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ON a cold grey day with driving clouds   from the north and threats of rain the re-       presentative teams of Victoria and South

Australia met on thye Melbourne Cricket ground on Saturday.Although exceedingly         well sheltered by building there was still enough wind to make the ball play strange tricks and consequently the game was at       first neither so good nor so open as one would have expected though there was any amount of breezy football in rushes by either side that took the ball the length of the ground. There were about 20,000 people     watching the play and gate amounted      

to £374.

The South Australia had the wind in   commeneing and right from the start were         pressing the attack.Renfrey,Millhouse,      

and Coagear were very active. Lenne's first     kick off for Victoria was a tremendous     effort. It seemed to cerry half the length   of the ground and brought a burst of cheers       from the croed. In spite of efforts by     Cameron and Sewart the visitors got within   range again, Tredrea ny nice play,passing         it on to Hosking and Conlin scored the first   goal for South Australia. Soon afterwards       Schmidt rushed it down and Wells pick   ing up the ball close in front,scored the     Victorians first goal.After a grand stuggle         in front of the Victorian goal SDchmidt         was again dashing in on the Soutj Aus     tralia goal when Oakley whipped across     him cleverly carried the ball with him.        

The next South Australian approach was by clever passing along the wing which   ended in a running shot for Hosking.   Hosking missed , his shot just going outside and before that pressure was cased         Ashley tipped it through from a scramble,    

making second goal for the visitors.Tom       Leahy brought off a fine soaring mark in a   crush and as the South Australians were  

forcing home, Busbridge who thus early in   the game had his hand badly injured by an

accidental kick brought it out again.In           a Victorian dash Gibb playing well on the     wing passed to Valentine equally pro--     minent forwards and lodged it with      

Brereton who just got outside the goal with       alon runt. Another Victorian rush ended       with Heinz of Geelong taking a sharp shot from the angle , which just missed.The   Victorians were brushing up considerably .      

Sewart,Cameron, Thomas, and Caldwell, all             playing beautiful handball about midfield,    

pressed it home where smart exchanges       between Slater,Schmidt and Brereton           ended in a second goal from a low, skim ming kick. Tom Leahy'Hoskinigand little         Mahony late of Richmond made another     dash at the Victorian posts but Busbridge         and Cameron were in the way.Swift pass     ing between Valentine,James and Schmidt       ended in a melee in front and third goal     for Victoria.Still it was nothing but the           faultiness of their forwards that left South           Australia behinds for keen,Ashley and           Hosking were prominent in the next series           of passes though a hurried shot brought       only a bad miss. At quarter time the tries       had been about equal and Victoria led by          

5 points    

For their second ruck South Austrslia   had Cllinan ,Ashley and Mohony against         James,Grigg and Heinz for Victoria. Ren-        

frecy. Oliver and Congear were conspicuous     in a fine dash andthe effort ended with a         free kick to Renfrey and thirdgoal to Aouth Australia. From that stage the Victorians       played their best.One of their rushes         ended with a pass from James to Brereton,     and he with a low kick got fourth goal.  

Klose on the one side and Thomas and Heinz on the other distinguished them    

selves and a Victorian rally ended with a           pass to Grigg who snapped the fifth goal.     Oakley, B Leahy anf Heiurichs were pro     minent South Australians while for the     Victorians Caldwell on the windg began to                 back up the fine play of Gibb on the other   flank.Another terrific struggle ion front of     the South Australian goal endedin Cameron       snapping the sixth.    

Slater came out at this stage in some

very fine efforts. He took an easy mark a   splendid long shot and got the seventh goal         for Victoria at the stage seemed to be            

running away with the match.No man on           the visiting side was doing such hard work           as Renfrey.He went forwards when they       were attacking back when they had to de-         fend and at either end seemed to have in    

stinet for getting into the right place.For        

a moment south Australia opened it out;        

Mahony,Leahy and Oliver picked each      

other with absolute accuracy at long range;                 but nothing came of a splendid dash. The         Victorians were more successful.Cameron             sent it to James who calmly handed it on   to Schmidt and he just squeezed the ball  

through for eighth goal. Another series of         passes between James and Valentine ended                 with a mark to Brereton and ninth goal       to the Victorians. at half time the match             already seemed over as the home team had               9-6 to their opponents 4-4and the south              

Australians were apparently over matched .          

In the third quarter the home team were       still attacking.Cameron and Brereton gave            

Schmidt another try, which hit the goal         post but when Caldwell who was very           sure and fast on the wing passed it to   Brereton,he immediately scored tenth goal.         It seemed to wake up the other side. Con        

lin drove it within range and from another             struggle backs and forwards in the kick       of it. Mahony tipped the ball through the      

goal making fifth for his side. Thjen came        

an exhibition of clever passing.Klose and         Mahony giving it to Congear, who by a       very fine bit of play kicked sixth goal.      

In some fine battling Thomas,Busbridge,       and Schmidt were prominent on the one       side.Low, Keen and B. Leahy on the other . It was the last named who finally passed           the ball to Hosking and his shot got their     seventh goal.In an instant the Victorians             had dashed it to the other end.Busbridge      

and Schmidt playing to Slater. who with a       magnificent kick scored the Victorians            

eleventh goal .An equally fine dash from           the other side failed only at the goal, where Millhouse missed. In the next effort Brake,          

grigg,Cameron, Sewart and Schmidt the                     passing being and sure got the ball to         Brereton, who scored their twelfth goal           from a running shol. The South Austra       lians still failed only at the shooting dis   tance for Oliver, Congear and Renfrey         gave Hosking a chance which went close       but only behinds.A fine dash by Valentine           was just as effectively answered by Hein-     richs and finally South Australia got it     close up and Hosking squeezed the ball     through for eight goal. Some very clever                

work by the Victorians seemed certain to             score but Taylor cheeked it right in goal.

At the last change of ends the victorians   led by over four goals; but the match was     not yet over.The south Australians threw                   themselves into the final stage with splen     did spirit and for a while had complete     possession of the ball,Klos, Renfrey,Mill       house, Low Heinrichs and B and T Leahy       playing very finely. A pass from Congear             to Hosking but the shot was again out       side.A bad kick off by Leans however          

gave Congear another chance and he got               aneasy goal. Tredrea's skilful dodging and         fine back play at this stage were one of the     feat features of the game. The crowd     became really excited for the first time             when it was realised that the South Aus       tralia were finishing well and rather more         than holding their own , the men who shone     for them at that period being Congear,       Oliver, Tom Leahy and Tredrea who was         always in the right place about the defence     line. Just when his help was needed Grigg       developed his best form about the centre,       but the defence of the other side was ex-     ceedingly sound. Had their forward play at  

all matched it the Victorians might have       gone done. In a South Australian dash.     Renfrey got their tenth goal and the side   were loudly cheered. Thomas the finest           of the Victorian defenders drove it far       scro the centre line and Brereton that   hurried shot which missed. Before that         assault was beaten off, Heins picked up smartly and scored thirteenth goal while         Grigg was mainly instrumental in giving         Brereton a chance to get the fourteenth.           That was the last scoring effort and a fine match especially in its later stages ended           in a victory for Victoria by 14-13 to 10-10.        

There was not much between the teams     and I think the Victorians were rather   batter served by the day than their oppo     nents who hardly realised the same stan   dard of brilliant open play that they showed    

in Adelaide last year, though about clever

men of the same combination were in this

side. Nearly every man of the Victorian   team did good things at one stage or another but amongst their defenders there             was no one to equal Thomas,Cameron was           probably the best player on the side. He   rarely if ever made a mistake .On the       wings Gibb in the earlier stages and Cald-       well after half time played sure and bril liant football. Slater with his side height  

and strength was a tremendous factor         where they played him . There were         three men in the team who played exacting       the same kind of foot ball fast dashing and constant. These three were Valentine,        

Schmidt and Heins.James and Brake     both did line work in the ruck and Brere- ton though he was being pretty well watched at the finish got six goals for Vic       toria while Schmidt Heins and slater

scored two each.

On the South Australians side there was   no man who did such Constant and Yaluable     work as Renfrey. He is not quick from the         start but is always watchful and picked       his spot with great certainly. Klese in the   later stages of the game especially, did game     fine work onthe centre line. where how--       ever the side were generally begin klese's   clever......... defence were always worth  

watching and I think he had Renfrey were about the two best in the colours. Hein-- richs was always useful.The brothers           Leahy both played excellent football. Keen           was very promjinent at the first but fell   away later when the experienced Tredrea              

»who has played over 100 club matches in a       stretch without missing a game was really at the top of his form .Oliver was another       man who came on wonderfuly at the finish. Elder had a pleasant task as umpire for   as invariably happens in interstate games, it was played in a fine sporting spirit.


First Quarter -- Victoria, 3---2: South Aus-           tralia, 2--3 . Half time Victoria 9--6:     South Australi 4--4. Third Quarter ---Vic     toria12--9: South Australia 8--7. Final    

Victoria 14--13=97 points ; South Aus     tralia 10--10=70 points.