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Oar Brisbane cozerspondent tele

graphed last night announcing the death1 of the Hoil Eobert ' Harrison Smith,


The' Hot. Fred Priest and family

were passengers to Sydney, by the H.M-S. Moldavia which left the Outer Harbor on Saturday. Mr. Priest has accepted the pastorate of the Marriek ville Church, Sydney.

The Chief Justice of the High Court of Australia (Sir Samuel Griffith), who has been indisposed for several days, was a passenger to Melbourne by. the R.M-S. Moldavia which left the Onter Harbor on Saturday He was accom panied by Justice Sir Edmund Barton.

Our Perth correspondent" unites :—"At Monday night's meeting of the State ex ecutive of this Western Australian divi sion' of the Australian Jjgbar Federation,

the delegates were unanimous in their appreciation of the unflagging energy of I the secretary (Mr.- Alex McGallum) prior to and during the recent elections. An honorarium of £25 was voted to Mr. Mc CaUnm.. Mr o MeCallum hails from South Australia, and hiav father is is the South Australian railways."

Tto-day at noon ihag ExceT3cucy the GovernorwiE lunch with the English and,

Australian cricketers at the Adelaide Oval. To-mozmowi afternoon he will be present at lite Federal art exhibition in the . in stitute. and on Wednesday Sir Day-leaves for Kangaroo Island, returning on Friday. On Thursday morning Lady Chelmsford arrives from. Broken Hill, and will; con tinue the journey to Sydney the saiqe af ternoon. The Governor is to atoepd a .farewell to Br. Douglas Mawson on Satur day monsng, and in "the afternoon ooens

a fete a±6t. Vincent de Paxil's Orphanage Mr. P. X. Fitzpatrick, manner £or Mr.

W. H. Brace, of. jSrote street, during {be i past eight years, who is well known and highly esteemed in commercial circles, was the recipient last week of a valuable gold chain and pendant from-his fel low-employes, owing to his retirement to join another firm of this city. Mr. Balderson, in making the presentation on behalf of the employes, expressed re gret at the cause that necessitated the proceeding, at the same time he could assure his old colleague and friend that he carried with him the very best wishes for future prosperity from his fellow em ployjs, male and female. Mr. Sitz patrick was further - agreebly, surprised when, after the close of business on Sat urday evening his employer {Mr- W, H. Brace), in -a few very laudatory remarks asked Trim to accept for Mrs. Fitzpatrick and ftimsrff, a very valuable, and hand some silver tea and coffee Service, hot water ; kettle, shaving outfit, and taray as a small token of his esteem, as also appreciation of his faithful services dur his departure, and wished hvm every prosperity m his future undertakings. Mr. Kirkpatrick feelingly returned thanks on V>atli occasions on bfilialf of Mrs. litz patricfc and himself.

Lord Chelmsford (Governor of New South Wales}, accompanied by "Lady Chelmsford and. suite, reached the Outer Harbor on Saturday by the B.M.S. Mol davia after six months' holiday in the old country. Lord and Lady Chelmsford and suite were conveyed to Adelaide in the yieeregal car. They spent Sunday with his Excellency Sir Pay Hort Bo Ban quet To-day Lord Chelmsford leaves for the Barrier, where he will spend two days.. On November-16 his Excellency will take the mad to Wileannia by mo tor, lunching at the Little Topar Hotel

Prom the hotel to Wileannia is 72 miles. The town will be Teached ■ in the even ing and Lord Chelmsford will spend the following day-there. On November 18 he will make Baroata Station, remaining there for the night, lunching on the road at Towi accommodation .-house (flfintpiles from Wflcannia). He will spendy No

vember 20 at Cobar, where be will'sleep

in the railway car. Nyogan* will be left a day later for TTarrowine. In the af-_ ternoon of November .23-.the trip from Narrowine to Wellington (about 55 miles) will be made. The 24£h> will be spent at Wellington and the 25th on the road to Mudgee. A special train will be taken from Mudgee, leaving on the night of November 26, and arriving in Sydney next day. Mr. Edden (Minister of "Miwin, New-Smith Wales) will make the over land trip with his Excellency.