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It became known yesterday that tho Bov. J. B. Kite, who, for- eighteen years, has occupied the position of Dean of Hobart, will next month relinquish his duties hore and return to England, and regret was expressed among his own parishioners and church people generally at the loss which will bo sus- tained by his departure.

Tho first intimation of tho subject wits made by the Dean at yesterday's morning service in St. David's Cathe- dral, when, udditssing the congregation, hu said:-"1 i egret that I have to an- nounce thnt. foi family lemons, 1 have decided to resign my position as ,vour parish priest and Dean ol' this Catlic drr.l."' He» stated that it was only after earnest consideration of the matter with the» Bishop, thnt he had decided on that course, und he very much iegi'e»t te'd having ti» leave a b'i-diop whom'he respected and loved, ii country Hint ho loved, and a people that lit» loved.

After announcing thnt the date of

his departure would be Apiil Li, he con-1 eluded.-"I cannot toll you whntit has cost' mo to make this announcement,

but, after giving the matter over y con-

sideration. I think that it is the best cutns-e both for this parish and for the"

Before commencing his sermon, Arch- deacon Whitington said that the an- nouncement that tlio Dean had just made lind been as much of a surprise and a shock to him nr, it had to the congretration. Ho remembered that when the Dean first took tin his duties the financial position of the Cathedra! was the cause of considerable anxiety. Since that time, however, the Deanery had been freed from debt, and tho clivncel had been rebuilt at n cost of .C4.CO0. AVith the love bo had for his

Crtliedral, Dean Kite Jiatl nlwa.Vf* shown a desire to beautify it, and so success- ful lind his efforts been that the Cathe- dral to-day extorted from visitors very giert admiration. Tin's had been a very fruitful term of office. As was not iisiiallv the ease, he bael lind to combine with bis duties as Dean thus" of parish, piicst, and this had entuiled a great amount of extm work ¡it the hospital nnd elsewhere. He trusted that the Dean would bo able to continue Ins good work in some new sphere, with thnt .de- votion to the Church of England of vvhich the/y knew^ him to be possessed.


During the sei vice at St. David's Cathedral last night the Bishop (Dr. Stephen* said:-''You will all havo heard with eloep sorrow the announce- ment that has just been made. I refer to the resignation of the Denn, after so many years of ssrvice amongst you. 1 do not wish to dwell at length to-night on this sttbjeet. I will only say that to the pltiish this moans the lots of a sound teacher, a sympathetic pastor, and a faithful priest;'to the diocese it means the loss of n wise lender ol' sound«wis- dom and wide views, whose width of

vision can ill bo spared. To many of

you, as to myself, it means tho los» of n trusty friend. You will join with mc in the hope that some opportunity will be afforded to bim of exercising for the benefit of the Church that greatness of mind and character 'that has for l8 years been so freely and readily devoted to your service."