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The Steamer CnmnKvnw,paJt.Ti

A wireless message' lias been received from *lte F. & O. Branch Service lioer Commonwealth, which has 81 Slate-assisted passengers icr South Australia on board, intimating- that tibe steamer. is expected to &mve-at the fcfemaphore Anchor age at 8 juhl oil Thursday, 11th inst. The ves sel wiH probably berth at the Ocean Steamers' Wharf at about-'U aam OIL that day.

P & O. R.SLS. Hongollia.

The iloagolia arrived at Suei iram. -Australia on Monday morning, - 8th inst.

P. & O. B-M-S. Halwa.

The Halwa left Melbourne lat 3 p.m. on Tues day, and -will arrive at the Cuter Harbor. at 6 a.m. <m Thursday. This vessel leaves for London at 6 pjm. on Thursday. Particulars of the train'eennoe lor passengers em barring are I advertised.

Japan Adepts German Wireless.

The Japanese Government, being shout to erect a large high-power wireless station, has decided -upon tiie adoption --sf tfe* German. Tele fiioken system. A contract to this effect **as

signed on July 3.

Steamer Aoeriey Sold..

Vesszs. Hooider, MiddJeton, & Co. have dis posed o£ the steamer Aaerley tz> Messrs. Hop kins, tones, & Co., of C&rdifi, for £38,000. The Anerley is, comparatively speaking, a new v^sel, having been built as recent as ? 1910 by the Suoderiand Shipbuilding CtTrmairiy. She is of 3709 tons gross and 2368 tons net- register, and has viaiied Sydney on two or throe occasions.