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? By COOI.XV00D.

Ko. 21.-THE FAl-IS-AN.

The form of Tia Parisian In the C.lenhuntlj tim dicap at Caulfield on Wednesdaj u.s not \cry ni

cou raging but no notice need be taken of it Ht struck himbclf a little while back and wms idle For some days. He was m addition .cr> (¡lou in finding1 his legs on Wçdncsdaj but was running on at the finish of (he race He is still in both Cup.

but is hardlj likelj to be seen at his. best In the C.ulflcld Cup, and In nnj c\ent he It» much better handleippcd nt _. lemington The Pirislan did not commence racing until^threc icars old und in his first season won thc.Trial Handicap five furlongs 6*1 nib at Mentone besides finishing second i i four other races Vs fijfour _. car old )c did much better and incidental!! demonstrated that he could get a distance Carrving "st^41b he wis onlv 1 eaten half a length . . Knox (.»st Dib) in the Williamstown Sprint, Han Heap one mile while with ""t "lb up he succumbed by a head onlv tfi Glue ("fit 7lh) in the Mentone Ct p one mile and a quarter Ills turn cime in ti p autumn After c.rningOst to ras\ \Ictor\ in the Hiuilfon Cup one mile and i quarter (Sk* holt "st Sll second)

he succeeded in the Warrnambool Cup one mile and three furlongs with the same uoiaii* (n tht saddle This was als» o \en em win tti( (fist "lb ) and B dancer ("-it rlb ) following h m home He then cime to his present mnrtcrs at Caulfield and started off h\ losing titi, Sihcrmoor Handicap one mile and ft qua ter at the \ It C fine meat

ing bv three quirW of i length to Vosture who carried fist 71h to Hie Pt Huton s S t "Ib In the Coreena Handicip one mile and a In!' «n 11* second daj of the meeting he mi Je incndi 'or h s defeat h\ winning in ti cintcr witli fist Sib up CrUe ("st 71b) bfing second ind frv-tnr«1 ("et fill ) third and th» time "min T.sec C Wheeler wlwA has The Parisian has not leen lick in I ig ucnts. He nn sccon 1 in the Caulficll Cup and Melbourne Oin with ftilkcroo and the Infsli be tween lord Nolin md Tulki roo in the Mell .urne Cup was so close tint nohrxh c.cept the j« Ipi» tmild tell which hori-e had won The Parisians class ma> not be p.rticnlarl. good but his light weight will help him and le should run a (,ood i rice in the Melbourne Cup Owner .ni* tri n r C Wheeler Weights- Caulfield Cup -ht 1 til Mel 1 bourne Oip "st rHi \ce 5 ici s Pedigree-m

Robndil from The PniMcnne \\ Trenton from ¡Marie Louise b Cing 1 era .ml Colours- fírown

j purple cross sashes nd cap

I [Previous Cup cindidatcs. hue been <calt with

on the following dites -Prime F cot- Sp1 S

.latta Sept 0 Tnfjlgar Sept 10 Uon\ Sept 12 Conte dislire Sept it I) ml i -«oil it Golden Slipper Sept IB Mister Soult Sept io Blairgour Sept 1" Pendil «ept U «jorlgme «.cpt 2(1 Pirsee Smi *l 1 rtrnnitu? Sent " Artillerie Sept 27 Thfstlebroal S.pt "4 Comedy Kinj, S pt 2(1 _nni|olis btpt 27 ?"*.- tf t 0 in ?^ept 28 Cadonia *.*? [ t 29 CartunWhit ¡__pt »J ___-_-_-_----_-_«---__-__