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Organised Male Depravity in Sydney

PERVERSION BECOMING RAMPANT— Sodom and Gomorrah Revels Shock Community


Call the homosexual of the species — the invert or pervert us we know him — by any name you will, he is, to our normal view, a disgusting fellow, not wanted in any decent community. A corrupting influence, when he encounters the young. Read this story of the Sodom and Gomorrah revels of the perverts of Sydney, and wonder at the license they enjoy, free of police interference.

Who would have believed that this city could stage an orgy of the solemn   coronation of a "Queen" of perverts, or worse still, a "Marriage" cere- mony of one of these unfortunate creatures with another of his kind. Yet these things have happened. "The Arrow" was present at the former occasion, an uninvited guest.

At a recent gathering held a few nights ago, at which a representative of "The Arrow" had the singular experience of being pre- sent, apologies for un- avoidable absence were received from "he-shes"   and "she-he's" from all over Australia. The occasion was a very important one in the annals of organised male depravity in the city of Sydney. It was no less than the ceremony of crowning the Queen of the "Kamp- Kult," as this body of male flappers describes itself. The ceremonial takes place once a year, and the queen, curi- ously enough in this assemblage of in- verted males, is a buxom and rather impressive-looking woman. The "Kamp Kult" holds high revel, not, as might be assumed, in the vicinity of its mem- bers' nightly perambulations, amid the bright lights of King's Cross, but in a western suburb, far removed. This, no doubt, for the sake of safety. The scene is an imposing, old-fash-

ioned, roomy house, with a drawing room almost the size of a small hall. Over the doorway one might have ex- pected to read the legend: "Fais ce que voudra, advienne que pourra" (Do what you like, happen what may.) Cer- tainly the legendary revels of the Abbey of Thelema had nothing on these for grotesquerie. The ceremonial, indeed, would have given Dore a new inspira- tion for his pitiless pencil. The visitor had gained his invitation by devious means, through a relative. He confesses that, much as the per- formance that he witnessed appealed to his sense of the bizarre, and aston- ishing as he found the spectacle of sixty or more devotees of this most ancient and decadent of vices, he did not feel entirely at ease until he had left the scene far behind. For, aside from the dread of personal familiar- ities which he experienced, and the

physical nausea which the spec- tacle caused within him, was a fear of a massed attack by these Saturnalian revellers   if the object of his visit    

had been even remotely guessed.   An introduction to a ceremony of this kind takes us back to the Banquet of Petronius, when boy slaves acted the part of girls, and Caligula leered from the Roman throne upon a debauched world. Recall the bizarre introduction of the   visitors to the Petronian banquet. Here, too, was novelty. The janitor at the door of the House of Revel was  

a youth, deformed and apparently half- demented. But he had sufficient wit to collect two shillings from each of the guests before admitting them. THE RECEPTION Ushered into a bedroom, the newcomers paid homage to   the Queen, a portly person of about 40, who awaited the coming of the Princess and her lady-in-waiting. For "her'" in the latter instance one should more strictly read "his." For the Princess, unlike those of the fairy tales, was a male person — if one does not hesitate to describe him as a man.   The Royal entourage, when assembled, was rather im- pressive. Her Majesty the Queen of Queens wore a white satin robe, with a velvet train edged with something re-

sembling ermine, and her corsage was a blaze of brilliants. Her lady-in-wait- ing, a painted youth from King's Cross, was a dream in flowing white, with a silver turban. KISSES ALL ROUND Presently amid much excitement the Princess Royal, elect of the Kamp Kul- tur boys, was announced. An attrac- tive, smartly-gowned brunette was she, immediately recognisable as a young gentleman from the city. Cheers from the assemblage of frocked he-maidens (CONCLUDED ON PAGE 4)

|| So they crowned her 'Queen of the May"  



greeted the arrival or the Princess, who was welcomed with showers of kisses. To the astonishment of at least one visitor the Princess disrobed in full view of the guests, and changed into her ceremonial garments. A page in   velvet knee breeches and a "Royal" (as the ultra male perverts are called) in the full canonicals of a bishop, com- pleted the ensemble. The weird gathering was marshalled into the assembly room by the bishop, who played the part of M.C. in the cere- mony. A dignified figure, his expres-   sion denoting a full sense of the im- portance of the occasion, he arranged   the principals in their places before an altar draped and bedecked with flowers, keeping the guests in the background.   They, chattering like magpies, giggling in the manner of schoolgirls, and adopting various feminine poses, and calling each other by endearing names, indulged in the small talk of a hens' convention. Some walked arm-in-arm, embracing lovingly and examining with interest one another's beautiful frocks fitting so closely to the figure. Cigar- ettes were held between manicured fin- gers or puffed between carmined lips. Some wore false hair, with marcel   waves, others the boyish Eton crop. They addressed one another as "Marie" or "Sibyl." Their talk was mingled with strange expressions, and there were frequent references as to how "trad- ing" was going. It was mentioned by more than one that "she" had made her own frock for the occasion. IMPRESSIVE BISHOP The ceremony of crowning the Queen was brief but impressive. It began at half-past eight, by which hour all the guests had arrived, most of them by taxi. The seating accommodation was not nearly sufficient, but the stairs were convenient for those who preferred to cuddle outside. Each onlooker was handed a sheet of   paper with Kamp hymns printed on it, and the name of the tune to which it was to be sung. Hymn No. 1 was to   the air of "The Wearing of the Green."     All were asked to chant as the Queen and attendants advanced towards the   altar.     The small doorkeeper, transformed     into a page, carried a banner with the device, "God Save Our Queen." The Bishop and attendants, the Princess and ladies(?)-in-waiting, took   their places. The bishop opened the

proceedings by reading apologies from those unable to be present. Descending from the dais, the bishop read from a large book, the cover of which sported a huge "K," the vows which the Princess was required to take. As a specimen of Rabelaisian ordure, the contents of that book were enough to make a hardened sinner blush. This part of the ceremony was carried out amid a babel of chatter in                

|| A mock marriage was the forerun- ner to this picture being taken of two of "the Boys." ||

the mincing tones that inverts adopt in familiar conversation. There were frequent retirements outside, presum- ably for a little love-making. When the crowning of the Princess Royal was over, she addressed the as- sembly. In well-modulated tones she told them how happy she was to be with them, and how she regretted the     lost years before she became a Kamp   member.

"I love you, and thank you all," she said in conclusion. The dutiful subjects were now pre- sented. They kissed the Queen's hand. The Princess preferred the mouth. CULTURED, TOO Then the beer flowed, and the fun started. It was surprising to discover what musical talent was there. Many of those present gave evidence of re- finement and education. The dancing of some of the "she-he's" was delight- ful. It was hard to believe that some of the guests were not real girls. One of the sports present, as an outsider, was immensely taken by a ravishing blonde, and, with the idea of following up an acquaintance, asked one in the know if it were a he or a she. Alas, the beauty was a cleverly-disguised boy. Saddest of all sights was the spec- tacles of a lad of sixteen—no more. A   mother's boy, to all appearance, caught in the toils of this disgusting vice. "How lovely it all is," he confided, with shining eyes. "I have only been initiated to-night. I am crazy about it all." This is the answer to those who would say, "These people are different. They cannot help what they are. Let them live their own life." That is just what we cannot do. For the pervert is like the drug fiend in this, that he would corrupt the world and drag everyone to his own level. The Queen is the occupant of the house where these obscene revels are held. It is stated that homo- sexual marriages and divorces are held in this house, with as much cere- mony as the performance here des-   cribed. Said a convicted homo-sexual on one occasion to "The Arrow": "I have been in gaol and have just been released. But I know I shall do it again. I cannot help myself. What should I do?" The advice given him was: "Go and live in some country where they do not mind these things. But get out of Aus- ralia. You are not wanted here."     WORK FOR POLICE It is time the police took a hand with these social pests. There is plenty of work in this direction for idle police- men. Instead of being placed on duty guarding either Nellie Cameron or Par- liament House. A clean up of Sydney's perverts is overdue.  

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