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Disgraceful scene» were witnessed on the Albert on Oval on Saturday afternoon-¿in connection with the 'Port Adelaide and Suburban football Association's premier-, rbip match between Ktiieiton (minor pre miers) and Port Catholic (ninncrs-upj. The distinction of Tîïing the only team to deit-at the minor premiers during the first round of the season'è matches was held by Port Catholic, who were confident ut repeating the performance in the finals, consequently the rivalry between the two teams was keen.,. '

The game opened in a most friendly spirit, but -an the final «stages were ap proaching soine'of the players gave soiue bard knocks, which were accepted with good grace until about fivs minutes before, the final bell ratjg.. The ¿coring having been close throughout, the whole of the game, the position became intensdy excit ing. A» onJy 4 points »cparatäd the scores a goal by Ethetton, who were pressing hard, would Jiavc meant victory for them. It looked as though they would achieve their object when the umpire (Mr. I.. Turner) had to temporarily stop the play owing to an unseemly- incident which e» j curred between the players on the eastern

wing about five minutes before time. Out player, it » alleged, kicked his opponent out of spite for having bc-tn beaten tor the ball. A display of fisticuffs ensued, and whrn other players endeavored to separate th.- pair the trouble culminated into fur ther ftveiights. Xo fewer than three fights took place at the same time.

When order was restored the umpire again set the game in motion, and Ethel ton continued to forcc the play into their opponents' citadel. About two minutes before time an Ethclton player was given a cbance to score, but when tbe kick produced nothing the players vigorously threw themselves into the Tray. Etiielton wore anxious to rectify the mistake, and Port Catholic did their utmost to prevent, it.

Tha ringing of the final bell, with Port Catholic victorious by fouT points, was a signal for further disturbances, and before the players had left the arena another unseemly demonstration occurred between the two men who had previously come to blows. There were several hun dred spectators present, many of whom rushed the ground. A general melee followed, players and spectators coming into contait with each other, white much jostling also occurred. Two policemen (Constables OTjCatv and Ougb) and the oval caretaker (Mr." J. Simpson), who is gazetted as a special constable, intervened, and after much difficulty the disturbances were quollod. As a few of the players entered their respective dressing rooms, one was observed with an ugly gash on his check. Another's face was smeared with blood, and another's wc was dis Jijrured. Even when the players had reached the dressing room« tbe crowd hung round, and there were indications that further trouble was brewing. Heaicd arguments were to be heard, and had it not been for the intervention of Constable O'Loatt, more fighting might have fol lowed. and prohibir arrests would have

been maae.

Such unmanly conduct among footbal lers has not been witnessed on the Alberton Oval for many years, and it is the first demonstration of its kind that has taken place during Mr. Simpson's nine years' occupancy of the position of caretaker. "Having hired the oval," re marked Mr. Simpson to .1 reporter of "The Dailr Herald"' who was present, '"the Football Association took full control and, of course, 1 wae there only in the execu tion oí my duties. Tbe association was supposed to have applied for police attend ance, but the officials did 'not do so. It w;is at my instigation that the two police officers were in attendante."

In view of the friendly nature of the games piayed between there two teams in the past it is to be deplored thai such frenes of riotous behaviour should have eventuated. However, the îm'.pîre has rightly reported two of the offending players to the afs-ociation officials who will d»a'' -with them." at the next meeting.