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The premiership match of the Port Adelaide acd Suburban Association was plaved on tb-e Albenon Oroi on Saturday, when ikheiton, minor premiere, who were defeated by Pora Oatholic by four points on tic previous Saninday, chal lenged their nraners-up to a deciding game. Etbelton. held sway right through the font quarters, and finished with 31 points u> spare

Kicking towards the. northern end Etbelton, with ESns, O'Reiiy, and Golyard (roving) in the ruck, soon broke a way; bat Pott OaibaLic, with Oaaey and Bain following and Leak roving:, drove their opponents away Irotn their citadel. Not co be denied, Ethe^ton again vigorously at tacked, and T3B&, "working dose Id, registered the fiist goal.- Another sortie by the minor premiers 'was frasta&ed, after which fine, even P^y pre*anioaj6ed, the teather &a*eUing from end to end, with neither eide sooring. Even tually O'ileQy found an opening. He marked close in, and hooted Ethohon'e second goal. At. the rebounce Port Catholic took a turn, hut tbe grees-aad-blackV defenders staved off their attacks. Pressing hard Port, Catholic at last broke down the barrier, and scored their first point. Hammer lacked off well, awl carrying tbe-play to tiieir end tbe minor premier, added a pother posit, before tbe quarter ended.

Even piay characterised tbe opting of tbe second quarter, tbe respective rwtik* being

Johnson. MbBostie, «od Howell proving) for "Bihel ton," and Hanrahan, Wateon, and McKay (roving) for Port Oatbhlic. The former trio had the best of the deal, and Port Catholics' defenders were kept bOB&y ■ employed in. repelling attack after attack- AlE&gham, who was m&rfcuig well, scored a behind for Etbehnn from « good long kid; to which Port.. Catholic responded sdih two. points, the .baQ hitting; the post once and being 'rushed, thwoph tbe second time. Again aefctuaing control, Ellis and ABingfeajn, by clever play, both ©cored a goal each for tbe green-ami bVaoks^ .'Wbo at half-time bad increased their lead to 22 points.

Tbe racks were tbe in tbe third. quarter a& in the first, the .Etheltoo tffio being tbe firct t*> ztiztk. TOe C^bolies' defender chore out the invaders, and'socred another point. Both t&xta "weo*. now playing fine footbaSl, there being same really brfiliant flashes. The minor pre miers, however* seemed to have a better sys tem and .«operior combination to thai of their rivals. Their .fine shepherding and good judg ment In picking out their. cltibnniies enabled them to maintain the mjper hand. Some of their rnBh'ee were'. most- determined. Hecdnckfon raerftoriooflly bwJce through - a bunch of oppo.

nonts aad' -panted his tide's fifth .goal, which he followed shortly afterward* with another fiixer. Alter another point bad been. added the losing team made a splendid raSy, which re sulted in a dbiipte of behrods being put on. They were e&H pressing when tbe three-quarter tame .bell went, Port Catholics' deficicncy. then besng 35 points. •. •

■ More good woxk woe witnessed when. tbe final etas©. of the game was entered upon. . With a determined rush Port- Catholic soon. bad tbe other side's defenders busy. For fully It)

•mnmtes they, battled away ait £tb6K*>nV f6r treee, and when * eventually ■ an opening -wag {pond : only two - point# were recorded. - Good combined pl&y, in which tbe centre wingznen took s prominent part, brought another major for. Ethelton, the Mooring. b«dng done'by Wads. Another behind by the minor premiers finished

tbeir scoring, and it was 4mly in tbe bat five

minutes that Part - Catholic worked the ~baU

forward, where Ourtin put. up tbe maxirouni, this being their only goal scored. Just before the final bell rang the Catholics registered another point. Sooree:—

EtfcedtfOn—First quarter, 2.1; fceoond, 4.2; third, 6.4; final» 7.5.

Port Catholic—Pirsj. quaricr. 2 bebisd^: se cond, 4 behinds; third, 7 bebinde: final, 1.10.

Tt would be difficult to draw distinctions .as to tbe beat players for the winner*. They aF played well, their combination being much supe rior to that, of -their opponent#, and the ruc-ks being in fine form. For the losers McKay (rov ing arirf forward) wae easily- the best-. Others wbo performed consjHcuously" -were D O'Dea (centar: wing), T. 0'Dea. (back"), Leak (roving- and forward), "Ddgwood (forward), Xone (centre). Oonningham (forward), and Bain (following and bach). Go3Uacker«:—For . Etheiian—Ellie (2), HeadJicteon (2), O^eSy,' Wotta. and Allin^iam (1 Vadch)- For Port Catholic—Curtin.


7%e "finai struggle for tbe premiership of the Korthein Areas .;A^6c^ataoD occurred last - Satur day on the Ewert Bark O.vai, Gladstone. . The ooxrtestuig. teams . were Crystal Brook (prinor pteouers) and. Laura. Itr. DoQman bad cbosge! of the play, and as usinl gave esteiy jBataa(ac-< tiODL The gune was a ' tetrenuoUs ' one, .each team -doing it£ best lor the 1915 honors. The ball * \ept going liotfi end *. to - end,' - and the j struggle was existing. . The match ws& con-,

tested in all friendlineeF, although it wae a hit.]

rough at timer. The final ecores 'were:—I>aara,: 3.' goals IjO behxnds; Costal BrooTc, 2 goals 10 -behsnds. Tbe. gate' takings are to be donated

to tbe Wounded Soldiers' *Fund.

'"'I COC0JTBT MATdhs/ j

Knight Well v. Jlindarie.—Played ai ]

Knight Well August 28. Scores:—Knight' W«y, 5 goais' 5 bounds; Mindarie, 4 goals 5 bebinds. . The best players for -tbe winners were | B. and S: iBdwazd^ H. leaker,' F. Wasley, J. j and W. Colliers: for the losers J. Dowiing, Hot-; king, Fulston, G. l«ower, and O.. Eluge.


The first of the- premierBhip matches was ■ played oiv the Peteisburg Oval - between . Bu^gs; (minor premiere) and the Imps. G. Hogg, from Orroroo, .was the central umpire. . The Burgs ] won the toss, and elected to kick 'with the wind.'

Tfeey were eoon attkeking, and but for bad lack,

ing' would fca*£ .bad' a bigger lead than 1.71 to 1 behind. FWm' then on to the end ttie

Imps, took- poeeession; and finally ran out,win-] nert by 9 goals 9 behinds to 2 goals 11 behinds. I Goalkickers—ibeioeder (3), Bodd (Z),. Paddy Har

fdid (2), Murphy and Bopttey (1 each)." Fbr the Burgs Hunt '«oored bofh goals. For the winners Gerlack, Harford' (2); ' Bodd. and Cay {^ayed best, and for. tbo losers Smith,- Stmtbere,- .and: Ptatten -put in good work.


Fireemaaon, JUin^ler rv. Adelaide.—These ttams met in the semi-final round' at St. rater's College on 'Saturday, and after' a splendidly con tested game tbe Ramblers - (wbo are -minor pre miers) managed to-win by one run. The vic tors were best represented by Ewers. Marsh sit, Warbuzton, Head, Wigglesworth. The losers" best players >vere A. and J. Keppel, Lanyon, fiundell, DaiA'kins. and Grcig. The rungetter for tbe Bamblers were Warburton and Bowe (2 each) and Wigglesworth, while J. KeppeL (2), BondeU. and £anyon -scored for Adelaide.- Mr. A, H Pretty umpired successfully. Scores—'

Preemason Sambler, 0 1 0 1 0 0 3 0—6 nuif. AdeJaide, 00014102 0—4 runs.