliat ho actually prefers lough gaiments plain lit ing and bodllv labour is entirely probable But theie is little room foi doubt th it he is mainly engaged in tint fatouiite pastime of the cultivated man when bitten with excess of brotherhood the exhibition of an object lesson This spirit has boen at the bottom of all the Arcadian experiments in which Rusl iulan zealots hate so egregiously failed It was at the bottom of the abortive scheme of a Pantlsocrntic colont to bo founded bt the vouthful Coleridge i 1 "3o elicj on the banks of the Sus quehanna It falls because it bases Its conclusions on false promises and ignores the highlt important element

Known as human nature

The name oí Tolstoi is perhaps chiefly identified with antagonism to the pie tailing notions of what is light in mar rioge His attempts to legenerate social ideals and behaviour bv the ob ject lesson of his own peisou are of ely little moment lo de claie war against comeliness and the creature comfoits which gladden the heart of man Is neither effective nor

Christ like There Is no tt arrant in either gospel or moral principle for io fusing to put on the wedding garment Tie voluntan wearing of shabby clothes neither attracts proselytes fiom the richer rani s nor commands conti dence fiom the poorer The lavish dis tiibutlon of largess Is no incontlt e to honest worl on the part of the le cipient To secure convcits an example must be attractive either in ita aspect or in its results lho aspect of a coarsely clnd and booilshlv behnted In dividual ostentatiously eating porridge in obedience to a theory is not alluring to ant conipnnj of persons possessed of health*! appetites and of a desire for things pleasant to the palate the oac and hnplj the nose lo any normal pei**on with nntennie It Is palpnble that i tlocoiouslv annved inditldual ot agieonble manners nnd mental foice withal would win foi tile sjtnpathv when obtiusite and uueomoit singu luitt does nothing but iepel Gautama willi his jcllott lobe and a beggars bowl is too much the creature of legend to be cited to the contrai v especially for regions i emote fiom the tislonniy East1 The Tolstoi exnmple ia this domain is inetltablj as futile as in the case of his analogue in the Alouks of

Inderan Aieantvhile hoAveAcr his vieAAS concerning the mntiimonlal le lalion are piomulgated in the moro In sidious foi m of pilnt and these have bien somoAAhit too feieedllt welcomed by one class of the idealists anti no small pioportion of the sensualists It is no little lchievement to h ive pleased both tito impossible anchoiltes and ultia runtnns At ho persuade thom seit es Into lool ing upon a distinct pio vision of nituie is a matter of sin for which thot cm lnullt excuse Pro tldencp and also the ultia ttoildllngs w ho greet tv ith enthusiasm anj sugges tion that the principles regulating con jug ii Intercourse should be exactly tlio-*e w hieb regulate the counubi ii re litions of the beasts thnt peiish The Tolstoi view of woman s place in the scheme of tilings inav peiiiaps afford some explanation of his homespun isolation at the foot of the table One common element in both appeal's to be an impenetrable egotism Another conclusion open to the cvnie is that the prophet is not fo voung as once he


Aa bethel the £500 verdict is likely to prove of ant substantial talue to him or not nil right thinking people w ill be readt to congi atulate Ali T C H Ogter on the tt inning of it The attack made on bim was peculiailv wanton Ali

Ogier Is a terj old colonist he mu**t now be one of the very oldest members of the bar in Aictoria he served for some j ears as a police magistrate ho has never been known otherwise than as n m in of strict person ii integritv

he has always been i gentleman and he has reached n time of life after i somewhat arduous and not very lucky career, when he might fairly claim Im munity from unkindly criticism "What did he do to prorâlee criticism »t all1?

A few* months ago Mr. Ogior renil bo foio Uio Royal Society ot Victoiia a pnpor on the oltl-tlnio geogiaphicil question as to tv bother the Mimum

bldgee or tile Mun ay should have been the Victorian boundary. It is not only a vendable. Question, but a settled one -settled not only by an undeistanrtlng between the piilies interested but by the eülirvion of time Mr. Ogiei levivod the subject .is one that still had some nntiquailan luteiest. For this he made the subject of a eoaisc, ill nituicd, and altogether silly onslaught in a somewhat uotoiious publlcilion biought out by a somewhat uotoiious member of Faillnnient in Sj liney. Things wcie insinuated of Mi. Ogier of which not a particle of pioof was forthcoming. They lind evidently been compiled by some- one m bo had never Known anything .ibout him at first hand. And the memory was îeviveil of diffeionccs Milich had occurred between Mi. Ogier and two or three legal piactitioueis dilling his enceras a colinby police ni.igistiale. upw.nds of a quiilcr of a ccnttuy ago The excuse on*"reil lu couit was tint Mi Ogler had infcien tlallv castietlcction'- on the New South Wales Parliament-a far-fetched idea.

Theie^was not a sentence in Mr. Ogler's paper tint could offend any sine man in Now South Wales or anywlieie else

in tlie wide w01 Id

In the town edition of The Austril

isian i photognph Is given of Min el loch winning the Metropolitan Stiles on Month} list Gnfnel! s fill m the Steeple clnso i« ilso the subject if a smpsliot The neiv cinin of ofhce foi the lord _\Ii)or of ^idnej i? engnvcd and thcie is a portrait of Air Hct-lci Speaker of the A lctornn suite Parliament Hie record attendance on Kalgoorlie Cup Du is shown in an mteicst wg picture w hieh tal es in (ho fine slmd

and lawn

The Primo Minister lias received an or dinince from the Covcrnor of the Trans vial getting out tile tenus upon which per «ons mu quahfv to pnetise ns lind sur vev ors in that eolom It stipulates thit candidates for buch licenses must he 21 veal» of age that tliev must have had two veais' practical expérience in field vvoil

and that tliev must hive pi «ed a local or some other approved cvnminihon

V lull rehtmg to the Roi ii Agriculture ?"liow du has been circuit ted bv Mr Shop pee ind Mr Kiikwood, 11L . i this mea stireprovides tint the du fixed for the hold mg tlie Ivojil \gncultuiilShow shall be ob scrvel is i public holid.j onlj in the foi Ion mg municipal district., -Cities of Col hngwood 1 1.-.10V Tootscm Hawthorn Melbourne Pulirán Richmond *>t Kildi m 1 South Afelbourne towns of Brighton Brunswick Ciuliield 1 ssendon Mil» em \oitk Alelbouinc Northcote 1'ort Mel

bourne ind W ilium _ovv_ boroughs of 1 lemington md Kensington Kew ind Oil leigh and (lie shires of Bacchus Mir&h Berwick Bravbrool Broadmeidows Bulla Cimbervvell ml Boroonliri Coburg, Crin bourne Dindenong 1 ltham 1 pping 1 ti- tree Guiiv 1 mil ston and "listings Gis horne Ilcidelbeig Keilor Lihdile Alclton A.ermng Alooribbin Aloinington Alul grive, Nunnwiding Preston Romsev

^pnngfield Templestowe, vA hittlcsei md "Wyndham

The commis loners of the Ulnuriltv ne desirous of fot mini, small reserves of iimbu lance men in Cm id i Newfoundland Cipe Colonv, Austnln Ne« /ealmd Ilonj, Kong Alalia ind Cibnltir for service m Bnush wir shij s ind hospitals ibrmd in time- of nat.omi emergenev and min time wir The) deem it necei-san to stieng lieu tlie sick berth stills of the fleets and ho» pitáis on the outbreil of w ir w ltli the leist pot-sible dell) It is intieip itcd that not more thin 50 to 1j0 men vv ill be required in mv colom ne a local reserve md a senior letired naval medical officer has been ap pointed to organise the reserve AAith a view of cirrjing out this plan, the \d nurilt) some time igo placed itseli in com mumcation wi li the state mthoiities and iskcd whether there would lie mi objection to members of tlie _t Jolin Vmbulnncc Brigade, the ""t \ndiew s \mbulince Corps md othei nmbid in«. issoc ¡itions m the colonies volunteering for such reserves Hie Premier (Mr Irvine) has lepbed that li s Gov eminent his no objection to the pro posi]

-es'erdav a deputation representmg the furnituie nianuf ictmcrs of A ictor i vmted on the Ahnistcr lor Labour (Air Alunav) m respect to the omission from the 1 actoties Bill of inv provisions deihng with the em plojment in the ti ade of Chinese The members ot the delegation urged that some thing should be done at once to regulate the Chinese labour in tlie furniture trade and to enforce the stamping of aiticies It was sud that it the piescnu conditions con tinucd the cabinet making hunch ot the trade w oui 1 be entirelv lost to tlie 1 urope in worler AU Alunav replied that he had done his best to keep his formel piomise to icgulite Chinese hboui Iheiclnd how ever been i diflercnce ot opinion on the subjec but he would igam i lue the views of the deputation betöre his colleagues

Ineolv ents oeeisiomll) put tom ni J imus ing t pi mutions of then cinumst ince ml one ot these wa irovided jesteidiv when lohn Dick i ruin iv |_ingci l-l ed the In solvenci Lourt ti grant linn i ceitiliiate in mi aihl-ivu lie nd - Hie relton mv estate ins not paul i dm lei d of "/ in tin. ii an cs from the toilowing circuin.»t mees -lwas untoitumtc encufch to mur) i widow with (ive healthv children md I have hal eight children the is ue ot this mil ringe thiee ot whom ne living nicking _i familv of e tilt childien which hi» been a hcivv diam upon me is 1 was iecei»mg before sequestntion i^y/ß pel wecl ofhvodavs mu tins sum even is ichiced In pcreen agc reduction» He furthei ndiicd tint Ins wile had refused to leave Benalla and he hid tlieiefore hal to keep up two homes nnd tint for «everil months lefore se pie» tritton his wne m I several children being ill cause 1 lum to get behind with his ti adeepeople Jn conclusion he aid - Hie cuises of ni) es ite not pa)mg in) di i (lend arise from im=foittine in I norn cir cuinstiuces bel on 1 mv control He ob turned his certifiait..

An iccilent it the "Newpoit railwi) sti tion on tlie oicnin., of Aliv 24 n vvhic.Ii Airs Geoigim Gi ivc; of 201 High stieel

^t Ivjlda leecived injur es vi is. tlie subject ot i case in the Count) touit liefoic Jud^,e Johnson and a juiv of foui, veslcrdaj Mu Grave claimingi.3.,0 fioni the Rail« i) Lorn mis loners foi dimiges Ali Alixwell md Air Paul (instructed bv AIcs»rs Remolds and Lamnlufji) appeared for the plaintiff anil Air ragle on (instructed bv the Ciown sol citor) for tlie defence The ev idence for the ]liintilT was tint she was getting into a turn foi Melbourne fiom \eivpoit when the train stirted without proper warning the result berne, that she w is thrown down ind dragged along the platform Mie re ceived injuries winch, prevented her from ittendnij- to business ind meilicil evilence showed tint she sufieied from 1 sprained nnklç shoe! and after effects Hie de fence was that there was no negligence bv the department tint there was contributor) negligence b) the ph ntiff, and it wis clauned that ample warning wis given be fore the train started The Leinng of the case had not concluded when the Court


What constitutes n drink is a question on which opinions sometimes difier In the Criminal Court jesterda> n witness wann.) denied that he hld anv dnnks on a certain d ij and being pre sed said that he onlv had i sodn shandv This he e\ plained to counsel who sought the informa tion was i compound of soda ind bera

\nd does not the bee- in tint count

asked counsel m his severest tone The witness said nothing but the gcnenl sunk, wound the court seemed to indicate in opinion that it did not count for much

Five railvvaj emplojcs were grin ted un conditional certificates of discharge bj Judge Molesvroith in the Insolvencj Court vesterdav They were John Dick ot Sun bun John ODonnell of Oakleigh, Wm Thomis Smith of Dindenong Andrew Alnstei ton of W est Alelboui ne ind Walter David Buchamn Slurp of Uiburn

_ deputation from the A letoiian Em plovers ledoration will wait upon the Ministei of Labour is to the proposed Tac tones and Shops Bill now before the House on Sionday, at 11 a m

The conned of the Umversitv of Mel bourne has been invited bj the Royal com missionert oi the Exhibition of 1851 to re

commend a candidate for a science, re rauch Ecliolai-ilup of the annual talue o£ £150 Candidates tvho muRt 1m students of the UniAcisitj, should applj, in writing to the registnr on ot hcfoie -"-atindiA, 17tn

October nest

In the In^olvenoj Court jc**tcrdij Y\ ilho Albert lîutler of Melbourne, accountant, avis legistcrcd as a trustee under the In

soivencj Act

Die mninl meeting of the Binl ers' In (-tillite of Yu'ti-ill! Avas held it the A lenna Cafe ¡iii evening In the absence of the president (Air O Al \\ilhims) who is in IstdneA tlic cb in was oc upicd bv Air illcmt Gvles lui nor The nnnual repon

a*« Miiinutteil b\ the i-ccrctiij (.Ali L H Datis), BhotvciL that the receipts Avcre ±.713 12/11) nnd the otpcndituie t.700/2/2 Tile a car h 11 been a ** itisfactor*, one from everj

1 imlpomt manj lecture-, Iiuaiiig been given liA the member*, of committee, and el i ses lor Hie beucht of students naAinc, been conducted the, in moAing the adoption of the report giAe a buef biston

cal si etch of the institute In it*, eat lier davs the pnetiee was to inAite gentlemen fiom outside to e,ive lectuie*. Y\ hilo ti e*.c Aveic attended with i-uccc-s it ivis now felt that the future of the institute li} m the oppotluniticn winch it allordcd li the lounger member«, bt means of papers an I due-, to ilïotcl mutual instruction l'e following oíhccrs were re-elected for the Aeai -President Ali 0 31 Williams tue p'c-ndent, Air li S Watson, committee, Ucsis C JI lcrrv AV A T Lind 1 \ Runnelv G I Cool I Shegoc, W -sow eil, 1 i itstace auditors Alcssrs I \ Gudilv and \ Y\ Ongt etamincr Air 1 H irhn Hie rrcimrer (Air C 11 I r inter) dal not seek re election and 3Ir P. Lustaoe was chosen to lill the Ancancj During the OAeniug a good musical programme was tendered Hie toast of the cliiumun tv as entrusted lo Air Harlin, who referred to Mr lurners long nnd honourable associa tion Avith the institute Yt the close of a happv le pon-e the chairman proposed the toast of the pecrctarv (Air Davis' tv Inch ins enthusiastic ill«, honoured Ali Diais


Hie weeli« meeting of the Trade hall Council ivas held ot tho trades hall h,r ti c president (Air M Hannah) pic siding Hie secretan of the Ballarat Indes Hld 1 abour Council forwarded the rcnuc I tint the metropolitan bodv should prenne nnd cueillait a I ehtion to be formule I to the kim. asling lum to îvathliold his «on-^ent to the pin, ""g of the -stile Refoim 1 ill until the chu«c deputing "tate em .-love» of the oidmiiv- n"hts of citizenship be eta e 1 It Alas decided thal the tecrc nu be informel that it avis too late to tal e m5 iction m the miller

The spnit of trades unionism is evidently infection for i number of flint lmwlcrs and Uealeis lccotnising the idvnntagei of combined effort, lime now hinded them selves together in a united brotherhool of libour in oidei Hut they miy be distan gun-hed fiom other a endors of b minas Ac

the« liaAe decided so tliev informed the li i le-, hall Council last night to Atoar bn«a buttons on the colins of their coats Hie object of this decontion is that thev miüit mile themsehes known to friends of lal our and at the sime time gun the r patiomge lliev state thev xvill bupplv

unionists with sound fruit eitiht*. ¡ni rood weight hut the communication dil not slate av lielhei people who do not rejoi o in the po e sion of that title wall be sup phed with all or an> of those coinmodi


It has been determined 1 v the Ian Is de paitnient to postpone the holding of the land board appointed to deal ivith the ap plications for the area latch opened for selection it Lil c Bulol e Oiigmallv it avis intended to hold tho boaid meeting t Donald on September 29 Arrangements lme now been mado for October ia instea 1 nt the same place Ylrendj over i 000 ap plications baie been iceeivcd for 110 allot

ments of this lind

The Y-vloaHale Tstatc situate 1 five miles from Ballan and 12 miles from Bac- chus Marsh was ofiered for sale bv auction at Scotts Hotel stNtcrdij afternoon The propeirv containing 10201 acres of gnzin"

ind agricultural land Avith rich lucerne lit« and including an up to d&tc home stead a wool-died and other buildings was submitted in thiee lot The itt-,t eomptio ing *' 4S8 ncies was sold to Air 11 B Alor

nt io/10/ per acie but the second nnd llnr 1 lots tveie passed in at £3/15/ and £! per ncio respectiAelv Messrs ]"* Trenchant and Co in coniunetion with AfessiR L A. laiibnitn nnl Co tvcie the auctionecis

Yirangement in connection with the Pmmet Centén irj entertainment at the Ltlubitiou building, on Alonikaj night are now completed In addition to the lcctur otto ht the Ret 1 ither Law ton nnd the ti lal scene lite historical tableaux begin nmg with Li in in the daj-* of her gloij

and ending with 'Inn a Nation and

1 mmct t. Tomb Inscribed aa ill be presented AIiss Charlotte Hemming will iccite (ho poett} incidental to each tab leau, Bessie AYnllace and Jo cpliine O Unen and Mr Gerald Ditton will con tribute toed items and Mr P T Hijncs will recite The Deathless Dead, and Air F Doran 'Iho Patriots Grate Hie (loots a«ill open it 7 nnd the entertainment will commence it a tjuarter to 8 p in

Yn nuxi! irv league ' lins been esfib hshed in connection with SI A inccnts Hospital Lach mcmbei of the league pto mises to give as a donaCon to collect ot to iai«e bj entertainment tvitlun the nett tear the sum of -¿10 or uptvatds towanls the tund to complete tho first section of the new hospital Hie Lord Alavor of Alel bourne is in evident nnd the patrons in chide -au John and 1 adj Alulden Ytch bi«hop Cair, and Sir Alakolm and La Ia M Lâchain In approtinj, of the league and wishing it success -Yichbishop Our lot

aa aided to the Alother Recttess of the hoi pital £100

Air Ylston the president oi the Ylncd Hospital testet daj afternoon drew the at tention of some new membeis of the boin! who wete piesent for the first time to the tact that nevei since the hospitil had been built had it been as croiAded as it tras non, an 1 h ul been during the pnst six mont! s Ali li Al Collins also added that the bos

pilli did not get the outside support it should iccciAc tv hile it dcserAcd all the help tint could be aceoided it

Ali Ernest Wunderlich of Svdnev, nnmginc direetot of the \\ un lei lieh Patent I pilin_ nn I Roofing Companj Lim ltcl of tint ciiv is opening olhces m i showrooms in Melbourne md we dinw it tention lo the advcici*-n'ent of the eompinv m the specnl column of this issue Hie firm which his n ten luge fictorj it '-vdnev ind Ins been establishel thcie for li veils j_ives euipIoAincnt to i luce niimbei of lind It nut ii is opening won» slops heie as well I heir cattlogue for th s a ear is full ot olhistiations and iciding nuttei mtoicsting to ill those about to


Steidv progie«s is being made with tie 1 icpu itions toi the Church oi 1 ngland J) otc»in le tit ii \euh ill the tables hiiG bein ipi lie 1 foi Airs Pilmer Ah

1 met Wool the Cithelinl chou nnl Cathediil bclltingeis hive promised to talc put Hie state Governor will pro side and the Bishops ot Alelbouine 1

m ni i ind Coulbui n will addtess the publ c


the curator of the estate» ot deceased peisons has obtained rules to administer the estates of the tollowmg deceased pu ons lindel net No 1 000-Hemv Bill win Niibcthon" del -Yiiuwt 10 £'2 ¡>

Phhp Hem« Donovan laiine,ulli del .MMtcmlei 8 LI !4)/17/" lobniielïn Kuluin,* Ciecl neu 1 uiobin died Aiatch

10 lib j

Y meeting of all pupil teachets m state schools 1 is leen convened tot this morning it 10 o clock it the Ythenicum hall to con feidei then c1 unis to a moic sat sfactory


Hie Bishop of Alelbouine will lecture on Socialism md lndrv iduahsin at the Ch ntei hou e St Paul b Cathediil on llidav evening next Hie lecture will be undet tlie auspices of the Christian Social Linon and Air Higgins AI H R Mr I

1 Gloom AI1IR and the Rev Reginald btcphen At ill also speak

Afonsieur Aliunee Cirton dehtercd ves tenia*, itteinoon ni the Ytheineum the list uftcinoon lecture of the present senes Hie hubiect was Les Oimiers i dnma n veite ot J Alanuel a poet ot the modern naturalist school In spite of his tenden cíes the lutlior managed, however to write ideal thai it tors of the woiking ciiss in lnnce Hie two evening leetuies which Avtrc unaA-mdablj postponed will be _ivcn

shoi th

On Mondât evening next Aft J A Burke will gite i lectuie to pnnttis on

IIoaa Ivpc is Alade in the -Ythcnoum hall CollniBStieet, illustrated bj 100 lan loin slides woikcd bv Ylex Gunn and

Son Hie lecture will illustrate and ct plain the modern point, standard line, and unit set s«stems and will desenbe tie methods of Upe manufactuic fiom the n« material to the fini-dicd tvpe in tounts 411 n aster puntéis OAcrseers, students of the piintuig classes and the tiade genei ill} ire lcquestcd to be piesent Admission is free Intelesting soecimens will be given away at the close of the lecture Mr D W Patci

son president of tho Victonan Muster Pnuteis Association, aviII presido


will deliver* at tie town hull Kensington

Tlureduv next his lecture on Some ot Shales pcare a Songs

Intending candidates (or the prizes offered at the annual examination of the Melbourne Shakespeare Society ore reminded that entries close next Satur dar, September 26 Ia Melbourne the examination will be held at the Prcsbyteria» Lutta* Coïïtft The Rer E H. Hugden, M A., will again act u bon. examiner. The cxtmtetfoa »rill ko Brid on

E-iturdaj afternoon, October 2J from 2pm to 5

p HI

A mcetinç of members of the teaching profes pion is to be held this at half past 10 o clock at tbc Asscmbl} hall, Collins «tact. In »ipi ort oí the movement for the registration of schools and teachers Jt is proposed to form b registration association for the purpose of keeping this re iona under the notice of 1 arl lament and Hil public

Th_ Association for the Advancement of the Blind holds a Pleasant hundav Afternoon ' to Hiorrow in the Richmond Town hall Mr lowie, "M H 1Î , is to give an address on lîobtrt Murna

and Mías Lena Conl) and Mifcs Ldith Pointt will be amongst the slngir

_he Australian Health cooietv r public lecture tit the Assembly hall, Collins ?trcct^ this evening w ill be given bv I)r A P Merrill on the nibject of 'Dental Hjgicne The chair will be taken at F o'clock by Mr 1 nrentnall hon treasurer ot tlie society Admission is free

The Chief Justice of South Australia has ap- pointed Mr William Hordern solicitor of 339 Collins street, to be a commissioner of the Supreme Court of that State for taking affidavits in Vic- toria

A garden fete nnd sole of gifts in connection with the Theological hall of the Presbv terian Church is to be held in the Wj-u-hskie hill and grounds of Ormond College on 1 riday an ! "--aturda-i, -nth md Zlat November afternoon and evening Hid 1 ^ ccllency the Governor will open the fete

A garden fete and bizaar will be held at 'Wes

Icy College next -=-iturda> -ifternoon to raise fund-, for new boats Both bovs an 1 lidies commit teen ore working strenuouslv and a larpre attendance is p.pccted At hilf piht 2 o clock the baz-iar will be opened by Iadv dillott

Tilt fourth term at the W orking M< n r College Ftarts on Slondav A list of the t]aa-»,-s m id vcrtised and students .re atked to piv fees during the day in order to Pave the cniah in tim evening

Mews. "Wallachs notifv m tlie Drr » and Tat-hion ' columns the opening of their 3-).h *.enog of bargains at their emporium in 1 lixabeth street lod.> at 0 a.m

Tie Raihvav dep-riment lins decide 1 to run two cheap excursion triins to the Millee one to Minapre on September 23 and another to Hone (oun on October 6