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The following telegram has been received from the Governor-General by the  

Lieutenant-Governor :-

"I am shocked to read of the terrible  

bush fires in Victoria. Pray believe how much I sympathise with all those who have suffered in person and pocket. HOPETOUN."


. COLAC, Saturday.

Another victim of the terrible fire at Birregurra died at the Colac Hospital this afternoon in the person of Wm. H. James, 30 years of age. He was severely burned about the face and body. The deceased was a well-known footballer, and was   extremely popular in the district. The other three injured ones in the hospital are at the present time in a very low condition, and the gravest apprehensions are   entertained respecting them. The total   deaths so far is five.



. COLAC, Saturday.

Reports are coming to hand regarding the damage done in the Beech Forest by

bush fires. The selectors along the main   track have had the worst time in the   history of the forest. The navvies on the railway line at the Nine-mile camp lost all their supplies, most of the tents being saved. Twenty-one miles from here Mr. Patterson lost his house and a fine   orchard, and Mr. Gurrie also lost his home, while Mr. Hallet had everything destroyed but the house. A new residence erected near Ditchley-park by Mr. C. R. Tulloh was burnt to the ground, and Mr. J. Cockerill lost his hay, grass-seed, stables, and poultry. Messrs. D. Sim, A. Baulch, and A. Bowen lost all their belongings, just managing to escape with their lives. Further to the south Mr. Edward Hall was a heavy loser." A number of cattle were roasted, and all the buildings but the main one were licked up. Mr. Thomas Hall, however, was a greater sufferer. He has lost everything-house, cattle, horses, fencing, and grass. He was left, when the fire passed over, with a cow-bail and a half-roasted cow. Mr. C. Farrell's house and buildings and fencing were all   consumed. These men's premises were well-built weatherboard dwellings, and many  

of the men have wives and large families. Their condition is undoubtedly   very pitiable.

Mr. G. M'Lelland, who lives on the Gellibrand, had a terrible experience. The fire swooped down upon him, and he, his wife, and family were forced to take   shelter in the river, where they had to remain for seven hours, till the fire had abated

somewhat. A number of other settlers     further back have had a bad time, but   no authentic news is to hand yet. Many of the selectors are not yet aware of the full extent of their losses. They have been   unable to get over their holdings, but it is known that the losses in stock are severe in some instances, hundreds of roasted animals being seen in all directions.




. BRANXHOLME, Saturday.

The fires of yesterday are still burning, and startling reports of destruction are coming in from all sides. Many serious cases of bums occurred, and loss of life is also reported at Byaduk. Gangs of men are repairing the damage done on the   railway lines. The train due here from   Melbourne at 6 o'clock last night did not   arrive till 3 o'clock this morning.

A public meeting is being called by the

president of the shire (Mr. M. Silberberg) to devise ways and means of relieving  

the sufferers.

A travelling tinsmith, an old man named Goodall, has been arrested by Constable Casey, and charged with the careless use of fire. It appears the man was mending a trough on the Ardachy Estate, when, it is alleged, sparks from the fire he was using set fire to the grass, which was   responsible for the large outbreak yesterday.

Bridges and culverts on all the roads have been destroyed, necessitating a large outlay by the Portland shire. The rifle range lately erected at considerable cost was destroyed.


. MYAMYN, Friday.

Yesterday bush fires were raging in every direction, doing an immense amount of damage. At Condah, the homesteads of Messrs. N. M'Lead, Geo. Carter, and A. Urquhart were reduced to ashes, as also was the Catholic Church building. Messrs. Clark and Carter lost valuable stacks of hay and corn, and Mr. A. M'Donald, of Elgin, lost a wool-shed, 1,000 head of sheep, and grass and fencing. Mr. Cowan lost   200 sheep and several cattle, as also did Messrs. W. Dunn and D. Smith, the former having a shed burnt. At Wallacedale also several valuable stacks were destroyed. At Myamyn a house occupied by Mr. Jacob Looker, two sheds owned by Mr. Thomson, and two unoccupied houses, the properly of Mr. Budden, were burnt, in Mr. Looker's case about £85 in cash, besides a valuable collection of jewellery beiqg lost. A general store and residence owned and   occupied by Mrs. Jenkins was also destroyed,

and at Milltown Mr. James Bannam's sawmill suffered a like fate. Mr. Balmain   also lost 500 sheep and six horses on another portion of his property. Mrs. Sharrock lost her house, nothing being saved, and Messrs. Pevitt and Law also suffered. Several contractors' camps were burnt, and the railway property suffered somewhat severely, a bridge being burnt at Condah, necessitating a delay from 7 o'clock p.m. yesterday till 5 a.m. to-day, when the ordinary train passed here. A good deal of fencing was burnt, and if it had not been for the untiring efforts of a ganger named M'Kenzie and his men some bridges between here and Milltown must have been

destroyed. Telegraph-poles are down, the wires being broken in several places.  

Alsogether it has been the most devastating fire   that has taken place since 14 years ago.


. DEAN'S MARSH, Saturday.

Bush fires are still raging in the vicinity of Dean's Marsh. Four families have been burnt out at Wymbooliel, and all the houses between Benwerrin and Lorne totally destroyed, while the coaches were delayed on Friday by fallen timber on the



. LONGWOOD, Saturday.

The bush fire that has been raging round Longwood during this week reached Mr. Chomloy's Killeen Station on Thursday night. About 6 o'clock Mr. Chomley and his men went to muster, the fire being then four miles off. They had not been away long when a fresh breeze started and carried the fire along rapidly. They had a great race to get to the homestead first. The fire was at this time attacking the homestead from both the west and south sides. By superhuman efforts the stable and the wool-shed were saved, but all the other outhouses, including a hay-house full of hay, were destroyed. Mrs. Chomley and three other ladies, when the fire came

too close, were obliged to take to a swamp   close by where they had to remain in the mud for three hours, having as companions cats, dogs, and other animals   terrified by the fire. About 400 sheep and

some horses were burned, and the pretty   homestead, with its avenue and garden,, was ruined. Every stick of fencing on the estate was destroyed.


Before dealing with their report, the   commission appointed to investigate the   questtion of the effectiveness of locomotive

spark arresters in use on the Victorian and other railways, wish to ascertain whether there are any persons who have witnessed the outbreak of fire within or near the railway fences shortly after the passing of a train, or who, seeing a fire start in this way, have searched and found live cinders on or near the lines. Any petsons having such information to give are invited to communicate with the secretary of the commission, Parliament house, stating full paiticulars of the case. A statement has been made in writing to the commission that lighted coal cinders have been found under such circumstances near the railway



. URANA, Friday.

Intense heat prevailed here yesterday, when 114deg. was the maximum registered in the shade. Two coach horses dropped       dead between The Rock and Urana. A great bush fire is burning north of Urana,


. COBDEN, Saturday

There were some very large fires in the Heytes- bury Forest on Thursday. Messrs. Goldstraw Bros. had their sawmill plant and timber burnt,   together with their horses and poultry. The loss amounts to about £600, and is not covered by insurance. Another fire was burning all round tho Timboon raliway station Mr T II Callawily's liouso caught tiro lune timos, nnd was saved A great amount of fencing was blunt, including some of tlio railway lenco The coaches from Port Campbell and P-teruoiough lind great trouble in getting through tile fires to Timboon One passenger hail his waistcoat burnt, and only saved his gold watch by Uirowing water on the bum ing vest All Hie country between tho Glenfine rallway station and Timboon seems to linvo boen on fire. Tho passengers by train on Thursdav liai! to stop at the Timboon railtiny station all night, na the fire between there and tile coast was too dangerous to face There was anoUicr largo lire nt Scott's Crock, which did a lot of damage in burning grass and fences. Mr Hen lost all his grass and fences^ including cou-bed nnd yardi, also a large fiay-stack which lie put up for winter feed Tlie Scott's Creek Creamery had n very narrow es cape, as the Ure trune right up to it and ignited 120 tons of firewood The building was only saved by tlie exertion of the manager, Mr Rodgers, who was nsBist-d by sei oral selectors The road from Cobden to Scott's Creek WIR streun with burning timber, but has since been cleared Several bridges wore burning last evening The telegraph line is burnt in a great many places, and tim wire is hanging on the bround and broken

Tho wind was blowing very strongly all the morning, anti about 4 o'clock increased to a gale, nnd made tlio Uro travel at a great rate Messrs Callawa}, of the Timboon Hopgardens were heavy losers as the wind levelled moro than half

their plantation

Very largo (1res are reported from the South Pur nímbete and Corp-iidcit districts Severn! solee tors nero burnt out, losing grass, fences, stacks, and oiitdtvollingB, and it is rc)iortcd tltat somt

children wore burnt, but so far Hie report has not

been confirmed


. CASTERTON, Saturday.

Particulars of the serious losses sustained In this neighbourhood by bush fires are now coming to hand Along the border tile Blue Block country has been swept for miles, but this is regarded as a gain rather than a loss to the owners except ing where large quantities of fencing itc , have been destroyed Thp estates that suffered most were Pcewccm nnd Mingbool At the latter £2 OQO north of dam ige mis done, and Mr Hot

toril1 Hie manager Ind lils face and banda burned Small holdings also suffered In n nor thcrly direction from Casterton, the Clietujnd neighbourhood suffered Hie most severely Hero -tra Penrose lost a large number of sheep, Mr 1 Boland 700 bags of wheat Mr John Martin lils duelling and all buildings and Messrs I Bur goss and T M Donnell a large quantity of hay, besides stables _c The Kadnook and Clunie estates lost thousands of acres of grass It is 1m possible ns yet lo tell how much live stock lias perished


. GEELONG. Saturday.  

The landholders nftcctcd lu the disastrous lire

which swept down from.Stauglitonvalc to Elcho on "Thursday last are on.) beginning to realise the extent to which tiny Into suffcrctl I cry -crious losses were sustained by flockoiviiera close on 2 OOOjihecp being reported burnt on Mr I" Ar my Inge a Narada Station In one paddock alone the roasted carcases of 1100 hil e been counted beve ral tliousand acres of gro-s nore consumed

At Marathon Hie flro destroved a tli-usand acres of grass, but tlie greatest devastation in Ulis respect occurred at IVoolo-manata an aroa of 10 000 acres liclng swept by Hie fire on that pro porty At . Icho 2 000 acres of grass were con Burned, but all but ÍÍ0 sheep were removed to a position of saiety before the fire reached the pro perty Two large haystacks on the estate were also destroyed and a good deal of fencing Mr J Smilh president of Hie shire of Corio lost nil his stacked 1m and some damage was dono to the propertl of Mr las Mathews before a cliangc of wind drove tho fire towards a tliree cliain road, nindi blocked its further progress

. AVENAL, Friday.

Tlie fire that lias been raging since Tuc-day About langwood, nilli conRidtnble ti image vins brought Into this district through the wind chang ing to Hie north yesterday Tlio country for miles is devastated, and last night the sight was mag niflcent although nppilling, a» Hie trees on the bills were alight rim principal sufferers were Messrs Bell, Indcrson, Brum!., P T Gleeson, llourighan, Itvan, . L Gleeson, and Tonkin Mr Tonkin had two different properties burnt, one at Locksley and one at Tarcombe Tlie damage can not be estimated, ns some of the RitfTcrcni cannot find all their stock, which mav have been burnt, but it is admitted to bo tlie most ii (Struct lie fire


. ALLENDALE, Friday.

Severe damage was dono by tho storm yesterday In Broomfield houses were wrecked no chimnevs being left staniling In King-ton not so much damage was done but clilmncts sign boards and outhouses indicate the tffect of the Visitation Hiéndale appears to hive felt the full force of the gale manv cottages have lost alf the chimnevs and many building- were completely bloun away lust prior to the approaching storm the residents prepared themscltes, Hie roar was quite plainly ltoird and the sky became darkened and this being regarded as n warning all shops nnd dwellings were nt once closed While it raged darkness prevailed, and those in the streets fell on tlie ground, and lay in that position till it passed over Tlie West Bern Consola mine Buffered some damage, much of tlicir surface plant being blown


. BARNAWARTHA, Thursday.

This afternoon a fire broke out on the holding of Mr Charles Schlue, in the vicinity of the town- ship. The whole township turned out to assist in suppressing the outbreak, and by dint of great exertions the fire was vanquished, but not till it had burnt within a few feet of the dwellinghouse and a few feet from a large stack of hay. Mr. Schlue's vineyard was slightly damaged, also a quantity of fencing destroyed

. BENDIGO, Sunday.

Qn_Thursdai a fire broke out at the farm of Mr Tilomas Burke Axedale, resulting in Hie destrue tion of a number of stacks, fencing, and out


. BENALLA, Friday.

Tho galo which carno up from Hie south west early last night caused the fire which has been burning in the Ryan s Crock and Greta districts during Uic pnst feu days, to spread to tin ailinn ing extent The residents and others engaged in tri ing to fight the flro were compelled to llec for safety, and ncvcnl narrow est ipes ure reiiortd Amongst those who suffered lunv.Iy last night arc Mtssrs R J Mason lind P lyons both of Hanson boulfi In addition to losing a large quantity of grass and fencing the latter bad some stacks of hay destroyed The 1ro Is still burning

. FRANKSTON, Friday.

Tim bush lires reported last night are now out, but much damage is done to crops and gneis The crop of Mr B Hardman is reported to be burnt, and tho residence of Sir Bergmann was nlso burnt to the ground

. HEATHCOTE, Thursday.

A fresh fire started at Top 1 orcst vesterday nftir noon in Mr C Truins ruddock, which it burnt, joining Hie Ure which did so much damage pre vlously Driven by a strong wind It suent through tin» properties of Sirs Hunter und llea-rs I

Dum nu T 1 ariel (n pidilocl distant from Hit homestead), l\ Sangster, I Hunter, I Tranter, IV 1 luran, T Craven und into the properties of Messrs V Cox and 1 Cahill A largo extent of grass and many miles of fencing and n quan til} of valuable timber were burnt Mr J Prunier lind slacks of hay destroicd, nnd Mr 1

Tranter a number of bags of oiits burnt willie sonic of the homesteads wire saved with dlfflculti

Mr "Tranter whose place uns surrounded by the lire had tilth othint been hird at nork endeavour ing lo save lils property , eventually to get mini from tlie flames they unit with tho members of Mr Tranters family into the liouso and shut tho door Some hor-cmc. who carne up pome little time afterwards entered the house found thrm in a very exhausted state In consequence of tlie excessive heal of the div and the fire mam of tho other workers were also much exhausted

As previously, a largo number of tlio tonr_rpeonIe turned out to render assistance The fire travelled very rapidly, and had it not been tor a chance of wind It would have been driven to Hie lowu in n very short time

. KILMORE. Friday.

The change In the weather which »ns nctotn paniod bl light rain lins stayed the progress of the fires In the locality A destnictlie fire broke out on Mr \ Cooke s property on Thursday, some four miles from Pv Hone, and defied nil effort* to get li under control until It rencheil the main road in the township A large orea lins boen burnt, together with n considerable quantity of fencing The Ore swept through part of the Pyalong race course Tlio day was the hot lint over experienced here, the glass registering HOdeg

. MANSFIELD, Friday.

Eleven -points of rain fell last night 11res woro raging round the shire at all points of the



The boisterous weather of Thursday night was followed by a calm day yesterday, and men en gagd in stopping the bush fire at Whitfield had a   chance to get the flames under control. When word reached Wangaratta yesterday afternoon that the fire had come down from the hills on to the Whitfield estate, the narrow gauge train was about to leave, and it was decided to delay it for half an hour, in order that assistance might be obtained. A number of men, including a gang of railway employees, were thus taken to the estate, and there were a hundred hands engaged at the fire for seve ral hours last night. Their efforts were success- ful and the flames were confined to what is known as the hill side of the estate, the Whit field railway being a dividing line. About 1,000 aces of grain was consumed but the loss oc curred on the poorer portion of the property.