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Family Notices

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tin order to guard against imposition, notices of

Births, Marriages, and Deaths must be authenti- cated by some respectable person in Melbourne to ensure their Insertion.]  


BARRY (nee Willis).—On the 30th May, at Cape

Town, South Africa, the wife of R.H. Barry, of   a daughter.

CARR.—On the 22nd May, at the National Bank

of Australasia Ltd , St. Kilda, the wife» of F. J.

Carr—a son.

DAVIES.—On the 5th May, at Dr. Bennett's Hos-

pital, Hamilton, the wife of R. H. Davies—a

DEVITT.—On the 30th May, 1901, at "Alvira,"

Lennox-street, Richmond, the wife of Mr. James

Devitt—a son.

DOOLAN.—On the 27th May, at Young, New South Wales, the wife of D. Doolan, L R. C.P., L.R.C.S., of a daughter.

DUBOIS.—On the 10th May, at the Viticultural

Station, the wife of Raymond Dubois—a son.

FIGGENS. (nee Nance).—On the 25th May, at 741

Nicholson-street, North Carlton, the wife of John L. Figgens of a daughter.

FENNELL. (nee Sayce).—On the 25th May, 1901,

the wife of Samuel P. Fennell, Leslie-street, Au- burn—a daughter.  

GILES.—On the 22nd May, at Rossmore, Adams  

street, South Yarra, the wife of F. Giles—a


HANLON.—On the 29th May, at Tatura, the wife

of J. J. Hanlon—a son.

HARPER.—On the 26th May, 1901, at St. Arnaud,

the wife of C. T. Harper of a daughter.

HILL.—On the 26th May, at Norwood-road, Bur-

wood, the wife of Albert V. G. Hill—a son.

KEMP.—On the 2nd June, at "Mosman," Fellows-

street, Kew, the wife of Henry H. Kemp—a daughter.

KURRLE.—On the 26th May, at the Oval Hotel,

Diggers' Rest, the wife of Albert J. Kurrle, of Jumbunna Hotel, Jumbunna—a son. Both doing


LINDSEY.—On the 3rd June, at "Dennistoun,"

Turner-street, East Malvern, the wife of George Lindsey of a daughter.

LONG.—On the 31st May, at the Parsonage, Fos-

ter, the wife of the Rev. G. Merrick Long—a son.  

McCOLL.—On the 30th May, at "Ardgour," 179

Fenwick-street, Carlton North, the wife of John

James McColl—a son.

MANN.—On the 0th Juno, at Canterbury, the wife

of W. H. Mann—a son.

PARRAMORE.—On the 31st May, at Sale, the

wife of F. T. Parramore of a son.

WILSON.—On the 24th May, at "Gowan Brae,"

Burke-road, Camberwell, the wife of Wm. Gar- rick Wilson of a son.

YULE.—On the 29th May, the wife of James Yule,

Drouin, Gippsland, of a son.  


CRAWFORD—STUBS.—At Holy Trinity Church,

Launceston, by the Rev. E. Barry, William T. S., eldest son of the late George H. Crawford, of South Melbourne, grandson of Tamillas Map- pin, Bendigo, to Laura, F., eldest daughter of the late William H. Stubs, of Lefroy, Tas-


ELLISTON—POWER.—On the 8th April (Easter

Monday), at St. John's Church of England, Kal- goorlie, Western Australia, by the Rev. E. Gor-

on Savile, M.A., Frederick James Elliston, of Boulder City, to Ellen (Nellie), eldest daughter of Mrs. Louise Power, "Taripta," University- square, Carlton, Victoria.

GILL—HARRISON.—On the 1st May, at the

Christian Chapel, Dunolly, by Pastor W. D. Little, Henry Ross, elder son of H. R. Gill, Eddington, to Maude, second daughter of Mrs. and the late Ainsworth Harrison, of Dunolly.

LIVINGSTON—DOBSON.—On the 15th May, at

All Saints' Church, East St. Kilda, by the Rev. Canon Potter, assisted by the Rev. A. B. Rowed, B.C.E., Alfred George, second son of Alexander Livingston, Windsor, to Frances Ethel Dunbar, eldest daughter of John Dunbar Dobson, Wind-


McGAVlN—McCOMAS.—On the 9th May, at Bel-

gaum, S.M.C., India, by the Rev. J. Smith, L. M.S., K. W. McGavin, son of W. B. McGavin, of Cheshunt, England, to Mary (Minnie), eldest daughter of John W. McComas, Glamorgan,

Toorak, Melbourne.

MOYLAN—GRADY.—On the 17th April, at SS.

Peter and Paul's R.C. Church, by the Rev. Dr. Greeber, Joseph Francis Moylan, of Vic- torian Railways Telegraph Department, to Agnes Mary, youngest daughter of the late James Grady, of Park-street west, South Melbourne.

SCRIMGEOUR—DOBSON.—On the 24th April, at

Moonee Ponds, by the Rev. D. M. Berry, James, youngest son of James Scrimgeour, late of Blackwood, to Laura (Annie) Lottie, third daughter of Samuel Dobson, of Moonee Ponds, late of Bendigo.

WARREN—JAMES.—On the 22nd May, at Christ

Church, Casterton, by the Rev. J. Aubrey Ball, Walter Herbert, third son of Thomas W. War- ren, of Runnymede, to Margaret Annie, third daughter of the late Henry Cottenham James, land and commission agent, Casterton.


BATTEN. —On the 31st May, suddenly, at Glen-

vale, Mary Jane, relict of the late Richard Bat- ten, farmer, aged 65 years, a colonist of 60 years,   the dearly beloved mother of R. B., W. B., A. B., A. A., M. A. A., M. B., R. B., L. B., F. B., E. B. Interred in the Whittlesea Cemetery. Deeply regretted by her sorrowing family.

BLEAKLEY.—On the 28th April, 1901, at the resi-

dence of his sister, Ormond-road, Rathmines, Dublin, Alexander Slorach Bleakley, M.B., M.Ch., T.C.D., J.P., medical officer of Bles- sington ,and Ballymore-Eustace, aged 55 years, third son of the late Rev. D. R. Bleakley, M.A., rector of Ballycommon, Tullamore, and brother of A. H. Bleakley, J.P,, of Wunghnu, Vic-


BRADDOCK.—On the 20th May, at "Rokeby,"

Spring-street, Melbourne, Mary Jane Braddock, daughter of the late Lieutenant John Braddock, H.E.I.C.S., aged 77.

BUCK.—On the 21st May, at Fremantle, result

of bicycle accident, William, beloved husband of Maria Buck, aged 37, deeply regretted.

CONNER.—On the 31st May, at "Riverleigh,"

Alberton, South Gippsland, Frances Helen, eldest daughter of the late Captain Spring, of  

Port Albert, and dearly beloved sister of F. W. Spring, Mrs. R. Wilson, Mrs. W. Christie, and Mrs. A. G. Lunt, aged 43 years. Home papers please copy.

DAVIDSON.—On the 7th June, at 10 Victoria-

avenue, Albert-park, Margaret, youngest daughter of the late David and Helen Davidson, of Bealiba and Fitzroy, aged 22 years. A patient sufferer at rest.

EWING.—On the 6th June, at her late residence,

3 King William street, Fitzroy, Catherine, the dearly beloved wife of Robert Alexander Ewing.


JONES.—On the 7th June, 1901, at her late resi-

dence, Star Hotel, Peel-street, Collingwood, Sarah (Alice), the dearly beloved wife of Thomas Henry Jones, aged 26 years. R.I.P. A patient sufferer gone to rest.

LEE.—On the 3rd June, at her residence, Darling-

ton-road, Stawell, Ann, relict of the late John Lee, native of Alston, Cumberland, England, aged 69 years.

At rest.

MILLS.—On the 7th June, at her residence, 50

Hodgkinson-street, Clifton Hill, Margaret Agnes, the beloved daughter of Mary and the late Peter

Mills. R.I.P.

McKENZIE.—On the 7th June, at his residence,

36 High-street, Prahran, William McKenzie, aged 80 years.

McLEOD.—Qn the 5th June, at Sydney, Luther

John, second son of the late D. J. McLeod, of Melbourne and New Zealand, aged 28 years.

O'BRIEN.—On the 4th June, at the residence of

her son, Dr. F. W. O'Brien, Ellerslie-house, Warrnambool, Johanna Mary O'Brien, aged 85 years, relict late Thomas O'Brien, jr., Lotin- house, co. Tipperary, Ireland.

Rest in peace.

SAYERS.—On the 7th June, John Sayers, city    

treasurer of South Melbourne, aged 66 years.

STAFFORD.—On the 7th June, Isobel Mary, the beloved daughter of William Stafford and tho late Sarah Stafford, and much loved niece of M. Browne, Mrs. W. Butt, and the late Mrs. Pol- lard, aged 17 years and 3 months. A patient sufferer at rest. Beloved by all who knew her.

SUTCH.—On the 1st June, at Western Australia,

Jane Sutch, wife of the late Geo. Sutch, musician, of 44 Princess-street, Fitzroy, and be- loved mother of Geo. A. Sutch, of 167 Drum- mond-street, Carlton, aged 64.

She has gone to her rest,

Her troubles are o'er;

She is free from sorrow and pain,

The ills and strife she patiently bore Will never distress her again.

THOMAS.—On the 6th June, at his residence, Pen

Crebar, Champion-street, Brighton, Theophilus   Thomas, aged 72 years, the beloved husband of Eliza Thomas. No flowers, by special request.

THOMSON.—On the 26th May, at New Zealand,

Bella, the dearly beloved youngest daughter of Peter Thomson, Castlemaine.


COWLAND.—In loving remembrance of my dear

father, who died at Glenorchy, 8th June, 1000,

Oli, for tho touch of it vanished hand, And the sound of a volco that is still.

-(Inserted by his loving daughter, Gertie.)

DIXON.—In fond memory of my much loved hus-

band, Fred., who died tit "Taranaki," Glen Iris, .lune li, lim (N.D.)

DIXON.—In aUcctlonnte remembrance of my much  

esteemed friind, Fredrick Andrew Dixon, who [nssed away Juno 0, 1U00. Lovell by nil.

lill the morning breaks. -(W.U.)

LILLEY.—In loving memory of luv door husband,

Jewph Lilley, who died June II, 1891.

Oh, for the touch of u vanished hand

And the sound ol a voleo that is still.

MARSHALL.—In uffoetioiiielc remembran« c of our        

htlu r, William Marshall, who died ill HI, Inn,ni,I, .limes, 160,1, also oin ninlhoi, Ciuollno Marshall, who tiled nt Glenferrie, Mun h 22, 11X10. (Inserted lu their daughters, L. nnd V.. A. M )

MILLS.—In loving mcuiorv ol our deal (albor,

?lohn Mills, who dlrd June 8, 1000.-(Inserted by .Ionics mil With Mills.)

MILLS.—In fond ronicmbianco of John Mills, dcirlv  

beloved husband of r.ll/.aboth Ann Villis, who elioil Juno 8, 1900. Dee-ply mom ned.

O'ROURKE.—lu loving mernoo ol Edward    

O'ltourlic, who elloel at Balaclava 8th Juno, 11)00, hte ol Ornoo and llnrrietvllle.

PATON.—In affectionate remembrance of James,  

the dearly loved husband of Mary Paton, who died on June 9, at his late residence, Tower Hill, Mosquito Creek, near Bendigo.

Gone the face we loved so dear,

Lost the form we cherished here;

His noble bright race on earth is run; We weep, but say God's will be done.

Sadley missed, and inserted by his loving wife and family.

ROCHARD.—In loving rcniomhruneo of our doat

tunlhcr, who passed peacefully uvv.iy June 8,

Wo saw her suffer day by day,

It caused us hitter grief

To see lier slowly pino avvit),

And could give no relief. I ROSE.—Sacred lo tho mernot)' of Annie, (he he-

lmed wile of William Rose, who ilhil June 8,     "OS Ileiiulescat in piee.

SKINNER.—In tad and loving memory of uiv ele  

voted hither. Daniel Skinner, who vena called »»ay suddotilv on the Olli of June, 1000.

So loved, so mourned; ' So wully missed,

."-.(li. rutcnjon.) ?> -


MR. GEORGE H. MUIRHEAD desires to thank

sincerely »II liis friends for their kimi expres- sion., of tmnpnUiy in IpIUjm, telcRriinis, and tloral trihuU'i ijuriiiK1 hi-, sad bi-reavenient.____,

MRS. COOK anti F.imilv return their hinccr.

-UX THANKS for Jettera nnd telegrams of con tluloncu receivpd from hj mputhutlc Irlands. "Ka.imnn," Taylor-street, Moonee Pond-;.

q-.UK Family of the late Mrs. ELLEN O'CONNOR J- desire to «-pre»., their sincere THANKS to nil their le i ti c1 friend? for tho many token« of sympathy in the way of letters, telegram», nnd fioi'.il ti ibu Les received during their recent sad


THE kind Friends of Mrs. JOHN SHANAHAN

and Family will please accept this expression

nf THANKS for the letters, telegram«, curds, and tribute*, during their recent sail bereave- ment; also, l.r. McCarthy for lils unremitting at- tention. "Clonearl," 72 Buckley-street, Footscray.


EWING.—Tlie Friends ol Mr. ROBERT ALEX-

ANDER EWING are respectfully invited to Inllow the remains ol bia beloied wile to the place of Interment, Melbourne General Cemetery.

The funeral will leave his residence, 3 King W11 linm-strcet, Fitzroy, on Sunday, Oth inst, at 3

o'clock. i

JOHN DALEY, Undertaker, Latrobe and Spring streets, Melbourne. -Telephone 827.

JONES.—The Friendo of THOMAS HEHRY    

JONES are respectfully invited to follow the   rcmninu of his late dearly beloved wife Sarah (Alice) to the place of interment, the Melbourne General Cemetery.

The funeral will leave lils residence, Star Hotel, Poel-strcct, Collingwood, To-morrow (Sunday, Oth Jurie, IPOl). at 3 o'clock punctually.

JOHN ALLISON, Undertaker and Fjnbalmer. Head ofllcc, Simpson's-rond, Richmond. Tele- phones 1003,. 1105, and 2038.

MILLS.—The Friends of Mrs. MARY MILLS are most respectfully invited to follow the re-   mains, of her late beloved daughter, Margaret Agnes, to the place of Interment, the Melbourne General Cemetery.

The funeral is appointed to leave her residence, No. 50 Hodgkinson.street, Clifton Hill, THIS DAY (Saturday.June 8, 1901), at 2.30 p.m.

W. G. RAVEN, Undertaker, Fitzroy, Clifton Hill, Hawthorn, and Carlton. Tel. 1037.

SAYERS.—The Friends of the late Mr. JOHN

SAYERS (late treasurer. South Melbourne)   arc respectfully invited to follow Ids remains to the piuco of interment, the Melbourne General Cemetery.

The funeral will leave his late residence, 217 Barkor-a-road, Kew, on Monday, 10th Inst-, at 2


THOMAS . RENTLE, Undertaker, Park-street cast, South Melbourne.

THE Friends of the late MARGARET DAVID-

SON aro . respectfully Invited to follow her   remains to of Interment, Melbourne General Cemetery.

The luncral w11! leave her late residence, 02 Vic- toria-avenue, Albert-park, To-morrow (Sunday,

Undertaker, Johnston-street,

THE Friends of the late Mr. PATRICK CAR-

BERRY are respectfully invited to follow his remains to the place of interment, the Melton Cemetery.  

The funeral cortege is appointed to move from his late residence, Melton, To-morrow (Sunday, the 9th inst.), at 2 o'clock.

HERBERT KING, Undertaker, 134 and 136 Nicholson-street, Footscray. Telephone 25, Foots- cray Exchange.  

THOMAS.—Tho Friends of the late THEOPHILUS

THOMAS ure informed that lils remains ivill   be Interred In tho Brighton Cemetery.

The funernl will movo.from bia late résidence, Champion-street, Middle Brighten, on Sunday, Oth Inst., conveyances roeetlnç train leaving Flinders

street slallon at 2 o'clock.

IIOIIEHT M'DOWAl-L, Undertaker, nay-street, Brighton.


STONE erected to the mernoo' of the late Mr. Abraham Smith, formerly of Mezrich-house, King-street, West Melbourne, will take pbice at the .Melbourne Gencnil Cemetery To-morrow (Sun- de*) Aïtcrnoon, al halt-pusl 3 o'clock.