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SYDNEY, Sitturd.iv.

So fir Che Sydney peonle ne getting nciutiful svcitlici foi then show and i-iccs .si.urdny was just .ileus mils wann, wliile Wcdnosd 1}'s lain as is just what si is io

«pined to put the course in the licit OKIOI

Hie attendance was not luge only iboiu J2000, the bull» of the hohdiv inikci» pic Jcirmg Hie show '-ince list spring now uiiiugemcnt? have been mule with rcgud to the trims, pissengeis now being 1 inded

on the course lhere wcic i gie it ni H)V interstate vi«itols milong Hie in my A io ten ins being Sir Bupert Chuko, Messrs «" Al Llojil, W Leon nil Aichibild Anille, Philip Bussell, C Denn, O Woodforde, T 1 Tonest, B Oil, 1 Vloule, Sjlvoster Browne 1) Bcnjinnn, 0 I Alacdonald, D Gi mt, S .«Smith, It Vimvtage, T C Howden, H 11 ivvkins, \ Hirvcy, B» Crawford, and Colonel C imp hell Generollv spelling backers bul the best of then transactions with the bookmakers ovel a eipitnl days riting Despite the formidable Iront piosonted by AVakefnl, the Donenstei Handicap pioved

i good betting rice at the finish nu» was parti) due lo Mi Micdonihl running both his mines and backing t-hein, but it the finish there was i deal of money for Sigacit), Australian, San 1 inn, and 1 em man The win of Wakeful was enthusl lsticully received, tis, although Mi M ii donald ami his followers stood to win more on Aurons, Wakeful was the publia tivountc Aftei the stable commission xi is done on the course Wikeful vv is it ß to 2, but juBt befoie Dhe «tait some 11,500 taken about hoi enlv, was put on the market, sending hoi back «evoral point« The Hurdle llacc, which opened piocccd inps, was ensd) won bx Malton who wi« well backed The Autumn Silkes vv is a most inteicsting race although only foul rnn Tho betting was close between l/i Cnribine and Advance, while tilie .Sjdncj people fancied Diindj Paul Prj, who li is gone off at last, win MOW in getting on Ins legs to make the running. eonseo.uentlj the pnce was slow at lirst but it was vciv good for tho list mile and i quältet Ad y ince was du iv« lit the heels of I.t Cu I

bine louions was content lo wait with i ho mare to tflic Degei stand, iml the New /eilandei won cleverly by hilf a noel The win was most populiu, ind moro espccinllv so is in nuking loom foi i i ( minne at the turn, the ndei of I1 nil I'll seemed to go iinnccessaiilv wide and to interfere with Advance 1/v C inibine finished well, but she sweated profusel) before the rice, and is piobiblv not ipute is well is she wa« ftuiiiel was mide m odds on eli «nee foi the M nilen Stake« but he ran veiv soft hen ledlv ind w is oisilv liciten bv Nvmigce All the 22 coloured foi the Doncistci Ilindieap were weighed out Owing co Bullomin pi nill- up it took Mi Walinu i fiw npmiles to get them ivvav, but winn the bnricr was iclciscd the lot jumped oil in a perfect lim The Witch Dog begin at snell iglitnuig pice lime peveril weie in trouble it onre, tnnong t1ie«e being ¡ngicil) und Vuiotis The Wntcli Dog soon g-ivo vvnv 10 Hinge, who went on, willi Wakeful »oing easily nt hoi heels, then Pommai!

Hignt up to the tin li thc*.o weic the thicc leulcn, lint entering the stt light Wakeful ind I envinan cut down llangç, and to nie« of 'do it, von little beauty," from the leger stand, Wakeful drew awiiy, und

won as she liked bv two lengths Kobnto hni»licd vcr) strongly, and on the slicngtli ni tins was well backed foi the Sydney ( up in the evening Wakeful Ins now won three good l ices off Hie lecl, and, of ionise, she looks bite winning the Sydnpv (up to-inonow rho excitement ovei the big raeo being done with Clean Swoop i uno out and tantered homo foi the St fegei Bin ngunda was made a warm favourite foi the High Weight Handicap. hut aftei running fast to the lum he died mt very softly, and Alfonso, who led m-itlj all the vin), won eisilv fiom Abing

ton Details -


01 son caeh vvKh 2nd MV« fldelod second 76

«i« Iliird 2> «ovs About two inilrs mid II

I alf

T Williams s bl g Marton bj Lochiel-Little

lull 0 vrs 012 (J Pln-nix) .. 1 li llolhlr« b or br g Wco lim aged 1012

(( Hickey) 2 T lamond s br g Rickshaw, 6 yrs 0 7 (J

M Curley) 1 Other starter»-Moravian lil (T Cunning lumo) Noble 10 7 (« I'tillllprti Tri dDr. lol (li S lou) «Verwood 010 (underwood) Hani Oaf 117(11 Trolla«!)) TC 0 5 (Whalley) and. Ireland » Ive, 0 3 (P Kallon)

I! illng-,1 to 1 agst Hard Case, » lo 1 a/mt XI n-ttn (1 to 1 agst -verwood, 8 lo 1 «gst T.O , io 11 1 agst Moravian 12 ti) 1 i-0li agst 1V*e lu Inlands Ive, and Noble

Tri d Or Irrl off but lovt his rider at the first j mp Overworn! «yent on with the nmning foi

lowed li T( Itlokahnv« Irclan 1 s Fve, and Wee lim with Moravian last Ovcrwood and TC earn - on the ninnlng for a mile and a half with Marlon In third place and sn thoj raced In the lal! mil where Marton run past (linn folkiwcd li Wee Um A gesd rate lo Ihc post resulted I i length ind a half win for Marton from Wee hu with Hick-how eight lengths away third Tf wit fourth followed bj Hard Case Noble, an i Oyonvood, nilli Ireland« Ile last Time, Ililli! iü¡»ce


Of 10 sois each, willi 400 nova «deled second HI)

suvs Weight lor agc Ona mile and a half linnean and Ahbolt'n bl e Advance by Ann

fmrd-L-rel 4 vrs, 0 0 (O lenkl!-) 1 Sir llupcrt Clarke s eh in La Cunuloo, 0 j rs

01 (It Lewis) , . J. W Kelso s b g Dandy, 6 yrs 0 0 (I, Olcal) . I

Otlior starter-Paul IVy 0 0 (W Hop«)

Helling -6 lo t agst La CVunblne, 2 to 1 agst Virrance 4 lo 1 «girt Dandy, 7 to 1 ngst Paul


I «id Prr led orr and passed (ho uland with a leal of two length« from I« Onrnl-iio Vdvaii o MIK next ind pundi bringing up Hie roar In Uih order Ihei raced In the lull mile prtl when ti c | ace was put on ind Pani Prv swinging on! Li (arablltc shot up on Hit Insido with Advuieo follrwing on Hu oiitsid A! the dHi-uii Ad vsnee got level with the mare und heading her «t Hie luff distance lient her home bj half sunk with Bindy Iwo length« way third and Paul Prv hut Time «min 1-Jstc


Of r «ovs onoh with 20(1 sovs aided Special

weigh!« Seven furlongs

« T Nowlin « lir c Nymagee bv Splendor

Anaína 8 0 (It llrcnnan) 1 11 C Whites h o Caravel 8.0(0 I ark cr)

A W llarrj s br f Pendant " U (( M

( odbj ) I Other t_artCTB-Ooola_ri &0 (I Cloil) < mrlc S.0 (W n Smith) and Ihe Future 7 11 (V


__ Hotting -6 to 4 nu Cara-el 4 lo 1 nest I c ndant

to 1 agst Njnugco 12 to 1 nthl otlior«

lumping of! In front Nymaee riiiinimd Hier

«II (ho way and won cleve rli I j i lmglh .nd a half from Oaruvr-I with Pon Inn! Ihm lengths away third followed by Tin IXiture willi Contest last Time lmin ítím


Of "0 sovs each wlUi 1 000 se w ad 1rs! wond

200 sovs. third, 1!» sovs. Oin mih

C1 Macdonald» b f VVnkofnl lj Tri ni ii

lisomnla 4 yr« 710 intludlig 71b i nnllj

(S Anwln) 1 I! ItiohardV« b g I errymiin, 0 yrs or agi d (111

(8 M Mahon)

J Horvej s g g Rob ito lyn 0 9 (W M(r 1) I « H Mate s br m Fiilmlii iti I jn I- lu

ilutllng 71b penally ( r It hilson) 0 1 Allsop« b g Sevorltv ' jr» 0 1 (1 Wood

, K«ic) n J A Xfnyo's b h Seinionu 4 yrs ill ((

Parker) (1 I Fmil-iatn « oh g Sagaellj 1 in 8 0 ni

chiding 71b pimltr (( («in r) 0 » lorrestor« eh i, TI e Watch lot r m 87

(J Gough) 0 I l!«rda_tlc s h m Cyanide 0 yrs 8 0 (h Sim

monds) 0 II Wootton « oh g Cordon 0 yrs, 81" Incluel

Int. -lb penally (C M Gielbj) 0 11 1 lililí s'a It S Annti.ll in r vrs S 4 (I

Hanlon) II J (Vozlors eh li OHIIMI Din 4 vr« 8 4 (W

Hum) 0 ! Chamber« s h g 1 Int Cousu] ! yrs 8 ° (I

hulin) 0 II Oxonhtm s In- li Galilcon f yrs 8 (1

II ixl,)) 0 » II Mate s li or br m Knlaul 5 jon 8 J (C

,1 ! »)) . 0 J Hurte n'a li h Bullomin aged 7 0 (Il

em onie) 0 ' Djk « b m llanto 4 vrs 7 8 (F Hld ey) 0 «co (ill rln b or li c Bir Olio 1 yrs 7 2

(tt 11 Smith) 0 V VI IIIIIIIH she San 1 ran 1 vrs 7 2 (A

III I ihn) 0 ' I Mae loiiald s eli f Auroun 1 yrs 0 11 O

h dm) 0 ' C Smith n li g Gallina fi jr« d12 (S

Benoit) (I ' V llmlosn lr m 111 HI C yrs 0 12 (P

J i«i m) n li Hil t, -n tn 2 agst Wakeful 7 to 1 each agst sa« Hi ni 1 Aiislrnli m S lo 1 ngst Aurons, 11

1 est lorrvmnn II to 1 ei li ngst Sun I mil i 1 Se« rit) 1 to 1 inch agst Sequence I ulm! m I ilml I lr«! Consul Gilli tn mid III HI

1 ti 1 rnoh igst Roi ito an! liar One ro to i ii gut (i mil lo Gallina and (lune, i Din lim 1 lui tcsl llullomin nnd Conlon

"V >!lot hil start was quliklv mad und Wnl li Hoi, (.eldin, sniirtly Into lils stride wni Ho J"* I »1 w ml i Hi I inlor nltrndril !v soqitiieo Wikilul Hinge and the otlurs well ti

wtl Tie Wulth Dit loniilnel lu front dong

lik lo tho s yin furlong« wh r VVikefil

J1 e luhniinte sequence lirrvmnii ml sfierlly wore ti o most [nliliiidit of the ethel«

'ni. ii i grill pu Binge i in lo tin Iront

.He ii lui ig« uni lol Wukofnl lo Hu buff Ho »li r 11 minan was In third )lice jn«l in "ii if Pulu Insto I Irst Oom d and Aiistrilliin killuc, II tine filrlr III_K III HU lind Walu «ill nui up lo Hangi lim| rorrvinan ilso got ou tenu« nio faiouritc wonl lo the front is Ihoy (m.n.1

the striiUI t, mid from Ibul the luce was mci it fal UM Viiikcfnl was e tim pi ned--us she ciunt tu and won eusilv liv Iwo ! n -Hw frnm 1 ern mau wit i heal Hie fust lltil«hing lit lulo hi lull a MIL, I li foi places (.ililli! ins fiiuilh I Howell linn lu Viistinliiin (.neillnu, Imbin! Sin Iran Vilnius and Hisl Consul Hu list to llnlsh bring Hie Walch Dug, f vanille und (union lune, Iniin IJ.sec

A I G 3T I I t,l II

Of 20 sois encli nilli UKI min nil lid s, c "J ino

«ois , ililli! 50 sovs lor Him )cur olds Spe (lal weights fine mile mu! throe limiter«

! ( nnimiiig s lil c fleten Sue rp hi /ulinski

llen/lni ti IO (It Inns) 1 « II Mile s hi Vciimen S KI (( 1 (.uilln) 2 I, Vlnrtm s cb r Klmkl «111(1 linxlil) I

Hilling-II Io 1 em ( Kill Sweep

Mill,! ltd of!, followed In deni Sweep a couple of lengths oil anil Vcumrn follneilng lu tills »ubi lim need In Hu even fiillnngs when doini Sweep i in up to Kinki und icnialncd alongside lo Hu hoiui unie liuth inn nut a Ililli mid Vciimen hhol up to Hiern but at (he distante doun Sweep

anio au iv and won its ho liked bj five lengths fiom Vciimen who boat Khukl u head lime,

lunn liw


O! 6 sovs each with ¿fill «mm added, second 50

sois Six furlongs

(' Baldwin Jim s lu g Alfonso, bl Alelnl

neuti IA, I ).s (i 2 (1 Kuhn) 1 S I ii lder s h g Abington, I )rs, li (I (C Cooper) 2 r V» Hungerford s b g S. hiikavviitea, aged,

Ilfi (1 WootlgHe) 1 Olhei sim tors-Ohio, 1010 (VV Scott), Durham, 10(1 (Huxley), Sli Queen K10 (Parker) Allen Mcjhtsn, 0 1,! (II lewis), Haulcsse 912 (v\ Do Innev). I item, I) 12 ( I lim den), During. «10 (C 'I (loclb)): llelu«, 1)1(1 (I Gleil) Uurnik'iltidl 0 5 (Ncrricker), I'eppeixorn, 0 4 (I, Kuhn) I'iratlox, 0 2OV »urn) Hercules., »fi (Il S De ebie), lion Vo)nge, 811(1. Gough), Bira HU (VV Burke) On-line. 811 (! Hartigan), flremc c1 Or 8 II (I ead heater) High Jin) s 8 8 (( S! Godbv) Called Bick, 8 7 (I HlckC)) mil Hie Kiss, 8 7 (I lohiLstone)

Betting 2 lo I igst Hu ngundi 5 lo 1 ngst Iluutesse, 10 to I Igst Alleinsii 12 le) 1 e loll llgst Bon Ao)uge, Ohio Durbin!. I alein und l\ huku vvilca, 11 lo 1 rich ag»( Vlnnglein mel Vllro Mos tin

Ixilein and Hirrigulula vicio Hu first to show out from i gottl star! but nhill f iii la Ruing VI

tonso went to Hie Trout anti remained In Ihe lend all tho will winning lu two linglbs nul a half fiom Abington wini heil Vii ak muten n neck Uchw vi is fourth le Honed bl ( ailed Birk, Dar ing, I uteni anti Bin Hie last to llnlsh being Cut line mid Din lum linn lunn lillee