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6Scientology' !


Inquiry Told

MELBOURNE, Wednesday.--Believers of "Scientology" were subservient in mind, body and spirit to a pseudo religions body of perverted, beliefs, organised in a calculated M ay by a person

or persons, who appeared to be of j unsound mind, the chairman of the Victorian Mental Health Authority, Dr. Cunningham Dax, said today.

Dr. Dax was giving evi

dence at the Government in- ; quiry into "Scientology" be- : ing held by Mr. K. V. An derson, Q.C.

The Mental Health i

Authority did not wish to ' attack people for their belief,

Dr. Dax said, whatever they < were, so long as they did not try to influence other people for purposes injurious to mental health.

"Scientology" adherents were sincere believers who were uncritical of • the scheme's principles.

"Scientology" subjected them to a form of blackmail, and used Chinese brain-wash ing methods; persuaded mis representation by the men tally ill; was a calculated money-raising scheme by false propaganda; used methods which inflicted men tal harm "and were enough to induce ill-health, chronic anxiety and psychosomatic symptoms."

The "E Meter" used in "Scientology" was used as a lie detector in the United States. It was suspect and not used in normal psychiatric practice, Dr. Dax said.

Confessions exacted by! "Scientology" were unethical

and dangerous. !

The objects of "Scientol

ogy" seemed to be to indoc- j

trinate followers who were urged to spread "Scientology" principles to .satisfy their leader's lust for power.

Since 1961 he had been increasingly concerned by in formation reaching the Men tal Health Authority about people paying large sums ol: money for "Scientology"


It was significant that a congress held by L. Ron Hubbard ("Scientology" world leader) in Australia in 1962 was called the "Clean Hands" Congress.

Washing the hands was usually associated with guilt feelings, Dr. Dax said.