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Port Melbourne Club-The annual meeting of the Port Melbourne Football Club ,"i Ml In Hit  

lutil town hull on lutsili>, Mi 0 Sunkstir, M I A (|insid, ni), In tin ilnlr Hu annual u

purt Khowrü tint the »UitUit tconoiny Imd had!

i to bo curelsid duriut; tho year, und the commit')

tee were thus saved from increasing tin' bunk oier draft. The team occupied the lift It position on Hie premiership list. Mr. II. A. XVooils had min the gold medal piiseiiteil by Councillor Moulton fin kliMiiglIie largostniiinbcrnf goals-111. The bal anrc-alicel showell the receipls'In hilve been .CHU 0/11, and Hie .(..xpenditjiire £2,17/6/11. The follow- ing niHee-bearer* ivi-re elcclrd:-Patron«, Sir F. T. Sargood, Mt'Sirs. 1-'. T. Dorbanl, A. Tale, J. F. Malenlnison, (I. Cilscaden. ,1. .1. Bartlett, «en., J. J. Bartlett, jim., and XX'. .Stuart; president, .Mr. A. Tate; vice-presidents, MCSBIB. 0. Bangster, M.L.A., tlio mayor (Ciiiniclllor li. N. Edwards), Messrs. A. Hester, (1. XV. Hobbins, D' C. Arm- strong, XX'. XX'atson, Moulton,-D. Ii, Illllltor, F. (I. ¡Farr, E. P. Grave, C. .lenyey, F. XX'. Porter,

lloseiiflold, Olen, A. Knight, XV. Butler, L. Roslin, XX". llonneysco, Regan, P. Gleeson, F. Cannon, J. Goy, ,1. Cominan«, T. M. Burroughs, II. Brcldahl, (Î. II. Burns, E. O. Crockford, V. J. Frcamo, II. Harman, T.. Teatro, F, Vaughan, .T. 11. «mt, 11. II. Hayman, and It. 0. Thompson; life mombcrs, Messia. F. T. Hernani, A. Tate, .I..F. Malcolm«»!, and ,1, ,1. Sun;'committee, Messrs.'G. S. Walter, 0. W. »riggs, XX'. Dcols, T. .Morrice, (I. Wf S. Dean, A. Douglas, II. Golz, and XV. Butler: lion, secretary, Georgo Johnston; lion, treasurer, F. W,

Porter. .

Fitzroy Club.-The eighteenth annual meeting of the Fitzroy Football Club was held on Monday at tho Fitzroy Town-hall. Senator Best (president) occupied the chair. The hall was packed. The hon. secretary, Mr. C, Hickey, read tho rqiort of the committeo mid balanco-shoel.' Tho committee con- gratulated the mouthers on the splendid perforai unce of their players during the past season. They had only been prevented from becoming pre- miers three times in ' succession through being defeated by Melbourne in the final nialch by four,,-points. Tlie committee regretted to have to announce Hint thoy would lose the valued ser- vices of Capbiln Sloan, who had boon forbidden by hi» medical adviser to play football. Tlie flnnnc-es of Hie club were in ii sound state, and there was a substantial balance to Its credit. On the" motion of - tho president.» the report and balance-shoot were ndopted. Two special prizes for the most "consistent" players of the season, presented by the Rev. Stanley S. Reid and Mr. Edgar M'Gillicuddy, were awarded on the vote of the players to Messrs. M. Grace and E. Jen- kins. The whole of the ollleo-hearcra wore re elected. A scloctton of vocal and Instrumental music was rendered during the evening.

North Melbourne Club,-The . annual mooting was held on Tuesday, the mayor of North Melbourne (Councillor M. T. Gleeson) In Hie chair. The following olllce-bearers wore elected:-President, mayor of North Melbourne (Councillor M. T. Gleeson); vice-presidents, Mr. XV. A. XXtitt, Messrs. IV Klnnane, A. J. XVood ham, J. B. M'Arthur, I. Bilton, and P. Corrigan; general committee, Messrs. E. J. Commcrfonl, J. Cnsaiiclln, G. Duncan, a. Stonier, R. White, and It. J. XX'ylcs, bon. sec' Mr. Geo. K. Stewart; bon. treasurer, Mr. A. Conahero. Certificates for past services rendered to the club for three con- secutivo seasons were presented to J. M'Sweoney, I*. Smith, W. Knee, 1!. Torpoy, und M. Londri-