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GEELONG, Friday.—After a serious ill-    

ness of a few days' duration, the death of Mrs. Elizabeth Austin occurred to-day at     her residence, "The Mansion," Barwon- park, Winchelsea.  

The deceased lady came from Somerset-   shire with her husband about 50 years ago,   and for the whole period up to the time of     her death, lived at Winchelsea. During her widowhood she made some notable gifts       .  Early in the eighties she brought into exist-       ence one of Victoria's most useful hospitals —the Austin Hospital for Incurables, at   Heidelberg. A very fine block of buildings   was erected through her generosity, and   since the incorporation of the institution on   January 21, 1882, it has won for its bene- factress the affection and gratitude of hun-   dreds of unfortunate incurables who were denied admission to the general infirmaries.   From time to time Mrs. Austin came to the assistance of the institution, with the result   that it has been kept in the forefront of  

Victoria's medical establishments. In com-         memoration of the late Queen Victoria's   Jubilee in 1887, Mrs. Austin, at a cost of  

about £5,000, erected a fine terrace of build-     ings in South Geelong, known as the Austin   Homes, in which accommodation is provided   for gentlewomen with just sufficient     means to see them through life.

Mrs. Austin's last signature last week   was to a cheque for 100 guineas, a gift to the Geelong King Edward Memorial Clock   fund. She observed that it would probably       be her last public gift, and was determined to make it substantial. St. Thomas's Angli-   can Church, Winchelsea, was liberally sup-       ported by the deceased lady since its incep-       tion, and any deserving organisation in the district never appealed to her in vain.    

Mrs. Austin, who was 89 years of age, had a family of five sons and six daughters.   The surviving children are Mr. William Aus-           tin, of East Malvern; Mr. A. Austin. M.L.C.       for the Western Province; Alderman H.A. Austin, of Geelong; Mrs. Em-   bling, Mrs. Charles Umphelby, and Mrs. Tom Umphelby. The late Mrs. Sidney Austin of Geelong, was also a daughter, and   four of the deceased lady's grandchildren are     Messrs. Edward A. and Arthur E. Austin,      

and Mrs. Alex. Gray (of Geelong), and Mr.     Sidney Austin (of New South Wales).